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  1. Coil it be iron falsing? I encountered the same thing yesterday but I knew it was iron falsing. Try the sane place in single frequency deus mono and see what happens
  2. I started out with it to get a feel of the unit and get used to the machines responses and all. Worked good but now mostly use a modified program 4 fast. I just like the way program 4 responds and so far I have discovered it is fairly deep as well. First signal I dug with my deus 2 on general was a nickel on edge about 6 inches deep. It locked on good and proved itself on that first dig. Like I mentioned now though....I use program 4 with full tones and the square audio. Have set the recovery to 2.5. Will go lower when needed. No disc or notch settings. Love it.
  3. I agree with the mxt but I did not have as good of experience with the v3i units I had...my regular deus performed much better than my v3i units did. I wanted to like it very much because I loved the screen and the xy graphic but it just couldn't cut the mustard. However I never tried the 6x10dd coil on it....I am sure it would have had a narrower foot print signal over the d2 coil.
  4. Especially since the eq 600 and eq 800 prices have gone up since their debute...the ws6 master offers way more adjustments to save and is priced right between those eq models. It was a good move by xp.
  5. It can go in that bag they sell around you neck and with your own headphones should be good to go. But one thing I think people are missing out on is the fact that the ws6 deus 2 lite master set up was never intended to be the do everything the deus 2 does and it isn't going to either. Even though everyone wants it to....why would xp do that with their flagship unit? To me it is more like the ultimate lite weight turn on and go unit. Even though it saves settings and all......you cannot name the saved program on the ws6 but it still saves your settings....plus have all of the audio options as well. I think the deus lite and the new deus master units were designed more for guys who search open fields for relics and old settlements who do not nessarily want to worry about notch, target ID numbers or graphic screens. But so far I find it to be a great set up.
  6. The puck set up is a great little set up. It offers a very good range of features for what it does....smf in a small package and with the large tid numbers available now being similar in size as the deus 1 numbers were....it is much larger than the deus 1 lite ws4 ID screen. It does everything I need it to for my detecting needs. I do not use notch at all hardly and as far as the xy screen goes....i would rather use that in the full remote. However after reading the comments posted....I can see where individual notching numbers would be a good idea. An xy screen on the ws6.......I guess if your vision is great it might work ok. I bought the deus 2 for the large id numbers in the .71 upgrade Here I am fiddling with the ws6 master set up too with the wsaii backphones....it really works great for the type of detecting I do for relic hunting. Around old home sites and such.....I want the full remote. In a park environment the upgraded notch would come in handy for the jewelry hunters....but I do not think XP is going to offer every available option on the ws6. It is a lower price point machine. I would take it over many other units out there in a heart beat myself.
  7. Nothing....... you can set it to whatever you wish. Now if there is a lot of small pieces of iron and all then you may want to raise it some to get rid of the small grunts in a high trash area.
  8. What type of relics and coins are you digging up in peru
  9. I have sae the same from a dealer online. So I called him and he told me the units he has like that were unregistered returns that the customer decided they didn't want. So yes it can be a great deal for sure.
  10. Surprised to see all of the responses!! Well I was looking to get another unit and found one today at my local pawn shop. Tesoro silver Sabre umax!! I cannot believe they even had a detector to begin with. i used to swing the silver Sabre umax with the 6 inch white coil pretty regularly. Sold it to a friend several years back and always wanted another one. So I started this thread for some ideas. Was looking at analog machines again for a back up.....primarily at the deeptech Vista line. But since I came across this one today....I guess I will hold onto it for a while. So now primarily xp deus 2 and my back up is the silver Sabre umax!!! Kind of a strange combo!!
  11. I primarily purchased the deus 2 for the large target ID option on the .71 update. The one I received did not have that installed. I installed it and it went like a piece of cake. Started out just using program 1 the general. Just to get a feel for it. It did very well and I dug up several coins at my mother on laws backyard. Have swung a tion of units back there. Just your typical 1970s house. I did it to see if there was anything left. Found about 8 coins and a hot wheels car right off the bat. Found several nickels back there too. First one was on edge and it locked on 61 with no varying tid numbers. Was about 8 inches deep Power lines near by and it ran very quiet. There is a little spot with lots of small bits of iron. It went off on iron with some false halos on the edge of the coil but no where near as what an equinox would do. I switched over to fast and I found that it is deeper than the deus 1 fast. Found a 1950s wheat at my old farm house yesterday. Small spot right off of the front step where I have swung over 10 different machines including some friends who have swung theirs there too. I know i walked over that wheat several times before.....and none of them ever sounded off on it. Was about 7 inches deep in hard packed ground where cars are parked since 1949. Very pleased with the deus 2. Have let go of my deus 1 and now only have the deus 2. Due to family circumstances....I am not able to take it out on a regular hunt for the time being. Cannot wait until I take it out on a real site. Excellent machine!!
  12. So like the topic goes....if you use one machine for the most part and have a backup unit....which one do you use and why??? Curious at what older machines may pop up.
  13. That is a great first run with your ws6 set up. How did you find the depth compared to the original deus?? Did you buy this set up as a lite configuration or did you get the full deus set up with the ws6 backphones?? Are you in the UK?? The deus package I purchased was with the wsii wireless backphones. I was initially wanting a deus 2 lite and was going to keep my deus 1 but since they did not offer that configuration yet here for sale....I just bought the package i mentioned. Am now selling my deus 1. I have used program 1 general and program 4 fast. i find the fast program on the deus 2 deeper than on the original deus 1. i like the full tone option with square audio. I find it more pleasant to the ears.
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