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  1. I just paid 58.00 sheet for ac 3/8" plywood down in Craig! And hired a guy to ride shotgun with me back to the boat!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. True-- i think i have had them all since the 2200--except the 4500 and the 4800-- and a lot of other ones like makro, GB II, 705. 800 x 2, 600, CTX3030, -- i liked the sound of the 6000 on those targets. So of course I will have to get one--- as soon as they open OZ back up--
  3. so---- even if it was -do you think the idea was to sell 2300's????? I doubt that.... And who didnt know that the ZED will go deeper than the stock 2300 coil...???? But she performed pretty dang well with the big dogs... that was obvious... I have a 2300 and wouldnt have given it that much cred.. Till now--- And of course, in this video the 6000 just put the old lion out to pasture !!!! bam! The 6000's audios responses were way nicer than the ZEDS.... I will say it again--time will tell --- (but it may be time Taskmaster!!!!!)😉 I really like
  4. Careful about dropping your nuggets on the floor mate !!!----- That may end up being a "sore" subject--- 🤣 I would love to hear the chatter at the Doc in a Box after you left.....
  5. Wow... the little SDC aint so little !!! It was showing off in this video-- I didnt expect that....
  6. Hahahahaha-- them cobras wont hurt you man---🤠 if you are worried about snakes and spiders and jellyfish, and centipedes and sharks and saltwater crocodiles and about anything other deadly things be wary of Australia --- its a death trap!!!! 😇 Right Taskmaster ??????
  7. True that--- i have friends there.... will be back soon
  8. Guess what--- the filipinos have read that too---- I guessing if you were in the mountains detecting gold everything would go just fine until you found gold---- then someone would take your detector and probably your life---- but they would be happy you showed them where to look because they are a happy people. Seriously, anywhere in the PI would be a chore to figure out how to detect--- but I would like to watch how you progress. It may be safer to go to the Sudan ..... Sorry to be so negative...
  9. And theres more to come according to Stu's post on Youtube!!!!!! What a great patch and the size of nuggets is brilliant..
  10. I agree with the ZEDs capabilities Vic... I wasn’t questioning its place In the pecking order. And yes I “may” have seen a big old rib bone of gold once in FNQ😀 All I am saying is I would like to see the 5 and 6, side by side, on some off those patches in the Taskmasters area. Then I would be able to make an informed buying decision. I don’t think anyone here who knows me could ever accuse me of not being an early adopter😂 But if Taskmaster gets his 6000 then there is no need for us both to have one ...... and whenever they let me back in to WA—-(I’m thinking OZ may have
  11. Hot topics are justified by the number of people who respond----- When you're hot you're hot--- when you're not..... well ~~~~~~
  12. Mike C----- Thinking of keeping the 5000 now Me too mate!!!!! 🤠 Go the 5000 !!!! Time will tell-- i wanna see a 6000 in action right behind me and my 5000 on a real patch with real targets-- I wonder if that nugget ( bullet) on the other end of the stick is being picked up? Anyhooos... thanks for the video mates cheers
  13. All the gold is gone in Australia too, right mates? 🤠🤓😉 thanks for the write up Steve, One question... Is the 6000 that much better that the 5000?
  14. Thanks for the update Norm, You dont know how glad I am that I got to swing by and visit with you... i knew you were a little sick from the surgery but i had no idea about this ALS until I got to Quincy. I know you have family there and I am grateful for that, but you also have a big family out here that are all praying for you. Much love to you and Heather ,and i pray for strength that only comes from God as you face this. You are one of the good ones for sure!!!! If I can do anything that would be a help, give me a call or a message. Love you br
  15. i dont remember any JAcky coffee when i were there?????
  16. I just wanna know what the Taskmaster thinks about his..... Quit effin around an clue me in mate.!!!!!!
  17. I’m waiting on my trip back to OZ... and the Taskmaster has one in the post.... i will keep my 5000/2300 combo in case out is a bust. I can always catch him sleeping and snag the 6—-🤠
  18. Yeah he seems familiar..... where was it... the Emmys??? There’s the gold!!!!!! Kiss it... Yeah that’s me... Look,.... the Taskmaster would beat me with a shovel if I acted like that 🤣😂🤣😅
  19. i'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Well you missed your chance to visit with me as I struck out for Truckee to see Marty the Magnifcent. We did a BIG HUNT in the parking lot at the softball field and found at least 2 dollars.... maybe😂 but the weather was great e had a wonderful breakfast and always good to get back with old friends.... enjoyed reading about your hunt... sorry I missed you but I figured you would be over there.
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