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  1. Hey y’all Did you do any testing deeper than 20”..... like maybe 1.5 m? looked interesting for some big lunkers🤠
  2. Hey y’all Did you do any testing deeper than 20”..... like maybe 1.5 m? looked interesting for some big lunkers🤠
  3. Well we finally got thru obligatory rehab work, and we dryblowing work. Drove the backhoe to the next area and decided to scrape a little while we were there... Glory be!!! 10grams right off. Most were in the dirt above the cap. Did a repeat the second day with 16grams🤠 Got most of the gear ready to go... piddling today...enjoyed Sunday with a couple of mates. Getting my camper all ready to go bush... I repaired some tears and old loose seams yesterday with a Speedy Stitcher... handy tool to have if you ever have to sew canvas....works like a charm Built a new battery/propane housing frame on the tongue so I can boondock with 2 propane and 2 deep cycle batteries on hand. Also got a Yagi antenna from Trent that should give me Internet... that will be crazy out where I’m going... I already took the water trailer with 250 gallons down day before yesterday. Hopefully this area will keep producing well for us. Picture of me below shows how I love dryblowing.
  4. I can’t find it now ....someone either snapped it up or Steve booted it.,. Like i said ANY PI is miles ahead of your vlf
  5. HahHhaahha I have 4 of them now ...I bought the yanks when they left..lolo
  6. I would buy the GP Extreme in classifieds for 950.00 and see if you think PIs are your cup of tea. Even the GP Extreme is miles ahead of your vlf..... i had one and sold it for the same price I paid for it a year later.... 950.00 is a great price... I think it needs a battery but hey.....
  7. Oh yeah I remember that story wheres the beef rib ....... smashed???? Thats also the year you became a firm believer in the long handled sede pick and the hipstick...... lolol
  8. Yeah, Sorry I swore secrecy to details about this hunt, but since your asking.....🤓 if we are talking about the same place it is where you found a specie as big a a beef short rib the first day you had the 19” on the ZED... There was some deeeep ground there that held some nice ones, but they couldn’t escape from the Beast .. I had forgotten the watch,... but didn’t you get a nice coin too? That place was hammered but even I found a one grammar with your 2300....,(whilst waiting on ZED brains to be delivered) We had a good camp and good grub there. And it is where I got my first, (of many) —-Australian swearing sessions ...for doing something stupid. I will never forget later when we were fishing at the hut and I caught the barra.... and you said very nonchalantly, “Well, your a hell of a lot better fisherman than you are a detectorist that’s for sure!!!” Hahahaha.... priceless 😂
  9. I tripped over that same one and when I was cussing and kicking it out of the way I almost broke my ankle when I hit another one that was stuck deeper in the ground...,. It must have been a 2 pounder... but I didn’t want to take time to dig it when the big ones are the ones really worth digging🤓
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