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  1. Well I’m back in the States Down in Destin FL at Eglin Air Force Base Beautiful beaches and water I’m not missing OZ yet, but as soon as Trent posts up some gold I’m sure I will relapse and my fever will be back again. What a great experience every trip over has been. People are A one
  2. Driving cross country 2000 miles to Florida panhandle. Have a job at the small Outpatient VA Clinic next to Eglin AFB. Living on the bay!!! Salt Life.... Had to sneak out of Australia... Trent was working me too hard😜
  3. Had to been at least a 40% increase wouldn’t you agreed Norvic??? 🤠
  4. So sorry to hear this.... my sincere condolences Barry
  5. No problem Brian i may be going out to the lease today... Trent tells me he thinks it is spiral wound.. the box say Ultra Sensing on a little sticker
  6. Wasn't my detector--- I'm using the 5000 with the venerable Nugget Finder 25" coil and my gold take is definitely not got anyone worrying….lol
  7. Got it--- the local bloke Eric looked in the battery compartment and found a piece of paper blocking one of the springs contact---- High tech---lolol Fred………...crumbs are the trail to the big boys
  8. I think that's what mine is--- it's a little too heavy to suit me, but it runs smooth as…. I'll go out and look at it. Update: Its actually out on the lease in my camper, but I am almost certain it is a spiral wound-- I just got it this year I can find out what I paid and let you know if you're interested. I've used it about 4 times.
  9. Anyone have any ideas why an SDC2300 may not be powering up?? We have used 2 different sets of batteries that work fine in another unit. Not much to troubleshoot except the batteries and off/on switch. {{{SOLVED}}}}}}} Was working fine when it was last used. Hate to send it to Minelab---they may be tiring of me….. 😏
  10. Klunker???? Have you been shopping with Mitch lately???? seems like you two are in the same..... “zone...man” 🥴
  11. Mitchel....have you been visiting the California Green Cross shop? lolol 🤠
  12. jase I bet there are less than 50 ZED owners in the USA who even care.... and “ us”Aussies don’t give a crap about a bunch of whingin’ ?Yanks!!!!! Lololol ?
  13. The quote I got from Minelab AU was close to 3000.00 to repair the smoked circuit boards. But hey, it’s only money right????
  14. That’s exactly what the taskmaster told me out in the bush a couple of days ago. 2.5gm/day was a minimum goal This average will keep you working and hopefully the big one will show up a few times a season. cheers
  15. Taskmaster found a way to slow my “high and wide” sweep down to a drag and crawl....
  16. I couldn’t believe how light it is! Compared to the 19 ZED it is heaven to swing...just used a hip stick and bungee and away I went. I really liked how smooth it runs in normal—- so I hope to get it over some deeep ones soon... My only find so far was a sun baker —LOLOL of all the coils I have used in the last and I find my first sunbaker with a 25” BIG BOY....hahaha
  17. Why can’t you use the original curly cord ???? Get the coil with a short lead and attach the original curly to it maybe??? the chip would be in the lower shaft???? Or just do it right and get a 5000.
  18. No thumpers for me.... except when I come back empty handed to the Taskmaster? We went for a little exploratory mission yesterday to “parts unknown” and I managed to skunk.... par usual..... and all Taskmaster could get were some teenie tiddlers and this one nasty piece... i wish he could have found a nicer example I thought this was a set of dentures...lol??
  19. Yes I brought this one back to the Taskmaster after a day on my own.... and he thumped me head?
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