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  1. Agreed! No other way would be congruent for data points.
  2. Well, well...... I really appreciate this post more than you can imagine Klunker... As most of you know I am a mental health nurse, but some of you probably didnt know i was going for my PhD, I have been struggling to find a topic for my thesis on Psychonomics, and here you have kindly dumped the topic right in my lap. I would request a few sessions with you in order to understand better the functionalism.. as we put the thesis together in as orderly fashion as we can.... assuming Torpedo would be involved. I would like to thank you for giving me this perfect thesis topic to research further. a true topic of social psychology. Paul Kirkeminde, RN, And soon PhD.-----(Dr. of Detecctorists)
  3. I scrape the crap out of mine that’s why I have to use a Persplex coil cover... and I have also used mine to beat down plenty of grass and flip rocks out of the way,,,, no time to be nice when there’s gold to be had!!!!! If they break we get another one
  4. I beat the crap out of mine... all of them,, scrape them, use them for a shovel and I’ve never had one go bad..... I mean I think they are working....., but Hmmmmmm??? Maybe that’s why I can’t find anything with them😳
  5. With the 800 just try hooking a simple bungee to the detector and a backpack shoulder d ring I’ve even used a piece of paracord
  6. Sounds like a fire sale to me!!!!! If i wasnt buying the boat in AK i would grab it!!! You should have no problems selling -- Good luck and get a harness of some kind for your 800... AND YES there is gold on the island!!!!!! 🤠
  7. I’m just gonna step him up to my Equinox 600... It is better detector overall anyway.... I had loaned the Macro detector to a friend that had this happen to him... i have an 800 and a 600 so I sent him the 600 since I can’t swing two at once. The reason I had two was .... well it’s obvious.. one for OZ and one for USA 🤠 AND this is the first guy Ive given a detector to who had kept in touch and shows me his finds. !!! ( I did tell him I was just loaning it to him) 😂 Neat stuff from Indian and Calvary battles in the Eastern Colorado area He in turn will let one of his detecting buddies use the macro with one of the other two coils he still has. May send the defective coil back to Dilek so they can diagnose to correct future design flaws. Thx all.. Except the Aussies.. they were no help🤠😂 can’t say ..nt in America!
  8. I will shoe one from 2018 if HQ will clear it
  9. I’ll try to find a picture one of ours that we cleaned out
  10. Yeah that was the go to coil... back to the Equinox 600 🤓
  11. Thats bad mate-- it could get 40% more mould if you arent on it!!!!!!! 😎😂
  12. Anyone have any idea why my coil is overloading??? I checked up and down the cable to see if it was shorted to no avail.... It works fine with another coild. Trying to upload or link a video.... Standby---- https://photos.app.goo.gl/W1Nwk2kCRQixPE5H9 BTW Hey all you crazy Aussies-- Im still kicking---hope all is well with you all there...
  13. Must have been one i dropped 😂
  14. The Line of Strike---- That one lone duck is catching my eye---- --- i would like to go all around it to see if it extends that far or if it is a new cross fault... Help me out Trent... I'm sure the area between the lone duck and the most found targets has been detected by Geof-- -It actually looks like that whole area had been pushed and reclaimated. So gold stragglers should be able to be picked up anywhere...
  15. Sorry Geof....... back to YOUR post...
  16. Its obvious to the most casual observer....
  17. So there you go assuming ---and you know what that makes you---- Who's to say I???.... MAybe I got so much I couldnt walk out with any more..... too heavy and me shorts were falling off and the bungarrows were looking at me queer.... AND..... Im not greedy like the Kiwis are....
  18. There’s no gold left in WA it’s all over in the Southeast mate!!!!! Just ask al the whingers at the caravan parks 😂
  19. Oh yes I recognize this area,, I was there about 20 yrs ago and may have dropped a few pieces of trash... sorry about that,,,, but I did fill all my holes back in so well you didn’t see them😂🤠
  20. You bet Fred.... if I come down I will surely stop in. Meantime I need to give Mitch some lessons 🤓
  21. Back in LA after a side trip to Florida, Yuma, Mexico, and Alaska 😜 Where you are you Mitch???? im at the same place for awhile. Emailed Broken Arrow today... Checking on the weather, etc i need another ring this year!
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