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  1. Got a good day on the beach with BrokenArrow--- Took my 600 out for the virgin hunt and the first target was a penny 1972 ! Got a cellphone that got me ginned up because it was the same size as an iphone 6 so i stuffed it in my bag and kept going.... Later on when we got away from that area---we looked at it closer and it was a ratty Android Alcatel...that i had smashed---the screen was toast. but it did give me a thrill for a little while. Jon beat me with his 800 and scored about 10 dimes---which reminded me that i was good on the dimes there last year as well---- but i didnt get one with the 600--- little tidbit for the data bank Great day, beautiful 70 degree weather....
  2. Definitely, It looks like a really good detector for sunbakers!!!!!!!!
  3. Got a birthday card from my brother and sister in law yesterday...... looks like they know me pretty well...Hahaha Taking this to replace the 800
  4. Hahaha ... quit it... I'm already in trouble, 🤣
  5. "need for removal of components and special tools required to revert back to original....." OK..... Im gonna catch it when I get back to OZ for this one....but i cant help myself.....👺 Special tools????-----------what? ---A Hex driver and a flat head screwdriver....... 😂 cmon mate... lololol----- Sorry it's my day off and I couldnt help myself!!!
  6. Wow, i missed this whole thread last year... i like it! And dont use the camo tape--- i lose stuff too easily as it is now!!!! ---I like the industrial look 🤠
  7. I have the 18650s in my SDC and i like them-- i can charge 4 up at one time and they are much easier to fool with.... I have never had them lose contact yet and they are CHEAP online.....
  8. Its an ongoing project........ i can hear the 3d printer humming now.....lol
  9. There you go again------ dont worry, be happy---im sure you have a great life insurance policy--- Sad you are going where most of the bad snakes are tho....
  10. Closest we get to KFC is the chook under glass with the hot light on it---at the servo mate!!! I dont know where you have been in Oz....hahahahaha city slicker
  11. i dont think so--- i just use the sdc for pinpointing ---once i find it with the 5000 and a 16 inch round NF Advantage --or the 17x13 Evo- -im taking a Detech 15 too this year and a 12 inch Evo just for fun--- (and it always drives the Taskmaster crazy when i am fkn around with stuff like that...lol) I havent seen a Coilteck coil for it yet anyway----where are they?
  12. Quit worrying about money and enjoy spending some there--- the Aussies need the cash,,,, be a sport....and relax....enjoy,,,,and find some dam gold!!!! Try not to focus on how much it costs or you wont be happy while youre there-IMO ( i just come back home and try to make some more to take back to my Aussie blokes! next year!! hahahaha)
  13. Holy moly that article is taking all the fun out of it..... i just wanna go swing a coil, sit under a tree , and sip water while listening to a Kookaburra talking to me....
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