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  1. It may not tell us a lot about the new GPX, but it does tell us that they do make a ton of money, spend a ton on research and indirectly makes me think that if others don't follow Minelab's lead in investing in technology, that they may go the way of White's and Tesoro. New detector companies may emerge but will they survive??? I only hope the new GPX does not limit the control of the individual to adjust settings. The reason I love the GPX 5000 is that I can control how I set it. If you limit the adjustability of a machine, you limit the ability to create some really deep programs.
  2. Agree 100%. It's not often, well actually NEVER πŸ˜‰that you get that much involvement in a new product. On the flip side it must be a roller coaster for them to read comments that may go from "I absolutely love this machine" to "Your machine is a piece of junk" I feel for them, and trying to please everyone is never going to happen. It will be interesting to see how the next generation of the Impulse ends up.
  3. Two nice rings that look fairly old. You can tell they were not recently dropped! Beauties! The AQ seemed to run very smooth on your video. Looks like you have this machine dialed in for your type of hunting extremely well. I think it will be in your detecting arsenal for a long time to come πŸ˜„
  4. I usually stay away from the wet sand mostly because it does so good in the dry areas, depth wise. In the wet sand It seems to get less depth (maybe just imagined πŸ˜„) with my settings. Kind of just the opposite of what I'm finding with the Fisher AQ which seems to be excellent in the wet sand for depth, but less so in the dry.
  5. Hi Joe, I had purchased one I think it was called land and sea or something like that. Speaker gave out after it took a short fall out of the holder. Took it apart and saw that the speaker was not soldered like in the old days. almost looked glued in place. I also tried the Quest probe. That one is not nearly loud enough to use it near the ocean. Can't hear it with the sound from the waves and can't feel the vibration from it. Honestly the best pulse I have used was the pistol probe which is not waterproof and looks from a distance like a gun 😲. I would love to have a dependable, loud pulse
  6. My hero/ mentor is my cousin (second cousin actually) πŸ˜„. He was nice enough to take me under his wing and introduce me to metal detecting. That was when I was 7 years old. Now at 58+ I can't imagine I'd still be doing this. I never was one much for heroes in the detecting world, so I guess mentor it is for meπŸ‘.
  7. Had the day to work a beach with the GPX and the AQ. I used the GPX for 5.5 hours and dug every target in the dry sand. I know there is deep silver at this particular beach, and it did not disappoint me today. The Standing Liberty quarter was measured at 18” and the Walking Liberty half was at 20” This is the maximum I have found silver with the GPX. You do not always get those depth, depending on EMI in the area. I can regularly get 15” on most coins. Another good target was a gold grill, probably 9 or 10K. You do not see those every day on the beach.πŸ˜„ Partials sometimes, but grills never. It
  8. Got a chance to try the AQ on the wet slopes at one of my beaches. I spent most of the day waiting for a low tide so I could see how the AQ performed for me. This beach is generally protected, so the beach does not get ripped up very often from storms. The first part of the day was using my GPX for the dry sand. Late afternoon I spent 2 ΒΎ hours on the wet slope with the AQ. I ran mute exclusively with 7.5us. It ran very stable with almost no end of sweep falsing. Really nice and smooth. I am still learning, so I dug everything I heard (and even a couple of nulls) which ended up being a quarter
  9. How did that happen??? Doesn't the charger provided have a safety for overcharge? I will have to watch mine closer now. Also the swapping of batteries is annoying and I have found kind of hard to keep the sand out while swapping out batteries. It is a bit of a small project every time 😒 I hope you get one of OBN's batteries (that is after I get one first) πŸ˜„
  10. Beautiful rings. Great hunt Jim. It is nice when the crowds dwindle and you can relax and listen for those faint hits. You are very lucky to live next to a beach πŸ€—
  11. Nice. I didn't know that some of the Visions had sold before they were forced to change the name. I wonder how many of the early ones were released?
  12. Nice group of jewelry. You can even cash in some of that lead you dug πŸ˜‰. Apparently a lot of fishing going on there. There is a strange satisfaction that you get from digging everything. I do it because I still can, but eventually age will get me to be my own discriminator. Good hunt.
  13. Sign me up for one of those big ones on your next run if you can. Even the "shorty" replaces both of the stock batteries I have. I'm getting 2 3/4 hrs run time on average for each of them. Nice job on them.
  14. Thanks Cliff. Dry is all I had this week. The machine isn't really intended to be used like I am using it. My beach season is just getting started, so I will do more lower slope wet sand hunts, as I can get out. The water hunts are left to the pros to show. Just wanted to add that the machine ran very stable when not exposed to the train, which was about 20 feet away.
  15. Finally I was able to get to a beach after their season ended. I used the AQ in all metal and mute modes. I could not use the tone mode since I was way too close to the Acela high speed train. Most of the trains that run that rail don't affect my pulse machines too much, but when the Acela hits the rails, it's a no go for any machine. The AQ handled it a bit better than my GPX does. But you still have to hear the interference and at times you just can't hunt. I hunted for 5 1/2 hours with the AQ (2 3/4 hrs per each battery). The low tide was exceptionally "high" at +0.9. This did not allow m
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