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  1. I bought a Nokta Makro Pulse Dive, but I won't snorkel, I need to buy goggles and snorkel, what else? I have no experience, but I am willing to work hard to learn, only by using Pulse Dive can I avoid crowds, and that is, what kind of bag to use in the water to reduce drag to collect!
  2. Hello, 57 Buick, I come from China, this is a Chinese copper coin, the circulation of copper coin in China is very large, the value is not big, but your coin looks pretty good, it is estimated to be worth 3 dollars each, there is a question about Chinese coin, I can also answer for you
  3. Hello, Dogodog, I am from China, and the piece you have is a modern handicraft. If the Yongzheng Tongbao recipe is genuine, the value of this coin in China ranges from $30 to $50, which is rare even in China, because the circulation time is not long, and the craftsmanship of the genuine article is generally exquisite
  4. On the first day of wearing the eQ800, I dug through 20 to 22 values and found a 23-gram solid gold ring. After half a day, I went to the surf zone and used Beach 2 mode. I found it too shallow and had no signal, so I decided to buy a White Surf PI to deal with the surfing area
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