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  1. Have you made sure the connectors on the coil are clean and free of any corrosion or dirt/dust? It could be your charger too. Have you tried a different charger? Maybe that has something to do with it. It also could be the cable. What about trying a different one. Just some ideas.
  2. Hmm wonder why they were all in a pile like that. Perhaps it was their loading up pile they were pulling from. Great find though
  3. I see a mason jar full of old coins in your future. Wouldn't that be a nice thing to find? A lot of people in the past did that kind of stuff or so that is the rumor. Yet to find one myself, but sure had my heart rate go up when digging down to see an old mason jar lid. Sadly the thrill was gone when nothing else was attached. Still waiting on my mason jar find!
  4. I ran some more things over the coil a little bit ago. Sat down in my trusty computer chair, laid the ORX on the bed, put the headphones on for the first time and put the remote in my hand while I waved items by coil. Man, that was nice being able to not worry about positioning the detector so I could read the display. I'm curious, are the buttons on wireless headphones for the Deus hard to press? Mine are on the ORX headphones. I had to press them so hard was afraid something would break. Very tight tolerances and some tough materials on this detector as a whole. Not used to that! There is a world of difference in how the audio sounds from the headphones vs the remote speaker. You can really tell a difference in the tones. Target ID seems very good and you are right, there is enough room there to tell a difference between stinking lincolns (zincs) and copper pennies. I also tried another wheat penny that isn't so pretty and looks rough. Same thing, 91 on the ID-consistent and strong.The only thing I've seen so far that could be a problem are the notorious bottlecaps. They ring up as 90. Can fool ya pretty good out in the field I imagine, and there was zero iron probability showing up. Now the one I tested was a pristine bottlecap so maybe a corroded one would be different. Time will tell.
  5. Hey Thanks. I couldn't stand to wait. I ran a few test targets over the coil to get some ideas on how the target ID is. So using the Coin Fast mode for test I came up with the below: Copper Penny= 91, Wheat Penny =91, Liberty V Nickel =63, 1878 Indian Head Penny =82, 1935 merc dime=91-93, 1964 nickel=63, Clad Quarter=95, zinc penny=86, clad dime=92, square pulltab=65-66, bottlecap=90, 10k gold men's ring=66-68, round pulltab=73-74, women's small 10k gold ring=58-59 I also took it out in my yard which is horrible and has been hunted over and over through the decades. Found 2 clad dimes in the front yard. One thing I can say is that this ORX can be very chatty. It gives you a LOT of information on what's under your coil. Not so sure I am loving the pinpoint feature and instead have been using the front of the coil in the middle where the XP logo is. I run the tip up to where I start getting the target then size it out and BINGO, there is where I dig. Not a bad first 30 minutes out. There is a whole lot to learn about this unit and getting the Target ID's in your head are the main thing. I can see where over time this is a machine that can really net some finds.
  6. I can't understand why anyone would want to ditch them. I just received mine little over an hour ago. Currently on charge. I did mess with it a little bit in the house and seen it has lots of power under the hood. Just the little bit I spent with it putting it together (which was so different than any other detector I've ever owned) it's a different animal. I consider the XP ORX the Glock of metal detectors. Shall see when I can get it out in the field what it's capable of.
  7. The problem with chinese copies are that they are just that.. copies. As much as it pains me to say and also for my wallet you really do get what you pay for. Believe me, I'm not someone with a lot of money but if I have to spend money ONCE I'd rather do that than have failure and need to replace something 6 months down the road. Heard good things about the Garrett Carrot too. Lots of people use them. I would not have an issue using one.
  8. Hello and Welcome to the party! I can tell you from experience that you definitely want the Equinox 800 over the 600. There are more settings available to tweak. Unfortunately I did not have a chance to test my Equinox 600 in water or the beach environment. I hear they are really good in that environment. I can tell you that I had some difficulties with the Equinox 600 and me and the machine simply do not click. I'm trying to sell it now. It's a good machine but where it really shines is on a beach or in water. Please be aware it has a small Target ID Range also. It will hammer gold hard, that I can tell you. And one of the very few detectors I've seen that is really killing it on nickels. I did try a Kruzer Multi before I returned it for the Equinox. The Kruzer I had showed some issues with the backlight display. It flickered and anytime I lightly tapped the detector it would either go really dim or go back to how it should have been. Only took it out once and did not notice it until I turned the backlight on. It was mighty chatty too. The Equinox is usually a smooth operator if your settings are right. This is about all I can offer to you with advice. There are many other people here with FAR more knowledge of different models than myself. Best of Luck! I hope you uncover a cache!
  9. The 600 is an easy machine to use. I don't think there are enough extra settings in it to cause too much of a problem. Now the 800 is a different story, but having those extra settings can really help you fine tune it once you understand the Equinox. I would suggest getting some coins together and passing them by your coil to see how the Equinox responds to them. It will help you get it into your head what coinage equals on the ID scale, giving you a good reference. Now out in the field things change big time when you factor in soil, trash, iron, and other things. Take your time and feel the machine out and what it is trying to say to you. Hopefully by now you are enjoying it.
  10. I have a Minelab ProFind 35 and it seems to be a very sensitive pin pointer. It also has adjustable sensitivity. I've been very pleased with that little pointer. Now is it worth the price they want? Well I'm as tight with a dollar as anyone and think it would not hurt them to lower the price a wee bit. When it comes to performance I can't complain about it, gets the job done. Wish I had a small piece of gold to test it against for you.
  11. I have observed this behavior also with the 600 and a set of bluetooth headphones. The headphones say connected, the detector says connected but either you only get sound through the detector speaker or nothing at all. Turning off the detector wireless for 3 seconds then back on always gets my setup working.
  12. Those photos are really nice. The ring was an awesome find. The little music box mechanism was also very cool to find. Keep swinging the coil and finding the good stuff
  13. RobNC

    First Post

    Thank you! I've been messing around with metal detecting off and on since I was 9 or 10 yrs old. 48 now so time moves on! Been out of metal detecting a few years up until Jan of this year. I hunt when I can (when work doesn't consume my time) and when the weather permits. Things are very different these days when it comes to metal detecting. It's hard to get permissions because others have been irresponsible and left holes or did other things. Unfortunately that ruins it for those of us that go about things responsibly and acquire permission. A lot of the local parks around my area either don't allow metal detecting at all or put some serious restrictions on you if they allow you to go. I'm very thankful for the places I have gotten permission to go and intend to treat those people right. So hopefully that tells the forum members the kind of person I am when it comes to metal detecting. Another thing that has changed drastically is EMI and interference. With the proliferation of cell phones, wireless communications and other such things us humans use that is noticeably more worse since I last detected roughly 10 yrs ago. Even those places that may seem "out in the sticks" can be influenced by EMI/RFI because of a cell tower. Really feel manufacturers should be working harder on ways to outright block such interference more than they do. Well sorry for going off on a tangent there!
  14. RobNC

    First Post

    This is my first post. I've been lurking around reading this forum a while now and decided it was time to register so I could speak to you. Look forward to meeting you, and learning from others here. Best of Wishes! Rob
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