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  1. If you change your manual noise cancel settings (up or down) the warbling should go faster or slower. I have to run my noise cancel at 209 on my beach. If I change the number, the warbling can quicken (worsen). That Is how I know that even thought there is a lot of frequencies that the noise cancel can go through, there are some areas that the best the noise cancel can do is warble less. In those case, with a DD coil, you may have to use cancel mode which should quiet your machine right down. But you loose some depth for sure. Your situation is normal, at least from my experience.
  2. It's that Google translator. I had to read it 3 times to get the gist of it.
  3. Super hunts! Nice to see you getting along with the AQ!!! That engagement ring on the left is gorgeous.
  4. Great write up and great series of hunts Chase. Thanks for the honest write up on some of the machines I do not own. I've heard similar opinions on them from other people as well. The most impressive thing you wrote is finding that bit, that deep in hot dirt with the cancel mode on. I'm also assuming it was a Minelab coil and not an after market coil. One thing for sure, you will not make any new friends from the VLF guys at the hunt 😄
  5. I hope you get a second chance to see if you can get the 6000 to go deeper on wet and dry sand. If it does not go deeper, then that would be a huge disappointment for me. Time will tell, but not having a lot of ability to tweak the machine may hurt us beach hunters.
  6. I was wondering if the small gold reads high to low or low to high? I'm assuming there is no option to invert like on the 5000?
  7. Yes, actually anything that repeats (mostly) and has some positive numbers flash. Also it has to show that it's deeper than 6" Really anything that is odd sounding.
  8. Great finds. Always nice to see old gun parts. Silver seems to hide well sometimes. Interested to know if you were going rather slow and did you ever try digging very iffy, repeatable signals. Sometimes the deep stuff does not come in as a solid hit and a lot of times if it's on the fringe of what the machines can do, it may read as iron. I would dig any tight, small signal for a while and see what turns up. The ground conditions there may limit you to 8" for solid sounding signals.
  9. Nice hunt. That is one of the best stamped coins I have seen. Apparently F.L. marked his coins for a reason. A lot of times you find some coins that are just practiced on and randomly punched or engraved. That cross stamp must have been specially made, since it's so perfect and not sure if it came with the set of letters. Maybe a store did these as advertising or someone was tired of people stealing his coins 😄
  10. Not unless someone volunteers to carry them all to the beach 😄 The best I could do is cover this same beach area that was good to me. It doesn't change much from wave action unless there is a huge storm. But, I probably won't see one before my beach season closes on Memorial day. But I'm real interested to see how tiny of a brass bead it can find in some fields we hunt, where I barely heard them with the GPX. This field is a great way to test the EMI and ground canceling features of this unit. Not much iron there and we have beat this place to death. But every once in a while it turns up somet
  11. That's a pretty ring. Nice job getting it! Lucky for you - you only found the tooth and not the shark 😄
  12. As long as it doesn't have any bubbles in it, then it could be a stone of some sort. A lot of the turn of the century jewelry I find has glass in it. Also glass chips a certain way, so examine any small chips in the stone. Very nice piece, great find. Guys that repair items like that heat them up and slowly, and bend them a little at a time and repeat the process until it's straight. Too much heat on thin items and you burn through them. Too little and it cracks when bending. Still a nice find the way it is.
  13. It interesting that only 20% nickel can keep zinc and copper from leaching out after being in the salt water for so long.
  14. I deeply regret selling my E Trac. Their were settings on it that allowed one to get deep silver if they could handle the symphony of tones. One hunter got a little bit over 1000 silver coins in one year at hunted out New England parks. He lived near by me, so we went to some very trashy Hartford CT parks. He was killing me with 7 silvers before I even could find one. So he called me over and showed me a signal. I heard nothing. He tweaked my machine and told me what to listen for and then told me to dig. Out at about 9" was a Merc. I lost that program when I sold the unit. Bummer
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