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  1. Thanks Steve ......now we are cooking with fire. I got it just about as fast as an mxt for recovery. I have not fiddled much with the expert stuff on this one It is a different world.
  2. So if a man wanted to have a faster recovery speed on a V3i in coin & jewelry mode for a trashy area how would one go about that??
  3. Hey Phrunt, I saw a show last night about New Zealand. I was totally shocked at how much it is like the USA actually as far as terrain goes. Also the gold fields and terrain are very similar to the how it is out west here in the states. There was an area that looked a lot like Scotland too. It was very interesting I must say.
  4. I would have been happy to have told all of you all if I had only known about this forum!! I did not spend as much as you have on coils because they were not as available back then for the different ones available now. I had both mid and high freq large minelab coils and small 18khslz 6 inch HF coil. The reason I settled on the 6 inch coil and hunt with it was due to the fact the large minelab coils threw the machine way out of balance. ....there is a coil made by cors I think that has the ability to change frequencies with a 9 volt battery now. I saw it on eBay the oth
  5. I am disappointed in the Xterra having become obsolete. After swinging some Garrett and white units I got my first Xterra from Gerrys detectors in Idaho who is a dealer here on this forum back in 2008. As soon as I went out swinging that light weight and easy to read machine it was a complete change in my finds for the better. Then I added a DD coil and it got even better. I finally settled on the small 6 inch HF coil as my primary hunting coil. It did not get fantastic depth but was good for mild soil like I have here. It sure picked out the silver around old houses.
  6. Another thing I have noticed about minelab here lately is they seem to be really pushing the multi iq thing. What about their top dog units?? Do they have something up their sleeve because, all of the hype from the company here lately is about the low to mid priced multi iq stuff. Or maybe they took a little advice from Garrett and decided to take advantage of the lower priced new units so they will sell more units instead of the higher priced flagships they are more known for. Maybe there is going to be a new unit that is priced upwards or more along the explorer series style
  7. Wow..... Iooked a lot like a garrett at series I know that!! At least they showed the little guy pulling out his pocket size manual. At least mine lab recognized that garrett does include a manual!!!!😋 I wish they would too
  8. I had the q20 and believe it or not it was a great little unit. It did not have many settings but it was sure hot on nickels. I had it for a back up unit for a while and sold it off. I have not used the one listed in the picture but the company seems to be doing pretty good.
  9. Man, the sound if that machine is out of this world!! I would not be able to think with all that noise. It is almost like the machine is alive somehow! I feel as though that machine is using it's human to do it's dirt work!! It was a great thread and thanks for all of the pics!!
  10. I found a small buck and ball shot come up at about 26. It was on the edge between the iron tone and the mid tone. It is the lowest number I have dug that was actually worth a dig.
  11. Well I know why you may feel this way but if you took out a deus with the custom program that you had placed into a custom slot and did not go over a particular good target in a small area but 10 minutes later you turn on your ORX and did go over the particular good target and dug up a 1000.00 diamond ring, would you still fell held back due to the non customized programing handicap of the ORX? believe me and I may be shooting myself in the foot when I put this on here because I am selling my remote here in the classified section, if the deus can hit it so can the orx using the sa
  12. Well it is up there if anyone wishes to take a look.
  13. Really?? I did not know that people here were looking too. I will try to do that too.
  14. I wish I knew what it said but it is a really cool find!!
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