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  1. Wow, I can only dream of a hobby of mine producing that much income!
  2. If you want a new metal detector and want to stay under $500, the Equinox 800 is out and the 600 is probably out too, although maybe a vendor can make you a special deal if you call them up. I know of one in particular that can definitely get you a discount if you simply ask, although I get the impression most are like that. If you're in the military, Minelab has a 15% discount, I believe. That may be enough to get you the Equinox 600 under $500...maybe.
  3. Keep us updated as to how they work. I'm curious as to their longevity given their relatively fast charge times.
  4. Although a realistic and viable option, I refuse to use rechargeable 9V batteries out of principle as I view it as condoning stupid decisions made by company management.
  5. I heard about the F-Pulse issues and that's one reason I stayed away from it.
  6. I know I've taken the hard way. Part of the reason I do it this way is to release some of my frustration at metal detecting companies who are still stuck in the 1980s.
  7. If you've read some of my posts, you know I hate 9V batteries. I finally finished a working prototype of a 9V voltage booster so I can use a rechargeable LiPo in my Pro-Find 35. Here are a few pics: Based on indoor testing, the performance exceeds the stock 9V battery. If you want to learn more, check out my blog post: https://gadgetsoftheoutdoors.blogspot.com/2019/05/discussion-getting-rid-of-9v-batteries.html I was hoping to use loose AAA cells for this, but it would require permanent modification of the end cap and I'm not ready to do that yet.
  8. Chase: I interpreted the OP bringing up the idea of using a AA battery charger for the Equinox to simply serve as an emergency alternative in rare situations where there is no access to a car's 12v outlet or a conventional power outlet and the user isn't familiar with rechargeable LSD AA batteries. You're right, if someone wants to use a AA USB power bank with alkaline batteries to charge their metal detector (or any device for that matter) on a regular basis, they're delusional or deliberately trying to harm the environment and/or waste money (reminds me of "coal rollers"). I think for most people, a decent lithium power bank will be a reasonable method to have emergency power for their Equinox, phone or other device. I don't like them because I don't like the limited lives of lithium batteries (compared to high quality LSD AA batteries), I don't like how they're always a fire risk and I especially don't like how they're not designed to be stored with a full charge, i.e. keeping them at anything but a 35-65% charge actually decreases their life, even when not being actively used. Therefore, I like to idea of using a power bank with not just a user replaceable battery inside, but one that relies on nickel, rather than lithium tech. However, I understand most people aren't like me or simply don't care enough.
  9. Makes sense Steve, and thanks for your input. I do notice your emphasis on the marketing aspect, though!
  10. Are the Garrett AT series detectors (Pro, Gold and Max) that good? Based on youtube personalities, it looks like it. But after doing research on online message boards, it seems like they're "good, but there are other comparable or better options out there," a la the Equinox. How much of the prevalence of Garrett AT metal detectors on youtube is due to effective marketing and how much is due the AT metal detectors being that good? I'm not intending to start a flame war or anything as I eventually plan on upgrading my machine and I'm considering the AT Max, Equinox 800 or Fisher F75.
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