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  1. Nice hunt. A lot of keepers and hopefully not a lot of junk! Them glasses cost a pretty penny!
  2. Here's the unfun part πŸ˜„ more aluminum than iron. I usually dig a lot of targets on a new beach to see how hard it was hit and to see what it has to offer up. I believe this place is hit casually for coins but not intensely. The good stuff is sitting masked in the iron. But the good targets make up for the junk for sure. If I lived close by I would be hitting this place in the water. I may resurrect the CTX just for the job. Even though the CTX leaks too, I don't trust the Nox and I want better target ID. Maybe from time to time, I'll hit some beaches on bad weather days and do the water.
  3. I'm just glad I tan fast rather than burn and hurt for a week πŸ˜„. As I get older I really enjoy beach hunting more than ever. I flipped the dog tag over so the telephone number would not show. I always wonder if they buried the dog on the beach. 😢 I miss my dog a lot too, but not ready for the responsibility of having one just yet. Yeah, beaches here can be weird sometimes. The combination of diffused black sand, along with the deteriorated iron, plus a layer of rocks and sand on top, can cause havoc with all machines. It was only because the iron was shallow that I was able to discriminate it out and still get the other signals to come through. If it was any deeper the iron would sound like a good target. Yeah the sweet spot is always found when you are about to leave πŸ˜„
  4. I had a chance to do a rare off season beach hunt and I must admit, the sun is way hotter in the summer. Went to visit a friend and he suggested a small beach we could hunt. Not much of a low tide and a lot of trash, iron, and rocks. I used the GPX 5000 for this hunt and listening to all the iron was fun, 🀬 but I eventually did find a patch of iron that produced really well. The iron was very shallow so it blanked out and I could then hear the low or high tones that indicated a good target. What surprised me was how shallow some of the good targets were. A buffalo nickel 2” down, and the deepest target in that patch was 8”. Most of the day I found a lot of junk and it was many hours before the first coin surfaced. Almost all of those good finds were found in the last hour and a half of the hunt. It felt really good to be hunting a beach, I don’t think I want that much direct sun exposure though. 7 hours is enough to dehydrate me, but at least I got tanned in one day.
  5. Impressive for an air test with that much iron in different positions. Now if that can be done in ground, I would buy one for cellar hole hunting. It will be interesting to see how the ground affects the response.
  6. Awesome hunt. The medal is cool. Hope it ID's as a commemorative Jamestown medal.
  7. Maybe someone just decided to throw half dollars on the beach after watching you guys dig junk for hours on end πŸ˜„ They do that here in New England but use zincolns instead of halves. πŸ™„ Could also be some kid that brought them to the beach from home.
  8. Something she will never forget! Great story.
  9. Thanks. For some reason the beaches I hit give up a decent amount of half dollars. I guess the sand had been stripped just enough for some of them to get in range to be found. I'm not much of a gold hunter as I'm not in the water, but I'm content with the few pieces that I get. I love the silver as well, so it's all good. Thank You. I had 2 really good seasons prior to that one so I was pumped up to do well. In addition, the storms should have ripped sand out, instead of depositing it. It's really my fault, as I was too stubborn to try other nearby beaches thinking they would be the same. From what I hear, they were not 😭😭😭.....πŸ˜„. I am planning a revenge season this fall 🀨
  10. A nice, honest, unbiased assessment of the 6000 doing a relic hunt. Enjoyed the video.
  11. So, my beach season ended on Memorial Day. I hunt off season from Labor day through Memorial day, so my hunts run from the end of one year to the beginning of the next year. Covid ended my hunting a couple weeks early, just as I found a new beach that gave me a bit of gold. Recovered from my friend Covid, but the season has ended. So, I just forgot about going through my finds and recapping the year. I had been spoiled by the last 2 previous seasons with lots of silver and decent amount of gold, but mostly silver coins. This season was very hard to get consistent silver as the beaches I went to, did not open up enough to get large areas of coins. In return, I got a little sloppy in keeping my good finds separate from some new beaches that I only hunted once. But the results I have here are from the beaches I kept track of, along with a drained pond hunt. In reality, this is probably the correct amount of silver I should be getting from my beaches, as with the release of new and better detectors, more and more people are finding the deeper coins. I cannot complain, but it was kind of a weird season for me. I did not take any pictures of the clad, but there was a lot, including a high number of copper wheats and memorials. Also found about 12 + Buffalo nickels. So, here are the finds, along with some descriptions on how I label my beaches. I plan to expand my horizons next season. I may even do some local cellar hole or park hunts closer to home. Always good to review your hunts and sit back and prep for the future hunts.
  12. Good point. But how long can you wait? What if a competitor releases a machine cheaper than your machine and gets what little market share there is left. Release too early and there are fewer buyers due to the economy, release too late and someone else has already teased out sales with a lower price tag. A hard game to play for sure. Stockholders always want sales, but they also want you to get the maximum for each machine. Sometimes its a no win situation. I would love to know how many GPX 6000's were sold per country. I have to think it was not that many. Minelab made its mark with great sales on the Equinox, but Deus answered back, although I think a bit to late. Will Minelab counter with a great high end beach machine or will it be a true relic machine?? No one knows πŸ˜„
  13. Yeah, I couldn't figure out how to go between maps except to uncheck the hillshade option and be sure you are on zoom level 16 or less. Level 17 seems to make the original map go blank but works on the lidar well. It is a great source though. Thanks jasong for posting it.
  14. I'm not the best person to respond to this, but I will give you my opinion on it. Usually meteorites have a glazed over surface due to the high temperatures caused by friction in the Earth's atmosphere. So they would look melted on the surface. You would not generally see tiny holes where the gas escaped, so I'm thinking yours has to do with iron foundries. Hopefully someone who know meteorites will respond and give you a solid answer.
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