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  1. Chase: I interpreted the OP bringing up the idea of using a AA battery charger for the Equinox to simply serve as an emergency alternative in rare situations where there is no access to a car's 12v outlet or a conventional power outlet and the user isn't familiar with rechargeable LSD AA batteries. You're right, if someone wants to use a AA USB power bank with alkaline batteries to charge their metal detector (or any device for that matter) on a regular basis, they're delusional or deliberately trying to harm the environment and/or waste money (reminds me of "coal rollers"). I think for most people, a decent lithium power bank will be a reasonable method to have emergency power for their Equinox, phone or other device. I don't like them because I don't like the limited lives of lithium batteries (compared to high quality LSD AA batteries), I don't like how they're always a fire risk and I especially don't like how they're not designed to be stored with a full charge, i.e. keeping them at anything but a 35-65% charge actually decreases their life, even when not being actively used. Therefore, I like to idea of using a power bank with not just a user replaceable battery inside, but one that relies on nickel, rather than lithium tech. However, I understand most people aren't like me or simply don't care enough.
  2. Makes sense Steve, and thanks for your input. I do notice your emphasis on the marketing aspect, though!
  3. Are the Garrett AT series detectors (Pro, Gold and Max) that good? Based on youtube personalities, it looks like it. But after doing research on online message boards, it seems like they're "good, but there are other comparable or better options out there," a la the Equinox. How much of the prevalence of Garrett AT metal detectors on youtube is due to effective marketing and how much is due the AT metal detectors being that good? I'm not intending to start a flame war or anything as I eventually plan on upgrading my machine and I'm considering the AT Max, Equinox 800 or Fisher F75.
  4. Based on my understanding of the device, the answer is no. It's not an issue of the AA alkalines not being able to delivery the current, but rather the device (charger) limiting the output to just 800mah of current (the typical USB mini cell phone charge is at least 1 amp, often as high as 2 amps).
  5. A necro, but based on my reading, it looks like there is enough interest in using AA batteries to charge the Equinox for me to make a post. One possibility is to make your own AA power bank. I made one using this: https://www.adafruit.com/product/2030 I've configured it to run off of 4 NiMH cells. so it's delivering more than 2 amps of current. This should be more than enough for the Equinox, based on my online research. I use this with LSD cells to serve as en emergency charger for my cellphone. I also designed it to be able to handle higher current loads (hence the 4 AA cells), such as charging my PS Vita while I'm playing it. Below are two pics of the power bank I made with this Adafruit PowerBoost. It's not the most space efficient, but I didn't design it to be that way.
  6. Update: Now only looking for Pro-Find 15 or 35 pinpointers. Now willing to pay $10 and up (plus shipping), depending on unit's condition.
  7. I purchased the Pro-Find 35; can't wait to see how it does.
  8. Thanks for the all the advice. I'm pretty sure I'm getting signals all the time because there's so much trash in the soil (rather than EMI or mineralized soil). I'm not 100% sure, because when I dig a plug and can't find anything, half the time is because I give up because I don't have a pinpointer. When it arrives (I've decided to get the Pro-Find 35 thanks to Dr.Tones24K) I'll get a better idea of what's going on. I don't know the coil size, but I think it's the stock concentric one that's about 10 inches wide. I do have a smaller sniping coil that might do better; I didn't think about using it this afternoon.
  9. The reason I max out the sensitivity is because there's so much trash in my backyard that if I have little or no discrimination, my detector will literally beep every other swing in certain areas. Additionally, so many of the targets are so close together that once I dig up a plug, I have a lot of trouble using my detector to find whatever is in the hole (or plug) due to the detector picking up nearby objects that are either under the plug or right next to it or the hole (I'm about to order a pinpointer to remedy this). And yes, my coil cable is very secure with no movement. Once again, your advice is very helpful, thanks.
  10. I don' t know if my swing is a little off, but it wouldn't surprise me if I am raising the coil at least a little bit and making it more of a pendulum. Assuming this was the case, why would pointing my coil off to the side slightly create a false signal? If anything, it should make it less likely I would get any signal, right? I'm only asking so I can gain a better understanding of how everything works. I don't recall if I had the same problem when I lowered the sensitivity, but I don't think I did. The next time I'm out hunting, I'll try to pay attention to this. Thanks for your help!
  11. So I was out hunting today with my F2 in my backyard. There's a good deal of trash so I ramp up the discrimination all the way. I notice that I will sometimes hear the high pitch beep on the outer portion of my swing, whether it's to the far right or far left. But when I go back and check out it to figure out the exact spot, my F2 picks up nothing. I'll spend a few minutes scanning the area from multiple angles, but I can never repeat the high pitched beep. What's going on (or what am I doing wrong)?
  12. Given the bolded part, I figured I'd be getting the 35 over the 15 (assuming I got the Pro-Find), but I wanted to make sure I know what I was getting for the extra $30 or so. I haven't read much about Pro-Find problems...at least not at the same level as the F-Pulse. Guess I have more research to do...
  13. Thanks for the video. Are you saying that the Pro-Find 15 does NOT have the ability to retune? I figured it did, but it was just the sensitivity levels that were locked.
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