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  1. schoolofhardNox

    Continues To Impress Me

    Thanks. Here on the New England beaches we are lucky that a number of them were formed in the early 1900's. Detecting technology, along with stronger storm surges, have now enabled deeper coins to be within reach of our machines. Now it's up to the operator to tease them out. Technology definitely helps
  2. schoolofhardNox

    Continues To Impress Me

    Thank You. I try to get the most from my detecting these days. I love this hobby!!! You never know how long life will allow you to detect. Besides, it releases the little kid in me
  3. schoolofhardNox

    Continues To Impress Me

    Yep, I think it's either Rhodium or Platinum like the article you linked to stated. Thanks for posting it. I heard of Rhodium plating before, but I never knew of platinum being used.
  4. schoolofhardNox

    Continues To Impress Me

    I dig them all. It's too hard to determine if they are deep targets or just small pieces of can slaw. But I have found the best low numbers are 1-2, 6, & 9. The others in-between can be odd shaped pieces, studs, etc... and junk too of course. Generally a solid, longer sounding, repeatable tone, has produced most of my good finds. But I'm still learning and I'm having a hard time trying other settings because the ones I have, work well so far. Who knows how many inches I have lost by not being flexible with trying new settings
  5. schoolofhardNox

    Continues To Impress Me

    Usually after a while of owning the next great thing in metal detectors, you kind of settle into the reality of what you purchased and how much of the hype is real or not. The Equinox is no exception. I am speaking strictly about beach hunting here, as I have not played a lot with it in real dirt. Today I hit my favorite gold beach. The tide was awful having a (coefficient of 35), meaning there is not much difference between low and high tide. This beach has terrible EMI from trains that run regularly and are close to you. Chatter city for about 5 minutes when they pass. I do realize that a small beach has to stop producing after a while, especially since there are a LOT of beach hunters in my area. So today the clad count was around 1 dollar. (8AM to 4 PM) I still can not believe a machine can continue to produce good finds under these conditions, but the Equinox does. Today was a stellar hunt after a slow start. 4 Mercury dimes, a buffalo nickel, some wheats and copper pennies and the 2 gold rings pictured. This 10K and Aquamarine beauty surfaced about 2 hours into the hunt. The last target of the day was what I believe is a 14K gold square cut diamond ring that may have been colored either with Silver or most likely Rhodium. It's marked and has the TWC (total carat weight) inscribed in it. It's worn but I think it says .48. Also has very worn numbers in it which may be a registration number in it. I was floored that the Equinox continues to give up the finds on pounded beaches. Hats off to Minelab. That Diamond ring was sitting at 10 inches on packed rock bottom. Rang in a choppy number 6. Out of the hole it was a solid 6 also.
  6. schoolofhardNox

    Recommendation To Minelab

    Would love to see all single frequencies available on all preset programs. (example - 40Khz on Beach 1 and 2). More Noise cancel options would be great too. But in reality this machine has more than impressed me on it's capabilities on the beach. Now if any manufacturer could make a great pinpointer that does not false in wet sand and does not have a small speaker grill that clogs up instantly and is located where one puts their hand and is built to last, and can find very tiny targets (like the Equinox loves to find) and of course is waterproof...…. I would buy it instantly
  7. schoolofhardNox

    Equinox Performs Again

    Thanks. I feel bad for the person who had to mount all 52 stones in that ring Wonder if the #52 was intended to be one stone for every week in the year?
  8. schoolofhardNox

    Equinox Performs Again

    Had a day to hit my favorite gold beach, so I took advantage of the day. What looked like some sand had been removed in reality didn't pan out. Still fairly sanded in, and after digging some pull tabs at 10-12 inches, I figured it was going to be a strictly exercise kind of day. Not many coins on this small beach so I was just going to enjoy the day. Got another deep signal that I thought was going to be a crusty zinc penny and after digging 12" I final got it out. Now to use the pin pointer to get my crusty junk money, but instead what appears is a fairly good size man's gold ring. To say I was shocked is an under statement . Made my day and the Equinox was hitting nickels hard, most at 10". Two war nickels, 1935 Buffalo and some earlier Jefferson's ('39, 47 etc.) I mostly use Beach 1, manual ground balance (there is some black sand mixed in) and as high a sensitivity as I can handle. The only drawback is I can not get myself to stop digging them small targets. I always think I may miss small gold studs, or thin earrings. When you keep digging the extremely small disc that holds the two pieces of a pull tab together, you think you would learn a lesson, but not me. Even on a fairly sanded in beach the Equinox always seems to give me something good.
  9. schoolofhardNox

    What Detector Did You Buy In 2018 And Why?

    Just the Equinox 800 for me. Already had the GPX 5000. The Equinox did not disappoint me. I'm looking forward to any new technology that can give me more depth on a beach. The Equinox has been hitting the nickels pretty deep lately.
  10. schoolofhardNox

    Equinox 800 Finds Key-date Nickel

    Congrats on the rare 1885 V. Not many found and yours is still identifiable. Great find. I think the one on the left is an 1890. I think I can see a zero as the last digit and the 9 barely before it. Could also be an 1886 which is a nice date too.
  11. schoolofhardNox

    Been Gone Awhile

    I had a similar incident on the beach. I was hunting when a group of people entered and spread out around me. I don't know what brands they were using, but I kept an eye on them. They barely ever dug a signal. I noticed they were watching me too. I was digging a target almost every swing. Deep coins, mostly quarters. One of them came by my area after I left and detected for a bit. I went back to his area after he left to see if there were any targets there. There were. All probably just a bit deeper than they could hear. Technology always wins once you learn it. Some people are better off not using the latest machines. They are more comfortable with their old machine. I started in 1971 with a RadioShack., the Bounty Hunter, then White's for many years and finally Minelab. No one has come up with anything that will make me switch again.
  12. schoolofhardNox

    Above Low Tide Line?

    Yep, it's hard to get targets at low tide sometimes, but I think that they are there. It all depends on how the sand is distributed. Recently the beaches are very sanded in, no matter what the tide is. I use the charts all the time, but this season it has only been sporadic little pockets that develop and then disappear again. When the sands shift it is amazing how many coins are within reach.
  13. schoolofhardNox

    Bottle Caps

    You may want to dig some nickel signals if they sound deeper than the shallower pull tabs. I haven't checked, but maybe the pinpoint width is a bit smaller when there is a deep signal. I remember doing some parks a long time ago and only dug very iffy quiet targets that pinpointed at least 6" or more. Came up with some nice coins and the usual junk, but it was fun a fun experiment. .
  14. schoolofhardNox

    Half Reale, Nice Button Found Using Mighty 6” Coil

    Maybe Reales is plural. The singular term is the one I always question. I usually spell it Reale, but I see it everywhere as Real mostly. I think I've seen it written both ways in one article I have to go to Mel Fishers site. What ever he says goes in my book. Update; Now I'm really confused. Mel Fisher's site has some replicas listed as 1 Reale, 2 Reale (no s). Maybe because it's not more than one coin???
  15. schoolofhardNox

    Half Reale, Nice Button Found Using Mighty 6” Coil

    Great finds. I may get that 6" inch coil soon. That real is sweet!