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  1. I probably wasn’t very clear myself. I’m not really speaking of ground noise or falsing, although it could be that. We all know that rusty iron can still be seen by the detector, even with Iron Mask turned on. The rust changes the conductivity of the metal; usually giving a variety of VDI readings. While using the 6” coil, I hear more of these and other marginal targets that are on the edge of the discrimination points, than I do with the 11”. In other words, the discrimination seems to work better on the bigger coil. As a result, it runs quieter. I know smaller coils are more sensitive than larger. So, maybe it just the “Nature of the Beast” with these types of targets. I was just wondering if everyone else was experiencing the same thing when switching to the 6”. BTW, what Sensitivity levels are some of you running on your 6”? Do you find the need to turn it down like I do?
  2. I sent this to White's today and got a response. A friend of mine thought that some of the "mods" may have been incorporated in the new model. Hi Jack: I was wondering whether there are any internal differences between the TDI SL and the TDI SL High-Q. In other words, did White's change anything electronically? Thanks! Walt ************************************************************************************************************************* Hi Walt The two detectors are the same inside Thanks Jack
  3. It turned out to be a Dual Field coil. I suppose you could call it an Elliptical but I think I would have preferred one based on their Eclipse 1400 coil size and design. Thanks! Walt
  4. My buddy Joe does that. Otherwise he'd be done in two hours! With the 6 inch, I don't have to. I could hunt all day. Probably would take me that long to cover one area with that small coil, anyway. 😆 Thanks! Walt
  5. Never been a big fan of the bungees although I use one on my gas powered weed trimmer. Don't like being tethered to my detector. Wired head phones were bad enough. Thanks for the suggestion, though! You'd need one for that length of time. I'm usually good for 3 or 4 hours. Walt
  6. So, how well does it work, Steve? Thanks! Walt
  7. Thanks Chuck. I will. My biggest fear is I'm already losing depth because of the coil size. I'm afraid of losing even more by turning the Sensitivity down too far. Walt
  8. San Gabriel (East Fork) or San Bernardino (Holcombe Valley, Big Bear)? Great find! BTW, I was born in Santa Monica. It's still one of my favorite beaches to hunt. Thanks! Walt
  9. My Metal Detecting Buddy thought that this model may differ internally from the standard SL in that it may have some of the mods or updates that have become so popular with it's fans. Any thoughts? Thanks! Walt
  10. Chuck, my back yard is really trashy so I usually hunt with it at 15 because it's worse at 20; still noisy. Thanks! Walt
  11. I put my 6" coil on immediately after I got it and loved how light weight it was (ordered it with the detector). I've used the 11" twice. Once at the beach in SoCal and then again yesterday. I noticed that the 6" is a bit noisier than the 11. Any thoughts! BTW, at a sensitivity of 20, it was finding pennies and dimes at 5" - 6" 😱
  12. I have bad shoulders and find the 11” coil to be a bit cumbersome to swing. While the 6” is nice and light, you can’t get much ground coverage per swing. Anybody come out with a 10” solid Elliptical yet? Thanks! Walt ps: I know it only weighs something like 2.5 lbs. with the stock coil but you can sure tell the difference!
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