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  1. Is this the largest gold coin minted? https://stream2.kitco.com/19_07_16_Perth_liferay.mp4
  2. Thanks! for sharing your finds, nice collection of gold that you found. I agree with you on last specimen and I would highly prize that one.
  3. I would think specimens would be included and specimens I believe are highly prized more than placer nuggets. Specimen gold can be all gold or little to hardly any gold, but the type of gold or rarity can make the specimen more valuable than placer gold. Especially crystalline gold. Specimen and placer gold is just natural gold to me and can be found detecting, panning, dredging, sluicing or eyeballing. It's all nuggethunting in my opinion.
  4. Wasn't found with a metal detector, very nice quartz and gold specimen found in a placer mine in the Huachuca mountains of Arizona.
  5. Great way to start the season, nice gold and great pictures!
  6. I use the 7.5" dual field coil on the regular TDI for coin hunting in parks. I tried the 12" dual field coil and the coil is difficult to pinpoint targets and didn't seem to handle the trashy areas as well as the 7.5 coil. The audio is modulated by how deep the target is so I cherry pick the parks I hunt and only dig targets 4 inches or deeper. Biggest drawback is wire and nails will sound similar to a good target and it will take many hours of use to learn the nuances of what the detector is telling you. I have a 9x5 folded mono coil also but I like the the 7.5 the best. Make sure you have a good pinpointer as the TDI does not have a pinpoint mode and be prepared to dig deep targets. You will be amazed on how many deep targets that VLF detectors are missing. Good Luck!
  7. Here is some info on Paul and Joan as of January 4 2019: Link to article: https://stoutstandards.wordpress.com/2019/01/04/new-year-notions/ TREASURE TROVE LIBRARY FOR SALE Received the most recent “Treasure Hunter’s Express” and in the envelope was a note from Paul and Joan Tainter telling me they’ve finally decided to part with all their extensive library. It read…. Books for Collectors and Researchers The collection spans over 50 plus years of collecting. Many of the titles are one of a kind, some privately published, some signed by the author, first editions and a large percentage are out of print. All have been kept pristine in a non-smoking, non-animal home. This is a once in a life-time opportunity to significantly expand your library or begin one of your own. These opportunities do not arise very often. Now is the time to take advantage. VINTAGE, CLASSIC BOOKS for the collector Vintage books, many over 60 years old, that we have for sale with the disposal of the library. (From back in the early days of treasure hunting) A large majority of them are FIRST EDITIONS, almost all are out of print, some are signed by the author with personal inscriptions, some are from the libraries of Harry Chrisman, noted author; Dean Coigdarripe, treasure hunter and close, personal friend of Karl von Mueller’s back in the California days (1950’s); Richard Nason, maritime researcher; and all others are from my personal collection. I have seen Paul’s library and if I were younger and had a little extra money I’d be all over this. If you’re interested in knowing more write Paul at Treasure Trove Archives, 335 N. William, Fremont, Nebraska 68025 or email him at tretrove@yahoo.com. “Early” Paul Tainter Joan also added “we have been issuing periodical short listings to interested buyers and we also have lists by subject of interest. Interested parties can ask for them to be emailed”.…
  8. Those were the good old days. I and my wife had gone to several of those meets in Fremont, Nebraska and met a lot of the pioneers of treasure hunting such as Karl Von Mueller, Glenn Carson, L.L. "Abe" Lincoln, Bill Smith, Jimmy Sierra, Richard Ray, Van Fossen and many others. I believe Paul Tainter and his wife Joan put on those treasure meets and had numerous publications and research material available. Good times and memories! Glenn Carson and Karl Von Mueller Jimmy Sierra and Bill Smith (pictured with sunglasses)
  9. Tom, I hate to see you go, you made a positive change in the right direction for White's. I wish you the very best in your next future endeavor and hope to hear soon about your next adventure.
  10. Interesting and how is Tesoro involved? Quote from T. Dankowski Forum Hi this is Bill Gallagher, a writer of lost treasure articles under 6 or 7 different names since 2013, I had many cover shots, 8 or 10, and sometimes 3 different articles in a magazine at once....I had no notice by Lee Harris or Carla concerning the closure of the magazine and they stiffed me for four or five of my articles at the end and will not answer my emails....I think they are involved in identity theft where certain people were subbed for me when it came time for sponsorship, and it is and insider deal. They will be getting paperwork for small claims from me, and maybe a lawsuit if I can get a few of the others involved to talk about this. The Tesoro closure is all a part of this. You can read 75 or so of my past asrticles reprinted by permission here : [treasurehuntingwithbillgallagher.blogspot.com] I will be adding another 50 or so, and the use of multiple names is detailed at that blog. Link to thread: http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,154038
  11. I have to agree with you about the people testing detectors for White's and other detector manufacturers. Though White's did a better job this time on the testing of the 24K. Some are very qualified to test and give a honest report on a new detector and some are there to promote the social media end of the business and I'm not sure what that exactly does for the seasoned metal detector user.
  12. Happy New Year and thanks Steve for providing a great forum where a person has access on information on metal detectors past and present, a dialogue for new and seasoned detectorist and prospector to learn from one another and the sharing of the great finds and adventures everyone have posted. I agree with you that some on the forum are very biased or opinionated on how or what metal detector they use and imply the metal detector of their choice is the only way to go. To me it's all about enjoying and having fun with the hobby and the metal detector I'm using and learning what other people may have to offer. Look forward in hearing about the new products, adventures and great finds in 2019.
  13. Very nice gold, lots of character ! Happy New Year and may 2019 be your best year for nuggets!
  14. Congratulations! Outstanding finds, what a way to end then year! WTG
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