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  1. Nice group of silvers Simon. I'm thinking that the NZ penny with the grass was preserved due to the copper. Not sure why it does not happen with other coins though. Maybe it has a higher copper content than the other coins. Here in the states, I have found a brass native American arrow point that still had the "string" preserved, that was used to attach the point to the shaft. This arrow point was from a battle that took place in 1637. The copper in the brass did not allow microbes to form and rot away the string. Maybe those Pennies were lost on fresh cut grass and had the clippings directly in contact with the coin when lost. Interesting to say the least.
  2. I'd be happy without either of those, if I could just get the machine soon. My beach season is in full swing now. Sometimes it's more fun without a manual πŸ˜„
  3. I'm hoping it can at least match the depth I am getting with my GPX 5000 at the beach. Real Iron discrimination?....... that would be super, If it handles EMI extremely well.......really super super πŸ˜„ And water proof ....hmmmm, OK I'll buy one. 😍
  4. Beauty of a Seated Quarter. That coin eluded me for almost 40 years.... and then I found 2 of them lol
  5. Well it's come full circle at the beach. I was not able to get out any sooner than yesterday, but was hoping the beach hadn't changed a lot. Well nature waits for no one πŸ˜„ All the sand that was removed (around 12-15" worth) was now neatly back in place. There would be no easy silver picking. I also wanted to try out a new DD coil for the GPX I had just recently received. I did not get that chance since I left it home, so I decided to try going over the areas that I figured I would have a shot at getting some silver. I did notice that there were NO other detectorists out that day. Unusual for this beach. I soon found out that the targets were out of range for the most part. A lot of ground covered and a lot of silence. In this situation, the targets found are different than the targets found when the beach is stripped of a decent amount of sand. You tend to dig a lot of big, deep iron, mainly because it is so deep that it sounds softer and sizes smaller that usual. You also find a lot of thin wire, and smaller nails that were washed back on shore, and were at a depth that they would sound sweet too. Absent are all the good coins I was used to digging. Although I did not realize that I was stuck at 99 silvers from this beach, I was begging for at least one silver. that way I was not skunked for the trip. One really crusty silver dime was the only silver of the hunt. When I got home I realized that was #100 silver. 🀘 I've included the trash targets I found and if you look closely you can see an American dime for scale. I did that for my tiny new coil picture too πŸ˜‰ Great to get out, and hopefully I can sneak into a new beach and try that coil out. I think I'll need a bungee cord for that one though.
  6. I love the fact that the coins are all older dates. You have a gold mine monopoly for detecting coins. πŸ˜ƒ
  7. That ring sure looks good. You sure that stone is not real???
  8. I think we are all eager to see this machine come out. My hope is someone buys it and hates it and will sell it to me for a discount price πŸ˜„
  9. Thanks. I do save all my junk targets from each beach in separate boxes until the season is over, just to see how much I dig. Then I recycle them. Here are some of the usual targets I dig from that beach. I will dig around 4x what is in that picture per 1 visit. Some people may say that you can tell the size of an object and just pass on it. It's true, I can tell the general size, but with a PI you can never be 100% sure if it's a deep big target at 20", or a large coin (our silver half dollars) at around 8". A big coin at 8" comes in very loud and wide. The added benefit of digging iron is that I remove some very nasty pointy objects. I have also found coins near or with that iron many times. If I get out soon, I will save the junk targets for a picture.
  10. Well had to see if the area I did last time out would continue producing silver. I was planning on slowing down a bit and going past where I left off. The depth of the first couple of copper pennies let me know that time is running out. The beach is sanding in again and more areas are beyond my machine's capabilities. I know it's all still down there, since I was hitting it before.. Now the signals were far and few between. Also the deep and big iron now sounds coin sized. I still managed to squeak out some good targets, but not many. One of the nickels was a 1901 Liberty Head V nickel. 6 Silver dimes and a tiny silver ring rounds up the silver tally. Copper penny to zinc ratio was excellent again. That one zinc was along side, just under a huge rock. Took me a while to remove it and when I did BAM a zinc pennyπŸ˜†.....😑 The GPX, like probably any other PI, can keep you digging quality targets, although you will be digging a lot of iron. I watch a couple of other detectorists come and go quickly due to lack of targets. They are always shocked to see the quantity of coins I get. Then I showed them my iron and everything was better πŸ™‚ Hopefully I can sneak out thus week for another hunt.
  11. Again some nice early dates. I wonder if your libraries may have information on where old picnic areas or fairs/carnivals were held. That may give you some real old coins in bigger quantities that you already have. Maybe more jewelry too. Give those football fields a break πŸ˜„
  12. That one does look like it. Thanks. Those may be real ones on Amazon too. There are so many of those coins found that a bit of electrolysis and they probably look like the ones in the picture. I'm just surprised I got one at the beach.
  13. Wow that early silver looks nice, especially the 1922 one. Great condition too. Any of those a low mintage again? But my question to you is - How can you quit when you are finding SILVER??????? You are a smarter man than me πŸ˜„
  14. I'm thinking it is a small Roman coin lost by a service man that was stationed over sees. If you look at the size of the head next to the dime, it is proportional to the size of the coin. If it were even a farthing size copper, the head would not shrink with the corrosion. It has to be minted close to that size disc. It may have even been from a planted hunt or some kid that brought it from home to show it off.
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