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  1. Thanks for the input guys! Looks like I'll pass on it.
  2. I saw one of these for sale for basically $200 + shipping. Is that a good deal? What's the typical resale price (Fair Market Value) for a machine like that? Thanks!
  3. A very interesting article from a unique perspective. Thanks for sharing!
  4. During WW2, the total combined computing capacity of the Allies was less than what you buy in a birthday card at the store that sings happy birthday. And everyone readily accepts that such a card is disposable, at least on a hardware level.
  5. To be fair, that's not Minelab's fault. That's the dealer's fault...unless I'm missing something? I suppose Minelab could have failed to communicate with the dealer, but even if that's the case, after your initial inquiry, a prudent dealer would have contacted Minelab to confirm the policy. Even if Minelab dropped the ball, you should never do business with that dealer again. Do you mind PMing me who it was so I'll put them on my do-not-buy list?
  6. Never underestimate the power of marketing. Diamonds are a great example. Oh, and so are the Garrett AT series of metal detectors. They're such old detectors, and while quite capable, seem to be square in the prospective metal detector's eye when considering a new machine. It's almost as if they came out when the Equinox or Simplex did. Gotta give Garrett credit...
  7. I agree and I can't stand the strategy of announcing something well before it's actually available. But Minelab isn't stupid and they've done some number crunching and concluded (correctly or not) that this current strategy is better than the alternative. Well, at least I hope they're not stupid. After all, they did design their Pro-Finds to use 9V batteries...
  8. 1. Cost 2. Color 3. Ergonomics 4. Uses AA batteries 5. Less complex 6. Size/collapsability 7. Coils 8. Desire for Multi-IQ without having to buy the Equinox I personally would love the form factor of the Vanquish with the ability/performance of the Equinox.
  9. It also looks like the Pro-Find 15 might be discontinued? I noticed it's selling for less than $80 at some online retailers or is out of stock. And now, there's the Pro-Find 20, which is basically the 15 with extra notification features (sound that can be turned on and off, plus vibrate - if I recall correctly).
  10. That's actually my initial prototype (if you see my post from a few months ago). I don't like using lithiums as much as LSD NiMHs, but they're certainly better than 9V batteries.
  11. The only "odd" things I've noticed about my Pro-Find 35 are that: 1. If it gets too close to the Garrett Carrot while the Carrot is on, the Pro-Find will go off and will need to be reset (turned off then back on). 2. At maximum sensitivity, it i swing the Pro-Find 35 rather quickly, it will go off. But if I move it "normally," it works just fine. Lowering the sensitivity to the middle level or less will remove this "issue." Sorry for the late reply. Hope this helps!
  12. You can use whatever battery you choose and if you're happy about it, more power to you! (yeah, I made a punny) I was just pointing out the flaw in saying 9V alkalines are "good" batteries because they're better than 9V NiMH batteries.
  13. A NiMH 9V battery? No thank you. The solution to getting rid of heavy duty or alkaline 9V batteries isn't to replace it with a NiMH 9V battery. It's to get rid of the 9V battery.
  14. I'm not worried about current draw; the voltage booster I'm using can provide up to 1.4 amps, well in excess of what a standard 9V alkaline can reasonably provide. And no, I have no power switch between the NiMH cells and the booster. Do I need one? Maybe. I'm letting my setup sit in my Garrett Carrot right now and I'll test it every few days to see how long it "lasts" in storage before I need to recharge the battery pack. Assuming the booster draws noticeable current, a switch would be useful, but I doubt it'll be worth the trouble as it would just be easier to unplug the battery pack from the booster if I was going to store my pinpointer for an extended period of time. I may also look for some smaller high efficiency battery plugs, too... And don't forget, even if my setup has plenty of drawbacks, it still has a HUGE advantage: NO MORE 9V BATTERIES!
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