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  1. I do not think it would be a regular concern but now I see why guys post so many buyer requirements. Just make sure the name is the same on the account and shipping address. A lot of people only sell to confirmed addresses. They used to anyway.
  2. I do not have a problem posting criminals info but I did not consider how this site may feel. Anyways, i had to go through a bunch of hoops at my bank as well before PayPal just sucked up the loss because I wasn't gonna be a statistic with a machine out of my hands and be out the money too. And yes if anyone wants to know the name and info feel more than welcome to ask me and I will give it to you.
  3. I sold a V3i on ebay. All went well. I went to print out a label to ship the detector and there was another name on the label. I thought no big deal because people on ebay have friends all of the time that have something shipped to their house or another address. But this guys name who won it on the ebay account is named one thing The guys name on the label is another. I So a few weeks later I get a notice from paypal saying that the guy claims it was an unautorized purchase. Well, no one has stepped up to the plate who says they need to return this machine through ebay. So I took an
  4. I just see this in my email too. I think it is fantastic
  5. Someone could have at least bought the brand and kept it going. Look at Fisher,,,,,,,,hardly any of the originals are still in production. Maybe the gold bug 2 and the CZ21.......CZ3d if it is still around. But the rest had a "Face Lift" of sorts and were completely new models while the 1225 and 1236 types first TX let them die off.
  6. What coil are you using?? Ok so the 3 tone is supposed to be faster in trash,,,,,,,,,but with an 11" coil shouldn't it still hit a dime at 7" without issue? especially without having to crank the gain up above 90 for correct ID? See that is the part that was a little disappointing upon first test with this set up with the 11 inch coil and 3 tone which is what I normally would have searched in under normal conditions.
  7. It is a shame. Sounds like they are trying to sell off everything to pay off something or get out of debt who knows. It would have been way better if they sold their company to a competitor instead of just jumping ship.
  8. I agree with the above and that is how I came to my conclusions. I would have never have known the 3 tone delima if I did not have a test garden.
  9. I have not used the snowshoe style stock coil much.......I put the 9.5x5 coil on for the past couple of outings. X5 So I am gonna just avoid 3 tone myself probably from now on for areas that had potential deep good targets. However for normal park hunting and around old houses and all I am sure 3 tone is good I have noticed that above 90 on sensitivity it does tend to do something to the circuit that allows for better ID on deeper coins. But this other stuff about 3 tone and 89 sensitivity being able to pick stuff out better as far as I am concerned is just a total waste
  10. Received my AF28 coil in and put it on my kruzer. I started out in 3 tone because that is what I would have normally ran anyway but, that was before I tried it out. No more 3 tone for me. I have the Fe tone set at 2 and sensitivity set to 85 and in the standard 15khz freq for starters. Separation is very good with this machine with set up of the settings with this coil. I am very satisfied with it. It has about the same ability to separate as the smaller 9.5x5 DD coil. Very impressed. But moving on with the 11 inch coil, I discovered a quirk when running the coil o
  11. well it does not look like they are going anywhere anytime soon. They just posted on their face book page the new Andy Sabish Nokta Simplex hot to book. Which I think is a little extreme but what do I know. I do not necessarily think it would be a problem with Nokta as a company whole but maybe the one who is over the repair center here. Some times electronics act weird on one machine and work perfect on another.
  12. What has nokta done recently....I am not clear on the matter with your disappointment in them.
  13. Well there is a thing as bad coils. I have one coming this saturday but it would be a couple of days before I could give you any test results on performance. I am very please with the Kruzer so far. I saw on youtube a fellow say that the 11 anfibio coil put on the Kruzer was a deeper combo than the anfibio with the 11 coil on it. Has anyone heard this? I no longer have an anfibio. The anfibio is a great unit but the shaft is just way too heavy. I love the weight of the kruzer and it has enough settings to keep me happy. I have the 9.5x5 elliptical on th
  14. Interesting....I have not saw anything like that. I do know that the covid b.s. has caused a lot of stuff being imported in to the country is taking longer due to that. What was the coil doing that was so bad??
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