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  1. Same question for me but not so much of a restriction on budget... I was looking at these two kits: Minelab Pro-Gold Premium Panning Kit XP Gold Pan Premium Kit Steve H. - were you involved with creating the Minelab kit?
  2. Joe, The Detector Repair Center offers an Excalibur end cap that allows you to use CTX 3030 headphones. I am thinking about having this done, which would open up more headphone options for me. Do you know if direct wiring the headphones vs using an endcap adapter affects sound quality / performance / volume in any way? I believe the service center offers both options, just not sure if there is any performance difference?
  3. Joe, what headphones would you recommend for an Excalibur 2? I taped up the vent holes on the stock headphones, which helped out quite a bit. But, if switching them out makes that big of a difference, I want to get that done asap!
  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone! After doing more google searching, it might be Limonite. Still a neat / unexpected find at a Fort Lauderdale beach! Need to come up with another way to get my darn Equinox 800 now..
  5. I posted this over in the meteorite forum, but after some research I wonder if the mystery rock I found is Limonite. I found this at a Fort Lauderdale beach yesterday, pretty far away from the water at a volleyball court. It was about 10 inches down in the sand, and my PI metal detector locked on to this pretty easily. I have a Pro Find 35 pinpointer, which makes a different sound for ferrous items, which it does on this rock. It weighs about 76 grams, seems unusually heavy for its size, and a magnet does stick to it. Before I send it anywhere for analysis, I was wondering if anyone here might have any thoughts? Possible Limonite?
  6. I found this strange rock at a South Florida beach today. This was pretty far away from the water, at a volleyball court. It was fairly deep in the sand, I would say a good 10 inches. It feels abnormally heavy, weighs 76 grams and a magnet does stick to it. Both my PI metal detector and Pro Find 35 pin pointer go nuts near this thing- the Pro Find 35 makes the ferrous metal sound. Does this look like something I should send out for verification?? With luck, this could help fund my future purchase of an Equinox 800... ?
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