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  1. Nice hunt! Finding silver is almost always a highlight of my hunts. But not all silver is created equal... If that silver piece could talk, the stories it would tell!
  2. Love the rigs except for the fact that they're so...so clean!
  3. I love my Fisher F-Pulse. Before that, I used the Garrett Carrot and liked it. I bought my F-Pulse a few years ago and they've made slight software/settings changes since then. But I imagine it's still roughly the same in terms of performance and reliability.
  4. Selling direct might make it easier to sell their products at more reasonable prices, given the lack of a middleman.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. All the more reason to have that screen then, I guess.
  6. Color screens on pinpointers seem gimmicky to me, especially if it has a phone app interface for setting adjustments. However, as long as the pinpointer is reasonably priced, I'm cool with it as the screen offers an option for those who don't want to pull out their phone during a hunt. The ratcheting ability seemed promising. Still need more info to see if it's worthy to replace my F-Pulse.
  7. I'm guessing it's because Minelab was more interested in finding a way to selling more products than actually developing a new/revolutionary pinpointer. I thought the Pro-Find 35 was pretty decent, so as long as there are some solid tweaks, I think the Pro-Find 40 will be a good product. What the Equinox 900 was to the 800, the Pro-Find 40 is to the Pro-Find 35. That's my prediction, at least.
  8. Just learned about this pin pointer and I'm intrigued...but then again any new pin pointer from a major metal detecting company catches my attention. Based on the few videos I've seen and the Minelab website, here's my too-early conclusion about the Pro Find 40: Compared to the Pro Find 35, this will be an improvement in terms of detection depth capability. At the very least, I imagine it will have the same sensitivity as the Pro Find 35, but will enjoy less intereference or glitching. It will also have better ratcheting or closing range, compared to the 35, too. Compared to the XP Mi-5/6 and the Fisher F-Pulse (old version, at least), it won't be a significant improvement, but might have some nuances that make it preferable to some users from a personal-use stand point. Finally, I'm surprised it's still using a 9V battery. My reading between the lines says this MIGHT be an indication that Minelab is either cutting corners out of laziness or simply didn't prioritize this pin pointer's development and that the Pro Find 40 is really a red version of the Pro Find 35. All I know is that I'll stick with my F-Pulse for now. Maybe if I win a Pro Find 40 in a raffle or something I can do a direct comparision using my hunting styles and locations (like I did with the Garret Carrot and White's TRX...both of which handily lost out to my F-Pulse).
  9. Love those finds, especially the Mercs.
  10. I primarily consider whether or not I will enjoy using it.This encompasses everything from performance to ergonomics to the ability to tinker with it. Yes, performance is important, but I like machines that allow me to tinker and experiment by adding accessories/tweaks or experiment with different batteries.
  11. The 540 and AT Max have their advantages, but given your needs, the Legend was the right choice. And yes, the AT Max does seem to have some surprising resell value, but it's because it was overpriced* to begin with, not because you're really getting more for your metal detecting dollar. * Overpriced doesn't mean bad. It just means there are other options that give you more features for a particular price.
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