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  1. You bet Fred.... if I come down I will surely stop in. Meantime I need to give Mitch some lessons 🤓
  2. Back in LA after a side trip to Florida, Yuma, Mexico, and Alaska 😜 Where you are you Mitch???? im at the same place for awhile. Emailed Broken Arrow today... Checking on the weather, etc i need another ring this year!
  3. You would be correct Beatup Lucky for him I was there to help him dig that thing out!!! Lucky for me I had my keys where they were supposed to be when we left...... I was messing around when Steve and that dog just took off. You would think he would know better than to leave me alone without a performing a proper key check first.😂😂😂
  4. BTW...... All the hard digging was done by moi...... Did you think just because I left town I wouldn’t check on your posts??? 🤓 Thanks for the outing and the hospitality.... I won’t tell Brett where you found that big one!!!!!
  5. Oh my... its obvious, the heavier big rocks or what’s left when The wind blew the sand away from them.... kids pfft
  6. Looks like it's just for the big boys.....
  7. I wouldnt doubt it... thats why i dont like headphones....lolol
  8. Looks like River Park Campground area where I stayed for a couple of years.... We had one of the homeless guys try to rob my neighbor, i was in my camper and I heard a gunshot--- i grabbed my pistol and came out just in time to see two goons walking fast away from near the walkway.....my buddy George was standing there cool as a cucumber, talking to the police on his cell phone. I went over and there was a guy laying on the ground moaning and groaning.. i did a quick check for weapons as i saw George give me the thumbs up... i kicked a 16 inch bowie knife (Harbor Freight) away from the guy and asked George what happened... he said the guy swiped him with the knife while he was bent over picking up some poop from his dog. Cut his arm a little,,,, George pulled out his J Frame S&W and had a laser on the guys forehead when he told him not to come back at him..... well he did, and George dropped the laser to his chest and fired.... thats what i had heard. The guy wasnt blowing bloody foam and looked to me like he was doing way better than he should be, but that's what happens when you bring a knife to a gunfight.... I loved that area on the Truckee but that element really made it difficult for families and such to use the park. Steve H. even came over there and gave me some pointers one day and that was fun.... it was kinda funny because i was used to staying away from someone while we hunted--- you know... not get right on top of them..... till I saw Steve motioning me over ....and in his quiet manner said, "You know Paul, the reason I came over here was to give you a few pointers and maybe teach you a couple of tricks"... I cracked up because I was trying to uses some etiquette.... we had a good time.. Good ring Michel
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