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  1. schoolofhardNox

    Another Reason To Like The Equinox Target ID

    Oops. Sorry, it is a pocket knife. A very slim one. Probably a pretty sharp looking knife in it's day.
  2. schoolofhardNox

    GPX Carbon Rods?

    Steve, Thanks for the information. I did have one idea on the Equinox shafts you are designing. I think I read that one version will have a screw on counter balance weight on the end of the machine. Did you ever consider the counterweight should not be screwed on, but have a cam lock to be able to slide it on the shaft to change the balance point to accommodate all weights of coils. It would be nice to be able to adjust that weight to suit your detecting situations if needed. Maybe that won't work, but I figured I'd throw it out there.
  3. This weeks beach hunt was split between the GPX and Equinox. The GPX scored 5 deep silvers, but this item is the reason I love the way the Equinox ID's targets. To some, they may not like the jumpy numbers on mixed metal targets, but I appreciate the added information, as I always like to be the one making the final decision to dig or not. The GPX would have read this as Iron, especially at the depth it was. But the Equinox read the copper content as well as the iron. Since I run with no discrimination, the detector sees both metals and reports them as such. That is a good thing. But I also like to run my iron volume on zero, that way I am not swayed by the iron sound to possibly not dig it. The iron numbers still flash to give me that information, I just prefer not to hear it. That makes these type of targets easier to examine. If you have not tried you Equinox that way, give it a try. For me it is one of those perks of a well designed machine.
  4. schoolofhardNox

    Epic Seated Dime Cache Dug

    What an adventure that turned out to be. Maybe they strung them coins as a savings and hung them somewhere inside their structure? Great hunt.
  5. schoolofhardNox

    Eqx Coil Tests

    Oh yeah, top center. What's that like 18 or 19 notched out?
  6. schoolofhardNox

    Eqx Coil Tests

    I'm not sure if park 1 has the #1 set as rejected so you do not find small foil or hot rocks. I haven't done much dirt detecting lately, but it may come that way. Maybe some park guys can fill us in on that notch .
  7. schoolofhardNox

    Eqx Coil Tests

    I think the 6" is that way too. I'm kind of surprised that it did so well going that direction and not cutting across both D sections of the coils
  8. schoolofhardNox

    Eqx Coil Tests

    Always like his videos. I watch a lot of the beach ones.
  9. schoolofhardNox

    What Happens With The Tesoro Lifetime Warranty?

    Not sure how that would work. I always assumed if you go bankrupt, that's was the end of it, and bankruptcy laws protected your personal assets. So maybe they could sue the company but only recoup what the company owns?? Hopefully someone will do side work on repairs and maybe buy out the rest of the machines and spare parts. It's very sad to see a company go out of business with such a loyal following if that is what is going to happen.
  10. schoolofhardNox

    GPX Carbon Rods?

    Hi Steve, I'm not trying to diss anyone for selling carbon fiber rods, and that is why I did not state where I bought them. Here are a couple of pictures of the breaks. You can see one upper GPX tube is extremely thin and that is why it snapped when I put some pressure on it. If it wasn't for the adjustment hole being a weak point, it probably would have survived being used that way. The other pictures are of the lower shaft for the GPX. I bought a bunch of them so that I could have all my coils available without changing them over. That one is thicker, but split just the same. I'm going to put this statement out there as just my opinion, but I can't think of many inventions in recent history that were supposed to be great, only to have them cheapened out before they get to market. I agree, carbon fiber is a very strong material, I'm just not sure the carbon fiber I received was like the original versions that were developed. I really comes down to suppliers. I'm confident you have tested your supplier's batch, but others probably shop by price. Now for the CTX shaft ..... Here is how you break one. Put that 15x17 coil on it, wade into the water just where the waves break onto the beach, swing it relatively quickly (as quick as the waves allow) and in a while it will snap directly where it exits the machine itself. I found a picture of that from 2016. And for good measure I've thrown in a picture of the never ending snapping handles on the GPX. They can not handle swinging a 12x15 coil as your primary coil. These are examples of what can go wrong. There a tons of examples of what has gone right, and was designed brilliantly, performed like advertised, etc.... The good far out way these issues pictured here. .
  11. schoolofhardNox


    I think that is where I sent my CTX to have it repaired. I sent it to PA, so I'm assuming it was there. He did a terrific job replacing the whole back end of the machine along with the screen and a lower shaft I think. Wonderful job, great communication and the price and turnaround was decent. I was very happy with that repair, and have only good feelings about that transaction!
  12. schoolofhardNox

    GPX Carbon Rods?

    My lower rods (4 of them) are starting to split at the top. My upper rod snapped on me when I tried to use it as a tool to push some reeds down flat. My fault on that one, but it made me notice how fragile the top rod is because of the adjustment holes. It snapped right at one of the holes. In reality, I was not pushing the reeds very hard. Bottom line is they are too thin and have very little strength to then. I will not buy anymore carbon fiber rods from anyone again. The only reason I wanted to try them was that my stock rod for the GPX did not lock anymore I have 2 of them and both do not lock anymore, so I thought I would spring for the carbon fiber.
  13. schoolofhardNox

    CTX Battery Contacts Fix Sought

    That is my dilemma too. I just had it repaired and want to sell it but only if the buyer is aware that I can't vouch for it. It is an awesome machine on the beach, but I can't trust it in the water. I won't buy another rechargeable for it. But if I did, it would only be for dry use. I would use the alkaline pack for the water hunts. It's a lot cheaper to replace that pack. Kind of sad that the flagship machine, for me at least, was never waterproof long enough to enjoy it.
  14. schoolofhardNox

    Dumb Question

    I think my Deep Tech Vista Gold says not to turn on the detector without a coil attached, as it can damage the unit. But honestly, I may do that anyways
  15. schoolofhardNox

    The Equinox Curse

    That would have been a heart stopper if it was not plated. Nice design too. I went out today again to a different beach. This beach is loaded with small rocks that read a solid 1. I dug those all day long because of that earring but no gold for me today.