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  1. I have decided to sell my Teknetics T2 LTD with 3 coils and 2 lower rods along with control pod cover and battery pod boot cover. Package only, no splitting up into pieces. This detector is in extra mint condition (Purchased 05/2019 new) with no display scratches (always ran with the protector), no dirt/mud on the grip, no battery compartment lid issues/ no corrosion, etc. not a single problem. If I had to nitpick the only thing is the second E in the Teknetics sticker, one of them the upper part came off. The Cors Shrew coil has always been ran with a cover and never submerged (It is an excellent coil and is extremely powerful for its size. I've found the most coins overall with this detector and coil combo vs anything else I've ever used). The Cors Scout has only been used out in my yard for less than an hour. The 5" DD has never been used but has been connected to test. All Coils come with fasteners and rubber gaskets. Asking Price $425.00 SHIPPED, US ONLY. Paypal is preferred, however I will take personal checks or money orders(Detector will ship after the check "clears"). I'm available to speak to anyone who is interested via telephone or email. Just PM me here. If you do not like the price make a reasonable offer via PM. The Package includes The Teknetics T2LTD detector, Cors Shrew coil, Cors Scout coil, and Teknetics 5" DD. It also includes control pod/display protector and battery compartment boot cover. It also includes 2 lower rods. New Batteries installed and ready to use. I hate to sell it but need the money for something else, and I have not used it in quite some time.
  2. Well I can't complain now, they completely replaced it with NIB unit. I think the pinpointer has the same issues as some Equinoxes do, waterproofing and buttons. Mine never was submerged. The only water it seen was some ran over the handle and a damp rag. If it can't take that then it is definitely not water resistant and for sure not waterproof. Always dried it off after cleaning too. When it works it is a nice pinpointer with a lot of detection depth. Mine worked a while but didn't hold up to light use. I even wrapped Temflex (a rubber material for splicing. It has no adhesive but adheres to itself when stretched over itself) over the tip to prevent damage to the tip. Any time the Temflex wore down I would replace it. So it was well taken care of. For now this one remains sealed in the box. And yes, I also tried Lithium 9V and the EBL rechargeable 9V Lithium-ion along with numerous high quality alkaline 9v all with same behavior. My Mars pinpointer is using one of the EBL's now and has been on 6 hunts without a recharge with no problems.
  3. Dog, Thank you for the positive words. I've tried the asking thing too and get the no treatment. I realize that is always a possibility. With the heat right now it isn't helping my mood, haha. I will not outright give up at this point but may take a break for a bit. My work is going to get unbearable for the next few months and had hoped I would have this outlet before and maybe during that time. It is a let-down. Joe, The place he is destroying is an old closed school. I know where the guy lives, who he works for (hoodlums), etc. He even spoke to us one day and talked about how he had snuck in places and been ran out. I told him to his face that "some idiot is digging craters and leaving a damn mess and that puts a black eye on all people who metal detect." What did he do? Lie and try to blame it on someone else. But when I seen his shovel I knew it was his holes. After he left I checked where he was and sure enough, the proof was there even though he had made a weak attempt at covering it up. 3 years of past experience working in a prison helps me sort truth from crapola and call a piece of dung fairly accurately. The guy is just a rotten apple all the way around. Dang shame the idiot uses an Equinox too. Yes the "no digging" thing is in effect in all the surrounding counties near here as well. One has nerve enough to be blunt and say no metal detecting also. It's downright hostile against metal detecting these days.
  4. Today I received a new in the box Pro Find 35. I have not opened it and may not pending what I decide to do. Thank you Minelab, I appreciate you taking care of this customer.
  5. I'm glad you are getting out and have places to hunt and enjoy metal detecting. Any finds are good at this point. Rock on!
  6. My usual places are being eliminated one by one. Most of my places are public in nature. One of my favorite places I tried to hunt today and there was a police car sitting there. A bad sign. So I pulled around the back like normal and notice everything locked up and new cameras installed... So he comes back there and I speak to him. I told him we had been metal detecting that place over a year and now notice it locked up. As he put it, "fighting and stuff". In other words either drug related, gang related, or general hoodlum behavior. This has happened a lot to me lately, good places being off limits now for nothing I've done. I went to another place where a known idiot has been that likes to dig craters. I had hoped he would have moved on by now but no. Instead it looks like a mine field now over the entire area. That moron has dug so many holes it is unreal. Always the same, dirt left on the ground and a non packed remnant of the plug in the hole. That was enough for me today and another place permanently marked off my list. I'm starting to get frustrated more and more and today I even told my wife "Between the hoodlums and idiots messing things up, I may as well just sell all my equipment and give this hobby up." Anybody else feeling this way? I enjoy metal detecting but here lately it's peeved me off about how other people's behavior can impact my hunting grounds..
  7. Amazing finds! I love to see stuff like this. A big difference between what you can find over there vs the garbage here in the states. Like even in the bare places over there you still find things we just don't have access to. Cute pup with you too. Hope you find an entire chest of gold!
  8. Really ridiculous the amount of stuff OBN finds. If I didn't know any better I'd think he has an alien implant in his head that helps.
  9. If you listen to the posters that have flooded Equinox units that would lead you to believe the best practice may be to stay out of the water. In light of that, the Vanquish seems to be doing the trick long as people don't get too far near the control pod.
  10. Aww come on.. We all know you have VERY deep pockets sir!
  11. I reserve final opinion until actual buyers report in how the Apex does. We the little people have yet to touch one or use it. How much is real and how much is hype?? Time will tell
  12. OK OK I'm going to update with this new version soon as I get time enough to fool with it. I'm always willing to test things out. Unfortunately my free time is very limited and I'd rather be finding things than trying to figure out a new way of acting by my metal detector. So far things seem positive, especially concerning the ID numbers, which is a welcome thing.
  13. Another thing just crossed my mind. Perhaps the real differences between the 800 and 600 is more the control pod housing difference (1 switch and button for user profile shortcut button). It sure seems like it would be more cost effective to created 1 circuit board with the only difference being the switch mentioned and control housing with that button. It probably has a code that "locks" it to being a 600 vs taking 800 code. Just a thought. Sort of like how in the past some video cards could be flashed with another bios from a totally different model that boosted performance. In those cases the boards were identical, with the firmware being the limiting factor on extra speeds along with heatsinks being added.
  14. Unfortunately it appears you can't rely on the Target ID at extreme depth which is no surprise. We do know that big iron "wraps around" and will show a 39-40 target ID. So.. the questions is how deep are you willing to dig and possibly hit big iron and not a hoard at all? Maybe I'm wrong but I do have 39 and 40 notched OUT on my EQ800. Perhaps I'm missing treasure chests and large silver hoards. All I ever hit with it were deep nails with those ID's. Decisions, Decisions!
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