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  1. On relic hunts we find gold nuggets and on nugget hunts we find old coins!! Go figure!! I love this hobby!
  2. There is a book written by Max Bell but is really a compilation of many people's research on these buckles. California Gold Rush Belt Buckles and the men that wore them. by Max Bell I have personally chatted with many of the people that have researched these buckles for many many years and are the authorities on these types of buckles. Most date 1850-1855 and almost all predate the Civil War
  3. 1850's home site. I actually kicked it out when I rubbed the area with my boot. It was in the top layer of grass and when I saw it it was about a foot away from the original area of the signal. Many of our relics in these undisturbed sites are not very deep. You just never know so you dig it all.
  4. Sweet find!! Congrats. I love seeing a buckle pop out!!
  5. WOW-- Sweet hunk of cheese!! LOL That had to be a thrill to see in the hole!! Congrats!
  6. Back to the spot Mark got his $20 Gold Coin!! CRAZY!! and a whole lot of fun. Glad I finally got over one!
  7. We have been on a tear lately!! Amazing and unbelievable really!! But I ain't complaining!!
  8. 6.6 dwt, 2.2 dw and 14 grains. That was a nice night!! Got 'em with the 5000 The big nugget is the same one, just two different shots
  9. Think it was more of a lighting issue when the pictures were taken. Not the same patch but same county
  10. Got a nice golden bear and a 8.3 dwt nug!
  11. Dude. Find the positive !! Watch the vid again . We state Andrew has a brand new machine. So what you got out of this vid is " they don't know how to pinpoint" ??
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