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  1. Good looking stuff!! I'm surprised how many people chose to get gold class rings back in the day. I bet those sink DEEP. Even a mother's ring which you don't see very often. But you have to keep the family at bay, or start charging them for taking some of your haul πŸ˜†. Glad you still had a banner year, even though some of it was scary, to say the least. Looking forward in seeing what you (and others) can find this year.
  2. Thanks. The beaches freeze here as well but usually from the high tide line and down, the waves keep it from freezing solid. The upper areas will eventually freeze deeper, but a nice 40 degree day usually loosens them up enough for you to maybe be able to dig. Some areas just freeze until spring. This is my favorite beach for half dollars. This half actually has a funny story to it. A few of all those coins pictured came as a result of one faint reading, but when dug exposed other signals down at the same level. I found quite a few holes had 3 or 4 targets scattered around inside the sidewall. This particular hole had multiples (including iron), and after it was clean of targets I scraped the sand back in and covered the hole well. This is some sand that just stays out but I always re check the hole. I stood up and swung around the hole and got a massive hit. I had removed the half and didn't even know it. I wonder what someone would have thought if they found it just a quarter inch below the sand πŸ˜„
  3. Thanks. Hopefully the adventure will never end πŸ˜„ Shhh... Don't tell anyone 😎
  4. Thanks Simon. I post these beach hunts because sometimes PI units get a bad reviews for being a dig all machine. I can do this at most of my beaches as long as a specific amount of sand is removed. Too much and everyone can reach them, too little and I just miss them. It's exciting when you dig the first deep coin and you know the layer you are looking for is available. But at the end of the day, I can say that most people will not find these coins with their VLF/MF machines. I barely get them with the GPX.
  5. I do the same thing. I push it down as far as possible by standing on the back of the scoop and wiggling it to get through the tough shell/ rock sand. I use the Xtreme stainless steel scoop and carbon handle. Heavy but worth it. I do the same thing. I push it down as far as possible by standing on the back of the scoop and wiggling it to get through the tough shell/ rock sand. I use the Xtreme stainless steel scoop and carbon handle. Heavy but worth it. So far, not even any sign that it can not handle it. Very durable scoop. Unfortunately not a good candidate for what mcjtom was looking for. Not very portable for travel or cheap.
  6. Yep, that's all I got. πŸ˜„ If only I lived right next to the beach.......🀭
  7. Beach hunt # 19 was a later, but better than never hunt, a couple of days after the big storm surge. The weather was supposed to be a snow and possible icy road mix, so I decided to NOT do a beach hunt. 😞 Then a friend posted a video of the storm surge breaking over a wall at the beach, shot a few days previous. I talked myself into going and decided I would travel very slowly if it iced up. Got there no problem. Funny how storms work, as the fist thing I saw on the beach was that the sand was pushed way up high on the beach, higher than I have ever seen it. But just 50 yards from that spot, I noticed about a foot of sand was removed. Let’s give it a go. So, I hit an area that looked lower, and it produced some modern clad and just as I was going to wander away, it produced a Buffalo nickel. And that was the way things happened for most of the day. The Indian head cent was the same scenario - all clad and just that one old coin. I thought this was going to be all I could get, so I figured I would hit an area that I did really well at last year and looked like it was also down 12” of sand. I really hit this area hard before, so I just wanted to see what scraps I could find. Thankfully, that is not how it turned out to be. 🀩There were no scraps to be found, ironically just the opposite. I started to pop out a lot of copper cents, lead, and silver. I wish I started the day there. I was very excited to see my beach was starting to give up silver again and I’ll probably hit it again later next week. I hope conditions do not change significantly. The weather was tolerable at around 35 degrees for most of the hunt with very mild winds. Great to get out and dig some sand!
  8. Some good finds, especially the older ones from the park. Love the watch fob.
  9. For me I wish they would have some product ready to ship, when announced. That way we know it's a done deal and not some "almost ready - coming soon" bull#@%# line. If some people get their order in, then others will put aside money for it. Wait too long and that money gets spent somewhere else. Put the detector in YouTube's hands and let the show start πŸ˜„ At least the complaints will be toward the videos and not the manufacturers or dealers. 😊
  10. Beach hunt # 18 is still a continuation of hunting the same beach that I was getting a lot of copper cents from. Tide was not very low, and I was determined to try the 17x21 SEF coil to see if I could squeak out anything just beyond the other coils reach. I also want to see if it could actually find a dime size object deep. With the tide down as low as it was going to be, I should have waited to try the big coil. It did work well in popping a lot of clad in a short span, but the sand changes in moisture very fast, and it soon became too jumpy to use without dropping sensitivity a lot. So, I tried the 12.5” coil that gave me trouble a while back and it worked well but soon started acting up also, so I switched to the 11” Detech coil. Smooth as could be. On this beach I prefer the 11” over the other coils as I can crank the 11” and get really good depth and a lot quieter EMI. The others work, but you need to be aware of the saturation of the sand you are hunting. It took a while, but I finally hit the coin / silver line and ended up with 5 silvers, one of which was the ’27 Standing Liberty Quarter – a nice surprise indeed. A cool looking lead soldier as well, and some big chunks of lead really deep. I thought I was digging iron for sure. I did dig some nasty looking globs of iron, so I broke them open to see what they held. No coins trapped inside them iron globs this time around. Still a decent number of copper cents vs zincs and really not a lot of holes dug on this hunt. I’ll probably end up there again next week to hit some areas I didn’t really cover well. Always a pleasure to just unwind and do the best hobby on the planet!!!!!!
  11. I was one of those non Fisher guys that was willing to give them a shot at winning me over. As far as I see, it was a lose/lose deal for them. The other loyal Fisher guys would have hopped all over this machine if they did it right, and us non Fisher guys would have been brought over to Fisher, some for the very first time. What business does not want converted customers? The damage they did to the company reputation is not easily overcome. It really is a specialty machine that most people would not buy, so why disregard your small pool of potential customers? I agree, I'm sure they really do not care in the long run, but I bet Alexandre does care and some of their engineers care, but the corporate part has no worries I'm sure. I can't blame Rick for any of this, as he could not do anything about it and is probably as dumbfounded as we are in how this played out. Now with all the other MF machines ratcheting up the beach wars, that specialty PI may just become a past memory. I will stick with my GPX.
  12. Of course we did. BUT.... I never expected so lack luster customer support when things went wrong. Also never dreamed a company would use the cheapest parts they could get. Engineered to fail πŸ˜„. I assumed that they meant that you could not work the machine as hard as you usually work a beach machine. Gentle is one thing, extreme bubble wrapped kit gloves is another thing. And not even a thank you to the people who volunteered to do this, just the same corporate bull we get from normally much bigger companies in other areas. I wonder if whoever had that broken shaft ever got the replacement yet? This is not the way to expect people to help you get a machine refined for production.
  13. Apparently .... yes 😭 You and me and a bunch of others. Sad really. The least they could do is allow us a trade in for the final version.
  14. Great hunts. The number of lead pieces tells me you were in the right areas. Nothing better than detecting for a week straight too! Sweet looking gold! I agree, if the targets aren't there in the first place, it doesn't matter what machine you are using or how good you are. Now you get to sit back and watch other beach guys hunt πŸ˜„
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