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  1. No place is ever "cleaned out" , you're proving that now so never stop checking. (That would make a good tag (signature) line ...) hmmmmm🤔 If you keep it up , you might check off the rest of the list there !!!?
  2. OF COURSE ! I should have thought of that ! Hmmmm , I wonder if there is a beach somewhere that plays Jimmy Buffet ? You'd think there would be.. Ya know , I did buy a used gig bag to see if my Nox would fit in it....nope , it wasn't for an acoustic... I think I'll try building a custom hard shell case for it . For now , I'm using a backpack. Anyhoo , to get back on the rack track . I saw a guy that had a rack for surf fishing rods on the wall in the back of his truck....littl
  3. Tele Strat LesP ,,,,,that's just the back row,,,,, But what kind of solo do you play on that strange looking thing next to the Gretch ?!
  4. Yup yup , sounds like you just need more time with the detector getting to know each other.......Remember , don't expect too much until the third date ! 😄 Keep your coil under control and on target.
  5. Heya Badger Can you post a link to that new maine forum ?
  6. Welcome aboard Gary. I've fished the sea all my life,,,so I knowwwwwww ,,, You probably had to throw that one back ,,,,,,too small ! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Next time bait up for kraken .😁 BUT , you sure hooked into a good one when you chose this forum.... Looking forward to tales of detecting and pics of yer finds.
  7. Guitar hangers are basically the same as above^ but with shorter fingers ~3" ,,,Some I've found very cheap too in places like Big Lots etc..
  8. Put some hooks in a 2x4 and hang 'em all , I say ! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Or do you mean like in the back window of a pickup ? Sounds like something that a handyman/detector/prospector may have invented already... post your thoughts on it and maybe you will find a builder ? Anybody ?
  9. Thanks for posting Leah. Sorry to hear about your dad's passing . I never met him but think we would have been friends if I had...
  10. Welcome aboard Scarfoot ! I just gotta ask ,,,,do you call your detector "My Little Friend" ? Oh , that's right , my mistake I thought you said Scarface ! Guess I should change my welcome aboard accordingly.. Now I understand the question about the misplaced pick .......... Just kidding. What do detectorists and prospectors do in their spare time ???? PICK on each other ! My friends tell me I "Ain't Right" but they really don't know how much.
  11. March 8th low tide is around 2:15 pm on that neck of the coast. I've got an appt. that day but will try to change it somehow !! (They canx on me yesterday 2 hours prior so hopefully that will buy me some slack ???)
  12. Welcome aboard the treasure train Chuck ! And welcome in from the shadows too. Hope that Nox treats ya right , Ask about anything you need help with , you are now surrounded by raw detecting talent,,,,,well the other guys , not me. skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh
  13. podunc, Bangah ? podunc isn't just yer forum name , be my guess ! I already figured it meant not exactly on the coast ....yup yup. I lived in Newport for a decade or so ..... The ranger at Reid (Sam) probably missed ya ! She gave me permission over the phone last spring (Covid) but said i'd need a written permit after covid.` Other Rules , on beach only and not when lots of people. They can take your gear so tread lightly in the SPs.
  14. Call ranger at Reid before going , you'll need a permission,,,oh and they expect you to turn in everything you find............ I like OOB , usually park on P Point end. We'll have to get together for a hunt when the weather gets back to livable again... I get pretty achy in the cold But I have insulated rubber boots , I'm gonna have to do stair climbing to walk in 'em for very long though ,,,they're heavy monsters but can double for cracking crabs . LOL. Hope your new gear shows up on time. You're gonna spend a LOT of time over on the Equinox sub forum. Check out
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