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  1. I wish them the best with this. Hopefully we will see a hybrid using the best of tech from both companies.
  2. heh, this is the redneck kicking in again. I understand this as I am a refined redneck myself. Calabash Digger, What I like about you is that you are no BS, no put-on. What you see is what you get. I appreciate your time in things, and it is often hard for people to understand brutality in truth these days. Please continue to be yourself and honest.
  3. Garrett: "I hate this NC Redneck fella!" Minelab: "That dude could tear the horns off a brass billy goat. We setn him refurb junk as replacements int he past. We best send him an actual new unit next time." Me: "I love this guy!"
  4. I totally get it. You've lost confidence in it. That has happened to me many times. Like SVen1 said, if the detector is killing your interest in metal detecting it's GOTTA GO!! Other mentioned the Vanquish, from reports and tests it appears the Vanquish may even have more accurate target ID than the Equinox in some cases. It's a heck of a deal for a lot of detector too. Whichever direction you go I wish you the best with it and hope what you choose finds you many great things. Can you please report back to us when you get a different detector and take it out? I would enjoy hearing y
  5. I can understand the lack of confidence in a certain detector. Most of us go through that, myself a lot. This often happens no matter what kind of detector you run. I was unable to try the Multi Kruzer I bought because it had issues out of the box unfortunately. I will speak on what I feel comfortable about concerning the Equinox 800. The Equinox 800 has far more settings than the Equinox 600. The 800 allows you to change the tone pitch and break points, the 600 does not. My hunting is mainly on school yards, old home sites, and fields. No beach hunting. The Equinox like most detectors wi
  6. I would enjoy testing anything new Nokta puts out. I hunt primarily parks and schools with old homesites mixed in. Very trashy, iron infested places and sparkle dirt with varying mineralization is the norm here. That would be a good test. Sadly though, not near the beach.
  7. The only things I have disc'd out are -9 to zero. I run my threshold at 3. Heard it some yesterday blanking or rather going silent. So at this point will assume it is some heavy iron garbage I surely do not want.
  8. I appreciate this guy doing the test. No bias involved. Impressed with the Simplex. For a single channel VLF it does ok. Also agree that it would have been better to see this in actual water or water filled holes. Wonder how the equinox does in this test? I have not personally been to the beach since 2007 😞 With work how it is, along with finances it is unlikely I will see the beach anytime soon. I'm a land hunter and do heavy trash/garbage sites. It's tough detecting grounds for me. Machine gun fire iron on anything I use. I envy the people close enough to beaches that can take
  9. Ok, so this is a subject I have not touched on much and despite me finding things I do wonder. Concerning Threshold of the Minelab Equinox in park mode and field mode specifically. Mine is set fairly low at volume lvl 4. There are times when it goes silent yet I have no "target" on the screen. What exactly does it mean when you are going over an area and the threshold tone disappears or "nulls out to silence" for a second but yet there is no target audio? Does it mean my ground balance is not set correctly? Seriously wondering, as I want to get every last particle of performance out
  10. It is highly unlikely it will ever see the light of day.
  11. I know this is a dead horse on many fronts and is highly variable and dependent upon soil conditions, metal condition, etc. But I will once again try to gain some insight. So here goes! 1) What ID range have you found gold rings to fall into on the ORX?(50-59 for instance) 2) Is there a particular ID range that nothing but junk appears to huddle into? (0-45 for instance) I know it is difficult and a dodgy question of sorts but I've never found anything good below the 60's, as it mostly appears to be can slaw, iron, or foil fragments. Another zone of junk seems to be in the 70's.
  12. I've used my ORX in the same way behind the Equinox 800. I do consider the ORX the last vacuum sweeper on a site. It finds the last of anything valuable. I feel like the Equinox sometimes throws so many ID's at you that it is confusing and you get brain overload. The ORX ID is much simpler.
  13. I get what you are saying, and own an ORX myself. They are good units. Like mentioned I would like to tailor the tone pitch. It is not a problem with the 3 tone limitation, just how they sound to my ears. A higher top end pitch would help me. a way to limit the iron volume would also help me. I like to hear the iron just not as loud as all the other tones. If I did not like the ORX I would not have bought a second one. Gotta admit though, the pinpoint feature on the ORX is cumbersome. I have seen times the ORX found things over same patch my equinox didn't quite pull something out of.
  14. I do not have this problem because I am a glutton for punishment. I had the Equinox 600 first and felt it was a "crippled" version of the 800. Got rid of it. Some time later I purchased the Equinox 800, and feel better about that. It allows me to set the tones to my ears, where the 600 did not allow it. I have an XP ORX, and it is a good little unit but again I feel held back and that it is a crippled version of the Deus. Unfortunately I could not afford the Deus so I still have the ORX (this is my second one) with the X35 11" coil. Of all the things I wish the ORX would do is allow tone
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