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  1. I didn't know the made different varieties. When you find something like that or a relic, I always wonder who that person was, what were they doing, thinking at that time. That's what makes this hobby so great.
  2. Nice relic finds, especially the 1863 CW Patriotic token with "Army and Navy". Found one here in Colorado at a Civil War era fort and the back reads " The Federal Union It Must and Shall Be Preserved".
  3. This doesn't look good. I'm glad I'm not a dealer anymore because the existing dealers and distributors are going to take the brunt of this and be dealing with angry customers wanting answers. Hopefully they will get this all ironed out and keep what's left of there good name intact.
  4. Gotta love them tailing piles! Congrats to you customer on a outstanding find and thanks for sharing.👍
  5. Keith Wills can service the old units and probably some of the newer units. Here is link to his website: http://www.brokendetector.com/index.htm
  6. My dad (who is now 96) was also shock to hear what happen to White's. He is in a wheelchair, has bad eyesight and a heart condition, but he keeps on plugging away. We reminisce quite a lot when I visit about nugget hunting, gold mining and detecting in general. He really misses detecting, but talking about our adventures in the past can brighten his day. Here is his first gold he found with a Eagle II with a Jimmy Sierra Goldfoot coil. Running a high banker with dad. Thanks again Gerry for sharing your memories!
  7. Very nice post Gerry!👍 I wonder how many of us made their best finds with a White's detector? I know I and my wife have and the detectors continue to produce decent finds consistently today. If White's is unable to continue and least they can hold they head high and recount endless stories they have helped people accomplish finding an incredible amount of treasure.
  8. https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/nation-world/federal-reserve-powell-money-coins-pandemic/507-ef711276-60da-40c7-96c4-4fe258d7d996
  9. Steve, I totally agree with you and would add that they didn't listen to there dealers and distributors in what the consumer and market was asking for and was riding on what they had built on in the past. It's sad to see the people who have remain loyal to White's as customers, dealers, distributors and employees that it has come to this. Hopefully they can gather themselves and become innovative and competitive again in a tough market, but it will be difficult if not impossible if the decision makers within White's are not willing to accept change and a new direction
  10. Here's a old post from Steve H. with some good information:
  11. This has to give people encouragement that there specimens like this can still be found. Congrats to Ron and thanks for sharing this incredible find!
  12. I and my wife were fortunate to meet Jimmy several times and one of them was at the White's factory as Randy Smith, Jimmy, I and my wife, Bob LaVoy, Ralph Tanner and Dutch Medford were involved in White's first infomercial in 1995. The stories and treasure that was found by all at that time was incredible. Jimmy and Alan Holcombe were in my opinion the key people in the 1990's and earlier 2000's that made White's so successful. Jimmy Sierra Normandi was always great to be around, talking detecting or not.
  13. Jim there must be another Glenn in CO. I and my wife use to be White's dealers for over twenty-five years and closed up shop in 2014. We had bought the first batch of GMT body mounts when they were first available from White's and still are using them today. I'm sure the other Glenn will put it to good use.
  14. That's the way I look at it, at least I have a lot great memories to look back on now and in later years.👍
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