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  1. My folks used to live up in Channing.... I didnt have to much luck there because the ground was as hard as concrete!!
  2. Dont know if i would be wanting to get those type messages-----πŸ˜‰
  3. I used to have an app on my phone that would allow me to take a picture (maybe a video) of a nugget and then a short description--- Of course this would definitely be a pain unless you were really interested in delving in to the inner workings of the machine. I think it would be fun. Im not sure if that program arbitrarily logged the gps coords or not--- remember to set your location button the right way so it wont send it to the internet. When in WA, the Taskmaster always had me set a waypoint on my mapping program (offline) when i found a nugget . After we were thru with our push in 2018, it was fairly easy to see how the new nuggets that popped up right between two or more other patches already worked. But the push helped because there were many old piles we had to get moved. Point being, recording finds could be managed fairly easily-- if it were nothing less than a pencil and a small notebook. Something about hearing those tones though that puts the info at a higher level of comprehension. And yes i am rambling---lol--- it is raining this morning in Klawock AK and im just enjoying a coffee and the forum. Good luck to y'all
  4. Klunker, It's what's behind the machine that makes it magic... go ahead and bust out another thousand or two and get one... So i can borrow it🀠
  5. are they .....40% deeper???? 🀠 I need help--- just cant let it go ...lolol
  6. Good eye!!-- I didnt notice the mob circling the yellow dot. Steve: OZ has the wonderful March flies that will bite like a crocodile and hurt worse...Kinda like the black flies down near Hope-- i was allergic to them...man they swelled up with big red welts and itched like dammit
  7. If they keep managing like they are there may be no forest left for a claim holder to mistakenly burn...
  8. Looks like that jacket may have a short sleeve this winter πŸ˜†
  9. Steve changed the title and now i cant remember what i had put for one....lolol
  10. I show myself this picture when i start feeling like i'm never gonna get to go back to OZ.. This gets my blood going again and reminds me of ONE reason why I will go back as soon as possible. This is some gold the "Taskmaster" and I got while I was there in 2018.
  11. Good job and truthful writeup----- !!!! You will be dangerous now that you can swing even longer...
  12. hen again, my 70 Series Landcruiser has a manual gearbox and you have to wind the windows down by hand πŸ‘ That says it all mate!!---- you are doing just fine!!!!! Keep swingin'
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