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Found 33 results

  1. I recognize these guys from a cancelled show about searching for gold in Greenland (was it Ice Cold Gold?). You never know about these and you don't want to get your hopes up, but I'm going to check it out. https://www.travelchannel.com/shows/lost-gold
  2. Parker has been put on to some Australian gold. They are great looking nuggets! We'll have to wait to see how he did it. https://www.tvshowsace.com/2019/11/04/gold-rush-parkers-trail-season-4-filming-in-australia/
  3. The local public TV station KCET has put together a series about gold in the Mojave Desert. I think there are only 3 parts and I have not watched the episodes yet but I have skimmed the online portions and they are fantastic. I've been to many of the places depicted and now I'll know a lot more about them when I make time to read and watch this history of my gold hunting areas. https://www.kcet.org/shows/artbound/desert-gold-part-i https://www.kcet.org/shows/artbound/desert-gold-part-ii https://www.kcet.org/shows/artbound/desert-gold-part-iii
  4. The TV just said Bering Sea Gold coming in September 17th if I heard correct on the date . I look to see what day that landed on and shows Tuesday. That can’t be correct because it’s always on Friday. Get back later when are If I hear it again. Chuck
  5. While season 1 is on Netflix here in America, they've yet to upload season 2..... much more enjoyable show (much more detector work) than the drama they show on our American versions. The first episode of season 2 can be found here:
  6. Editors Note: Split from Vanquish Thread Very true Reg, very few 'young'uns' are having a go....but a certain TV show is helping to a small degree I suspect. But from what Ive seen, the current 'instant gratification' generation doesnt have the patience or fortitude to spend time in the bush for more than half an hour...
  7. This season Aussie Gold Hunters hits a big one. If you don't want to know what that means then don't follow this link or read this thread! https://tvblackbox.com.au/page/2019/4/2/airdate-aussie-gold-hunters-strike-it-big-in-new-season
  8. Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 10:15 A+E Networks® UK today announced the commission of a brand new series, River Hunters, from Hello Halo Productions for flagship channel HISTORY®. The 8x60’ series pairs US YouTube sensation Beau Ouimette, a river detectorist with over 30 years’ experience, with presenter and keen swimmer Rick Edwards, as they search the UK’s waterways for archaeological finds. River Hunters will see Rick and river-searching expert Beau, visit some of the most historically significant sites across Britain: covering iconic events and battles including Roman Briton, the Wars of the Roses, the Reformation and the English Civil War. Their searches of these unexplored rivers and waterways unearth treasures from the past which reveal how our various ancestors used to live. As the artefacts surface from under layers of silt and rocks, the duo will meet with local archaeologists and historians to unearth the stories and people behind the finds. Spanning each river’s layered past, the new series will offer a fresh perspective and even redefine our history as we know it. Using state-of-the-art technology, archive maps and contemporaneous accounts from the period, Beau and Rick perform the first underwater archeological digs in some of the most exciting and iconic historical sites in Britain, often in dangerous and fast-flowing water. River Hunters was commissioned by Dan Korn, VP of Programming for A+E Networks UK. Diana Carter, Commissioning Editor for A+E Networks UK, will executive produce the series for HISTORY. Dan Korn said: By delving into Britain’s unexplored waterways, this series offers a unique glimpse into the passages of history which shaped our Island Nation and the ways of life of the various invaders and occupiers down the centuries. Some of the artefacts are truly breathtaking and shed new light on the richness of British history, and Beau and Rick’s blossoming partnership over the course of the series is a delight to behold. Rick Edwards commented: I’m delighted that we’re able to put to bed the idea that it's just shopping trolleys and old bikes in the UK's rivers - we found some truly extraordinary artefacts, bringing whole new perspectives to the stories from our rich past. I also got very cold. Wendy Rattray, Managing Director of Hello Halo, developed the series with Head of Development Natalie Hill, who is also Executive Producer, with Julie Grant as Series Producer. Natalie Hill said: With rivers largely unexplored in the UK, but integral to our rich past, this is a unique opportunity to find treasures long forgotten and untouched – from discarded and lost items, to offerings to gods - each river will tell a tale never seen before. The new series will air on HISTORY in the UK in 2019. HISTORY is available on Sky, Virgin, BT and TalkTalk. Source: https://www.aenetworks.tv/news/history-takes-rick-edwards-and-youtube-river-hunter-beau-ouimette-mission-find-underwater
  9. I just got this in the mail today: Hello, The makers of Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel are looking for gold miners. Do you think you have what it takes to operate heavy equipment, fix mechanical breakdowns and find gold! …Or do you know someone who does? Please apply if you … • have 2 years previous mining experience (preferably gold) • Or have at least 2 years employment operating heavy equipment (such as Loaders, Excavators and Dozers) • Or are a heavy equipment mechanic Please email the following information to: miners@raw.co.uk • Name • D.O.B • Phone number • Address • How many years’ employed as a Heavy Equipment Operator • How many years’ experience placer gold mining • Why you would be an asset to a gold mining crew • A recent photograph • A Resume Please help us spread the word about this opportunity by forwarding this email to anyone in the gold mining industry you think might be great for the job. Thanks, Gemma and Rebecca RAW TV, Producers of Gold Rush Third Floor, 13 – 21 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3LT UK Company Reg. 4305751 VAT: 788 4624 73
  10. Catch it while you can. Good luck out there JW
  11. These shows don't usually make any progress, however I was watching "Treasure Quest Snake Island Season 3". I won't spoil it for you, they make a pretty good find. I'm not sure if there are anymore episodes in this season, I hope they don't do a cliffhanger until next season. Nice to see that Jeremy Whalen and friends make a good find like that for the show. (I'm not as familiar with the rest of the cast, Jeremy is the recurring character that has been swinging the Minelab in previous seasons.)
  12. A Delaware based production company is seeking detectorists who live in, or near, the state to be featured in a documentary. We plan to cover Coin Beach in Sussex County and various parks and farms throughout the tri state area. Please email johnsonwagner@mail.com or respond to this post if interested or if you know anyone who might be interested. Thank you.
  13. I am a History Channel buff. Tonight they were showing Pale Rider from the 80s and there were some 'authentic' scenes of monitors and wooden sluicing. It caused me to do a search and I came up with a page of 82 movies that have to do with Mining in Film. What is your favorite mining movie? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Mining_in_film Mitchel
  14. I have been curiously watching the new Netflix "Lost in Space", I remember as a kid watching the original when it was released. In episode 4 on the aleian planet, the Robinson kids and robot are in the forrest and there is a scene that you can see in the background what appears to be a large rock hand stacked tailing pile. Another scene just shortly after in the forrest shows signs of what looks to me like an area that was ground sluiced. I was on the fence as to volunteering for a mission like this, but if there is gold prospecting afoot I'm might have to think about it?. All I'd need is my 7000 and the robot to dig my holes...he's probably made by mineLab too, first projected look at the new mineLab 7 trillion, (that would also be the price).
  15. Some of you on this forum may never have seen any or all of the episodes of The Meteorite Men. I encourage you to go online and find the episodes and watch as many of them as you can find. This episode is about finding huge meteorites in Kansas. I remember watching it on TV the first time and a couple of times in repeat while they were still showing them a few years back. I remembered this episode because of a sled the boys built and drug across the ground to find some very valuable finds. I did not know them when they were putting together these shows but I have since met them in Tucson and been with many meteorite hunters (some of you are here)! I like this one because it shows some information about ALL meteorite strewn fields and some of the technology they used and still use to find meteorites. I'm sure they have some of the most recent Minelabs like I do which finds meteorites with ease if they are there. Mitchel
  16. Discovery has done a new TV Series about mining opals in outback Australia, much like Aussie Gold Hunters https://www.discoverychannel.com.au/shows/outback-opal-hunters First episode has aired now. Will be watching it tonight to see how good it is, I did enjoy Aussie Gold Hunters.
  17. Autumn & Winter brings out the treasure shows in US (cable) TV. It's fun for me to try and figure out what detectors are being used. Here are a couple recent views. Disclaimer: as always, keep in mind that what you see isn't always the true story. TV producers like to exercise "poetic license" at the expense of veracity, even (especially?) when they label their shows "reality TV". Finding Escobar's Millions -- a brand new show airing right after the well known Gold Rush, Friday nights on Discovery Channel. Basically this is the travails of two ex-CIA agents combing Columbia looking for deceased drug lord Pablo Escobar's hidden spoils. On episode 1 (last week) they had some interesting things to say about a couple detectors they were using. The claim was that the 'hobby detector' (their words) would detect down to 10 inches (25 cm) whereas their professional detector would pick up at 10 ft (3 m). Well, the 'hobby detector' appeared to be a Fisher CZ3d. I would have thought the 'professional detector' would be a two box TR. I didn't recognize the device but it has the standard MD structure (coil on the end of the shaft). What caught my curiosity and skepticism was that the coil assembly was an OO (similar to DD) with each component coil being only about 6 inches in diameter! They had a designation/name for it but I don't remember what it was. It was something like XY-89 where 'XY' were two letter (not literally XY) and '89' was a two digit number (not 89). I think the the number was 61 or 62, but not at all sure about that. Does this description & name ring a bell with anyone? (Or if someone watched the show maybe you can fill in more details.) Ironically they spent most of their time using the hobby detector.... Curse of Oak Island -- season five began last evening on History Channel. Most of you are likely familiar with this one. On the 2 hour premier they had Gary Drayton back using his (sponsored?) CTX 3030 and a Minelab pinpointer (yellow and black -- I'm not tuned in on all their models). More interesting was a dive to the bottom of one of their deep holes where the diver was using what appeared to be a Garrett Carrot at a water depth of over 30 m (~100 ft). It definitely was orange, the right size, and clearly said 'Garrett' in black letters, just like on my Carrot. I think that is 10 times deeper than it's specked! Am I wrong on that? I suppose it could possibly be a special one-off unit made for them by Garrett. It was working at that depth during the dive. That would be crazy deep (very high pressure), even accounting for engineering safety margin, for such a device if it really is only recommended for 10 ft.
  18. https://press.discovery.com/us/dsc/programs/devils-canyon/ Tom B., is this the show you auditioned for last year?
  19. Has anyone been watching the show Cooper's Treasure? http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/coopers-treasure/about-coopers-treasure/ What do you think about its technology?
  20. I just received the following email..... Hello Steve, My name is Kate and I am a casting associate with Magilla Entertainment, a television production company based in NYC that specializes in non-scripted programming. I am reaching out because we are currently casting a new series for a major cable network about gold mining and prospecting. This series will feature men and women who head out into the wilderness to look for gold in some of the few locations that have been untouched by mining, and will follow them through their individual prospecting journey and process. Through my research on gold prospecting I came across the Detector Prospector website, and I was hoping you would be willing to share our flyer with your followers, friends, or with anyone you may personally know who might be interested in this opportunity! I have included the casting call below this message as well as our flyer, which you can feel free to share and post! If you have any questions about the project or our company, I would be happy to answer them, and I can be reached at 646-653-7292. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing back from you regarding my inquiry. Best, Kate NOW CASTING GOLD MINERS AND GOLD PROSPECTORS Magilla Entertainment and a major cable network are now casting a new series about people searching for gold. We are looking for men and women of all ages with gold fever who have the knowledge and survival skills to go out alone, prospecting in the few locations left that have been untouched by big mining. Do you have a family history of prospecting and mining going back generations? Or have you only recently become interested in striking it rich? Have your friends been prospecting for years and you want in on the action? Perhaps you are the only one in your family to search for a golden payday and no one else in your life seems to understand. If you want to be considered or are interested in learning more, email us ASAP at castingdirector@magilla.tv along with your name, age, location, occupation, recent photo, phone number and any experience you have with prospecting and mining. Kate Cooper Casting & Development Magilla Entertainment 42 Broadway | New York, NY 10004 646-653-7292 www.magilla.tv
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