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  1. I have a stock Makro Kruzer 11x7 coil and also the 7.5x5 small dd coil. Both coils have coil covers with identification marks on bottom of coil cover. Both are in great shape. These will work on the Kruzer, multi kruzer, anfibio and Anfibio Multi machines. Also included is a middle rod and lower rod for the Makro Kruzer. 140.00 shipped for everything PayPal friends option. Kruzer coils https://imgur.com/gallery/1xOZt8B
  2. It hits my 5 inch silver dime real good. Also nails a copper penny next to a very large square nail great too. I have not tried it on my other deeper targets though as I am pretty sure it would be out of range for it.
  3. I have not used it much except for testing. Separated well though in my test garden. Have not had any place to really put it to use. So it is up for sale
  4. Everything's great until they go kaput though. I am looking for some Tesoro stuff right now and it is almost impossible to find just a coil cover for mine. But still, that is a lot of money for a little machine.
  5. Watch out....one has popped up here for 425.00!! Maybe I will be able to retire if I hold on to mine for a few more years.
  6. Well I tried but no more. So anyway still looking if anyone has one
  7. Looking for 8x9 Tesoro coil cover. Can PayPal. Thanks
  8. Too bad there are no dealers for those things here. I have always been interested in them
  9. I too really enjoyed the Xterra. I had the 50, 505 and an older 70 that wasn't quiet right. I have been looking for another set up here and there. And the coils that switch frequencies with a 9 volt battery it very neat. I did not like the 10.5 inch DD coil as it made the machine completely off balance. But if I do get another one I am going to try to find the small 18" DD HF coil for it. Maybe even try one of the ones that switch frequencies. Anyways, I am almost sure the vanquish is a better machine but I like the set up of the Xterra. I wish they would have made the vanquish on the Xterra platform. It would have been a homerun of they did that. It runs on the same amount of aa batteries.
  10. It is quite surprising that every damn thing is made over there now. A bit disappointing that the cost is still very expensive for the machine made elsewhere as well. I do not understand it unless they are just taking in more equity per cost of unit compared to profit. So I guess they just win even better now. I wonder how long they have been doing this? The Xterra was much better built imo. I remember looking at the coil package for the Xterra and it was made in Ireland. I wonder if that place is still open and producing components for them.
  11. Surfing ebay and saw. So does Minelab make their products in Ireland and Australia still or have they went to outsourcing their products to the orient now? this.https://www.ebay.com/itm/Metal-Detector-For-MINELAB-ExplorerSE-Keypad-Membrane-Protection-Film-/304142101125?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
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