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  1. I've been keeping an eye on Seaghost and I just don't know how to get in touch with him! And all I had to do was buy accessories from SeagHost makers! Because I have a great electronics repairman here, who can help me install and weld wires
  2. I thought about replacing DeUS2 but saw the new Minelab Manticore and wanted to wait and see! If Equinox doesn't leak, I don't want to replace another metal detector!! Because every time you use a new metal detector, it's like changing a new lover. It takes a lot of time to try again and again! Easy to use metal detectors like Equinox are great! You can open it and use it
  3. Sorry, I was referring to the water leak in the control pod!If the circuit board is sealed, can it be protected from saltwater corrosion? I found a kind of material is liquid silica gel, which can seal the circuit board and the battery. The silica gel is very soft, which can be replaced in the future and is easy to remove!
  4. Hello everyone, I often take my Equinox to the beach, and every time it reaches the shoulder depth, the main engine has leaked twice, but after two times Minelab could not replace the new main engine, I tried other brands, and finally came back to Equinox, I can't live without Equinox!! Do you have any good tips, or be prepared, more effective to prevent water entry!
  5. Hello everyone, I want to ask a question, XP DEUS2 Ws6 can be independently upgraded with a headset?
  6. All right, thank you. I'll take my time and see the difference
  7. You can't see the screen underwater, you can't see the iron recognition from the screen, you can only distinguish from the sound
  8. I would like to know how Legend can be used to identify or block beer bottle caps, I am from Equinox and am very happy with Legeng in all aspects, the only thing that bothers me is the bottle cap
  9. I installed the aviation connector, which can facilitate the separation of the main engine and the coil, and facilitate maintenance or replacement of accessories
  10. I've tested other pulse coils, and the depth problem is the same. Just use a small piece of metal to find the balance. Constantly test depth variations with your phone or other large metal to find the most stable point on the coil!Fixed again
  11. After I modified it, I found that the detection depth is the same regardless of level 1 to level 5. I thought it was bad contact, but it wasn't. I kept thinking about what I did wrong, and later I found that there was a subtle relationship between the copper contact position of the pointer and coil. Then I tried to use a small stainless steel plate on the probe, constantly moving, while testing the depth of the mobile phone, find a suitable position with glue fixed, I solved the problem!
  12. Since I can't snorkel, I modified the metal detector. I lengthened the Nokta Makro Pulse, changed the vibration motor to a handlebar position, and added spring wires to the tube for easy storage! I think it's pretty good
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