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  1. Amen He is!------------- and that is some good stuff Rob!
  2. ill be glad to see your videos again-- been wondering what you were up to mate... Great start on retirement--- i just did the same except now bloody OZ wont let me back in!!! Ill be at the gate when they open it!!! paul
  3. Besides that,,,we all know there aint no gold in MT 🤠
  4. Get in that new cruiser--- you know the way to WA!!!🤠 I think this whole Covid thing was Aussies wanting to keep me out,, to keep me from nicking all their yellow!!! Great finds for the USA Oneguy, I must admit!!!!... i used to live in Ennis before the fever hit me-- right next to Alder Gulch in Virginia City no less.... We always say-- "there's gotta be more deeper"----and how many have fallen for that one...😛
  5. Id love to follow him around with a 5000 !!!! 😍
  6. Bam!!!!!!! 1.5 days digging ---- LOTS researching!!!! Good job....
  7. A base camp pack with a day pack is the go---- When in Special Forces I carried a base packs that weighed roughly 100 pounds- (plus my medic bag 35 pounds)-so roughly 65 pounds of gear--- but we dumped it as soon as we rucked to base camp and went to day packs with battle belts. For day trips 3 liters of water minimum--- in SEPARATE containers in case of a leak... A few of the regular items in case you get lost--- My point like the post above--for extended stays-- two packs are the go---- Could even be Army style like the Alice pack and the fanny pack (sorry Aussies)
  8. I can't tell any difference except for the font--- What about you over there Norvic????
  9. where is it? Never mind-- i had to have something to edit before i could edit it.... Sounds like Sourdough Scotts blunders
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