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  1. Hey I'm looking for some advice from excalibur owners on how to proceed here. I picked this up for $150, the knobs and lower shaft were broken. I ordered and installed anderson knobs which seem like they are going to work great. The dive shaft is on it right now but I'll get a new shaft here soon. The most obvious fix I need help with is the wires. The battery seems to be working fine for now, we will see once I get out on the beach. All of the connections look in good shape too. Let me know what yall think I should do to get this puppy back up to par. Thanks
  2. I am interested in changing out the headphones on my Excal. My intended use is diving down to a max of 30 ft. Would you all recommend a hardwired connection or a CTX-style connector? I can see advantages to both. With the CTX connector I can try different types of phones for underwater, but the hardwired connection may be less likely to leak. Any advice? Thank you!
  3. I have a carbon fiber Anderson Over/Under shaft for my Excalibur 2. I typically hunt in water depths varying from knee deep all the way out to chest deep. I am noticing some slight falsing as I am transitioning from the shallower to the deeper waters and vice versa, and I can only attribute it to the water that is retained in the shaft sloshing around next to the detector. When I leave the water and point my coil to the sky, a large amount of water drains out from the back of the over/under shafts. I remember on one of the shafts I had for my Equinox, there was a drainage hole in the lower shaft. My current Anderson lower shaft does not have a drainage hole, and I was wondering if this would help prevent the slight falsing I am getting transitioning from different depths? I guess its easy enough to try and plug if it doesn't work, but I was curious if any other Excalibur users have noticed this?
  4. Hello, has anyone done a test between the two devices underwater or on land, which one is deeper?
  5. Does anyone happen to know which Iklite fitting was modified to make the charger to battery adapter? Or was it proprietary specifically for the excal? I am missing the adapter and it looks like they want about 75 bucks for the stupid little thing on The Bay. I have all the little bits to make one except the threaded adapter to install the pins and jack into. Right now I have it shoddily rigged up to charge but am hoping to make a round two that looks cleaner and is more secure. My backup plan is to try to design one and 3d print it but that always turns into a big project to get everything printing cleanly and consistantly. It generally devolves into a lot of cursing. Thanks Coggles
  6. I hunt the beaches and water on the Gulf coast of Florida, I have been using an Excalibur II and love it. Is the Equinox a better choice? I hunt in water up to neck deep, wet and dry sand for the most part. Will the Equinox find small gold in the water that the Excal will miss, and is it able to find targets as deep as the Excal?
  7. Anyone had any luck adapting a new coil cable to an Excal coil now that we can’t get MEK? I’m wondering if I should go with just heat shrink or still try making a dam that covers it all up an inch or so. I just don’t think the epoxy will bond to the coil housing.
  8. Recently had someone ask about replacing the battery on their excalibur so I did a video for them. Very easy and simple to do. Battery can be purchased from ebay.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/383287971822 I'll be doing a video on how to make this same battery after christmas (2022), cost is around 25 dollars. Compared to 50 if purchased new. It's almost worth buy new if you only need one but I have several excaliburs that need batteries (4) so it is cheaper for me to make my own.
  9. I love my Excalibur but the stock battery pod construction leaves a bit to be desired. My main gripe is the cheap and somewhat brittle plastic pod, especially the battery cap threads as these will crack if tightened too much. Water and fine silt also gets into the fine opening just before the O ring. Small surface cracks seem to appear for no apparent reason 🤬 So I managed to pickup two new underwater camera enclosures that were priced to clear (rated to 200m). These are 15mm thick acrylic cases and very high quality. I was able to get equally high quality suitable connectors for the battery power cable from Aquascan in the UK as Ikelite no longer make this part. I also wanted to charge the Lithium 18650 cells externally (and not in a sealed case) as they can generate heat when charging. The 3 x 18650 cells should give quite a long run time…..much the same as the R&B battery. I’ve got two of these cases now plus the original NiMH pod and the R&B pack. There is no noticeable extra drag in the water that I can feel even though the case has a somewhat larger profile in the water. Two stainless bolts secure the cases (as shown). There is actually room inside for 6 x 18650 cells which would be about a 6000 mAh battery pack 👍
  10. Something pleasant to look at on these chilly days of January. 42 Gold rings ..3 misc Golds..268 grams total.. 188 Silvers..mostly coins, Class rings pushed the weight this year and I did find one small gold chain but only because it had a pendent on it....Excalibur found most of the treasures but the AQ came on strong the last month. Missed hunting 6 months ....Blessed to be alive !! ........Hoping to see the water more in 2022. Come on Spring.. Good Luck to everyone and Be safe.. Couple golds missing / family.
  11. Last week I hunted the wet sand of some local beaches for the first time in about a month. I wanted to go earlier in the month but just had too many other things going on. When I got to the beach I was surprised to see that a lot of beach erosion had taken place and was afraid that I was too late to take advantage. Sure enough, targets were few and far between below most of the cuts but I did find 2 areas where I was making some deeper finds with some regularity. I was finding more trash than I expected with the TDI and hunting in a steady rain which tired me out sooner than usual. I also think I was out of shape from not hunting much the previous month. I did manage to find a few silver rings and silver earring before taking a break to warm up with some hot soup for lunch. I decided to swap detectors because of the trash and continued where I left off with my Excalibur. The very first signal I got in "all metal" rang out in a solid mid-tone when I switched to "discriminate". I scooped out some wet sand and kicked it off to the side and saw a quarter-sized disc with that unmistakable yellow gold color laying on top of the mound! (7.5 grams of 14K) I didn't make nearly as many good finds in 2021 as I did the year before but Mother Nature had a lot to do with that. I am still grateful for the little treasure I did find and for the health, time and resources to be able to enjoy this hobby of ours. Wishing you all the best in 2022!
  12. A friend took me out on his boat Friday in search of Gold and Silver at a spot that is very hard to get too. Fours hours and all I had was several silvers but I could smell the gold.. It was close...just never found it.... Saturday I forced myself to get out of bed and go in search of that yellow stuff again (alone this time). Different beach...Water was calm.. and the tides were not the best but being what they were it forced me to hunt in the right spot. Not a lot of targets but got into a little area I could feel it again, then about 16 inches down, out came a 12 gram 10k gold. Hunted for a while longer, then as I was walking in, "out of the blue" I got another signal. Out came a 5.8 gram X10k. Old stamp.. Final total (both hunts) 7 hours,... 2 10k golds, 13 Silvers. I've had a very "Blessed" week, 5 gold rings total (30.58 grams of gold) , 24 Silver coins..in 4 hunts, about 16 hours. Three different beaches. Winds and Tides are off this week, then that crazy day light savings time is coming.😒 Both John and I had a good time, and interesting, I had a chance to see how well the Nox 800 with stock coil did against my 10 inch coil Stealth Excalibur. In short, I have nothing to worry about from the Nox's. No doubt the best machine to have on fresh drop beaches, but when the targets are very deep, I'm not even sure the 15 inch coil on the Nox would help. Wish I could get back to the one spot, the AQ would kill that place I believe, Here...when you digging a lot of silver.. the gold is right there with it. It was just to deep for the Excalibur at the first spot. Good Luck to everyone out there and Be Safe!
  13. Scored a couple keepers Tuesday's 3 hour hunt. Two 10k golds, just a little over 14.5 grams total and 4 more silvers for the pile. Water was a chilly 54F but the Sun was shining so it made for a Great day in the water. Going to be a interesting day Friday, super low tide all day.. Do I go recon a 2019 Hot spot (sanded in last trip there) or go back to the "Now" Hot spot?
  14. Out for the first time in a couple weeks, Water was calm but up and it was good to get wet! After the big flood tides a week ago It was interesting to see the result. Not great but was able to score a couple keepers. One 14k Cameo ring and 4 Silvers.
  15. This may be the strangest piece of gold "jewelry" that I have found. The "medal" is stamped "9k" on one side. The other side has a name and blood type. The chain clasp is stamped "18ct" and it took me about 30 minutes to untangle the knots in the chain. When I was done I was happy to have a completely intact and beautiful neck chain but I noticed a very small piece of what looked like fabric stuck in a couple of adjacent links. I used fingernail clippers to carefully clip off the fabric before realizing that it was a piece of thread used to replace a broken link - Doh! It's a delicate chain but weighs a respectable 2.4 grams. The medal itself is odd and a bit ugly on its own. I wonder if there was more to it at one time?
  16. Back to a spot I've been working the last few weeks. This trip it gave up a couple more golds, 10k 1935 Class ring and a 14k wedding band. Then 3 silver crusty coins and one "P" nickel.. (which I do not count as silver)........ I was able to Opened the brass compact, Very surprised to see a 1911 Barber dime and a ticket inside. The dime is as detailed as the day it was lost, saved by what ever was in the compact stamped " Woodward and Lothrop " The ticket does have some faint writing, can't make it out other then some numbers. Going to be interesting, I was able to mark off this location with a stray crab pot. See if it worked the next trip back. Winds and tides are going to be crazy for several days, so I'll be surprised if all is where I left it. This beach has one little Hot area, I've tried using land markers but it still takes me a hour or more to find it since it is so small and I am a ways off shore. The spot sure holds the right targets and they can only be heard if your moving slow. I had planned on taking the Fisher "AQ", never worked out, one side of "My skullies"' headphones was acting up so I ended up using the Excalibur. Hope to get back out after the 8th, can't wait!
  17. Hunted a fresh drop beach Tuesday, now that they are open all day. Tides were low and water was calm. I was able to get into a area where no one had been and got a 14k wedding band. The other two (10k white golds) were closer to shore, no doubt recent drops... (One scoop) When I dug the first, I said gold but never seen a mark and figured it was junk.. until I got to my car and seen both stamped 10k.. The place was hammered good but there were areas still un-hunted after being open a week.
  18. Final Modified Version of my Excalibur. Was able to silence the machine in rough waters by removing all of the knobs except one which ..and it is sealed from the saltwater by a o-ring and custom easy, fine tune knob. Stability is very good close to shore where water is smacking the control pod and the coil wire... I do need to get a shorter Allen set screw for the sealed on/off threshold knob I made...but for now the allen is coated with aquaseal and the internal shaft on the pot has a plastic cover to break contact with the SS knob shaft. Not real happy about the toggle on the handle which is used to go between PP and disc. But I had a bad batch of the IP68 yellow momentary push buttons ..... had two fail on me.... I was right in the middle of a good hunt and had one go out on me..so I pulled it out and chopped it off to finish the hunt., got home and made more changes to the excal. Hopefully in the future they can get better quality switches. And special Thanks to Steve detector rods for rushing a few of the cam locks for the lower shaft..., so much easier adjusting the coil for the hunt, which is a very important part of coil control and Pin pointing the target..... Picture of the hunt I was in the middle of and the yellow IP68 button went on me.. I can not stand to hunt in disc, which was the mod it was stuck in..chop-chop and all was good..
  19. Hello folks, I have exhausted all avenues in getting this part for my Excalibur. The US company will not send to Australia and not even to my US third party address in the USA. I am hoping someone in the US can order the part and forward to me in Australia. The part is an Excalibur endcap with the CTX style fitting. It costs $70 plus shipping should be less than $20. I can send funds up front via PayPal....$100 US should be plenty. I’m just asking if someone can take delivery of the part and send it on to Australia. My shipping address can be sent via PM. Just needs taking to your local post office. I wouldn’t normally ask for this sort of help but I’m in a jam......and Excalibur needs this part urgently. Steve....hopefully this arrangement is okay by you. Let me know if not. Thanks in advance, Tony This is the part https://www.detectorrepair.com/index.php/store/ctx-3030-style-headphone-adapter-for-excalibur
  20. Hi all, Is there anyone that still makes the ctx end cap for the excalibur. US won't ship to Australia or a third party. I can't hear the detector when diving so desperately looking for 1. 3 actually, 2 mates want one also. I don't have the means to make one myself. Any help much appreciated. Regards, FP
  21. First out for the year, found a spot that has cuts that are over my head. I know how they got there but best I hold on that for now. One thing for sure targets are every where, on the top shelf, down the slope, and in the bottom. Just have to wait for a better tide so I can hunt the whole bottom and not worry about sliding down the slope. Most targets are shallow. First gold was maybe 12 inch's? Going to be interesting to see how long this spots stays intact-ed. I knew something was up and one reason I took the Excalibur for I had no clue on what I would be walking into. I am debating on taking the 8 inch on the "AQ" next trip. Seems to be no trash at all.... Three hour hunt, 1916 Class Ring and 1929 Class ring. 4 Silvers, which are eaten bad by the brackish waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Water is just dipping into the high 30's, full hunt I was toasty but Need to make some adjustments to my gloves, left glove is like wearing a sock.. No mobility.
  22. And to be a little more specific... I can run my Excal. in pinpoint mode with a sensitivity around 9 in the saltwater. I can run the Equinox around 20 sensitivity and recovery speed around 3. Any thoughts on which one punches deeper on a coin or ring size object? Thanks!
  23. Out Tuesday in the chilly waters (44F) of the Chesapeake bay. Just a little over 2 hours using the Excalibur, not a lot of targets dug. Wondered into a area with several deep targets, most were iron but one turned out to be a 9 gram 10k gold class ring. It was a crazy day and wasted about two hours messing with detectors, gloves, two, one mile walks to and from the beach .. and video cam failure. The Gold ring was a surprise and turned a down day to a great day.
  24. Had a real nice Low Monday, Neg .9 ..........the hardest thing. Deciding which beach to hit. Narrowed down to 3, the one I chose is not "AQ" friendly, and at this point I still don't feel safe walking into this spot with a PI...For many reasons. Excalibur was perfect, hunting in PP, using the push button to check targets in Disc, Very fast and efficient. I've been using the "AQ' most of Oct, doing a lot of different testing and forgot how much I love the Excalibur also. Seems I had started feeling if I took the Excalibur I was missing targets. But after Mondays blowout I see it's still a very important part of the team. Walking out at this spot........ water was very low .........I went as deep as I could then started listening for targets and feeling/checking the bottom....... for the good stuff lies in a blackish/grey sandy shelly bottom, ......I started hitting some iron/nulls so slowly worked my way thru each and everyone..3 hours and 19 minutes I had three gold rings..then I went exploring...something I do that kind of helps plans out the next trip. Ended up about 4 hours total, never really found anymore openings...but things are moving. Onto another spot Weds...maybe the "AQ"..⚡ End totals 3 gold and 3 silver dimes...silver badly eaten by the bays nasty water. Stay Safe and Healthy..Joe Short video of the first gold ring found, shows how the wind is whipping .........blowing off shore...water was nasty facing into...
  25. Been almost a week since I've been out, lots has happen but things are settling back down so I got 3 hours out today. Been watching the winds and tides and I felt safer grabbing the excalibur. Once there I seen I could have taken the AQ..water was very nice...North winds of 10 mph blew the water out so I was drinking the old bay waters today....Seems like all I was getting was silver coins and nickels until I moved in a little closer to shore..then once I got away from the hard bottom out came the 1968 Class ring. The two white gold rings are from last Saturday's hunt at this same beach......This spot seems the coins are out deeper on the hard pan, and the rings are in right as the slope starts with the sand. There use to be crab pot buoys that helped me navigate this spot but they messed me up and pulled them early this year... The bracelet top is 1/20GP had me going until I got home and seen the edge was black with small bubbles
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