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  1. Will try to get it to a jewelry shop this weekend, time permitting.
  2. Got out again today since I had it off from work. Could not resist. Found this ring that rang up 12-13 on the EQ800. Although it looked promising there are no markings on the ring. Where there should have been a marking it looks "repaired" in that area. Can't figure out whether it is plated or just some old junk ring. Will try to get it tested at a jeweler tomorrow if possible. Also found a quarter, couple dimes, some pennies and loads of can slaw with wonderful pull tabs. I also noticed since updating that corroded clad pennies ring up low, 17-19. The previous version never did that for me in the couple times I used it. So dunno if I will stick with the update or not. For fun I also ran this ring over my Teknetics T2 and it read 55. *shrugs* it may be a low karat gold but will not know til it is tested.
  3. After last weekend's miserable trip and very few finds today I was off from work and simply had to try out a couple places. The first place was a new permission. All I found was a clad dime, 1 wheat penny, and a copper lincoln. Lotsa junk targets though at that place. Frustrated I left there and hit another place on the way back home I've been to numerous times. It's the same place other silver has been found. The T2 and ORX both had ran over this place and not found anything else worth digging. What a perfect place to test the new Equinox 800 at, huh! First couple targets were assorted junk items like thin wires and can slaw. I then decided to cherry pick and only dig high tones. Horseshoe mode engaged could hear all kinds of iron garbage in the ground. Turned that off and went to disc. Got a sweet high tone and it was repeatable. Dug it and down 9 inches popped out a 1934 Mercury Dime. Also found a crusty wheat penny but unable to determine date yet due to crud on it.Although the face is scratched up (I did not do that) the sides still have very pronounced ridges. The back edge is worn down a bit. Very happy to see this coin with the Equinox. The other detectors never seen this dime and I ran over that same spot multiple hunts with both the T2 and the ORX. This one place has been good to me but really think there is no more silver left now. Today was another one of those days where working hard was necessary to pull finds. One thing I am learning is that the Equinox 800 will punch deep down into the dirt to get the goodies.
  4. I went ahead and flashed the newest software update. Did some "air testing" afterwards. Seemed stable and well behaved. Did FP before update and after just for good measure. Messed around a little with the notch breakpoints. Wanted quarters to sing out at the highest pitch instead of possibly falling into T4. Maybe not a good idea but want to try it out. Took the Equinox out today to a couple "hunted out" junk holes before the update. Dug some nice pulltabs and can slaw. I knew better than to dig those numbers but was trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel. The conditions were very bad in that 1st place. Down at 10 inches one target laid that was showing 30 and faint, out it came and was a rusty old bolt head looked like. There was also actual coal in this particular hole. In ages past, they used coal to heat the old school. Have hunted this old school many times this year with the ORX and T2. The ORX did find that small silver kid ring in the ground of this area. Pretty sure that place has been hunted before by many others long before I ever detected it. Not wanting to waste anymore time at that place went down the road a piece to a newer school. Have detected this one a few times also with other detectors. Nothing but clad on those old hunts and some little bling like things. Today was the day of small cans. Was getting 25-26 repeatable signal. The little cans like potted meat cans looked like. Dug 3 of them, all down in excess of 7 inches. Dug some nice can slaw, a pull tab, then finally hit a couple clad dimes. Then out in a larger field hit a clad quarter. Walked over to the other wood chip area and found 2 more clad dimes and another clad quarter(8 inches down in mineralized clay). My shoulder was cutting up so it was time to go. Not a total wipe out but I certainly did have to work for these meager things today. I did think today would be a day without any finds at all worth speaking of. Luckily the Equinox came through. Not the unit, the location sucked and maybe I did too a bit. I will say that these 2 places are difficult to hunt, and they have been with everything I've used up until today. To find anything of value is an accomplishment. The Equinox did come through today and punched down into the ground deeper than other detectors have. The soil is difficult in a lot of spots also. I'm confident the Equinox is the right unit, but there is a lot for me to learn with it. This is going to take some time. Nothing but Park 1 today with minor modifications, mainly in tone pitches. I don't foresee myself going back to those 2 spots and if I do it will be quite a while.
  5. I'm on the fence about updating it. Things went really good on the first hunt. To be honest I'm sort of afraid to tinker with things seeing as how it did so well the way I had it set. There is always a concern that perhaps the factory flash is the best and maybe some weirdness could be introduced doing it "at home". That is me being brutally honest. I imagine they already have the chips loaded up from a hardware programming perspective (direct connection to the board itself with factory interface) vs when we do it through a USB port that is primarily used for charging. Just a thought. Now that may seem a bit paranoid to you guys but hey.. I've seen a PC BIOS flash go bad a time or two. This is really no different, as you are indeed upgrading the firmware on a chip.
  6. I will go check right now, but thought I did press the accept key and got a bleep but no F2 change. Thank you for the info! Update: Nope, no F2 option using described method only a bleep sound
  7. My new Equinox does not seem to have the newest firmware. I do not see the F2 option so pretty sure it is not the latest firmware. I've read varying opinions on the newest update. All sorts of things have been said, good and bad. Some say it has messed with the ID a bit too much and thrown them off from what it used to be. Some say the addition of F2 has been a good thing, others say nope. So, what do you think? Should I just run it like it is or is the new firmware somehow better in general? Curious is all and would enjoy hearing from anyone that cares to respond with their experiences and findings. Thanks for your time
  8. Hey everybody. Since I have bought the Equinox 800 as all of you know it comes with the WM08 module. I really don't hear of anyone much using that module. Minelab claims it has 17ms latency. Supposedly the AptX LL headphones have around 40ms latency. Coming from a computer/networking background I do realize there is a difference between these numbers. But in the real world of using the Equinox has anyone ran the WM08 and found it to be noticeably "quicker" than the wireless headphones? I have only been out on 1 hunt so far with the Equinox 800 and was very pleased and used the headphones. The headphones are very nice, very comfy to wear and have good audio. However I have a pair of gray ghost headphones I use with my Teknetics T2SE and really like them. I have ordered the headphone adapter cable from Digger's Den (Thanks again Brian for having the best price) and plan to try out the WM08 with the trusty gray ghosts. I don't feel it is necessary to baby the gray ghosts vs I do feel the minelab wireless headphones need more care and gentle handling. So again I ask, has anyone else used the WM08 and found it to be better in some way? It seems it is a waste to not put the module to work. Call it ignorance, but I want the lowest latency possible.
  9. Welcome! It's nice to meet you (in a sense). Happy hunting, hope you find many great things.
  10. Received my Equinox 800 yesterday. Charged the detector and headphones up yesterday. Took my time putting it together and inspecting it. Rain and cold yesterday so no hunting. Today was different. Didn't even read the manual. Got it out this morning in the house and turned it on for first time. Ran a couple coins across the coil then went to tinkering a little bit. Park 1 stock except for threshold which I set to 3. FE to 3, left recovery speed at 5. notched out 39 and 40 , took the T1 volume down to 3 paired up my headphones and that was it. Took it to a place I had been one other time with my other detectors, and had really racked up with the other units there. Well.. The Equinox was doing really well today. 18 dimes, 6 quarters, 17 pennies 4 nickels, and a gold plated silver ring(my wife found that by eye!). less than 3 pulltabs dug today ( ID=14=pull tab for me). Used park 1 and nothing else. Didn't make any changes other than above. Ran sensitivity at 16-18. Some EMI was present so varied it according to that. Ground Balanced too. I did try 0 but found an actual ground balance did better. It handled that dreaded red dirt with gold specks like a boss! deepest find today was a copper penny at 8.5" down and under 3 different types of material (wood chip top, red dirt with gold specks, and sandy clay). I'm very happy with today's first outing and have no doubt I made the right choice in getting this unit. Seems I'm finally ready to appreciate all it has to offer. Gotta say the EQ600 I had earlier this year ran NOTHING like this unit. This thing is smooth and I can understand it. Almost forgot. I also had a piece of Skinomi techskin screen protector left over from when I bought it years ago for a tablet. Took a piece of paper and traced out the equinox control pod front as a template. Then I cut a piece best I could that would fit over the entire front, or most of it anyway. Managed to have just enough to cover the screen and buttons. So far that is working like a charm. Really cut down on the glare problem so many speak of. Had no trouble seeing the screen today.
  11. To each their own I reckon. Any day out detecting is better than staying indoors due to cold and rain! I like finding coins and whenever I can get out that is a good hunt. Hunt whatever you can whenever you can. The Equinox is a great machine.
  12. I think at this point it should work out for me. When I got the EQ600 earlier this year it was the first time I'd detected in over a decade. After spending a fair amount of time with metal detectors this year and actually getting out there, do believe I can learn an Equinox now. One thing I do know though, after having the little 6" DD coil with the 600, I don't think it will be something I buy again. I have the T2SE for cherry picking shallower finds with a small coil. When you get to a point you can even find a small rivet the size of a BB down to 4 inches I fail to see a reason in buying the 6" coil for the Equinox. The Equinox's mission will be to find deeper things I've been missing in adverse ground conditions. It will also be the detector I use anytime I suspect there is a chance of rain!
  13. I appreciate it. The 800 should give me enough wiggle room with the tone pitch settings to get it more agreeable with my caveman brain and ears. The T2SE isn't going anywhere. Matter of fact I just ordered a Cors Scout for it. Already have another lower rod to put that coil in. Once the 800 arrives I can charge it up and begin playing with it. Will probably be week after next before I get it. Have to ship my ORX out to be inspected and have it deemed "good" towards the 800 as a trade. I'm not worried about that step because it has been well taken care of. Not a scratch on anything, other than a nick or two on coil cover. Never seen water beyond on a rag to wipe off the coil after a hunt. Always kept a cover over the control unit too.
  14. Really appreciate all the responses. I've already boxed up my XP ORX and will be sending that out for a trade towards the EQ800. We always take a loss in these doings, and I really like the ORX but facts are facts. The Equinox 800 is a better machine in a lot of ways. This awful soil I'm running into is something that must be dealt with. Why not throw all you can at it? That's my plan. There is one place in particular I feel still has some goodies to give up and hunting with the EQ800 is going to be fun, even in the cold! This go round I'm giving it all my attention, and think it will be enjoyable to have more things to fiddle with vs the 600. Like I told my wife, we do not have anything right now that is really good for beach conditions or waterproof. Do not plan to submerge the control unit but those summer showers (the misty ones) have ran me off.. Not anymore!
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