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  1. Wherever you read that 3 was the fastest recovery speed, they might have been talking about the 600. There is no audio response on the nox. Audio response is volume modulation where deeper targets sound fainter than shallow targets. IMO the nox has poor modulation no matter what the recovery speed is set to.
  2. Right on Steve! I’d much rather spend my precious metal detecting time actually detecting. However there are times when I’ll do a few tests just to wrap my head around how the detector functions under certain circumstances. When I do those tests, the objects I’m testing are sitting directly on the ground which still isn’t anything close to an object that has been sitting in the ground undisturbed for many years. This discussion also reminds of guys who swear every nickel they’ve ever dug rang up as a 12 on a nox! You just gotta take these tests with a grain of salt.
  3. That’s a really neat buckle! I know nothing about buckles but it looks really old.
  4. I’m assuming that since the large majority of silver halves are 90% silver, that is what he used in his test.
  5. It was a silver half dollar that came in at 99. The Morgan silver dollar came in at 96. I find that strange. Can someone explain to me why a the larger silver dollar came in lower than the silver half?
  6. Congrats on all the neat finds and especially that barber quarter! I’ve been on a silver drought as of late, glad to see others finding some silver!
  7. When I need to charge, I usually plug the charger in before going to bed and unplug it in the morning. I also don’t charge anything unless it needs it. For example, if I know I’ll be going on a five hour hunt and the coil is showing 2 bars, I’ll charge it the night before. If I’m going out for an hour or two I won’t charge it. My coil gets charged more than the remote or ws6.
  8. Lots of great stuff there for the first hunt! Finding that large cent gives you the inCENTive for going back! Lol If I may ask, what does the land owner want you to look for?
  9. The badge says “west const co chattanooga tenn”. I DID try to google that, but didn’t come up with anything old. 😂 I do use historic aerials but they only go back to the mid 80s. Nothing shows up on any old topos.
  10. I’ve been making the steep hike up to this old spring on weekdays after work. I haven’t found any more coins, but lots of headstamps and other relics. This past Thursday I found an old building site. Maybe 50 or 60 yards from the spring I noticed a corner of a stone foundation and the outline of a rectangular shape maybe 20’x20’. Just the one corner still had stones for the foundation. I didn’t find any non-ferrous inside the foundation and only one ferrous, a bullet, on the outside just a few feet from the foundation. The badge was found on the other side of the spring fron where the foundation is. Here’s some pics:
  11. Thanks Bob! I guess I could have googled that myself. LOL. I sometimes forget that I have access to nearly unlimited information right at my fingertips! Back in the day I would have had to make a trip to the library to find that info and it might have taken an hour or two to find it IF that info was even at my library.
  12. Hardly any rust on it, must be a fresh drop. That’s a tiny one! I have a 30 lb one and it’s a lot bigger than that.
  13. Hell yeah! Nice collection of rings and congrats on getting into the 19 century? Btw, what’s a ctr ring?
  14. I have windows 10 on my old laptop and I updated with that. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with the later windows 11.
  15. I bought one of his remote covers for my deus2 from him. I’ve also had one on my nox since he came out with them. He makes good stuff!
  16. I’m interested in how Steve’s lower camlock was installed also. A little off topic, but I have an Anderson rod for my Equinox and really like it other than that setscrew. I wonder if I could modify it with one of Steve’s camlocks also?
  17. Is there a weight spec available for the 11x13? I’m curious as to how its weight compares to the 11”.
  18. Great collection of relics! There has to be a coin or two left.
  19. At least you got some silver! Better than what I’ve been getting lately.
  20. What the quote in my reply above should have been.
  21. Me too! My detecting time is limited and I try to learn more about a detector as I detect. Sometimes I’ll do a test or two to clear up a question I may have.
  22. Congrats! I always love to see a barber come out of the ground.
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