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  1. Well I can tell you off you screw it up you will probably need a fire extinguisher 🧯 handy I torched an electric bike playing around with lipo firebombs nice fire... too bad for the bike
  2. Well I’m pretty much the expert on all things detectorwise.... just ask me... Most people here would agree on that statement🤠 i think Steve can roll you into an exhaustive list of posts dealing with batteries. See that was easy 🤓
  3. Wow.. my first impression is this is something my dad would have MADE me use to clean up the yard.....
  4. I guess it has been since was in Yuma that i talked with her whatever year that was---- thats when i ruined my screen on the zed with a glancing pick strike---- she said it wasnt covered under warranty--hahahaha 2017-2018????
  5. Let me know if it works-- i will need it in the future Im sure...lol
  6. Haven't heard anything Norm--- But then again i havent ruined anything in a day or two--lolol Is this the number you are using for Jamie 630-401-8154
  7. hahahahaha... --- Go get 'em Merton!!!
  8. Research isn’t everything..... but it beats the heck out of whatever is in second place... once again... a lesson from the Taskmaster.. i once asked him, if the gold is all down this long run of claims you have, maybe I should go on East of them and explore all that ground? It looks completely open to claims. With a look, that I was used to by this time, he states, “ there’s a reason for that. Have you looked on the geo maps I gave you? That’s all way outside the line of strike and besides that it is all solid granite! Read your dam maps!” And many other choice descriptive adjectives which I won’t include... for those who are faint of heart. Then for my lesson of the day he says, “did you ever think of staying on the line of strike and trying to link up hot spots along that strike?” Find new patches in between known patches on the line. He actually looked disgusted at times during the teaching process😅 i noticed the same Aussie behavior from Goldhound Dale, and Norvic! Tremain and Dave were always perfect gentlemen, but I did notice them laughing a lot while looking in my direction🤠 Almost positive Klunker has done the same... I KNOW Condor has because he is less apt to hide his laughter
  9. did you acidize this or is the natural----?????? If it is natural. please dont go back there until i get there..... You will definitely need my assistance and Merton will be too busy studying Geo reports to help --- I, on the other hand, will be a willing subject to haul all the nuggets away from the area [to prevent you from hurting yourself.] My number is BR...549
  10. Your right on that-- even tho the police knew where all the junk was this ring had stolen-- I was never contacted to go see if any of it was mine-- nor did i get to put paper work in--- it is too much hassle for them --especially now in LA--- so i just let it go and called USAA--- Its all good.
  11. I just keep paying the insurance premiums....lol So far they have paid off.... Looking for a Nox now---
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