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  1. I haven't been looked at the forum for a while, as I was awaiting the return of my control pod and coil. But, finally did get both a new control pod and coil back from Minelab just recently with extreme apologies for the delay which they attributed to a parts delay due to Coil-19. I'm sure they did the best they could in terms of getting me a new pod and coil. The issue was also very confusing and took them a while to figure out. Actually, they never did totally figure it out and just decided to give me a new pod and coil. I tried both the automatic pump method and manual ground balance
  2. Just throwing this out in case anyone else has had this problem or for future reference.in case anyone has it in the future. I bought my Equinox 800 in April 2018 and it has been great with no problems until a month ago. I started getting problems ground balancing and getting very different ground balancing numbers even over the same ground. I tried factory reset but didn't help . Also, it didn't always have the problem. I called Minelab and they had me send control pod and 11" coil to their service center in PA. in early June as it was under warranty. (thankfully). After getting message
  3. The TID's were in the same range as a copper penny around 23-27 , but some jumped all over the place. Yes, there was sign of a fire and also bits of pottery and glass and large pieces of iron of various shapes. Does seem strange that so many are not bent and perfectly shaped.. Might have been that a building burned down at this site.? I'm still trying to do research . The ground is very mineralized at this site also. I haven't found any coins there as yet, but still hopeful. I think the ones without heads were just broken for some reason.
  4. I went out yesterday with my Equinox 800 to a previously located site and found a few more square cut nails and a few other interesting items. Well, actually 84 more square cut nails. Using Field 1, changed to 5 tones, recovery speed 4, F2 at 2. Makes you wonder why/how that many square cut nails ended up in such a concentrated area. Quite a few of them were found just using my pinpointer. It's always fun getting out in the woods and doing some relic hunting instead of the usual coinshooting in local parks.
  5. I used the old software on my Equinox 800 this morning using my Normal Field 1, recovery speed lowered to 3, changed to 5 tones, and everything else factory. I found a nice sterling silver Saint Christopher pendant and 25 coins. However, after successfully installing the new software 2.0 I did some testing on targets in the front yard. I did see a marked difference in the response (sound) to a bottle cap after bumping up the new F2 iron bias to 7. My question is the setting on the old iron bias should be similar to the new F2 iron bias setting(say 1 on both or 7 on both) , or, does the t
  6. Funny you should mention that. There was some evidence of a campfire or some other type of fire at the site including some pieces of melted glass. As always, thanks to everyone for the added information about square cut nails and comments. Good hunting!
  7. I've been metal detecting with my Minelab Equinox 800 all summer sine getting it in April 2018, but just finding the usual coins and nothing exciting to post. The last several days outside Reno I made it out to a new site and found a cache of 75 square(actually rectangle) cut nails and some other interesting items. One item appears to be the end of an old spoon. Using Field 1 pretty much factory settings, but when in town and hunting parks I lower recovery speed down to 3 and slow speed rate speed way down . ( I find gets better depth) . Also, switch target zones to 5 to get more different
  8. Thanks Steve. Looking at the YouTube reviews of the Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer, but more importantly your original writeup of the F-Pulse was what influenced me to get it. What has been your most effective way to ground balance it, if necessary? Per the instruction manual there are several different ways to ground balance it. I tried both methods myself and they both seem to work. Thanks for doing such a great job on the forum.
  9. Got out today with the Equinox 800 for a short hunt. Not a lot of coins, but did find 1944s wheat penny and Malibu Castle & Showboat Fun Center token. I believe this amusement park was active in the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's in North Holleywood, Ca. and closed and then burned to the ground in 1998. Correct me if I'm wrong. The live round was a PMC .270 Win. I have no idea how it got to where it was. Used my regular Park 1, recovery speed down to 4, and sensitivity up to 23. Also, first time out with my Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer which replaces my Garrett (black) Propointer. The F-
  10. Got out again today with my Equinox 800. Did not find a lot of coins, but did pull 1942s wheat penny and 14k gold ring. Stones in ring tested as diamonds at least according to my diamond tester. I used my usual Park 1, with recovery speed lowered to 4. Ring came in at solid 12 at about 5-6 inches. Excellent day.
  11. I was able to go out detecting with the Nox 800 for the first time this year several days ago. The weather has been bad in Northern Nevada this year and I had minor knee surgery in early March. I didn't find a lot of coins , but did manage to find an unreadable date wheat penny, a tiny gold ring, and beautiful 17" necklace(unfortunately not gold.). The gold ring measured in at .9 gram and was by far the smallest gold ring I have found in 16 years of detecting. The Nox sniffed it out at about 6 inches down with a solid "9" . The ring was so small it was even hard to locate with my pinpointe
  12. Messed up on my original post and forgot the wording. However, just got back from visiting family in Denver , CO. and found the coins and items in a local park. Found 1955d wheat penny, hose nozzle, and what appears to be address name plate before zip codes which I believe started in 1963, Don't know what it was on as was not found at the same address as shown on the item. Any ideas? Used my normal Park 1 mode with recovery at 5, iron bias at 1, and sensitivity depending on conditions.
  13. Finally got to download MUU and successfully loaded the new software to the Equinox. Used Chrome.After download went back and tried again and showed message my detector had most current software update (1.7.5) . All is good in the world at least with this. Computers. Can't live with them, can't live without them. Be very interested to see how the upgrades do the next time out. Thanks Minelab.
  14. Also having problem even downloading the Minelab Update Utility to my computer. Computer is a Apple MacBook Pro with all the minimum system requirements present. Couldn't download MUU using Safari so tried Chrome and that didn't work either. I typed in the long Utility address and comes up not found. Am i going to have to send back my Equinox back to the factory to get new update??? Very frustrating to say the least.
  15. About a week ago I had another great hunt for older coins with my Equinox 800. I don't often go to areas with the chance of finding older coins so this was a real treat. Of course, finding older coins is very much a function of going to places where the older coins actually are there. Found 1941s, 1952d,1941s, 1910, and 1953 wheat pennies. The 1953 on the far left in the photo had been made into a button. Pretty neat. Also, found 1956d rosie, 1935 and 1924s Mercury dimes in nice condition. Also, found 2 ea Mexico 1946 10 Centavos and 1 ea Mexico 1945 10 Centavos. Hunted in my normal Park
  16. I went back today and double checked the ID on the War nickel in my back yard soil in Reno, NV. It still came in at a solid 16. But, per previous posts including Steve the ID number on various targets can differ according to the ground conditions. Regardless,I dig everything to avoid missing any good targets and not have to deal with the same target in the next visit to that site. Now, a different subject. I didn't reply to your question sooner as yesterday I was up at Lake Tahoe detecting at a very heavily minialized black sand beach. I found a 14k gold ring and a sterling silver ring wi
  17. Finally getting the learning curve moving forward with the Equinox 800 after getting it in late April and using a Whites XLT for 14 years. On 9th outing with the NOX yesterday found 1944s and 1940 wheat pennies, 1928d Buffalo nickel, and 35 per cent silver 1943s War nickel. Starting to find the coins with this awesome machine that I was really frustrated with in the beginning. Of course, every outing depending on where it is will not have older coins, but I can now use the NOX much better to its capabilities. I use the Park 1 only now with recovery speed upped to 6 and iron bias down to 1 an
  18. Thanks for the reminder. I did a noise cancel and ground balance when I switched modes, but again thanks . I worked with Field 1 in my backyard to simplify things as strongly mentioned in Chase's excellent post. It was wonderful to get that type of help/feedback from someone in such great detail. Now a days it's not too often that someone goes to that extent to help someone out. It is like having 5 detectors in one. As mentioned in another post, hopefully, there are still some coins to find out there in Reno parks. Probably going out Monday AM to give the 800 another try with a whole new p
  19. Thanks for all the info. Being very frustrated on my first post I misspoke when I said I changed the recovery speed and iron bias. I just accepted what the mode was set up for , but I did start dialing down the sensitivity. I was guilty of mode hopping , also when I did noise cancel I had the coil on the ground, and went to a park that I had not been to since 2011(big mistake). On a better note I did dig dimes, nickels, and pennies so I became familiar with the varying signals and target Id's , dug some junk targets, dug some deep targets (that weren't sprinkler heads or pipes), got plenty
  20. Thanks. I had my phone on airplane mode for this hunt, but will leave it in the car next time.
  21. I had all the modes still on the factory pre-sets. I started with Park 1, then Park 2, then Field 1, and then Field 2. I didn't tweak any of the settings for these modes. I was getting very few good signals. Didn't get any quarters at all when I have averaged 20-30 coins at this park in a 2 hour period with my Whites XLT. Thanks for thew reply.
  22. Took my Equinox 800 out for first trip ever since I bought it and went to an older local park. Wish I could stay it was great, but had a very frustrating day and only found 10 coins for $.41 in 3 1/2 hours. I have used a Whites XLT for 14 years , so, I guess the learning curve will be greater than I thought with the Equinox even though I'm obviously not new to metal detecting. Even though I tried all the modes, thoroughly read the manual numerous times, did noise cancel in each mode, ground balance in each mode, used different recovery speeds, and iron bias I still had problems with bad signa
  23. I had been working with Gerry's Metal Detectors in Boise, ID . . They were the first dealer I contacted when I knew I wanted an Equinox 800 , went on their waiting list, and even after going on about 12 other waiting lists at various dealers Gerry was the first one (and only one)to contact me back that they had one to buy. Great dealer, honored my veteran's discount( very much appreciated) , shipped promptly after I paid , and I received about a week later in mid April. I've been busy with home projects but playing/learning ii in back yard test garden. After having used a Whites XLT solely
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