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  1. I'm lowering the price on this to $1000, shipped. You won't find a package like this for any less!
  2. I was under the impression that those "Pre-set" modes come with a certain amount of disc. Am I wrong?
  3. I’ve seen two comparison videos recently; this one with the Nox and the other was a Simplex. The problem with these guys is they’re comparing apples to oranges. They’re running these machines in one of the preset programs like “Park” and comparing them to the Apex with zero discrimination. Not a very fair test if you ask me. They should at least have put it in Coin mode or run both in “All Metal”.
  4. At first I'm thinking, no threshold, no small gold. I did an air test (@ 20 kHz) and it found a 1.5 grain nugget at 1 inch ! I was glad to see that as the launch video indicated it would find "small gold nuggets".
  5. I had been a multi-line dealer since 2005. I moved back to Oregon in 2011 and continued to do so. 75% of the people in my Prospecting club owned Metal Detectors. Of those, at least 75% were White’s. I was living and selling in White’s Country! As a result, I concentrated on that brand. I didn’t give up my other dealerships. I just didn’t order unless somebody needed something. I stocked White’s only. Garrett is a family owned US company with a reputation of excellent Customer Service. Not only that, they’re solid financially. I recently learned that they purchase all the parts i
  6. Back around 2009 or 10, Fisher reintroduced the Gold Bug. Then came the Pro model. After that was the F-Series. Other than their Pulse Pin Pointer, they haven’t released anything new in quite a while.
  7. I had similar problems in parks with the 6" coil. Not so much with the 11". I did run it in 10 kHz to see if I could duplicate the results I had with a borrowed Simplex. They were similar. I'm thinking of doing just that but was waiting for the grass to die. Anybody else not water their grass in the summer to avoid a bigger water bill? lol
  8. I’m selling my GM24K. It has everything that came in the box; light weight headphones, plastic garden trowel and manual. Also, included (or sold separately) is the 4X6 D/D coil, the 6” Round Concentric with covers and a Bullseye TRX Pin Pointer. If purchased together, extra coils will come with lower rods and hardware. I think I might also have a used Whites carry bag. $1200 with free shipping and insurance to the Continental US. PayPal accepted: wrevens@yahoo.com Call me if you have any questions or concerns @ 541-315-2030. Thanks! Walt ps: I didn’t add any
  9. This is slightly used. Has less than 30 hours on it. $150 with free shipping to the Continental US. PayPal accepted, send to: wrevens@yahoo.com Thanks! Walt
  10. Has any one tested the Makro Gold Kruzer against one or the other of the White's detectors listed in the topic? Thanks! Walt
  11. I used to like in Southern California. A couple times we went down Beach Detecting after a storm. You could see thick concentrations of Black Sand laying on the surface. A SF VLF machine just wouldn’t work. It would overload as soon as the coil got close to the ground. At that time, Minelab’s FBS and BBS technology (Explorer & Excalibur) was the only game in town. That type of MF worked very well as did the PI’s like White’s Surfmaster, Garrett's Infinium LS and Sea Hunter. If you didn’t have one of those, you didn’t hunt! I’ve never tried anything like a Spectra or Equinox Se
  12. The 6" coil was even worse. I had to lower the sensitivity down to 10. Yes, that's what I was talking about. All those marginal "Rusty" targets. I once had a pipe cap read as a 50 cent piece. Whether you believe your knowledgeable or not, I've enjoyed your input the short time I've been on the forum.
  13. My home was built in 1900. My backyard is polluted with rusty iron in different sizes and stages of deterioration. When iron becomes rusty, the metal detector no longer sees it as such. So, Iron Mask and Discrimination can’t do their job. It reads anywhere from foil to gold to silver. My thought and the reason for the thread in the first place is that I’m guessing that because it’s all over the VDI Spectrum, each frequency that excels on the numbers that they react to best, are seeing it (rusty iron) as targets. As a result, all I’m getting is a lot of noise. I ran the singl
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