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  1. As always had a good visit to WA this year, met with some old digger friends and some new. Thats aways good Got a little gold and then went prospecting for other gold in the Philippines for a couple of months… Must say it was a tad bit warmer there than WA..lol Anyways, thought I would get back to AZ and sell this place I have near Phoenix, pocket the money and head back to the Philippines asap Philippines are a lot closer to WA so I think I will base out of there for awhile… That way I can zip into WA and snag up the nuggets the Taskmaster missed!!! And the exchange rate is great in the Philippines… I can get 3 to 6 times more with the dollar there than I can in USA Live like a king in Philippines or like a pauper in USA….. Not a hard choice for me…… and there is some dang good food there too🤠
  2. It sounds like my 5000 does when I am using twin speakers on my chest and lean too closely over the coil while checking scoop contents.. but I was willing to live with it cause it still screams when it is on a nugget i didn’t want to say anything about my experience because I’m so shy and afraid to be confrontational….. 🤠
  3. Where is the moderator who deleted my post for saying some people were obnoxious- -- and let's this post -slide....... which is blatant body shaming---- im so humiliated. 🤣
  4. Just got in from an afternoon out with the 6000 and the 17” coil… Results: 2 tiny pieces I can’t believe some of y’all want smaller coils …🤠 Look what the 17 will pick up no problem… These 2 wouldn’t even weigh up on the 0.1 scale we use here at HQ Bonus… Beautiful WA views today
  5. No gold left there ..,, All Native titled now NSWales is open…
  6. Here’s an Aussie clip showing a little more about it
  7. Quad needs a throttle cable, it was sticking wide open and gave the Taskmaster quite a ride as he was backing off a high trailer…. Where are the videos when you need them! Old Yellow was at the same place the. Campa was…. Still going bush daily for a prospector who lives at a station. Had to sell it the rego was 1000 dollars!!!
  8. Not stolen, just put up for “safe keeping” while I was away…lol The Taskmaster did some sleuth work at the pub and finally someone broke down and told where it was…. It made it through the last few years and came out in better shape than I did. The Outback Flash is being refitted today… here are some before pics… Click on link https://photos.app.goo.gl/ieNLnUdKoJhgsWgVA
  9. Little one today in the middle of nowhere???? .49gm no skunk today only one skunk day so far, and I only detector for an hour that day still using the 17 inch coil on the 6000.
  10. First 5 days out prospecting with about 3 hrs max swinging per day —- (not on push) Swooped up a decent 11.5 gms total…the biggest was 8.5gm Today I rolled up a specie that gave up 5 gms to the potato!!! Total for 6 days.. =~ 1/2 ounce Gotta be happy with that! Good friends, good gold, and great God,
  11. Nothing vague about it if you look closely you can see where I smashed the glass out and air conditioned it in 2019…. Yeah,You’ve seen it before
  12. Second piece of gold with the 6k and 17”.. a big half grammer 🤠
  13. Another first… first gold with the 6000 and the 17” combo ….small gold.. but gold getting used to the sounds now.. More to come
  14. I found my first piece with the 6000 today… First time out with the 6000 First day detecting here.. They’re having strange weather here in Meeka... overcast and rainy Sure do have to thank God for the chance to come back and play. ….. to be continued…🤠
  15. They hate Yanks!!!!!!!-- that's why I have to stay way out in the desert miles away from civilization and the closest pub. It's a dreary... dreary life...... with nothing but the flies and snakes to keep oneself company. Gold nuggets come along once in a fortnight, and I cant even find any bigger than a sub-grammer because WA has been flogged to death by every dickhead from around the world. I dont even know why I am going back this year--- I guess for the chance to take another drive back east where all the real gold is in FNQ and down in Mexican country--That's where I heard they were picking up nuggets galore. It is a huge price for airline tickets and will take a lifetime of detecting just to recoup that investment. I guess someone has to go there... I've always been a Volunteer..
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