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  1. What did you guys use for the bottom of the coil
  2. So leave the connector attached to the control box i disconnected my to air dry. Because mine falses every time water touched that connector
  3. Went wading in the water today I noticed if water splashes onto the coil connector it false (saltwater) the slightest bit of water touched the connector it would false I wet my fingers with the salt water and touched the connector and it false. I put the pulse delay all the way up brought up the ats up changed modes i did not dunk the control box I have not tried it with freshwater also my pulse delay nob spins all the way around and doesn’t stop at 11 is that normal. it does click on every number
  4. Was wondering if someone can tell me if I have my machine set right i place a US nickel at 12 in the dry sand and barely herd a signal settings are all metal volume- all the way 9 senstivity-7-8 threshold barley here it around 6 ats at 0 reject at 0 pulse delay 7-7.5 now I saw joe video with him doing air test and he was getting close to 19 in was wondering what other hunters are getting with there machine on a air test everything is stock. Headphones, battery I also know that a pulse air test isn’t the actual depth. I am just comparing mine to joe video and was wondering what everyone else is getting
  5. When does the AQ starting to false when on the wet sand coil is just covered with water when in 2-3 of water
  6. Clive, I see you have a tdi pro in your arsenal I know the pro isn’t waterproof but have you ever found any DEEP gold rings with it on the beach i am wondering how this AQ compares to a whites tdi pro on depth. I know it all depends on condition and the user etc etc . But just trying to get a idea how deep this AQ goes I have dug some deep targets in All Metal with the tdi I bet 20 24 in ( coins and rings). Problem with the whites tdi it’s so unstable for me and not waterproof I am thinking about buying a used AQ. So I can wade in the water any information you can give appreciated
  7. Called fisher today they told me there no AQ limited for sale
  8. Thought I saw something about them coming out with a new land machine for coins and relics is there any truth to this
  9. Not sure if you got my message but i interested in the razorback coil are the coils still available
  10. Will there ever be a waterproof version of the AQ are they still selling the limited AQ what up with this company are they saying anything
  11. Does anyone make the 14v battery for this machine or anyone have a used one they want to sell i am not handy enough to make my own. Saw the video on utube
  12. What I did with my 11 in was make a template with something got a piece of plexiglass cut it out 1/4 in (maybe 1/8) thick used jb weld (2 park epoxy )
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