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  1. I'm just tired of waiting for that machine 😪 As it stands, when it is released there will probably not be enough available so I can get one anyways. I have the funds available, but the chances of getting my hands on one is probably ZERO. So I will continue to use the GPX, as soon as state to state travel is allowed again.
  2. A little late to the party but like you said it's a Mass Vol button. Some just predate Civil War. I have a couple of them. Mine were gold plated and cleaned up well using a 30/70 ratio of CLR/ water. CLR is the stuff you get at Home Depot or similar and is Clacium/ Lime/ Rust remover. I dab a toothbrush in it and scrub gently, then dip in running water, then repeating. You may be surprised on how much gold may be left on that button. If you get some on the reverse and it turns red, 4 aut (#0000) very fine steel wool cleans it up. When done with the brushing, soak it in a mix of baking soda and water to neutralize.
  3. Nice ring. I rarely find platinum. I think I've only found 2 platinum rings.
  4. I guess my biggest complaint Chase is the silence from Fisher. It seems that the new norm (from most manufacturers) is to ignore your customers and just not comment on anything. Delays of years are now the norm. It's sad really how business has no enthusiasm, just dollar signs. Whether they believe it or not, some people will be turned off by there way of doing business. For a niche machine, every sale counts. I hope if a relic version is released it is by some other company.
  5. Well I hope Alexandre didn't sign away all his secrets to them. It would be sad if this does not turn out well, and the rights were sold off to Fisher. Alexandre deserves to see his inventions come to market in a timely fashion, and to profit from all his hard work.
  6. It's amazing to me, that companies whose profit margins are being squeezed these days by competition, would adapt this strategy in putting their products to market. You would think that getting a machine out there quickly would be in their best interest. I don't know if FTP is a publicly traded company, but I would think their shareholders would start to complain. It makes absolutely no sense to talk about your new product and showcase it's capabilities, so that other manufacturers can have the time to roll out a similar model to yours. I want that machine and I want it now. If I'm forced to wait another year or two and Minelab comes out with a waterproof, upgraded GPX 5000 (or better), I will buy it and forget all about Fisher. Life is short and wasting years waiting on a machine is just ridiculous. In the old days when White's, Garrett, Compass, announced a new machine, it was already in it's dealers hands (including additional coils, etc...) Corporations are like mini governments..... too many people deciding and delaying production. It's really simple guys .... just produce it and release it quickly and you will make more money. This is the best thing that Fisher has had happen to them in many, many years and they just can't seem to move on it. Just makes me shake my head in disbelief .
  7. Great hunts! It has been sanded in where I usually go, so I've taken a break from it. You worked hard to find an area that was still detectable, and it payed off.
  8. Great finds. That CT is in super shape. I've found a good number of fancy watch winders, but none like that one. Very unique looking.
  9. That would be cool. I always wanted to try a D-Tex, Gardiner, Compass, Arado, etc... but was stuck on early Bounty Hunters and Whites. Always wondered if anyone actually used them in the parks around my area in the 70's
  10. The heck with gold!!! Give me a detector that finds me Rhodium!
  11. I think it is 2 Amps. Also, I recall that a lower amperage (1A?) may make the machine think it's fully charged, when it really isn't. Lower than that and it will take a long, long time to charge
  12. I usually hit the CT and RI beaches. I'm in western MA, so a beach trip is usually 1.5 to 2 hrs away. Lately the beaches provide very little but clad and the occasional silver. Last hunt was my first non silver hunt.
  13. Have you tried another search coil?? Also try another battery cable? If you know someone that has another battery,try it too. I always like to eliminate the easy stuff first.
  14. Yep, and also may take even longer for some tricks to surface to see how well it really can perform. I'm not the best detectorist out there by any means, so it usually takes me a year to find some of the better settings. For those who detect regularly, they may find some settings that even the designers didn't imagine. It's been a long time since, for me, a machine may come out and be as good or better than my GPX in certain conditions.
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