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  1. Yep, I liked his old videos a lot. Then he started to get too animated and I lost interest. Early on, he was a wealth of knowledge and I loved seeing him work on preserving his finds rather than trying to act more. I liked him when he was more straight forward. I rarely watch him now.
  2. Nice hunt. Exciting when targets are popping up a lot. Did you ever try those settings in gold 2 yet?
  3. Great finds. 2 Connecticut coppers, a nice Tombac button and I believe your other copper is a British George III copper. Some of those British coppers can be counterfeits too, so a little research on the date should help you. Also, counterfeits ring up much lower on your machine. It's either a half penny or a farthing. Nice digs.
  4. I assumed he was talking about the pin pointer and he was asking why he could not just use the tone only, as an option. It's not really a dislike of the vibrate mode, just the fact that you can't separate the two unless you only want the vibrate mode. I would love only the tone mode (alone).
  5. I have noticed. It's not a deal breaker mainly because with gloves and headphones on I barely feel the vibrate anyways. Add a little dirt in the speaker holes and you can't really tell there is a vibrate mode. I do feel it drains the battery more that I would like. I wish it was able to be disabled in some way though.
  6. "Better" is a hard question. What is "better" for one person may not be "better" for another person. I've used the MXT but have not used the Deus. I have seen the Deus being used at projects I was on. I have used White's detectors since the early 70's until the earls 2000's, I have used Minelab since. I have the Equinox. I really think you should find some people close to you that have those machines and try each machine out for a bit. But if you really want an opinion, I would say that the Deus would probably sound and respond more similar to your MXT than the Equinox would. To be better, we would have to know what you are looking for, and what type of soil you had, what kind of EMI (interference) you have, etc... Probably you should watch as many You Tube videos as you can that have each of those machines, so you could hear and see how each one works.
  7. That's the first one I have seen that says they actually truly get at least 9 volts. Have you used them phrunt? I'd be interested in them. Other ones I tried didn't hold a charge long enough to make it worth while. Also reliability was terrible as many of them died within 2 years or less. How about lithium's? Anybody know of any good ones that work and are reliable?
  8. Congrats on a super hunt. I bet you go back and pound that place all over again. I find a nice steady, slow to mid speed swing works best for depth (as far as coil control is concerned). Good luck there and keep us posted. That breast plate is perfect!!!
  9. Funny, the same thing is happening at the New England beaches too. Weird
  10. Anyone who offers you up a chance at finding Dragoon buttons gets my vote What a great hunt. You found a nice assortment of finds, enough for a nice display case. Nice quality finds. You must have dug a lot of holes. That is the only way to get used to the Equinox. Sweet hunt!
  11. Thanks. The silver count was a nice bonus to a really great day. I usually can ID the wheats, with only a few exceptions. This hunt I did not separate the memorials vs wheats. I did remember that I saw only about 5 wheats, with the majority as copper memorials. I think only 3 zincs in the bunch. But this hunt is a example of how layered the beach really is. Most of the coins were probably lost early to mid 1960's. Some newer coins were found close by and there is always a crossover in layers. Because of that layer, I got more silver than usual. Move up just 10 years and the silver count would drop, as well as the wheat count too.
  12. Wow I go to work and all hell breaks loose LOL. Chase, I didn't mean anything by saying what I said about returning the item. I would of course return any item I could verify proper ownership. But there is really not enough info there to satisfy me. I did Google (actually Bing) it, but I think I remember reading search engines give priority to most popular and not most accurate word search these days. So if someone posted they lost it, that would probably be on page 1000. It did not turn up any results for me when I searched it, but I did not spend a lot of time going deep into the pages. I have returned 2 nice rings but both were known losses and I was able to find them for the owners. As far as the booing part, I took it as a light hearted joke and not a serious jab at you. All is good I hope
  13. Thanks everyone. My wife informed me that if that ring had actually fit her finger, it would be hers right now So far most of my rings have been small The Mercury dimes were in a constantly wet area. They develop this huge black crust all over them. We call them "cookies" around here. They continue to disintegrate from the inside out until there is nothing left of them. When you crack them open you can see the imprint of the coin design on the part that breaks off. Eventually they just degrade to nothing. Chase, if I put out a message showing that chain, I would have a hundred people a day telling me that those are their kids names . Unfortunately it would be hard to find the real owner. I finally gave up trying to return the half carat diamond ring I found that had a serial number on it. Zales said they do not keep track of those numbers....it is the buyers responsibility to contact the lab that engraved it. In other words they don't care, just buy another ring from them. Sad but true.
  14. A couple of weeks ago during an extreme high tide, I put aside 2 days to hit two different beaches to see what I could get at low tide. Those visits are a good example of how not to plan your hunt rigidly. Both days I focused on the wrong thing and at the end of each hunt I found a patch that helped save the day. One of those days was an area that I re hit yesterday, some 2 weeks later. It produced 2 silver rings, silver earring an pendant all in the last hour of the hunt. Yesterday it was sanded in a bit more, so the targets were deeper, but focusing on a productive area rather than having a master plan, payed off. What I wasn't counting on was that every hole I dug was in an area that was packed with a sand and cobble stone mix! Solid as concrete. I use a pointed spade and the only way to dig was on your knees with raking the rocks out of the hole. I slept well that night I dug 134 holes trying to focus between the silver signals and possible gold signals. I abandoned the small gold which reads #1 on the Equinox because this beach has a lot of black rocks that also read a solid #1. Since digging was extremely hard, I opted to ignore most of them. So here are the results of an all day hunt. I remember a post about nickel ratios in parks vs gold, so I'm including my ratio. It is way off of what a park gets and what some other beaches get, but if you hit the right area, you can get these results. 20 nickels dug (including 1 silver war nickel) vs 3 pieces of gold. Most of those nickels dated early 60's and older. This is why beaches can not give you the expected ratio as this will not be repeatable every time out. It's beena little while since I hit gold and I was starting to give the equinox the old "stink eye" look. But it's back on my favorite list now The chain hit at #2, the ring at #8 and I think the stud at #3 or 4.
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