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  1. They hate Yanks!!!!!!!-- that's why I have to stay way out in the desert miles away from civilization and the closest pub. It's a dreary... dreary life...... with nothing but the flies and snakes to keep oneself company. Gold nuggets come along once in a fortnight, and I cant even find any bigger than a sub-grammer because WA has been flogged to death by every dickhead from around the world. I dont even know why I am going back this year--- I guess for the chance to take another drive back east where all the real gold is in FNQ and down in Mexican country--That's where I heard they were picking up nuggets galore. It is a huge price for airline tickets and will take a lifetime of detecting just to recoup that investment. I guess someone has to go there... I've always been a Volunteer..
  2. So OCD Strick 🤣 See I already managed to get the wrong day of the week, but at least the 3rd was right!!! Sounds like all things remain the same 😵
  3. Leaving LAX Sunday July 3 to OZ..🤠 Stay tuned for a probable interesting dramatic time..lolol
  4. The Taskmaster was probably at the pub have a "burger" (inside joke) and chips~~~ or a steak sandwich
  5. Hey ya Northeast I will read long stories like this one all day long.🤩 Top job mate! im still waiting on my visa to come thru…. 28 days and counting.. kind of a shocker to me, had to cancel tickets over and hotels… last 3times only took a week or less anyway, always good to see someone going to WA and having a good go! And sounds like you did pretty well with the 6…. 16 grams n may be the biggest piece I heard of anyone finding. Once again, good job🤠
  6. Looks like you have been peeling out trying to keep up with Klunker..🤠 Here are a pair I got for WA when it gets cold and I cant wear the 4x4 thongs https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089K3SFNS?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details They also have metal eyelets all the way unlike the picture--- i can drill them out just like i did a pair over a Klunkers a few years back... im not worried about the top ones being metal--The gold we hit is so big they dont make a difference.🤣 Battle belt is the foundation for your harness system Scotty... You can add the right suspenders and then use you imagination on things to carry around the belt- I had a first aid pouch, 2 canteen covers, and a butt pack that i carried stuff in. Be sure your suspenders have the chest strap so they dont slide off when you bend over to dig. I also use Load bearing harness instead of a full backpack-- the belt is great for the hipstick (its about 5 inches wide with Molle on it so the hipstick mount will slide right in after a little mod. This type gear also keeps the pack down on the belt and off your back which is cooler in the summer, And it also allows you to use a drag loop on the top back of the harness to put your pick in to keep it right in the center of your back up high. I'll try to find a picture i have of the rig i made. https://photos.app.goo.gl/LWAEaGhBS1kUDa856
  7. Well I am a new owner of one after I succumbed to many hours of Gerry's high pressures sales pitch and electronic thumbscrews!!! 🤣 Seriously-- i have done the Monster in WA~~~~~~~ and i gave it to the Taskmaster-- I love to test them out---- I will take the F19 over with me too,,,, although the 5000 is my go to --it is the first PI i finally connected with and feel confident in. In those super trashy areas I want to see how these two detectors do there. Now all i have to do is get there-- the "Blame it on Covid excuse" popped up again when i talked with immi about my Australian Visa-- ( i thought i would have it by now-- my last 3 only took a week) what an easy way to explain away incompetence. Never the less i will be there when i get there-- now off to cancel flights and rearrange ... Its all good--- at least I have another detector to either have fun with or throw underneath the backhoe as she goes by... hahahahahahaha
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