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  1. Here is a couple links: https://www.detectingdoodads.com/store/c4/Accessories_for_Minelab_Equipment.html https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3949618
  2. Thanks! phrunt, I've would have not posted that link if I had that information. My browser doesn't share that information.
  3. Nice Nugget! Great way to start your mining season. Thanks! for sharing,
  4. I guess Tesoro is still alive. https://www.tesoro.com/IDS/ids.html
  5. Looks like you had a good mining season, great gold and great memories. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Welcome Jbone to the forum, Since you mentioned that you are relatively new to metal detecting and considering a purchase of a different metal detector, here is what I would suggest. Most newcomers to the hobby/sport purchase a metal detector and immediately start second guessing if they made the right choice or not. In my opinion you have made a good choice in the detector you purchased and it has more than enough features for a newcomer to learn and hopefully understand what each feature does over a period of time. Use this first purchase as a stepping stone in the future as you become experienced and understand of what your detector is capable of doing and if there is features that you find that are lacking in certain areas, then use that information in another detector that will fill that need. You will get many opinions on what detector to have or use on this forum, but it will be up to you and the time you put in learning any detector and that will translate how successful you will be. Also it seems the way the used metal detector market is today, the resell value would not be in your favor.
  7. I'm in the low and slow group, the cruising part doesn't produce good results. If I'm in an area that I have found nuggets in the past I'm more confident that I will another nugget or more. When you spend countless hours with the same detector and listening to what it is telling you, finding a nugget becomes second nature. Some people have a nose for gold and will find it with little effort, others it is a constant struggle. You have to figure out the best combination in technique, detector pluses and minuses, location and mental attitude to have any success.
  8. I have never replaced my CVT belt on my RZR. I have around 1700 miles on it so far and 98% of those miles is very hard off road miles in rocky and steep terrain. I do carry a extra belt and tools to replace it if needed on the RZR. When you are on the trail out in the middle of no where, you need to equip extra parts like tow rope, spark plug, tools, flat tire repair and so on. I've never needed to use any of it, but it a peace of mind to have it. I perform yearly maintenance every year and inspect the CVT belt at that time. Also I have a electric winch mount on the front. The ramp I use is similar to one pictured below. I taken it apart where it is hinged in the middle, so I am not restricted to the width when loading the RZR into the back of the pickup. I cannot have my tailgate on my pickup truck when loading or transporting the RZR as the RZR is a little longer than my 8ft bed, but the bottom portion of the rear tires on RZR are sitting on the pickup bed. The ramps are placed on the bumper and the RZR has no problem going from the ground into the bed of the pickup. Here is a reason to have extra stuff as I had to tow a friend out because his SXS wouldn't start: If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  9. I bought the storage box at Walmart and it was a Contico brand. I did put a spacer between the storage box and the bed of the RZR and the reason for that was the heat that is generated from the engine it can get a little bit warm back there. My Polaris RZR 570 is a 2012 model and you might pickup a older model pretty reasonable. Good Luck with your search for a SXS!
  10. Hello Garikfox, I have a Polaris RZR 570 that is 50" wide and it will fit in the back of my pickup truck. I have a storage box in the back bed of the RZR for all our detecting equipment, rain gear, lunch, etc. It's great on trails and small enough to maneuver in tight places. No problems so far as to reliability.
  11. Hey Steve, Not to pry but what is the topic of the book you are writing?
  12. Enjoyed the question and answer about Steve Herschbach with Dick Stout and a lot of great stories past and present. I liked the one about Goose Lake and Elderberry Park in 1972. Check it out at: https://stoutstandards.wordpress.com/2019/10/25/a-qa-with-detectorist-prospector-steve-herschbach/
  13. Outstanding specimens, you are very fortunate to have access to areas that produce these type of specimens. Thanks! again for the additional photographs and information.
  14. Great article and photographs! Could you show a close up of the dendritic silver/calcite specimen? Do you have areas that have silver in wire form? Thanks again for a great read!
  15. I totally agree with you Steve about the misinformation White's is telling customers from the customer service representative at the factory and what they are advertising. Doesn't really give you a lot a faith of what you would actually be getting if you bought one today. I guess White's doesn't want us to worry about the technical side of the new product offering, they just want you to believe you will like it no matter what they say. Maybe Steve Howard will chime in. I have a regular TDI big box and I have found more older coins and relics than any VLF detector I have used in the past or any VLF that is available today. The TDI does have limitations, but you can cherry pick deep coins that VLF detectors cannot detect. It takes awhile for a person to understand and use the TDI, but like any other learning curve you encounter with any detector once you master it capabilities, this TDI in my opinion is amazing.
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