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  1. I also want to give a shout out to Carl! Thank you for your insights and opinions. I wasn't sure if you'd chime in, being so close to the topic. Phrunt, what I meant was when a "NEW COMER" asks 10 old time prospectors, 8 will reply Gold Bug 2. I was talking about old guys that use a metal detector as a secondary mining method i.e.: checking dry wash tailing piles, bottoms of dig holes, etc. The loyalty not being with those recommending as much as the newbie listening to them and buying the GB2. I always love your writings as well my friend! Walt
  2. You wouldn't. I don't believe this is a replacement for current Nokta Makro products. It looks to be a SERIOUS competitor to the Minelab Gold Monster 1000. Walt
  3. I know this doesn’t pertain to the original topic but this subject that was touched upon after White’s closed their doors; Is First Texas next? “Most people who say they want waterproof will never set foot in water.” “Built in updates lend to hacking.” “Wireless headphones are not the best performance option.” On and on. The idea that many of our asks are unnecessary or extraneous is pervasive.” I may never set foot in the water but like the ability to do so without having to purchase a separate machine, especially a Gold Prospecting model I may accidentally drop in the drink (which I have done!). These “unnecessary or extraneous” features are becoming Industry Standards which American Companies seem to be having a hard time incorporating into their offerings. For me, Wireless Headphones are a God send. As far as software updates are concerned, I remember back in the day when White’s made an improvement on one of their machines, you could send it in and they’d do the upgrade for a small nominal fee. Minelab on the other hand, would make you buy the newer model of Explorer rather than modify your old one to match it, if you wanted the latest and greatest. “Employees move on, so in the case of some detectors like the older Fishers are the people who wrote the code even there? are they capable of modifying the code to modernize the detector? Maybe they didn't keep up with the times themselves.” Last time I checked; Dave Johnson who was responsible for the Gold Bug, GB2 and CZ series, is their Chief design Engineer. Am I wrong? Did he leave? “I don't think doing this is beyond them but they just took the lazy way out once again and just released a paint job of it so nobody is inspired to buy it, it just continues the model if parts were no longer available being such an antique detector.” A GB3 would be great. The only reason to continue the GB2 is customer loyalty. Ask 10 old time prospectors which Gold detector is the best and at least 80% of them will reply, "Fisher Gold Bug 2"! I hate to see another American Company go under. However, we should keep in mind that Metal Detectors are the only Electronics still made in the USA. We used to produce TVs, radios, phonographs, etc. I surmise that in the name of profits, it all went to Asia (Japan was the China of my youth). Garrett seems to be holding their own. I wish nothing but the best for FTP and hope they can deliver some of the “wants” the serious detecting community desires! As mentioned, it would be a shame for them to purchase brands in the medium to high quality and price range only to end up pushing their lower end products. I’m guessing the only reason for not buying White’s was because they didn’t have the financial resources to do so. Walt
  4. How hard is the 2300 to use? I like simple. That's why I bought a TDI SL.
  5. "Maybe the “new Garrett” we are seeing now, will finally revisit this long overdue situation. " One can hope! I'd buy one. Thanks! Walt
  6. That's a brilliant idea! I like the way you think, Steve!!! Walt
  7. I agree that the TDI is a way better machine, Steve. It may have been partially responsible for the Infinium's demise. If they had made the water-proof one with interchangeable coils, I would have bought it. I sold a customer a Fisher Gold Bug. He wanted me to come up to his claim and teach him how to use it. I was swinging the AT Gold. We crossed the creek and sure enough, I slipped on a rock and used my hands to brace my fall. The detector landed in the creek. So, I'm just a little leery of using something that I can no longer drive to the factory and drop off for repair. Plus, I thought it would be nice to have a back up PI. I'm trading a Gold Monster for my friend's detector with the stock 14" DD, the 5'x10" DD, the 3'x7" DD, coil covers, headphones and carry bag. As far as I know, he's only been out two times with it. The SDC 2300 is 5.1 pounds without the batteries which add about another 10 or 12ounces. If we were to have any Gold Shows next year, maybe I'll check it for weight and see if it might work for me. There's a guy on You Tube who goes by the handle of "Two Toes" that does really well crevicing with one. Thanks! Walt
  8. Yes, I have the TDI SL. As I mentioned to Kac, I need a PI that's water-proof around streams. I used the Infinium when it first came out and liked it really well but then opted for the TDI as I was living in the desert of Southern California. I'm a Garrett Dealer so I could buy an ATX at cost if they weren't so darn heavy. I figure the SDC2300 was about the same weight. Thanks! Walt
  9. Yes it would but I had one. Found it too heavy. I have arthritis in my wrists and bad shoulders so wanted something to hip mount. This won't be my primary PI. I have a Whites TDI SL. Just looking for a PI that's water-proof around streams. Thanks! Walt
  10. I was thinking about buying one of these because I need a light-weight water-proof PI for Serpentine Bedrock in streams. Steve already gave me his opinion. While I GREATLY respect his expertise, I'd like to get a few more opinions from the rest of you Gurus. 😁 Thanks! Walt
  11. I was reading another thread and folks were saying that the Land-based MX7 was superior to the Water-proof MX Sport. Aren’t they just the same electronics and programs in a different housing? Thanks! Walt
  12. I’ve always been a multi-line Dealer. Whites was my favorite especially when I moved back home to Oregon. They seemed to care about their dealers and customers. In an email response I received from Steve Howard a month before they announced they were closing their doors, he said that Ken White still wanted to make Metal Detectors that would last 10 or 20 years. He also stated that Ken would close his doors before he’d have them made “off shore”. There may be one element no one here has thought of, buttons, knobs and switches. I believe that they kept the MXT All Pro and GMT around for those folks that are not Tech Savvy. When I sold a metal detector and it was between a Menu Driven machine like the VX3 or V3i and the MXT, I’d ask to see the customer’s Cell phone. If he had a Flip Phone, I’d sell him an MXT. If it was a Smart Phone, I’d feel more comfortable leading him toward one of the others. While I loved the ingenuity of the Treasuremaster and Treasure Pro, that left the only simply operated detectors to the Coinmaster and MXT. On the other hand, all of Garrett’s Ace and AT Series have buttons. Although the Apex is menu Driven, I find it easier to operate than the NoMak’s Simplex+. As I’ve mentioned before, Whites could have held on a little longer by incorporating as many machines into the Sport Platform as they could. Repackaging? Yes! But who wouldn’t have wanted a submersible V3i? Their idea for a water-proof TDI was a BIG disappointment as far as I’m concerned. Maybe if they had someone with a younger mindset in charge of the company, they’d still be around. I’ve sold more mid-range Metal Detectors than the expensive ones. That’s what the average working stiff can afford. So, a Multi-Frequency ACE makes total sense. Is a MF AT next? Garrett (and ML) no longer has an entry level PI except the Sea Hunter. With no GB, I suspect it wouldn’t work too well in the Gold Fields. I still don’t know why they discontinued the Infinium LS. I’d buy one if they were still available but I’d JUMP on a water-proof TDI! As someone has already stated, we’ll just have to wait and see. One last thing to think about, as far as I know, Metal Detectors are the only electronics still made in the US. Thanks! Walt
  13. Retail on the TRX was $159.95. MAP was $149.95.
  14. I would rather they had went with the GMX Sport instead of the 24K. A Gold detector that's NOT Water-proof doesn't fall along their lines of progress. As soon as the AT Gold came out the Scorpion was discontinued. I’d also like to see if they could put the TDI into that same Water-proof package.
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