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  1. Some of the new metal detectors claim to work wonders in iron infested sites. There is one site that I wish to go back to and try and see if those claims are valid. I don't have any high hopes though at this particular site because of the amount of iron on the surface and below. This site was at the end of the railroad track for a period of about six months while the construction of new track was being laid. During those six months the site was a temporary camp and staging area for the railroad, stage and freighting companies to a booming mining town thirty miles away. According to history accounts this site had a "floating population" of several thousand. One can imagine the amount of chaos that went on and amount of coins and relics that were lost. As you will see in the photographs there is not much revealing as to where the site is. At first look other than the old railroad grade, there are no visible signs as to where was. As you begin to wander around the site you become amazed of the amount of iron, wire, tin cans etc. that covers the entire ground. The amount of oyster cans lying on top of the ground is incredible. Many years ago at this site we used a "roofers magnet" and had some success finding coins and relics. In one small area of 10ft x 10ft we raked and used the roofers magnet before searching the area with a detector. Even after using a rake and roofers magnet there was some iron targets remaining below the surface. The outcome of all that work we were rewarded with a 1853 Half Dime. The site: Using the roofers magnet: Our reward:
  2. I have yet to find a scale weight, but many years ago I and my wife dug out the inside of this cabin and we found in pieces of a old gold scale. I eventually restored it and now I display it our finds cabinet.
  3. When I saw your collection of brass nozzles it reminded me of the collection that Betty Weeks found detecting (she use to be a contributor to Western & Eastern Treasure magazine many years ago) and had on display at one of the Texas Treasure Shows. You almost needed sunglasses to look at them.😃
  4. What ever type digging tool you use make sure you have a powerful magnet attached. This is what I use in the tailing piles I dig in.
  5. Nice specimens, looks like your close to the source. Congrats!
  6. Very nice ring, that one alone would be worth the trip. Congrats to all and thanks for sharing!
  7. Congrats to MH on some very nice specimens. Bet there's a lot more to be found where those specimens were dug up. Thanks! for sharing!
  8. Hard to beat that kinda of day, nice finds. Congrats!
  9. Lunk you are very impressive with that GPZ on finding that small gold. WTG Thanks for sharing!
  10. Wow that's a whopper! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Nice gold! Great information and technique, thanks for sharing!
  12. Very nice specimen and finding it at almost 2 feet is impressive. WTG! Lunk.
  13. Thanks for providing such a great forum for all to participate in. Members wise I think you gathered the best of the best. Seems like new members signing up everyday. Thanks again for all you do.
  14. Congrats to your brother on finding his first gold coin, hopefully many more to come. I and my Dad (96 years young) have yet to find our first gold coin. My wife found a 1899S $5.00 gold coin on a club outing to a ghost town several years ago, maybe this year it will happen.
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