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  1. Great to see you're still able to dig those fields. My ground has been frozen solid for a few weeks. Might turn white tomorrow.
  2. Hope it all heals up quickly. Priorities... #1 Concentrate on recovery. #2 Everything else..
  3. WOW , nice ring ! Your "detector's eye" is pretty sharp ....WTG
  4. Wished I could from the minute I saw the IceCo's on YT. Guess the Whynter will have to do , till it doesn't !😋 300w on the roof with a 75w portable for parking in the shade... Right now the sun never comes up above the tree line where I'm parked .....arrrrrrrrrgh ! And speaking of right nowww , Freezing Rain !!!!!!!🥶 where did I put my ice cleats ? And NO , I'm not going up on the roof wearing them again !!!! LOL (That was skembarraskin' last year , skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh It was real easy finding the holes though ...................) Nice lookin' country you're in there !
  5. I saw those Iceco's right after I got a Whynter . Two separate compartments with diff temps and way less $ too. I'm in the process of building an insulated enclosure with outside force fed air tunnel to the intake vent. Your rig reminds me of my old Dodge sweptline when I lived in the back of it touring on the road. But you have all the stuff I didn't have room for till I retired and got the RV , good use of space !
  6. Welcome aboard Matt ! Hope that 540 turns out to be your "lucky detector".🍀
  7. Pretty bottle !👍 That boat was shiverin' 'er timbers but it had potential ! 😜
  8. Turned into a nice little ring ! Cuff links are good to go back on some cuffs.
  9. Bones and fake teeth 😮....what were your settings ?? 🥶
  10. SOHNox Permits for state parks in Maine. Think is NH too. Salisbury and Rye are right there near Hampton too. State park fees are waived for 65+ for Maine seniors. NH Beach sold his house and moved to a place a block or so from Hampton Beach , he's there a lot. Pulled some nice finds over the years from watching his vids..( which are a good source to see the beach conditions on). I don't think I've ever seen him use a PI detector . I'd like to go down there too. Not sure about on street parking there but there is a state park on that beach with a lot , you just have to detect over the line. I was referring to OOB with the parking off season,,,have to be there really early , parking fills in fast. Lots of it but very crowded scene. All day parking is available in the Ocean Ave Lots , mostly closed off season too. Shallow slope , no rocks. Off season , I can park a block or closer , and they pull the meters too ! No running back to feed the beast. Fresh drops are missing but it's a huge beach. There's another access at the north end in Pine Point . with municipal lot a few feet from the sand, no fee off season . It's small and fills up WAY early. but nada now. On street only after snow fills in. The negative low tides are during the night in season and state parks close from dusk to 9am so the public beaches are the only show for minus tides. I was in the house band in a OOB beach hotel (Yup, Son's Of The Beach) and was there every holiday week . plus after retirement I worked the gate at a campground at Pine Point so it's like going home . But I got really sick of the crowds when staying there.
  11. SOHNox I do the southern beaches but more in off season to park closer to the sand. The one nearby is a mile of sand with rocky outcrops on both ends . I have a season pass. 🙃 Murphy has just been getting in the way ... (I was going today but dead battery fixed that idea. arrrrrrrrrrrrr.)
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