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  1. One more question Dale...... (for now)😆 Fridge location??? Same as our earlier set up? That worked a treat for me..Still had plenty of room on top for detectors.. I actually ended up sitting them on the jump seats ,,, and then I could put a detector or pick and things underneath all the way across.
  2. Hahahahaa.. I 'm doing like the boss says and researching my little island in Alaska that evidently put out some pretty good gold bacl in the day, but the bigger strikes up north Alaska made all th eminers pack up and leave for greener pastures... going to be an interesting read. Hey i need a 15 inch Equinox coil,,, can you send me one?????
  3. this is a new--Hot Spot---- ---- that's' all i can say or i will be excommunicated!!! 😉
  4. Hey Dale, Would you mind explaining to the group why you decided to cut the 100 series down instead of using the commercially produced Extra cab? I know you have already explained it to me , but i think others here may enjoy the story of how you came to this decision. It is obviously a lot of work, but you will end up with a masterful bush rig.
  5. She's turning out to be a beaut mate.------ Is that the same size box on the back we put on mine??? 700mm? Side steps??? Look more like rockers to me--- I know how you drive haahahaha--- I think they will be strong enough to let you slide into those places you are going. How many batteries in the back for the fridges etc? we had 2--- Are you going with 4? Wouldnt hurt to have the extra capacity the way you roll for weeks. I LIKE IT!!
  6. ________________________________________ Break all the rules they throw at you this year and get some gold!!!!!
  7. Thanks Rob, Guess i could afford to lose the weight up there this year.... tater fork and rake it down! The gold mine up above had some beautiful specimens of nuggets in the quartz-- and there are many other little tributaries to look in.. Researching this first is going to be the go... I have a couple of good books to read in the next two months-- Probably try to go to Australia in December when it is good and warm!!! Like AZ in the summer
  8. Thanks Rob, But you know that wasn't answer I was hoping for...lolo Do you have a website source for the magnets that you trust? Thanks again-- i will send you pictures---------(of the trash hahahaha)
  9. it would except these tailings are in heavily wooded areas and are small piles that I have seen so far.. maybe later on the excavator Excited because I ran into a prospector there who has a claim in the area I was reading about and had driven around-- he installs satellite systems and I will be picking his brain when i get up there this June..... Looks like i iwll have to put off Australia until the hot.... thats OK tho--- less grey nomads around!!!!! 🤠
  10. It’s an island of trash Dale no where to run except FNQ
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