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  1. Enjoyed the articles and books Karl Von Mueller and H.Glenn Carson had published that inspired me to metal detect, prospect and search for treasure. I was fortunate to meet them both in the 1980's.
  2. Here is a view on the Forrest Fenn treasure from a lawyer who also metal detects. His name is Steve Lehto and has some entertaining and informative views and opinions on just about everything https://youtu.be/5LxipSblIjo
  3. I'm sure you will have many stories to tell. Is it a five year NDA?
  4. I would say your 10" coil is bad based on your other two coils are working fine.
  5. For the deep coins (silver, Indian Head, wheats, etc.) I use the White's TDI and only dig the deep signals. XP Deus, Makro-Nokta Kruzer for the shallower coins, jewelry and relics. Sometimes White's V3i for coins and jewelry.
  6. Thanks for information, this is what the backside looks like. It looks like it was solder to something or maybe a pin.
  7. I believe crucibles are made of ceramic or some type of porcelain so they withstand high temperatures. This time I was using a Nokta-Makro Kruzer with a 5" coil and XP Deus with a 9" HF coil. Very heavy iron laden site. Quarter for scale. No that is part of an oil lamp where you can adjust the wick. Thimbles are very common out here, in fact a detecting buddy found a sterling one yesterday at a local park that had cherubs on it. Here is a closeup of one the items in the main picture and I'm not sure what it is or what it was use for.
  8. A few finds from a recent detecting trip to a Colorado ghost town/mining camp. Found a token, brooch with a stone, numbered tag, ring, thimble, brass lock, crucible, marbles, buttons and the regular ghost town finds, some you can identify, others still trying to figure what they are. Some of the items the ground was not to kind to. The Joseph Golob "Good For a 5 Cent Drink" token was one of the items that didn't fair to well in the ground. According to the Leadville City Business Directory, Golob had a saloon in 1889-1892 and in 1895 at 101 Harrison Street. The last information I co
  9. Reg Sniff passed away yesterday, Reg was involved with the development of the White's TDI. RIP Reg and prayers for his family.
  10. I and my wife have been metal detecting and prospecting since the mid-1970's. During that time we have experienced frustration with the hobby especially when first starting out. I believe everyone in this hobby has experienced this one time or another. You begin to question do I have the best or right detector? Why do my friends, club members or other people always find better coins, relics, etc. than I do. You can make the mistake sometimes by not giving enough time with the current detector you have and learning what the functions do and what the best settings to use. This hobby takes time t
  11. https://buckrail.com/forrest-fenn-i-hid-my-treasure-in-wyoming/?fbclid=IwAR0uGH0OIPXAXfDrOhnAZO_4Wrz1AETWFnEUfWk_ue6-qQrOgveK0UEJfIY
  12. Steve, it was great to see some of of your great finds both big and small and reflect on how you found them. In my opinion you continually inspire people on this forum and give them the knowledge to achieve great results whatever they may be searching for with a metal detector. Thanks again for a great forum and allowing the new and experienced a place to share adventures, ideas, finds and the latest technology. If And has more interviews coming up it would be great to have a separate category for them.
  13. Great finds! Amazing the different type of finds in the water. Keep the videos coming and thanks for sharing!
  14. Some of my best nugget hunting adventures have turned out that way! Can't complain about the results. Very nice specimen.👍
  15. You don't, just use a glove and pull as much trash off as you can. I always have some amount of iron filings stuck to the magnet. Sorry to hear what happen to your 800.
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