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  1. I've ran one of these many years ago. I even found a real gold ring with it. Matter of fact the only gold ring ever found by myself in all these years. It is capable of finding the stuff but also has some weaknesses. Depth being one of them. It could reliably detect and ID down to about 4 inches from what I seen. Mine loved the can slaw and iron. Forget using it in heavily mineralized soil, it will randomly beep when nothing is there. It's also possible you may be into some interference like others mentioned. Reducing sensitivity is also another wise thing to try, because when that is too
  2. I think it is best left alone. It would be another matter entirely if you had stumbled across it unintentionally while out detecting THEN learned of the situation surrounding the loss. It's all about perception, and in today's climate of finger pointing I just don't see any good coming from it. Some things and wounds are better left closed.
  3. I'm a realist. I'd settle for getting into some places I asked permission for but they either said NO or did not respond.
  4. OHH YEAHHH. Fun with PVC!! My wife still does not understand my fascination with PVC pipe. I do all kinds of things with it. The office chair I'm sitting in now for example- The hydraulic lift kept sinking down without me pressing it. I set it to the height I use all the time, measured and cut a piece of PVC pipe to go over the pump. Sinking chair problem gone for over a year now!
  5. Thank you for sharing the finds and interesting observations about the area. It is always fun to get into places where "why is that here?" pops up in your mind. You do have a point though. Just what went on there? Keep on scanning and digging. The more shallower things you dig out the more deeper items can sound off for you. Happy Hunting! I hope you find some great things there.
  6. I live in Rockingham County. Nothing here to hunt but pulltabs, can slaw, and clad if you are lucky. The climate towards metal detecting around here has sure became unfriendly. I sure hope you have it better there in Catawba County.
  7. The weight, no cords, and collapsing stem are all reasons why I had to buy another ORX. It is good on those days you don't want to swing something heavier.
  8. Welcome! You will find there are many kind people here. I don't do prospecting but metal detect for coins when I can. Too cold and wet right now for me! Be safe out there and hope you find a bucket full of gold.
  9. How long has it been lost? This may sound counter-productive but if it is a recent drop I would turn the sens down. Listen for whispers, not deep signals or strong ones. You will be wanting to home in on a very small signal. I've been able to find things as small as tiny shoe sequins smaller the size of a pencil eraser and with the stock coil. It's going to take some serious patience on your end. Do you have the other earring at hand for analysis with the equinox? That would also help greatly in tuning.
  10. I'm really surprised about fishing lures and the absent hooks. Do the hooks just rot away or do people remove them for photos? I'd sure hate to dig up a lure with hook intact.. Talk about a real nightmare if that rusty tetanus-laced hook got in a finger.
  11. I can relate to this particular post. Beyond my wife, no one else in my life has ever been loyal to me like I was to them. They always threw me to the wolves even though I stood with them til the end if they were in the right. This is a sobering thing when it happens to you numerous times in your life and even your own family throws you away simply because you failed to bend to their will. It was a situation for me where my wife and myself were being lied about, attacked, etc. And you know what, I chose my wife. I do not regret it. She has always stuck with me and always backed me up. We
  12. The interesting part is that I've never purchased a detector from Kellyco. Could care less about their motivations or business model. Don't like them? Don't buy from them. Money talks! For me personally I only seen the newbie detector person with some finds that are considered "meager" by others. And as another poster said not everyone knows about the feelings towards Kellyco. I sure don't know the whole story admittedly. Perhaps I was simply having a weak moment and didn't realize the company might be using the person as a sales pitch. "shrugs" Didn't see that possibility initially.
  13. Maybe her places to metal detect suck like mine do. Perhaps she only detects when she can get away from work or other things. Not all of us can get away from work or have nice places to metal detect. I'm glad she found some things. Seems she has the right idea of just enjoying it instead of competing.
  14. My box label also says Made in Malaysia. I'm really sorry your unit took on water. Your hardship with the water ingress along with others has reinforced my decision to never submerge the control unit of mine. It's a shame because the Equinox is a good detector all around. Sort of sad that the one thing it is so good at (in the water) it can't be trusted 100% not to break because of these seal problems. Send it in for warranty!
  15. I can verify these headphones work with the Equinox. They are high quality aptx. They work well and have better sound compared to the wireless headphones that come with the Equinox 800. https://www.mypaww.com/products/paww-wavesound-2-1?variant=14356841300010
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