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  1. I have an XP ORX with the 9" round coil also. It's a very good machine. You can't beat the performance to weight ratio with anything else in that price range. Was in a car accident back in April that left me with whiplash and neck/shoulder pain as a result. This ORX is all I can use for any amount of time and is the only one I can use for a while. At best , I can only stand about 2 hrs detecting now before the neck pain and shoulder pain kicks in hard. I'm doing better though, because a couple weeks ago it was good to be able and get 30 minutes worth before it was unbearable. The ORX punches deep and will fish out the good stuff if you spend enough time learning it. The only bad things I can say about mine are 1) The included wireless headphones are horrible. They bite into the tops of my ear and cause quite a bit of pain after 45 minutes. Sound is excellent but they are really not comfortable at all. They are however light and work well in this heat. 2) Underneath my coil cover the epoxy feels "sticky". It has also taken on a staining. I always clean my coil after hunts. I used water and dawn dish detergent to try and clean the sticky off. It simply won't come off 100% and the staining is permanent. Almost smells mildewy. So don't know what is up with that. I read on another forum someone else had a similar issue and the response was that "it will not hurt anything". May eventually contact XP about it. Other than those couple things the ORX is an amazing machine. Very sensitive and is very good on small things also. When you hear a lot of iron in the ground just bear through it, and a lot of times the ORX will give you a good target in all that junk. Dig that good signal, you will be surprised how well it can punch through to pick goodies out. It's quite easy to "wiggle" the coil over a good spot and isolate it to read the target ID. The TID on the ORX is different. I've yet to find anything worth digging that registers less than 60 on the TID. Hunt mostly in the 13.8-15.2khz range. The higher frequencies really amplify the aluminum junk in the places I hunt making it less desirable for me to use. I've also noticed that if you see something very high on the ID (95+) it's usually a buried piece of soda can. Nickels are particularly difficult with the ORX because they ID near can pull tab range. 62-63 is nickel on mine. Don't want to spoil it for you. Learning is the fun part.
  2. That is a very nice find. I hope you find many more. It seems people here are too poor to drop rings. Not even found a silver coin yet.. LOL
  3. I noticed my Pro Find 35 acting odd also. It interfered with my ORX and also Tekentics T2. It's a nice pinpointer that has great depth but due to it acting weird and interfering with my detectors it is not used anymore. The Mars pinpointer I bought is not as bad about interfering. I can run my ORX at the lower end of the frequencies now without the interference. I've been pleased with the Mars pinpointer. It seems to be more focused on the tip end than the Pro Find 35.
  4. This morning I was asleep and heard a distant and faint bleep... then about 3 seconds passed followed by low tone. Found it it was my Teknetics Minuteman. Looked at the screen and it showed the battery icon with nothing else. Tried to turn it on and it will not fully turn on. It will not fully turn off either. So it is in limbo somewhere in between for lack of a better term. Removed the battery and that stopped the mess. I've admittedly only used this detector a couple times, less than 4 hrs on it. It surely can't be a problem from use. In the case of mine, this detector is only a few months old. I'm thinking it is some sort of resistor/capacitance leakdown
  5. "Special one time deal". Hmm I wonder what it would be when not on "special"? It was good of them to do that for the owner though, regardless. They really are trying. Can't fault them here at all. Seems like they are staking a lot on the Equinox series and pressing hard on the customer service side also. That's really going to peeve Minelab haters off. It does appear they are determined to apply lots of pressure to stagnant metal detector companies.
  6. Garrett really stepped up to the plate on that issue trying to help you. The good news is that you can get coils from other manufacturers for the AT Pro if you want to.
  7. After trying multiple detectors and brands I can admit I'm the definition of "hard to please". Had the Equinox 600 but it didn't click with me. I did have trouble with some things, but Minelab DID take care of the problem in a very fast manner. Not a bad word on them concerning how they handle warrranty claims. Still have an XP ORX and just got the Tekentics T2 SE. Very pleased with the T2SE. It's more than what you want to spend though, and I can respect that. If you go with a Teknetics T2 you should be happy. The T2 Classic doesn't have some of the modes the T2SE has though. But you should have a detector base you can do a lot with, like add extra aftermarket coils. The build quality is excellent, and has a good balance.I hear the Patriot is also a good unit and many have praised its abilities. I looked at the Garrett AT Pro series and to me the Target ID is so small it was of no use to me. Some videos have shown it to Id deeper good targets as iron. That is not unique to the Garrett though and others do it too. Garrett makes a good product and I've heard they have good support, so that is a plus. Many people like the AT Pro, but for me it wasn't an option personally. Either way, wish you the best on selecting a detector that you feel is right for YOU.
  8. I had good success today partly to reading your post about your T2 and settings. Thank you for that. With the Equinox it was more a problem of the tones for me. For some reason I couldn't grasp the tone pitch of the 600, felt they were too soft. This does not seem to be a problem with the T2 for me. I didn't have any problems with EMI on this one today either. The only issue I experienced was some falsing when the coil touched things or on far end of sweeps. I ground balanced and that problem went bye bye. Really impressed with the whole package. The Cors coil is what completes it. Will get me a bigger one soon for larger areas. Did try the Disc at 0-20, and didn't like all the 30-40 signals popping through. It distracted me quite a bit. One nickel was down over 6 inches and the Shrew coil pulled it in just fine. I get an overload signal on any nickel signal that is less than 2 inches deep. I pull it up a little and get the 57 on the meter, and get a nickel every time. Killer on nickels. And the way I see it, if I'm in that range and the detector is strong in that zone I should be able to get gold jewelry if any every passes by my coil. Was also picking up really small things with this coil. It's crazy because I've been over that same spot with the XP ORX and couldn't get these things. Been over that area numerous times with it in the past couple months. And these items were down far enough to have been there then. Long story short, this T2 and coil combo has the right stuff for me and my ears.
  9. I received my new Teknetics T2 SE Thursday. I also ordered a Cors Shrew coil to go with it. Was using the Cors Shrew for everything in these pictures EXCEPT the bullet, which was found with the stock 11" coil. There will be another Cors coil in the future for me. They make an excellent product. I'm very pleased with the T2, it's an amazing detector and today it showed me what it can do with less than 4 hrs total time on this machine. It pulled nickels out like no other detector has ever done for me. Lots of power under the hood, and I didn't even run it past 65 on sens. Had really good results cranking disc up to 40, ran 2 tone and 3 tone. I've finally found what I was looking for in a detector. All the coins and junk are from roughly 3 hrs metal detecting today, bullet is from another site visited today less than an hour. Nothing but clad here, and loads of nickels that are very discolored.I've hit this area earlier this year with the Equinox 600(now gone), and XP ORX. The bullet I found at another place today, but was not even there an hour due to rain. I'm looking for some identification on that lead bullet so if any of you can help with it I'd be glad to hear it. Any idea on age of the bullet?
  10. Mine at times beeps for no reason. It also interferes with my XP ORX and Teknetics T2 It's a nice pinpointer but at the point I can't use it due to the chattering it causes on detectors and also the chattering rants it goes off on by itself
  11. I ordered the Teknetics T2 Special Edition. Also ordered coil covers for both coils, as the package does NOT come with the covers. Should be good to go now with the XP ORX and T2 SE combo. Teknetics Minuteman as a spare/loaner
  12. My ORX has the round 9" HF Coil. The included headphones are HORRIBLE after about 45 minutes. They cut into my ears something fierce when being used. There is an adapter you can get but have yet to buy it. Although if I'm going to keep running the ORX that would be a necessity. It's a really light machine, swings ultra easy. Wish it had some notching capabilities though on the disc side. I see where you are coming from here on this response. I do enjoy metal detecting a lot and have off and on for many years. It's true what you say, it takes time and practice to learn a machine. The point here on my end is that I'm trying to assemble a "work crew" with the detectors. No one detector can do everything, regardless of sales hype and marketing. This is understood. One particular brand/model might be tops with one aspect (trash) where another is better for depth (cleaner sites). It's tough to pick a detector today and with all the videos, marketing hype, etc. it can be very confusing for people just getting into the hobby, even people who have done it for years. By the way, I've not ruled out the Teknetics T2 Special Limited Edition with the two coils. Looking at it pretty hard actually. Price is right on that one at $599. It seems to be a very capable versatile machine and I'm sure it would take a while to learn it and tinker with it. The thing can pretty much do it all, and is a proven unit to hear most sites and people talk. It is old technology, it is single frequency. And that in itself seems to be a taboo thing these days. If I was going to entertain an Equinox again, would get an Equinox 800. But that would still put me in hock and needing the little coil again. In a way I DO regret getting rid of my Equinox 600, but like many others I did "wonder what I was missing" by NOT getting the 800. The Equinox was a decent machine for me but the tone pitches really wreaked havoc on my ears and for some reason I had a lot of difficulty with it. The ID was very tight also, not giving you much room and mine did struggle at an iron infested site.
  13. I'm still looking for a detector that can easily sort through pulltabs, foil, and bottlecaps without paying an arm and a leg. It's became painfully obvious I need a small coil to reach in between the bad for the good items, if any. I DO prefer detectors with Target ID however I'm not against looking at detectors without target ID, IF they have good discrimination. That is the whole topic of this, a detector that has very good discrimination but will still grab the goodies. I already have an XP ORX, and the thing I find with it is the coil is too large for this type of hunting. It's a good detector, and I still manage to find coins with it, however it is rough to hunt with in trashy parks and school areas. I'm NOT against a Tesoro, even though it seems they have gone kaput. One I am looking at is the Tesoro Outlaw. Has 3 coils with it, no need to go out and pay even more money for extra coils with that one because they are already included. So here is the checklist of what I'm seeking: 1) Good in trash 2) Allows you to get close to the bleachers, metal park benches, tot lot items. 3)waterproof coils 4)Nothing too heavy. 5) Less than $600.00 What I don't want: 1) A detector that is no good in trashy sites. 2) An Equinox recommendation(already been there and done that) I appreciate your feedback and insights.
  14. Has there been anymore information on when/IF the Simplex will be released? Seems like it would be a decent detector to throw in the vehicle for flash hunts, or lunch hour detecting. Looks interesting, and seemed to be priced right to sell. Wonder what the holdup is on getting it released?
  15. EBL 9V batteries are some of the best, and have been tested against other rechargeables. They consistently output very close to their rated capacity vs others. They aren't outrageously priced either. https://www.ebay.com/i/302133328521?chn=ps These are the ones I have, along with the charger. A test here, with teardown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKnM4iozHGM
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