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  1. Hello, I'm looking at penetration through schist / slate type bedrock and quartz vein medium mineralized on a 70 deg vert plane, so the end grain is detectable. Fair amount of fracturing from the use of explosives I believe leaving hairline to 1/32 cracking here and there and some larger along the rock wall with 60 or so years of CA. High Sierra weathering on it. . But I'm also looking at what the penetration depth would be for the same material in solid condition further in from the rock face. Anyone have any experience with these conditions? Target is a leafy up to .5 mm thick ribbons and crystalized pockets of gold in, umm, not sure what they're called but they look like flattened bubbles in the quartz coated with crystalized gold inside, the only visible "bubble" is .70" w x 1.7" or so deep, at least according to my fillet knife. Anyone?
  2. Petering out is my concern so I contacted a geologist friend and ran the scenario and pics past him. He's pretty sure the lode extends beyond the claim boundary and substantial portion is below the roadway when the road was blasted into the canyon wall. Yep, it's a stones throw from a well used road, lol. Problem, it's good 60-70 degrees slope below. I looked today for pieces but all I got was 200' down, 5 ticks, sore knee and rope burn. Plus, it could be buried under 2000 tns of blasted off mtn. Another problem, it's so close to the roadway horizontally and being above (except for any blasted off and below someplace) the possibility of mining dumpage on the roadway below is high. Being gold? 100,000% sure. I spent 8 years underwater with 6, 8 and then 10" nozzles dredging, it's gold for sure. Malleable, shiney grade kind. Funny thing is , none of this seam is in the water or near it. It's all just past and above. The pc I found was dusted from the impact of the fall from above and that's how I knew where to look. Next step. Posting and professional survey of all unclaimed land I think.
  3. Say I'm trout fishing today and find a 4" quartz seam loaded with visible gold (Googly 'gold in quartz and it's as good as anything on page 1). But, the land is already claimed by an armchair 'miner' that actually just uses it as loooong term camping/fishing/hunting space without campground antics and charges plus it's close to a deer layover area. Say I know this for sure since I met his grandkids and son years ago during hunting season and taught them how to snipe for gold on that very stream since the 'miner' was oblivious as to how. What would you do; Tell him? Wait for him to lapse his claim into abandonment or die?
  4. So with over 1000 hrs on the Nox using BT I tried the wm08 module. There's no comparison, it's far faster than any BT aptx any version. I really didn't think I'd notice a difference that's why I never tried it. Like the saying goes, "If'n it ain't broke, why fix it?". BT wasn't, "Broke", it's just (at least to my eye ear coordination) slow.
  5. I was walking to the local Sushi shop and found 7 1/10th oz Canadian gold coins. Then another a week later on the same decomposed granite walking path with my detector. I didn't keep them though. There were lost by an elderly alzheimer lady that walked out her door with several thousand in jewelry and gold coins and found later with nothing. Put one and one together since I heard the police chopper flying around low the night before with its loudspeakers blaring out they were looking for her.
  6. Your talking about a State where 3 gallons of dirty water on the ground is considered 'natural habitat' and protected even if on your own property.......not holding my breath.
  7. If someone is using the Equinox 800 don't get the F Pulse. It interferes quite a lot with it. At least mine does.
  8. 99.9% of detectors with a small coil and operator with good hearing can do that. I tested out a Tesoro Compadre for a year in downtown Sacramento, CA small parks and pulled jewelry out left and right and more than a few silver here and there, especially near the meters and irrigation components. Crocker Park parking meter base got a silver @ 2-3 inches and by the time I was done the hole was 25" deep, 15 silver coins and another handful of clad.
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