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  1. Alaska is big.... that’s true Steve! I remember when I first went there on a contract with the VA that I took a trip on the weekend. I went from Anchorage up through Talkeetna and Denali, worked my way over to Fairbanks. Then I made my way down past North Pole and onto Glennallen and slept there. Then I came on back to Anchorage via the road along the Matanuska glacier. When I went back to work I was bragging on how much a Alaska I had seen over the weekend. My buddy who is a VA policeman just chuckled and took me into a board room and showed me a map on the wall. Thi
  2. C'mon mate!!! Where's your pre_early adopter attitude !!! Damn the torpedoes!!!--- Full speed ahead !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I may have my friend in Dubai snag one for me and ship it over 🤠
  4. Ismael--- 3500 mod ---quieter.... should have kept it...lol
  5. I have no idea what it cost to get them up and running or replaced...but you could pm him... I know there was a lot of very frustrating downtime while in OZ trying to get on the gold with no ZED. A premade connector makes a lot of sense, right?
  6. I know of two ... both were the same man... well documented on the forum when it happened.... no big deal... people will decide which they want to buy... let the coils speak for themselves with performance... 6000 will end all this 😆
  7. Mine got dead pixels too,, it is fairly common i think... Got it fixed in US or swapped ?? I hit mine with the tip of the pick when it glanced off a rock Check with ML USA--- try to relax... enjoy..
  8. The NF 16” round spoked... light as a feather and deadly deep as an elliptical.... Lord knows I’m missing using it right now😭
  9. North GA area??? -- I would seriously save up some gas money and spend it driving to AZ and spend a week or two detecting there--- I cant imagine detecting for nuggets the east--- its difficult enough in the western state...! BTW I am from east tennessee--- If i were not able to travel away from the east (for whatever reason) I would be coinshoting and relic hunting--- maybe even down to the panhandle of Fla and do some beach hunting-- Just being real---- Good luck on whatever you choose----
  10. Looking good mate!!! Here is the link to the original 4wd thongs on Amazon--- they are out of size 12 right now so i will have to wait for the Taskmaster's and mine---- Not sure how they would get on without the extra Vibram sole I used , but that can always be added at a cobbies later---- Keep digging! https://www.amazon.com/Spenco-Canvas-Sandal-Straw-Medium/dp/B005FZJNP8/ref=sr_1_12?dchild=1&keywords=spenco&qid=1609172607&rnid=2941120011&s=apparel&sr=1-12 They arent as expensive on Amazon as they were in the shop!
  11. Well MY pacer (2nd one) seems to affect the amount of gold I find.... i can’t seem to find enough since I had them put in...... .... course I didn’t find enough before I got them either 🤠 seriously, if i leaned over my coil on the 7000 while digging one out.... it would let me know I was too close. Other than that, no worries mate!
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