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  1. vanursepaul

    Beep Dig

    Good job!!! lol---- 2 swings in that area is amazing.... JP was there then???? Wow, that was back when I was a preschooler...
  2. I only paid about 300 for mine and LuckyLundy got to break it in for me--- so I think that was why i had to pay more....
  3. Yes Klunker is correct---- it is a beast that inhabits the gold soil that will clean out you lungs, intestines, brain, ..... just about anything. It is correctly called a nematode, not to be confused with the CaneToad of Australia. Nematodes are the most numerous multicellular animals on earth. A handful of soil will contain thousands of the microscopic worms... cite: wiki something
  4. Seems like i have seen that spot..... looks like so many others in NV eh
  5. vanursepaul

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    OK Norvic, I will accommodate you all again this year and try to be there in May for more of my "reeducation"camp."
  6. vanursepaul

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Just get it done pilgrim..!!!.. I'll be there by the time you need help holding the bag open to pour in the gold... Remember, bigger faster motors mean bigger better bearings!!! And for the love of God rig up a remote clean out for the dang trays
  7. vanursepaul

    Another New Year

    That number 4 would be impossible to keep!!!!
  8. vanursepaul

    2019 - A Look Ahead

    Looking forward to the New Year! Hope you have plenty of adventures to write about Steve. Be blessed.
  9. vanursepaul

    Unknown Nugget

    Mercury covered gold???
  10. vanursepaul

    Australia 2019

    But remember the people are mean out in there WA--- and there are so many things to derail your hunt-- Like the deadly bung-arrow, the poisonous Willy Wagtails , The Purple Flesh-eating Fauna plant, the Carnivorous Meat ants--- and you have to remember that you cant brush up against ANY vegetation for fear of the toxic sap that will put your heart into arrhythmia before you can smoke that last ciggy. Yeah mate, ......It's a bloody miracle that I made it out ALIVE...... Merry Christmas ya'll Outback Yank
  11. vanursepaul

    Klunker's Article

    He has been---- lolol
  12. vanursepaul

    Australia 2019

    Bring him.... for 9 months
  13. vanursepaul

    Australia 2019

    They're ya go mitchell..... buy the tickets ! You'll never regret it... only when you figure out you should have stayed longer😉
  14. vanursepaul

    Australia 2019

    It took me two months to get a reading on WA--mainly because it is mostly elluvial-- i would always go to the lowest areas --= deep dirt--- Not necessarily the best place to be in WA-- I probably wouldnt have found anything had i not been properly chastised by a local...lol Local help is usually always better than blundering around on your own. Just take some of it with a grain of salt-- and if you happen to go to WA i can tell you ONE bloke to avoid like the plague---he's crazy. I would love to hear your experiences from a trip over east--- then we could compare notes.