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  1. Those pencil erasers come in slightly higher than a nickel on my T2, in the small gold range. It's always a disappointment to recover one. I guess the kids feel like if they "lose" their pencil that is an excuse not to do more work that day. hahaha
  2. Agreed. She was really working hard and doing her part. I was impressed to see such dedication.
  3. I went out today for a couple hours to a school not visited previously. The old wood chip tot lot was the target area. All I ended up finding were 4 quarters, 2 nickels, 7 pennies, a small button off something, a rivet off some clothing or a shoe, and a strange metal piece that showed up in the foil range. There were indeed some junk items today but not in the picture (can slaw, a zipper, foil, a few pencil tops). I had the feeling someone else had been at this spot before because it was really quiet. Well they didn't get these! It's getting more and more difficult in these places and the finds are more difficult to pull. All the other counties around us where there are probably good things located within school grounds have a strict "KEEP OUT" policy and don't allow any kind of public activity on school grounds.
  4. For what it is worth, I'd rather see Nokta make some gains than Minelab. Minelab has way more resources than Nokta and for years have had the opportunity to make something like the vanquish and make more affordable detectors but they chose not to. At this point it is obvious what they are doing. They're trying to "starve" out companies like Nokta in the entry segment. Minelab has deep pockets and they are definitely after those last pieces of change people have. Minelab is all about hype with everything they make and sell. I don't care for that at all, regardless of company and they take it way over the top. The Equinox has also had quite a few quality control problems. Reports of flooded units, bad coils, weak shaft locks, battery problems, etc. Seeing as how the Equinox series costs more money I wonder how much worse the quality will be with the Vanquish line. It looks like a cross between the Garrett Ace and the older Garrett GTAx series kinda. If I was going to buy one it would be the 440 that takes standard AA batteries. At least then you would not have to worry about faulty sealed batteries. 3ft "waterproof" coil? That's weak man.. real weak. Yep, my vote and best wishes go to Nokta. May the money of detectorists line their Turkish pockets which many dollars. Minelab, you've had enough already.
  5. I have the factory coils from my Teknetics T2SE package up for sale. The 11" DD and the 5" DD coil. The 11" coil was used less than 30 minutes. The 5" coil has never been hunted with. I only hooked it up and air tested it indoors.Asking $65 for the 11" coil with coil cover, and $55 for the 5" coil with coil cover. Paypal with shipping included to USA.
  6. The stock coil does indeed pick things up however I've used the Shrew coil primarily since I got the T2SE. It's more a matter of "that's what I learned the machine with". Most if not all of the sites I can get into are trashy for sure, and littered with iron, pencil tops, foil wrappers, and things of that sort. The Shrew/Snake is awesome because even over higher grass it glides more easily over such areas and really picks up the tiny things. I regularly find things on playgrounds that are the size of two pinheads in width. With such a coil the T2 really becomes a specialized device. It's killer on dimes and nickels. It will even overload on a nickel that is less than 2 inches deep. My stock 11" coil has been used less than 30 minutes, if that long. I also have the stock 5" coil and it has never been out on a hunt, only hooked up for air test in the house. Working on selling those 2 coils to purchase another Cors coil(more than likely the sharpshooter or scout coil). I'm a firm believer in the little coils. Found far more things with this detector and coil combo than any other detector I've ever laid my hands on. Am I such a fanboy of this detector that I am blind? NO! And now I'm going to nitpick. Teknetics needs to make the T2SE into a waterproof or at least splash resistant package, and beef up the trigger switch. That trigger switch is a beautiful thing and I believe it is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. Pull towards you and instant pinpoint! Push away and hold while bobbing the coil and get auto ground balanced, it's a great little touch and gets you immersed with the detector in a way pushing a button never could. BUT..That little trigger switch has a lot of play in it. I do wonder how long it will last and it wouldn't hurt to put a little silicone boot on that for protection and extra support for the switch itself. And by all means they need to do something about the cheapskate coil fastening screw. While it works, it makes the whole thing look like a toy. Display on it is nice, but it is very vulnerable and could be damaged. I use a protector on my unit for the display and the battery/power/volume box also. Would be nice to see some sort of seal on the battery cover also. When not using headphones and if you have a boot on the battery module/speaker the audio can be muffled a lot also. Little things like this are mere annoyances. Teknetics could make little tweaks to this already great detector, re-badge it with the tweaks and still keep interest in it. Why not create a multi frequency unit out of it? Have a low and high button that could select between the standard frequency along with the F1-F7 minor shifts. For instance Lo=standard freq as we know it now and Hi=Frequency of 18khz or so along with F1-F7 shifts but within the 18khz range. Call it the T2 Platinum, give it a new paint job and special holographic Platinum name tag. Yep, I went way out there on this one.. haha
  7. Quarter was 4 inches deep and the rosie was close to that depth maybe a tad deeper. The mercury dime was 5.5 inches down and the wheat penny was the deepest one of all around 7 inches deep. All of these signals were loud and proud. Especially the silver, they hit extremely hard. Nothing like clad junk, where they can float around and sound weird. I was really astounded at how loud the silvers were and how it locked on hard with ID. Please bear in mind the stock 11" coil was worthless in this environment and I had to remove it. I was also fighting against 3+ inch grass overgrowth. Ran F3 channel, 21 disc, 2+ tone, 80 sensitivity. Quarter ID'd at 89-90. Mercury was 81-83, Rosie was solid 82. Wheat was 81. I am very confident that if there is something worth having in the ground wherever I go and i do my part this detector and coil combo will get it done.
  8. I found these buttons today while metal detecting. The one on the left is the one I'm interested in. It has 2 holes in it where I guess it was sewn on.
  9. Was a rough week at work and needed to unwind. Have been metal detecting when I could since my vehicle accident in April. Today me and my wife went to a place I secured permission to earlier this year. Not been able to get there until today. The grass was grown up about 3 inches here and I broke out my Tekentics T2 factory coil. It SUCKED. Skipped right over the 1963 quarter in the photo below. I could not believe it when I dug this one. That silver was beautiful. The Cors Shrew is no joke. This little coil has made me very happy. Went on to find a 1939 mercury dime and 1951 rosie silver dime! This is the most silver I've found in the last 16 yrs. The only other silver I found was back in 2003 and it was a single worn mercury dime. I also found a couple buttons, a 1944 or 1945 nickel and a 1926 wheat penny. I love my Teknetics T2SE. It's an amazing piece of equipment. With that Cors coil, it's a beast. Worth every penny.
  10. I received an email today fro White's. It was of course talking about summer and the last chance to save. Well for curiosity I followed the link and was led to this page showing an old cabin in a remote place and then had to click on that to get to the same old models. While I am very envious of those that have access to such places depicted in their ad, such places are not accessible here. It appears the comments of others about Whites being stuck in the past are a valid concern. I have owned whites equipment in the past and their equipment is built physically strong. Unfortunately their stuff is also power hungry and loves to eat batteries. The V3X I bought on ebay as a "demo machines" and had to return took a whopping 8 batteries. I only fired it up inside the house and ran test targets across the coil. During that short time I noticed the batteries noticeably warm and the voltage dropped. They need to work on the power consumption and weight of their machines. While I am all about durability what good is that if the machine is dollaring you to death eating batteries. I'm sorry White's but there are too many competitors around that are hungry and thirsty for you market segment. They are coming out with innovating machines that are not costing and arm and a leg, weigh less, and are energy sippers. There have not been any signs of you changing course or realizing this. I hate to see a good company get lazy and hope people are going to be brand loyal. Bad news flash- People will go with what gets them the most for their money. Wake up and do something before it is too late!
  11. In no way did I take a crack at Dilek or her amazing work ethic. Any company would be proud to have her and lucky. When funds permit and when the Simplex is out a little bit I personally would be willing to try one. Dilek, thank you for your hard work, determination, and dedication to the customer. I wish you nothing but the best and happiness.
  12. My mistake there and apologies. Still those coins are worth something. I wish I had kept some coins my grandpa had. Kick myself for that today.
  13. Shipping is a rip off here in the US, that much is a given. We have to deal with high shipping costs within the country and even from state to state. Big companies like FedEx getting richer with every package. I use a Mars Pinpointer and must say it is the best pinpointer I've ever owned. There are some really hungry companies not in the USA that are making a quality product (like the MarsMD pinpointer mentioned). While I would prefer to buy and use things made in my own country that is getting harder to do. Quality has decreased horribly, the price has risen and "Made in the USA" doesn't mean what it once did. This isn't just concerning metal detectors. Feels like to me it is that big companies here could care less about what they are making anymore. Their goal is to get richer and spend less on the products to get there. It's a shame we built one of the longest operational spacecraft here in the US back in the 70's (The Voyager 2) but today we struggle to make the simplest of things and have them last for a reasonable amount of time. The problems are clear- greed, complacency, arrogance, and laziness. Not a doubt in my mind that Whites and Garrett could make some really groundbreaking detectors if they truly wanted to but there is nothing yet pushing them hard enough to do so. Will they wake from their slumber and realize it is 2019 now, and people have changed. I remember when I was young time and again I was told that you could tell if something was good or not by seeing how it "felt". The heavier the better was the old-timers thought process. But once you get older, start having some pains due to accidents or injuries that solid product becomes a real pain literally to enjoy using. Even XP lowered their prices. And hey, they created a really innovative product. Competition keeps manufacturers honest, even if it is delayed honesty. Not picking on XP here, they make a nice product. Who would have ever thought such a light detector could be so strong and actually work. But they got it right, and I don't know if anyone else can quite match what they've done. At least they relented on price. No such sign of that from a lot of the others. The thing or things a person enjoys is the beauty in us all because it is different for every person. All I know is that I want something that works and if I take care of it doesn't fall apart in my hands or cease to work after a day. If I must pay more, let me know it is worth it and stand behind it.
  14. Let's see how long it takes for New York to either make it illegal or charge a "permit fee".
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