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  1. I got the answer I needed
  2. can someone tell me what iron volume is. on Tom Danowski forum( can’t register for what ever reason). on one of his programs he said iron volume 25. Is that the ferrous volume he talking about
  3. Was wondering if anyone has one there willing to sell. I think mine broke or if anyone knows where I can purchase one. This is for the black box tdi not the sl or tdi beach hunter
  4. What does everyone use there ferrous volume and pitch at. what are you trying too accomplish with that setting. I am trying to distinguish bottle caps better. if you have another option how too tell them from another option
  5. I found one of those exact Cartier ring. Did your have a serial number in it. mine didn’t others that have found fake ones did have a number. with the namer Cartier I would think there would be serial number. My gold tester doesn’t work properly so I am unsure if it’s real weighed about 5 penny weight. Not sure what that is in grams
  6. I definitely need more time with the machine. i more or less can tell by looking at the screen but the initial sound that I hear makes me sound. Some sound good in both directions ( left too right). espically if there on the deep side they sound good in both directions. once again I don’t have a ton of time with the machine. Time will help but was looking for ways to tell that it a cap
  7. I am using beach general. Do you guys think that’s why I mostly hunt the beach the ferrous limits are also up high not stock I can’t believe none of you are having this issue Are the bottle caps completely being nulled for everyone
  8. Is the only way to eliminate rusty bottle cap is to increase the ferrous limit. anyone have any tips they use.
  9. Maybe they take apart a deus and see how they built there’s have not heard anything about there leaking
  10. Thanks everyone, if it to much of a issue I will just use the trusty Excalibur and use manticore on wet sand. I will try and practice with all your recommendations
  11. Anyone have settings they want to share. I feel mine is falsing a lot and can’t tell if it’s a deep target or it’s a false target.
  12. How are you liking the machine for coin hunting. any pattern your using you would like too share
  13. How sensitive is the falsing. What I mean is if a few drops of water hit the connector will it false. my excal sounds off when I take the coil out of the water. I have not submerged my manticore yet(waiting for Tony headphones). But that too me is BS if your wading in the water and it’s not perfect calm and a little bit waves and hits the machine it will false. Minelab should address this if it’s common. Don’t know if this would help. Try coax seal see if that helps was recommended too me for the AQ it didn’t help. But that another story
  14. What happens if you were to notch it out. An then stop swing the object for a few seconds. Try a test after you paused a few seconds
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