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  1. I have a few questions, to better understand the Vanquish. Some of these will be "stupid," but I need to ask anyways... 1. Exactly how is the inability to run single frequency operation bad? I know that it's usually better to have more control over settings and features than less control, but I'd like to hear how this is the case in real world practice with respect to always having to run in multi-frequency mode. 2. Missing variable recovery speed. Why is this important? Don't you always want recovery speed to be as fast as possible? 3. Why is the inability to switch off the iron Bias bad? Like with point #1, I know more control is better, but how is this "flaw" going to hurt real world metal detecting? On a side note: If the Vanquish lives up to its hype, it's only a matter of time before someone released a waterproof shell for it, like with 1 or more of the Garrett ACE machines.
  2. Is it fair to say that, assuming the waterproofing issue can be taken care of, this is a solid salt water beach detector? EDIT: Based on my research, it will be. I'm curious as to how it will compare to the Equinox, though, at salt water beaches.
  3. I've never had any of the issues Kac or afreakofnature have experienced. "Maybe I'm lucky, maybe I'm born with it. Maybe it's Minelab."
  4. I have the Pro-Find 35 and love it! Depending on the object, it will start going off when it's several inches away on max sensitivity. Then as I get closer to the object, I reduce the sensitivity until I can narrow in on the precise location of treasure (usually trash).
  5. Wow, I can only dream of a hobby of mine producing that much income!
  6. If you want a new metal detector and want to stay under $500, the Equinox 800 is out and the 600 is probably out too, although maybe a vendor can make you a special deal if you call them up. I know of one in particular that can definitely get you a discount if you simply ask, although I get the impression most are like that. If you're in the military, Minelab has a 15% discount, I believe. That may be enough to get you the Equinox 600 under $500...maybe.
  7. Keep us updated as to how they work. I'm curious as to their longevity given their relatively fast charge times.
  8. Although a realistic and viable option, I refuse to use rechargeable 9V batteries out of principle as I view it as condoning stupid decisions made by company management.
  9. I heard about the F-Pulse issues and that's one reason I stayed away from it.
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