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  1. Hey Ammie, thanks for the travel posts. Please continue. When I was younger I too lived the nomad life in an old 1984 Dodge van. Was a great life and I did meet a lot of great people also. Saw a lot of this amazing USA. I stopped traveling when I was 70, time to put down some roots. Now at 81 I'm getting the footloose urge again. Looking for a small MH now and think I will take off again. Good luck and have a bunch of fun, life's too short. Best, Keith
  2. I owned and used several of the old 1200 series Fishers and the 1236x2 was my favorite detector ever. Like a dummy I sold it. Does anyone have any guesses what a 1236x2 in very good condition would sell for today? Might want to invest in another one. All estimates are welcome. Thanks, Keith
  3. Thanks Steve, I appreciate that. Computers came along too late in my life and I'm not convinced that I will ever get a handle on how to operate on these websites. Keith
  4. Hi Vincent, I agree that the detectors are more than likely wired/tuned differently. My guess is that all manufacturers design and build circuits differently to perform the same function. I'm sure most are proprietary and and would bet that some are patented. I received my Mojave and took it out on my property to play with it and got a loud signal by my workshop. I dug it and what a surprise. It was a 12" aluminum pot. Now why would that be buried on my property? I live out in the county on 2.5 acres and this was once a working cattle ranch.
  5. Montammie, to reply to your post, that subject was not discussed and I don't want the ring back. It has no value for me. Mr Steve please delete that repeat post. Thanks, Keith
  6. I recently found a class ring from the local high school. Wanting to return it I called the administration office and asked if they could help me identify this person so I could return the ring. Sorry the nice lady said, because of the Privacy Act we can't give out any information on our students. Catch 22. So, I asked the lady if she would find out the identity of this student and try to return it? She said yes. I dropped off the ring and she took my name and phone number and said she would call if successful. In the past I have been successful in returning 2 rings, 1 bracelet and 2 w
  7. I live in south central NM and have used the old Fisher 1266x, 1235x and 1236x2. Also the Tesoro bandido ll umax, Vaquero, Cibola, Compadre and I have a Mojave on the way. I can honestly say I have never had a problem with mineralization. Maybe I'm doing something worog?
  8. That was good. Had me fooled. I did find two Kennedy bicentinnial halves. Yep. one at Huntington Beach Ca, and one here in New Mexico.
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