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  1. Klunker I am surprised you don’t know the answer to that one...or are you being rhetorical? 40% more depth would be my quests......😂
  2. Well there it is Strick! The elusive flux generator in the 14” ZED coil Good to see all that tuition money for school wasn’t wasted 🤣🙈
  3. They are waiting on you to die of thirst so they can eat you!!!!
  4. Yeah, that’s pretty well known here—— not breaking news🤣
  5. Probably the 2 liter jug of purple wine., not a little dish soap that made him puny with the runs🤠🤣
  6. That’s because He’s just a big Old kid his self
  7. Naw mate...the grocery store and s stop off to volunteer at the local shelter ....🤠😜
  8. 50s in the morning and 70s in the evening—— gorgeous weather a bit hard to get out of bed tho....nippy Yank 1 and 2 are getting a great start—- i saw many people at the caravan park last year who were here for months and didn’t get what they already have—— Condor is doing well as camp cook too—lololol
  9. Gotta get on the back how before the Tasskmaster catches me on the web!!!! 🤠
  10. Not scary at all in the outback mate——- Now if you were in downtown LA i would tell you to be VERY careful
  11. I did the same thing and had to go back and insert my first sentence===lolol Sorry for the hijack Art!!!
  12. I had to reread this Fred— she was not going to AU she was coming into USA....
  13. Hi Art, I have had no issues with small amounts i have brought back from OZ My recent entry to Australia was an eye opener because I didn’t answer a few questions lie I should for a longer one year VISA—- the officer held me up for 15 minutes asking questions about what i was doing here for a whole year—- i told them the truth and said fossicking for gold—-that led her to the question of what i do with the gold—- So her answer was i have to declare gold when i leave Australia—-I don’t know if that is her interpretation of the Law or the Law—— I don’t know if it has to do with how much—(i really didn’t want to go into details with her any more than I already had) But she was OK after she saw I was ok——— She just reminded me to declare— I’m sure that is on my Mimi file now—so i guess i will declare—- IF I GET ANY LOL never had any problems last year with gold—- but I didn’t mess up any questions last year either....
  14. BS....I get up and go to work at 4am ...so 900am is lunchtime!!!! no respect....none at all.. Its nerve Medication for me, so much stress on this job.😩 XXXX is readily available here no I mean on this vacation... immi watches me! I consider it therapeutic to use any available means for proper personal mental health care.
  15. no worries Dave, (Condor) got about 6 g ??? yesterday with his stock set up and that super coil he brought over here from Arizona. He’ll post up when we give him enough time to get on the Internet...,Lolol
  16. Thx Dave, Ian down in Kal at GCS was right on it... he will build Condor one as soon as he gets the parts. Thanks to Ian for his can do attitude—-He seems to be a top bloke. Condor is happy for this nearby option....😀
  17. I think more have made it that work.... than those that don’t... just a small error... nothing to see here,,,, moving along Nothing to get excited over....
  18. You must have a halogen light on somewhere.....ain’t no sun up out here yet..... You dob me out Norvic????? and everyone thinks its chips and gravy out here.....ha! Taskmaster is a Tyrant!
  19. Naw JP,,,, I’ve dealt with way scarier stuff than that in my life,,,,,,, And especially since it’s my friends coil not mine... lololol. But it would be nice to see it pair,,,eh
  20. Anyone have time to build a patch cord for this Xcoil rig——-Asking for a friend who cant solder for ,,,,,,—-lol Davsgold—he’s been trying to raise you out there by email to see if you know anyone. Who could help him .... he has his coil sitting here....in WA Thx
  21. Update Yank # 3 Dennis got a nice 1.4 grammer this evening.... No more posts until I get some good stuff!! 🤠
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