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  1. I just wanna know what the Taskmaster thinks about his..... Quit effin around an clue me mate.!!!!!!
  2. I’m waiting on my trip back to OZ... and the Taskmaster has one in the post.... i will keep my 5000/2300 combo in case out is a bust. I can always catch him sleeping and snag the 6—-🤠
  3. Yeah he seems familiar..... where was it... the Emmys??? There’s the gold!!!!!! Kiss it... Yeah that’s me... Look,.... the Taskmaster would beat me with a shovel if I acted like that 🤣😂🤣😅
  4. i'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well you missed your chance to visit with me as I struck out for Truckee to see Marty the Magnifcent. We did a BIG HUNT in the parking lot at the softball field and found at least 2 dollars.... maybe😂 but the weather was great e had a wonderful breakfast and always good to get back with old friends.... enjoyed reading about your hunt... sorry I missed you but I figured you would be over there.
  6. I wasn’t clear about the route when I got to the border. Canada is far stricter than the USA. Not just Covid..or the flu whichever you want to call it. I had a DUI in 1990 and they wanted me to pay them 250.00 to come thru in 2005. i went on a trip going from grand forks up to the via rail line in Canada to port Rupert, but they wouldn’t let me in. I told them I didn’t intend to drive the train I was just riding along....🥸no go..., Told me to get off the bus on the border and I had to hitchhike back to grand forks ND No... there won’t be any canook travel for me, eh.
  7. Dam Aussies wont let me in yet......... bugger all... Starting from Big Spring TX (dust storm central today) and heading west on I-20 to I-10 then thru New Mexico and im pretty sure I will be slowing down as I go thru AZ----- then either on to LA via Rand quad or sweep up thru Vegas and on to, tri-tip Luckys Cold Springs Hideout---- then take a left over the pass and on in to Porta-toilet where Sourdough Scott hangs out so i can pick up a jar of relish!!!!!---- next would be a refreshment stop in Quincy area to see a few old mates---- then on the Redding area, and over the hill to
  8. Beautiful stuff---- I told you you should look up there!!!.. Didn't I ???? 🤠
  9. The Taskmaster wears socks with his 4x4s
  10. The more i look at that front bull bar---- the more i think we can do up a nice hydraulic scraper push blade!!!!
  11. We would have to jack it up if i were to get under the bus---
  12. TaskMaster sent me out to do some scouting a year or so ago --- had a good camp-- Nice fire---- easy on the feets..... 🤠 https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipO5XLEJS6R0YOTaUBtL0PbQAuZVZvD2dCC31vRY 36
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