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  1. Thanks Simon. My conditions are a bit different, in this unique situation regarding EMI. I am standing about 30-40 ft (9-12 meters) from a huge source of EMI. (Acela train). When the track are quieter from EMI (partially active) the GPX finds a dime at 18" (45 cm) maximum. When the tracks are fully active, the GPX chatters like a siren....unusable. If I use cancel mode on the GPX I can get around 12" (30 cm) or a bit more. I'm not sure the anti interference coils can gain me any advantage. I was hoping that there is a coil that works better in EMI than the GPX works in cancel mode. 15" (38 cm
  2. Question on DD X coils for the GPX 5000? How do they handle EMI compared to the stock Commander DD coils or the Detech DD coils? I have a place that has severe EMI and am always looking for better handling of EMI.
  3. Not that I have a chance to nugget hunt here in New England, but the GPX 5000 has been my favorite for many years now, because it seems timeless to me. I'm sure there are better machines out there (and in the future for sure) but it will always remain in my lineup, even if it takes second place sometimes.
  4. Why not just put it two tones and not multi? That would solve everything.
  5. Way to go!!! 1 dollar gold is very tiny. I wonder how many are just beyond the range of our machines??? In that area I would use a pulse machine after you are done hunting with the I/B machines. Most gold will respond with a tone opposite of large iron, but the same as small bits of iron. It would be worth a try. Great hunt finding that elusive gold coinπŸ‘
  6. Here's how I viewed the release and the agreement. Most companies are doing the same thing EXCEPT they don't tell you that their new machine isn't really completely refined. They rely on selling it first and letting us discover the problems later on. That is the way it has been done for a long time now. They release a new machine implying it is tested and ready to go, but in a couple of months the "bugs" start to appear. Now with thousands sold we are left to complain to them that this is broken or that didn't work. It's a back and forth tug of war. At least Fisher and Alexandre told you up f
  7. Are those for sale also? I wouldn't mind having a spare in case it breaks while I am detecting. The extra few inches is welcomed.
  8. I'm hoping the "ease of use technology" is not a synonym for " limiting the technology" One reason I loved the 5000 over the ATX was the fact that I could adjust it for almost any environment. If it's taking away a lot of control and presetting everything, then it's a no go for me.
  9. I'm the same way unless you are a jerk and cut me off and try and detect in front of me when there is a mile of beach to hunt. That's when I turn the GPX to maximum and follow you closely. πŸ˜„
  10. Thanks Joe. Your battery had a lot to do with it. I was able to do what I wanted, when I wanted and not worry about battery time. I think that my decision making prior was based on odds of finding things instead of instinct. So far I ran the battery twice for a total of 8 hours. I'll probably charge it only because I don't like swapping batteries midstream.
  11. The Ankh is 1" and the loop is another 3/8", so decent size but not overly huge. Also that chain is 22" long
  12. I don't usually show pictures of the beaches since competition here is fierce 😲 But the first beach has calm waters, so not much changes except for whatever the wind takes away or if a big storm pulls some sand away. The beach where the gold was found has some rough waves (by New England standards), so the beach changes somewhat a lot, especially after a storm or full moon. We don't get the big cuts around here, so no 3-6ft drops for us, but exposing rocks or clay is a BIG deal for us and usually leads to silver and gold.
  13. So the tides were decent enough on my days off to try again for some gold with the AQ or GPX. Since my beaches will not relent with the sanding in, I decided to try another strategy. Day one was split between the AQ for low tide and the GPX for deep silver. With the beach heavily sanded at low tide, all I could do was get some junk jewelry with the AQ. The GPX scored 3 silvers using the monster 18"DD Detech coil. It must have been a sight watching this guy struggle with that coil while holding a side stick and a big spade shovel πŸ˜„ The GPX wins that day. But... Day two was raining, so the GPX l
  14. Great 2 day hunt. I'm assuming conditions have changed or are you hiding hunt #3 from us? πŸ˜„
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