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  1. Luckily my stepson the Mechanic had a T-6 Star bit! 8 was the smallest I had. Walt
  2. I finally got my Axiom Demo unit and neither the Charging cord nor the External Battery will plug in. This is due to the fact that the washer used to hold the Rubber Cap is either too big or set too high. (see attached photo). I was able to charge it with my (white) Phone Cord as it's thinner than the rounded (black) Garrett Cord. (see attached photo) I'm going to see if I have a small enough bit to take it out and either readjust it or replace it with a smaller washer. I'd really hate to have to ship it all the way back for something like this. I just wanted to make you all aware of the problem. Walt
  4. I put them on and it makes the machine fall over easier so will probably remove them. Walt
  5. I just received an email from my distributor confirming my order. “Should be at the Sparks (Nevada) warehouse soon”. I asked about the accessory coils and they’re not available yet. Thought everyone would like to hear the good news! Walt
  6. No, I was referring to the Gold Finder 2000 when I spoke of wireless. However, I use the Garrett Z-Lynk Transmitter and MS3 headphones with the 24K. 6X faster than Bluetooth! Although, many prefer an external speaker in the desert environment where poisonous snakes live. Walt
  7. Well then, if you're not afraid of the technology, I'd sell the MXT and buy a Legend. You can purchase the detector with two coils for less than the price of the Equinox800 with one. I'd opt for either the factory Neoprene housing cover or the canvas one from Deano on eBay. From my experience, the MXT didn't do well on small gold, even with the smaller coil. I've never been to run one with the sensitivity past 7. Too bad they didn't put a Boost mode on it like they did the GMT! With Whites being out of business, the value of their products seems to have dropped considerably. I'm not sure you're going to get much for it, Bob. Walt
  8. I took a class from Ray Mills in the Redding, California area. He pretty much uses the GM1000 with the 5" coil. He also has a GPX6000 but probably saves that for depth or bad ground. He's a professional Nugget Hunter. He also writes articles for the Mining Journal. Steve H knows him. I had plans early in the year to go to the GPAA Gold Show in Southern California but then they changed the date. I was going to stop in Ray's area as well as Barstow (Coolgardie Area) or Randsburg and test out the GF2000. Since they moved the show to July, I canceled the trip. Right now, I'm swinging the Garrett GM24K. It's only a little higher than the Monster @ 48kHz but has more adjustments. I know high-frequency "Silent Search" detectors like the GM1K, GF2K, and the GB2 (silent in the Disc Mode) can find the small stuff but you just can't beat the extra sensitivity that comes with having a Threshold. I have a friend with the Minelab. We're planning a trip to our claim near Winnemucca, Nevada next year. We'll get a chance to do a comparison then. Walt
  9. To answer your question Bob, while there have been advances in Metal detectors since the MXT was first released, it is a good unit, and many are still in use today. How tech-savvy are you? The Legend is a great machine and has a true prospecting mode that will find the small stuff. It is completely menu driven, like a smartphone. You could replace your current detector with it if that’s what you wanted. Although, with knobs and switches, the MXT is easy to use. The only complaint I’ve ever heard was that due to its 14 kHz frequency, it does poorly on finding deep copper and silver coins. A Multi-frequency detector would help with that. If you like the way it works, you might want to keep it and buy a dedicated Gold machine like the Garrett (formerly White’s) Goldmaster 24K. Although it’s also menu driven, the adjustments are easy to make. It’s going for about $680 US. The simplest Gold Detectors are the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 at 45 kHz and the Nokta Gold Finder 2000 @ 61kHz (only 10 less than the GB2). In the US the Minelab detector can be had for $899 and the Nokta for just under $722. Both come with two coils but the GF2K has an external wireless speaker you can use as a stand-alone or you can plug headphones into if you like. It also works with their Green Wireless Headphones (not included). I hope this is helpful. Good Luck! Walt
  10. This is a late post and you've already purchased your Pro-Pointer AT. The only problem I had was I was used to the White's TRX reading off the tip. It took me some time to become accustomed to the 360-degree search field on the Garrett. Often I would think the target was at the bottom of the hole when in fact, it was on the side. I do love the fact that I can hear the Z-Lynk model in my headphones! Walt
  11. I use these on all my detectors, Garrett or otherwise. Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless Kit | Garrett Metal Detectors Walt
  12. They were included with just about every "Black Boxed" Whites detector unless it came with the metal stand instead. Some actually had white squares painted on the bottom to show you where to put them. Walt
  13. Unlike the Garrett Detectors, the White's Cam Locks are not supposed to be completely disassembled unless for cleaning, repair, or replacement. You simply twist them, press the buttons, and pull the rods out! Walt
  14. I have not had to use their warranty service, yet. However, I sent an older (2004) Sea Hunter Mark II in. They almost completely rebuilt it (including new decals) and shipped it back for less than $90! What a great company to deal with. I'm becoming more of a Garrett Fan, every day! Walt
  15. I use the Garrett Z-Lynk wireless system. The Transmitter plugs into the headphone jack. There's a wearable receiver available to plug headphones and earbuds in to or you can use the MS-3 Zylink Headphones and just the transmitter. Z-Lynk is 6X faster than Bluetooth! Walt https://garrett.com/accessories/zlynk
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