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  1. Yeah that’s not my hand it Trent’s.... he never lets me handle the gold.... afraid I’ll lose it I guess 🤠
  2. Here’s a few more today... we have little over 1 ounce on 8 days ... That suits me considering We got 8ozs total last year.. pretty good start. Smoko is over, time to finish up for the day.... so far in one hour today...5.1gm
  3. Lol Fred.... i was hoping you were gonna suit up and fly in to give him some “re-education” classes....and a set of horse hobbled to slow him down 🤣 One thing about Mitch..... you can’t say he didn’t see that area of Sustralia pretty dam well
  4. I was sure hoping would have some new friends show you around a bit. That what I understood was going to happen when you rocked up. I could never have found the gold nor developed the friendships I have without actually camping, fossicking ,and fishing together. But I could have been reading my experiences in to the beginning of your thread and just assumed you had people lined up to take you for a swing.... Sounds like you are having a good time and that’s good! 😉
  5. Stay there Condor We don’t need you over here flogging all the gold!!! be interesting to see some comparisons when you get here😎
  6. Is that the park Trent just told you about?
  7. Forget the bag, your waisting time... you don’t need the ring.... you need set up at the caravan park and your coil on the ground! ASAP
  8. Quit reading and fn around,,,,get it arse to the caravan park and don’t post anything else unless it’s a nugget!!!! Only half joking....no I’m not ..get serious like you do on the beach at SM.... get in a groove and do it Don’t take any more advice after tonight Get your nose to it and relax it will beep when you swing over it 😝 Good luck!!!
  9. I Hopped on my quad bike yesterday afternoon just to take a run up to top of the Hill to check out phone service. After that I saw some quartz That got my attention so I drove over there and Then over there, and then over there , next thing you know I looked around and went uh-oh. so I decided which way I should go to get back to camp drove that way just for a little bit and then I checked my phone with the map app I have on it and Of course I was going about 90° the wrong way. It’s easy to mess up out here. And I won’t be depending on my phone alone again.... it almost died before I got to camp .........digging out my gps today like Norvic told me , it’s the little stuff you forget that will get you killed here,,,,and getting lost is one of the most common
  10. Keep atter it.... I only have 4small pieces and got skunked today swinging the 20” NF coil...looking for big uns 🤓
  11. Wow great job Dennis!!!! There is no gold that big in WA for sure....may have to change your plans to The Triangle or send you to Norvic.
  12. That’s the real gold of Australia,,,,the people!!! i only got two more small pieces today and I’m in jeopardy of termination.......
  13. There are two fried eggs and they are cooked...they are just a good orange color because they aren’t mass produced. They come from healthy Aussie chickens. The tomatoes are under the bacon 😋 Fred, I use a spoon all the time camping.. one spoon.,and one bowl..that covers any food. It can be liquid to solid food and I can eat it with a spoon and bowl. Besides, forks are harder to wash , I always think I have missed some two day old crud between the tines ....whereas with a spoon all you have to do is lick it off swipe it on your shirt and you’re good. Maybe I should write book on camping hacks 🤓 Norvic.... I had barramundi last arvo and according to what they charged me for that 4x4 portion....that beauty we caught at the hut should have been a 1000.00 catch!!!!!——and by the way ur bird is a much better cook! 🤠 And just to fess up —and let everyone know that the world is still in perfect order—I realized yesterday that I had left my mini-iPad back at my apt in LA on the back of the couch....I should have known it would be something🤪 Nice to know my trip is back to normal......lol I’m going to try to board a small plane today for Meekatharra . I have maxed out baggage from the international rules, but I may have some ‘splaining to do when I hand them my carry on handbag that has an added 10kg alternator in it😇 Well....man they got a little concerned because my bags were 36kilos overweight for the puddle jumper from Perth to Meekatharra...but we agreed on paying for 25 kilos and I was happy for that update....got my first pieces today small stuff but I guess I’ll take it🤪
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