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  1. Here's a link to website that might have more information on your thimble. Silver Thimbles
  2. I have a question Steve. In the low tone normal, high difficult setting does the audio response change enough where surface targets are loud or stronger and deeper targets are weaker in audio? What I'm getting at is can you possibly cherry pick with the audio response like the TDI ?
  3. Yes she is doing well. She had the minimally invasive anterior surgery procedure done. The doctor that did the procedure says that is his preferred way of doing a hip replacement because he does not have to disturb the muscles that hold the hip’s ball and socket in place, there is less risk of the hip dislocating post-surgery. The surgery was about forty minutes long and they had her up and walking in three hours. She had to stay overnight even though they consider it a out patient procedure. She did rent a machine for two weeks (even though insurance didn't cover it) called a "NICE" machine and it helps with the healing and recover process. The machine provides ice and compression therapy via a wrap around the hip and thigh area. The doctor said her hip was bone on bone and in pretty bad shape. She now is walking around fine and she goes to her first follow-up visit this Thursday. Doctor says the normal rehab is about six weeks. Here is the website of the doctor that did the surgery and it has a lot of good information: https://coloradohipkneedoc.com/?utm_source=GMBSocialClimb&utm_medium=Dr.TylerR.Bron,MD
  4. I and my wife were in Alaska in May and her left hip was really bothering her and she was having a hard time walking. I told her when we got back home she needed to see a doctor. They gave her shot in her hip and that only lasted a few days and the pain was getting worse, so she had a hip replacement two weeks ago, so now she's on the mend. We haven't been able to do any detecting of any kind the whole summer, but hopefully in a few weeks we might get some nugget hunting trips before the weather sets in high country. Great story, photos and gold! Thanks for sharing.
  5. The buckles might be nickel plated which would make them older. Great finds and story, thanks for sharing!
  6. Great write-up and helpful tips. Congratulations on finding gold in a new area you haven’t been before. Can’t wait for part two!
  7. Very nice gold and successful with your new detector. WTG!
  8. Very nice gold and the right combination of knowledge, detectors and tools for a successful trip. Well done!
  9. Glad to hear you’re trip to Alaska went well, hopefully you will share some stories and photos of the chunky stuff you found.
  10. Great video! Outstanding artifacts! You guys are on a hot spot, Thanks for sharing. 👍
  11. Great write up! Ghost towns are tough to hunt, but can be very rewarding. My wife found a 1899 $5 Gold Coin on a club outing at a coal mining town in southern Colorado, I'm still tying to find mine!😄
  12. GPX 6000 Equinox 800 Minelab 6” round coil $179.00 Save the rest for fuel and grub, which at today prices won't last long!
  13. I read your post on Monte's site and sounds like you and your sister had great time. Ghost towns are tough to hunt, sometimes it's the amount time you put in hunting a site and the layout of the town to get the good finds. My wife and l would like to make one of the outings in the future.
  14. Enjoy your new ride, sounds sweet! Good luck on your upcoming adventures.👍
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