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  1. Not all sites are productive. A house less than 3 miles from this new one had nothing but modern coins and lots of iron in the ground. One other I visited within half a mile of this new one gave me silver coins. It is a more modern house. I'm hoping this older one is still "in the silver belt". Compared to that silver coin producing house, this one was owned by more prominent people. We shall see what it produces. Maybe I will get lucky enough to unearth a 1800's coin. I've rode by this place for over 18 yrs on the way to work and home. It has always called out to me for some reason, just like the other house did that gave me the silver coins. Really feel there is something important there to be found. Could be totally wrong but the fun will be seeing what it holds!
  2. from what I can tell, the T2 is as you describe. You pull the trigger towards you and it goes into pinpoint and it is static. Personally have not ran all-metal much at all with it due to it scrambling my brain with tones. Much prefer the different tones of discrim mode.The T2 is an odd beast in some ways as many have stated it shows another boost after disc 50. Experimentation I've done though has shown that disc above 21 on the T2 will really mask good targets if there is iron around. Have ran it as low as 10 before with good success. Personally love the T2
  3. I have attached some pictures of the place. Doesn't look like much but it has been added to also later on. Thank you for the wisdom. According to the history of the property this man moved down from New York to this place. He was described as "wealthy" and he was a dentist. This of course was back in the mid 1800's. He died in 1873. Now what wealthy meant back then vs now might be two different things. Later on the property was owned by a farmer, then stayed within their family tree until it was sold a few months ago. I'm guessing the most productive spot will be around that front door in the yard. I'm really interested in hunting it but as with any smaller town place there will be nosey neighbors on both sides. Lucky for me though permission is granted, and even if they were to call the "law" they all mostly know who I am. I'm hoping to find some things that would be of interest, and our idea of "wealthy" may have been something different back then. I wonder if there may be things buried there on purpose.. As a lot of people in older times buried caches. Wish I could find some older pictures of the place but have yet to find such a thing. It's real clear to me the detectors I have and the coils on them are not geared towards deep detecting. They are geared towards hitting more modern trashy lots. The GOOD news is all this time hunting in modern garbage has helped me tremendously in locating and determining what is worth digging vs what is not. I'm much more proficient with the T2 vs the ORX but the ORX has strengths the T2 does not. My coin program is set to 13.6khz disc 7.5 gain at 75 to start off with but I will pump it up until it chatters, then back it down til it barely stops. Reactivity 2.5 I have my second custom program set to 31khz and plan to use that on questionable targets. I've heard the higher frequencies do well for relic type hunts. Dunno, never used the higher ones much because they tend to make aluminum can slaw very strong. Don't expect to find a lot of valuable things the first trip or even after 3 trips. It takes me a bit to feel a place out and get in the zone. But once it starts happening the feeling you get is nothing short of blissful. The wind was blowing today up to 28mph with air temp high at 47 degrees F. Nah, not going out in that. Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same. Lucky for me I have Monday and Tuesday off from work.. Still cold but wind much less and probably days I will try it. O
  4. Thanks for the insights. I do believe in the more open areas (which are few) the XP ORX will be used. That Shrew coil on the T2 has found things surprisingly deep, regularly reaching things down past 7 inches. Granted the signals are not strong but it still shows them and gives good ID on the T2. The ORX goes down deeper however it does not always give you a target ID, only audio. This is one of those sites I will dig faint non-ID targets on the ORX. If the tone is high my thought is to dig it. The last time I did that though equaled me digging down near 11 inches without a hit on my pinpointer and me giving up. When I get paid again the plan is to buy a larger Cors coil for the T2. Probably the Cors Scout or Strike.
  5. it finally happened- Someone granted me permission to hunt a piece of property that dates back 1840's as build date. My 2 detectors are the XP ORX and Teknetics T2SE with a small Cors Shrew coil. I imagine this place will be littered with iron objects as it was used as a farm site after 1870-ish. All the original buildings are intact, except a chicken coop or two. The place is mostly untouched and this coming spring there will be restoration performed on the main house and other buildings. Real slim window here and wouldn't you know in the coldest months here. So what I'm asking from the experienced people here, and especially those with Tekentics T2 experience or XP ORX experience what things would you suggest when tackling an older place like this? While I've had decent luck finding coins and such in more modern areas have not hunted a site this old before. There is no idea if this property has been metal detected before so I don't know about that. Will the finds be deeper and out of reach of my equipment or masked by oodles of iron? Any guidance is appreciated and any tweaks to settings that may help find interesting things.
  6. Thanks for running these targets by the Simplex and sharing the results with us. I'm personally looking forward to hearing more from you about how it does on your hunts.
  7. Unfortunately I also have my mind on a Simplex + There is something about it that screams "buy me". Maybe it's Dilek.. I dunno
  8. I know a lot of people like diamonds and nothing else but the amethyst and cz ring looks nice. A little color makes a ring pop
  9. No problem here! I'm glad to be finding anything better than crusty clad coins. Nice looking rings there, and although I did try the Equinox myself the tone style did not suit my ears at all for some reason. The more I use the ORX the more I like it. Between it and the T2SE, they are making a good team for my purposes. Hope you find a lot more good rings and coins!
  10. From what I can tell it is a teddy bear. There was a company named Silvermoon making them. They aren't worth much but pretty cool find nonetheless. Here is a link I found that sold it once upon a time
  11. It was a lucky day today. I've been in a silver lust mode and wanted a ring of some sort. Well today both things seemed to crash into one another. Took the ORX out and went over a place I've been to before. This place has produced some whet pennies and clad stuff but I never expected to find this little kid's ring. It was down just a few inches and rang up 90-91 on my XP ORX. Really thought it was a dime. Inside there is a 925 marking. It's sterling silver! Brought it home applied the baking soda with a drop of water to shine her up a little. Can't figure out if a kid used this on their finger or as a toe ring. It's very small. For all of you that wonder.. YES the XP ORX will hit the goodies!
  12. It was too cold yesterday to detect and the wind was blowing too. Today was different! So out we go (me and my wife) to a new elementary school. I used my trusty T2SE with the Cors Shrew. The conditions were for lack of a better word- weird. Coins were coming in much different than how they usually do on the ID. This is one of those areas where the dirt is red and filled with the golden sparkle flakes everywhere. Well onto the meat and potatoes. I found some clad quarters, dimes, a nickel and crusty pennies. Ran over the entire chip bark lot and had just told my wife "It's time to get the ORX out and sweep up". Right at that moment i got a quarter signal and out pops this pretty shiny coin at 7" in the chip and red clay. It is a 1953 Canadian Silver 25 cent piece. It looks rather worn to me and is my first Canadian Silver. I was very excited to get that. Question is, HOW did it get here in the states on a playground? I have a feeling some kid raided a coin collection and wanted to ditch the evidence maybe. After that find the ORX was deployed and found another 2 quarters a couple more dimes, a nickel and more pennies. Oh yeah, also found a "Chuck E Cheese" token. First token I've dug. First and second picture is the silver coin. Last pic is the crusty clad haul. The silver was already sort of scratched looking on the face when found. So in all today, the 1953 silver canadian, 7 clad quarters, 10 clad dimes, 2 nickels, 14 clad pennies. I threw some corroded pennies away because they had edges that was ragged. Pleased with today's silver and will not complain about coinstar clad!
  13. Factory stock coil is now sold and shipped. On its way to devilsrenegade ! Super nice guy to deal with. Thanks for the purchase. I'm looking forward to that coil being used by you.
  14. That Simplex is a lot of detector for the money. The Field mode seems to be outrageously strong. Looks well made. I'm impressed with it based on the video. I like it's "language" too, the audio sounds very good. I know a lot of you guys are Equinox fans, and I had one myself but this Simplex seems to be a really nice unit. When I get some spare money will look into getting me one.
  15. Yes, it is still available and comes with the nylon bolt and nylon nut for fastening to a rod. It has sat in the same place since the items were advertised for sale.
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