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  1. Well I made it to the coast on Friday on the last day of the storms in my area. Winds were 22 MPH and the waves were huge. How those guys could para surf is beyond me. I found a fair amount of very green clad and wheat pennies. Got one Buffalo nickel too. I was not able to get to the low part of the beach since the low tide was not very low, and the surges were very unpredictable. I used the Equinox exclusively and got hammer many times by those rouge waves πŸ˜„ The GPX stayed dry in the car! Even though I know the gold was out of range, I still got a decent amount of silver and an earring that may have a gold post, if you can count that as gold πŸ€” Was a fun day out and I made sure I had glasses on all day. I did not need my eyeballs dried out and sand blasted.
  2. I'm not an expert on the GPX but I'm guessing 4 feet would be a challenge. I would say it would depend on how hot your soil is and what timings would be possible to use in that ground. The timings are everything for my deep silver coin hunting and I can fairly, regularly find an American silver dime up to 18 inches (45.72 CM). If you could use the deepest timings then maybe. I'm thinking the gold guys may have a more refined answer for you. Just my two cents on depth in my type of hunting. EMI would play a huge part in it too. You would have to have almost no warble from EMI, otherwise that faint signal would be buried in the warble
  3. Thanks for the chance of winning some nice gifts. Congrats to the winners.
  4. How dare you.... I have been detecting for 250 years now and I am better than youπŸ˜‚ The more knowledgeable person wins every time, but most times they are silent about it. I know a couple of guys that have only been hunting a hand full of years and they are far better than 90 % of all the detectorists I have hunted with.
  5. What manufacturer is that 18x14 AI coil from?
  6. You're not going cheap on us with the lower model are you Steve? How could you resist that "new high tech bionic computer Main Chip" for just $200.00 more??? Minelab is safe πŸ˜„
  7. Bought the Equinox and a used GPX 5000. Extremely happy with the purchases. No warranty claims yet (but could have over the broken rest on the Equinox, but decided to buy an after market one.) I would still buy the same 2 machines. Don't use any of my other detectors. I don't have a single best because I use these two as a one, two punch. They compliment each other extremely well. I guess I could say for gold and parks, it would be the Equinox, for deep beach and relic hunting it's the GPX hands down.
  8. I came here because I was sick of the drama on other forums. I also hated the "experts" there, that had to convince you they were always right. In reality, this site is my last hope of online group discussion. If it ever goes bad, I will not be on any other metal detecting sites. Life is only fun when it's fun. When it becomes a chore, I move on. Thanks Steve for not letting it degrade like others have.
  9. Everything you are finding is exactly what I have found at my favorite picnic site. I really think you are close to areas that have more finds. In my site, I knew I was at the better part of the area when I started to find Barber coin spills. One of the best areas was between two big hills, kind of a wide gully of sorts. Keep an eye out for areas like that. I hope to see more from that place. Good luck there.
  10. I will probably never own a GPZ, but do own the GPX. My perspective on this, however unimportant, is that Minelab ignoring its customers only deepens the riff. I can not believe they can not make a coil work within 6-8 months. I think it's all management that is the issue. It's rarely the engineering side. Whatever the reason, they do not technically owe anyone an answer. However, we do not owe them our loyalty either. Loyalty is earned by trust. Right now I wish that the next generation of PI detectors would be released by Minelab and Fisher. Then I could choose who I trust more to get my money.
  11. Your are in an area that was lightly used for picnicking. If you continue inward more, you may stumble onto the main area that everyone used. Look for semi private areas that have nice raised pieces of land. Expect seated to pop up. Also dig targets that are semi good. There are hat pins that have some steel attached that may ring up funny, along with other mixed metal items. I've found some bottles too in areas like that on the down slopes.
  12. I agree. I hunt the Connecticut and Rhode Island beaches when I can. I live in western MA so it's a bit of a trip for me. Always 4 or 5 people on the beach. When it's sanded in you have to get creative or you will go home empty. That's where technology rules. If it wasn't for my GPX for the deep stuff, I would be looking for small gold with the Equinox on the sanded in beaches. One of these days I'm going to try them NH beaches just to see if I can pull anything out. The guys and girls up there are good at what they do.
  13. Never heard of that shield. Is it expensive? I may give one a try if I can get my hands on one. Where did you buy it from? Even if it knocks down the EMI a little bit, some of my locations are right next to a train. I can use every bit of help I can get ?
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