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  1. Very nice finds, looks like a very productive year for you. May 2022 be as good or better. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Unfortunately the detector I wanted for Christmas isn't available yet, fingers crossed maybe next month? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
  3. Hey Gerry I hope you have recently been on some great nugget hunting adventure that you would wiling to share with us as a holiday treat. The gold specimen in its natural state with the host rock and limonite weighed in at 55.1 grams. So there was 5.57 grams of gold that fell of the specimen as the acid dissolve the host rock and limonite. There is a small amount if host rock left in the specimen to help stabilize and keep the specimen intact. So the amount of gold that fell off and the gold remaining on the cleaned specimen totals 34 grams. Without doing a specific gravity test I would guess the total of all the gold would be around 31 to 32 grams and 22 to 23 grams of host rock and limonite. Happy Holidays to you and your family!
  4. The location where this type of is found has a high silver content. Unfortunately when I take a photograph I must use low light because of the gold specimen has a highly reflective surface and will wash-out the photograph and you would not see any of the detail. This gold specimen is a combination of wire and crystalline gold and commands high dollars from collectors.
  5. Great video and finds using the Deus II ! Keep the videos coming.πŸ‘
  6. Over a four week period I used Muriatic Acid, Whink and CLR. The first three weeks I used Muriatic Acid, then Whink for four days and then CLR for three days.
  7. Over a four week period I used Muriatic Acid, Whink and CLR. For more detail on how I clean gold specimens, click on links below on a earlier post I did this year. Cleaning Gold Specimens - Seven Parts Cleaning Gold Specimens - The Final Results
  8. When I find a gold specimen like this, I usually don't get too excited about cleaning it. One of the main reasons is this type of gold specimen when going through the cleaning process will lose some or all its shape and character resulting in a disappointing specimen and reducing the value which in most cases it would be better to leave the specimen in its originally state. I decided to gamble and see what it's true potential might be for aesthetic and value. This gold specimen before going through the cleaning process weighed in at 55.1 grams. You can see the gold has permeated throughout the host rock and no visual indication if the specimen will hold its shape and character. In the final cleaning process, I did leave some of the host rock for stability as the specimen would have become too fragile by removing all of it. The gold specimen after going the cleaning process lost 5.57 grams of gold resulting in the specimen now weighing 28.43 grams. Sometimes you must gamble.
  9. Great Finds! Amazing your GoPro was picking up the audio from your headphones. Can't wait for next video. πŸ‘
  10. Great finds! Just imagine how many coins and relics are lying beneath the silt. πŸ‘
  11. β€œDebbie Smikoski from MineLab and Kevin Hoagland from the GPAA out with us for their expertise on metal detectors and geology/lode mining. This is an unforgettable day of mining.”
  12. I wonder if they will have the GO TERRAIN app available when the XP Deus II gets in customers hands? Don't see any information about it on their website.
  13. Great coin and bottle finds! Bet you can't wait to try the new XP Deus II underwater. πŸ‘
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