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  1. I just realized I haven't ever been so excited about pennies since I was little ,,,and the ice cream man was coming up the street ! But I checked if there was one in my collection before spending it ! There was even a thing called penny candy.............
  2. A credit to the group for sure ! I think we should keep him .
  3. Absorutely Mahvelous ! On MY Christmas list ! And RR , I've noticed that people talk to me when I'm all in camo. I'm pretty sure the stuff doesn't work at all ,,,,,THEY CAN STILL SEE ME ! I'm on the lookout for onna them Predator suits next,,,walking down the beach swinging my detector and nothing but sand .............ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Honey , do you hear beeping? And I think I just heard somebody say ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !
  4. I like the camo ! Inverse reason of some already posted....... (I had to wear black for 30+ years to do shows and be "invisible" on dark stages. So when I retired I was looking for a change !! Just my luck hunting season was just winding up and ALL the camo was on clearance !!!!!!! LOL Pricing about 85% off...😜) I filled the cart. You know what they say Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout a Well Camo'ed Man ! skuh kuh kuh kuh , and thx to ZZTop for the line.. BTW None of them are as comfy as the old pair of combat fatigues I won't throw away....and the
  5. Not the kind of "deposit" ya want to find on the beach ! Coulda just used the pinpointer and checked each time ......
  6. Thanks for the contest Gerry ! I try to live for my friends that didn't come back and help those that did , a broken shell of what they were before going.......... Congrats Jeff ! May your luck continue on the hunt.
  7. With all you dig up on what seems like EVERY HUNT ! I guess you should be getting good at the elusive "invisible plug" . Another stellar day for ya !!
  8. I remember that ginger ale' ,,,Slogan was 'It's Cott to be Good"
  9. Thanks to Gerry for holding this Monster of a contest ! I got totally rained out so didn't enter but I DID find two clad dimes and two pennies today ! One of the pennies was even CANADIAN ! But I'm not putting it in my mouth ......Skuh kuh kuh kuh Can't wait to see who won !!!!!!
  10. Yes , Warning Warning ! Danger Will Robinson ! Is correct ! I was just thinking post a quick soldering 101 when I posted ....my life doing the shows was usually "emergency surgery" keep the show on time without access to parts , usually in the dead of night !!! LOL I'll change or delete the post if anybody thinks I should. Personally , I carry a portable battery for extended use beyond the built in batt capacity.
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