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  1. I’m not very happy after reading this thread. When I couldn’t get a GMX Sport on my last order with Whites, I had them send me the 24K. If I want to go under water, I have my NOX, right? I’m a former dealer. Minelab’s Quality Control has always sucked! I and a customer received a GP3500 from the same batch. The repair slip said they were ‘put together with contaminated solder”. At one time, they were 4 months back logged on repairs. One might surmise that it’s because they sell a lot of machines. My verdict was bad Quality Control. It has kept me away from their products for many years. I bought the Equinox because it was recommended by a friend, lightweight, Multi-frequency, Lithium-on battery and Water-proof to 10’. This will be my last Minelab! I’m too old to put up with this kind of shoddy workmanship.
  2. I didn't realize the thread was that old. Never mind.
  3. I already have the coil, Jim. How can I get the book and Cheat Sheet? Thanks! Walt
  4. I'm reaching out to other dealers out there who might have a 4x6 coil and spare battery pack for the 24K. Thanks! Walt
  5. I was on my way back from a detecting trip near Winnemucca. I stopped in at Armadillo in Grants Pass, Oregon and saw this hanging on the wall. Apparently, there are only three in existence. This one belongs to Sam. From what I understand, she received this for being the top salesperson in the company with this model. I think this would have been a way better color than the original black!
  6. I actually had expected (hoped?) that once they got the MX Sport right that they would soon be moving some of their other machines into that same chassis. I would rather have had the TDI in that form with multiple coils than them just modifying their Beach machine. I loved the Treasuremaster. It had what I considered to be features you’d find in a more expensive unit for only $299. I suppose I can understand the Weatherproof versus Waterproof idea saving the customer $100 if he wasn’t going to submerge it. They could not seem to get away from the black metal boxes. They purposely kept the MXT Pro and GMT around for those who prefer knobs and switches. I really hope someone buys the company whole and decides to build upon the good technology that’s there. I really believe the right team could surely turn Whites around and make it great again.
  7. Sadly, I placed my last order on Wednesday. The factory was open to dealers for one day only. I wanted the GMX Sport but they were sold out so I ordered the 24K with the 6” round Concentric and 10” DD Elliptical coils with covers. I wanted the 4x6 but they didn’t have any. I think they should have made Friday the last day. We received the email in the morning and only had until 3:00 p.m. to get our orders in. In my conversation with Jack, he mentioned that there may be a sale in the works but couldn't tell me anymore than that. He had to cut our conversation short so that he could get all the orders out that day! Too bad the employees and some Distributors/Dealers couldn't come up with the funds to buy it.
  8. Here is an email I sent to Steve Howard and his reply: I just wanted to follow up on our last conversation. Keep in mind that I have always loved Whites more than any other company. They’re American made and here in Oregon. My love affair started way back in 2005 when I first started selling Metal Detectors. In my opinion the companies that are coming out with new innovations and technology are (rated in order): 1. Minelab 2. Notka 3. Garrett 4. White’s 5. Fisher Last on the list would have been Tesoro but we know what happened them. No new machines. No new technology. They just kept regurgitating and modifying Jack Gifford’s work. Multi-Frequencies, Wireless Headphones, built in Lithium Ion Batteries are just some of the features being offered. Garrett is coming out with a new detector with all of these. MSRP is $499 stand-alone and $599 with wireless head phones plus you can hear the pin pointer through them! White’s has always been a company that was interested in making the highest quality products sold at the lowest prices. The last price increase made them a little less competitive leaving some to believe that White’s now cares more about profit than making the best metal detectors. The company is going to have to step up its game if it plans on competing for business in the years to come. I’m not trying to critical Jack, really. It’s just some of us fans are worried. We just can’t imagine a world without White’s Electronics in it. Thanks for listening! Walt Evens ********************************************************************************** Dear Walter Evens Thank you for sharing your insights and suggestions. It is becoming harder and harder to be price competitive... building electronics in the USA. Unlike Minelab / Nokta, White's is NOT in bed with any Government, thus, we must earn a profit or die. One need only sweep a Simplex or Equinox a couple times to know it is not designed to last much over 5 years. White's belief a metal detector should last 20 plus years is difficult to change. Recently at a open hunt in New York. Excluding White's, the oldest metal detector competing was four years old. A 30-year old White's metal detector won the main event! I counted 37 White's metal detectors over 20 years old still competing and still competitive. Rest assured White's is still in the game. Can we build China quality for China prices...NO. Even cheaper, can we build Turkish quality for Turkish prices, NO. Ken White would rather close than build cheap overseas. However, White's can still design and produce the best designs, obviously... proven in that all successful metal detector companies copy White's Electronic, electronic designs and (meat & potato) features. Sincerely Steve Howard White's USA ********************************************************************************** I really appreciate him reaching out to me. However, I noticed he didn’t address Garrett and the New Apex I was in reference to. Secondly, IMHO Serious Detectorists don’t want a metal detector that lasts 20 years. They want the latest greatest technology and features. Now, the guy that buys one and goes out every so often, maybe. I recently spoke with my dealer contact at White’s. The GM24k will remain and be to the GMX Sport what the MX7 is to the MX Sport. In other words, if you don’t need it to be completely water-proof, you don’t have to pay the extra money. The GMT and MXT Pro will stay in production with their knobs and switches for those folks who don’t own smart phones and can’t navigate though the various screens to make it do what they want, although I suppose you could just use the factory presents. When I inquired as to wireless head-phones I was informed that with the advances in Blue Tooth Technology, it’s something currently in the works. I asked about using the Spectra Sound system but was given the impression that it’s too expensive for the mid-range prices. Walt
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but White's coils are either hollow or foam filled. That makes them light compared to something like an epoxy filled Garrett Coil. I remember you used to be able to buy a Surf PI Pro with a weighted coil before they changed it to a Dual Field.
  10. I probably wasn’t very clear myself. I’m not really speaking of ground noise or falsing, although it could be that. We all know that rusty iron can still be seen by the detector, even with Iron Mask turned on. The rust changes the conductivity of the metal; usually giving a variety of VDI readings. While using the 6” coil, I hear more of these and other marginal targets that are on the edge of the discrimination points, than I do with the 11”. In other words, the discrimination seems to work better on the bigger coil. As a result, it runs quieter. I know smaller coils are more sensitive than larger. So, maybe it just the “Nature of the Beast” with these types of targets. I was just wondering if everyone else was experiencing the same thing when switching to the 6”. BTW, what Sensitivity levels are some of you running on your 6”? Do you find the need to turn it down like I do?
  11. I sent this to White's today and got a response. A friend of mine thought that some of the "mods" may have been incorporated in the new model. Hi Jack: I was wondering whether there are any internal differences between the TDI SL and the TDI SL High-Q. In other words, did White's change anything electronically? Thanks! Walt ************************************************************************************************************************* Hi Walt The two detectors are the same inside Thanks Jack
  12. It turned out to be a Dual Field coil. I suppose you could call it an Elliptical but I think I would have preferred one based on their Eclipse 1400 coil size and design. Thanks! Walt
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