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  1. jasong, please don't take it personally. Everyone is so sensitive these days. All Steve said was that what you want is unrealistic. I don't have any inside information on anything 😄 but even without it, Minelab has demonstrated that their strategy is to give you just enough to peak your interest in their newest machine. I learned that lesson quite well when I prematurely bit on the 6000, figuring it was going to be a better 5000. Maybe there will not be a 8000 that is better than the 7000, but different like the 5000 to the 6000. One thing seems evident to me and that is the detecting industry has only one way to go and that is to trickle what's left of new technology to us. Otherwise they will cease to exist. Right now they are tweaking of what's left to tweak. What else are they to do - give us a machine that can REALLY tell gold from iron from aluminum? It will never happen. That would be their death.
  2. My advice would be a resounding YES. I'm willing to bet there is more there that a pulse machine could get you, especially if the targets can be deep. Just my thoughts, but using any different machine may get you some more finds. In the camp area, If you don't get any obvious hits with the GPX, then I would try and concentrate on very deep whisper signals as a test, to see what's at depth. You may have to try different timings, but Sharp, Sensitive Extra are two to try.
  3. In the US, you can only go back so far, but sometimes you can get lucky. I'm going to only post the things that were lost here close to their time period. I'm not counting what I think is a small roman coin I found that was probably brought back here by a soldier and lost in the late 1940's or so. So here is the oldest period coin I found. It has a date range from 1516-1520 and was probably lost around the mid to late 1600's. The Native American conical Kettle point was most likely lost on May 26th, 1637 during a one day battle. It is from a tribe that was not living in the area that it was found in, but was fighting there that day. We even estimated the time lost to be around noon time, given the descriptions that were written about the battle and their movements.
  4. I just Googled detect coils and a 12.5" DD popped right up. I'll try and message you the link. Not sure if I can post it here or not.
  5. Definitely some older fragments there. Anything is possible in that field. Can't wait to see the first coin come from there.
  6. I use mine all the time. The areas I dig are rock packed, clay, shells. I can't use a scoop in that area. Most of the time I also use a screwdriver to pry small rocks apart and get between big rocks that do not move. Even in the wet sand, there are rocks that make it very hard to use a scoop, in addition to the hole filling up with water. It helps locate the target so I don't end up digging the forever widening hole 😄
  7. It was a different time period for sure. Whisper signals could mean a silver dime at 8" or your Civil War plate at 15" . It's so long ago that I don't even recall if we had any EMI affect those machines. I wonder if Garrett has a museum solely dedicated to every model it ever produced. That would be unbelievable if they could trace down every model they made, before they no longer exist.
  8. I remember those days hunting. I used to see the older Garrett machines (new then) all over the parks I used to hunt. They did pretty well, as did the Compass machines of the day. All that shallow silver !!!! 🥰
  9. 😅 I was naively hoping they made improvements. I should have known better. 🙄 Maybe Alexandre should have tried this instead - Algoforce AQ. That would be an interesting collaboration. At least we know it would go into production 😏
  10. Come on down.... or I can raid one of your beaches 🫢 Seriously if you are ever down this way (CT/RI) coast, we can do a hunt together. But after Memorial day, the season starts, so limited hours of hunting and only worth it if you live around the beach.
  11. Without Joe, the AQ would not be much fun to swing. Even with 2 batteries, you would be lucky to get 5 hours total. I wonder what was actually done to them recently?
  12. The octagon piece may be a saddle stud or other horse decoration. Would have looked good polished up brass, or even plated. Does the other thick piece have any indication of a way to mount it? If not I would not rule out some kind of old coin. You are in an area where who knows what might have been brought over from Europe in the 1600's Could be ancient. It doesn't seem to serve a purpose just being a copper or bronze disc, so I'm thinking maybe coin.
  13. Definitely some weird finds. The rose head nails I find from the 1600's usually hold up extremely well vs the newer nails. Maybe your spike has been hit from many sides when pounding it in and just resembles a rose head. The lead thing, although it is not shaped quite like a palm guard, it is close enough that it may be one. They are used to sit in your palm while you work with needles in leather or for cutting things in your hand. That may explain all the cross hatch marks you have on it. Maybe there is a need for one of those, for some craftsman in your area? Just some guesses on them.
  14. Well at least one person in America had one 😄. I can't imagine the need to make many varieties of them based on sales. Maybe I'm just too young to remember them, or too poor to have a camera expensive enough for me to get one. 🙄 My Square Shooter 2 did not come with one in the box. 😏 One silver and I make you look bad??? 🤔 I thought you would be scolding me for not getting more. 😅 The lead amulet is harmless, the center piece is gone. Now if I disappear, I'll admit I was wrong. 😵 Terry should refrain from viewing some of my posts or risk seeing the ugly truth of the land part of the beach. But on the flip side, see how much us pulse guys help the water guys by removing all that trash before it gets into their territory. That way they can just find gold ring all day long 😍
  15. True, the new machines are not waterproof.... yet, so for many, including you, it is a no go. I bet you are not alone in thinking that. 🙂 But the AQ also need TLC for water hunting. There is virtually no feedback on leakage of the AQ because there are not that many units out there. I wonder how well it would rank if there were 100,000 of them sold? There are many people waiting on any new, good machine that would in work in water. I guess the question is who is going to step up to the plate and produce one. Even if the AQ was beefed up a bit, the changing of batteries in a 2-3 hour span, I would imagine, would turn off water hunters. I'm speculating of course, but I think many people are just going to wait it out for a new water machine.
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