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  1. Can you give us some information on depth on targets you find and do you plan on summerging the machine underwater.
  2. It’s seemed to me she knows more about the machine and function. But they should put that machine in the water. Also more air depth tests so we can see how deep it accurately identify targets
  3. That’s all I am getting with mine. But I think your supposed to get 16 maybe more.
  4. So what going to better about a new equinox. That it will not leak version
  5. Today I noticed on an air test I don’t here a faint target on the perimeter of the coil. I here a faint target in the center of the coil where it attaches to the lower rod. when it’s a surface target(loud target) I here it on the outside perimeter of the coil. is this normal. how do you guys have your coil cable coming off the coil to the lower rod. is it tight (straight) or do you have slack. I am trying to understand and learn this machine. But I still have not gotten a good deep target over a foot. Today I used the whites tdi pulse scan and got a deep target. Had to remove 2-3 inches of sand before the AQ herd it it was a clad nickel. Depth unknown guess 12-14 in
  6. I thought first Texas own fisher. I didn’t know they were separate companies. Can you tell us what fisher said to you
  7. Thanks for posting what he said. I going to call them. Are there serial numbers on these machines and do you happen to know where there located
  8. Can you let us know what they said. I feel mine not working right either
  9. I hit the same Cartier ring in white gold. mine only has the name and 750 no serial number and weighs basically the same. I believe the same thing it fake cause of the weight. my gold tester pen dried up so it’s not working
  10. I own one only used it a hand full of times. I don’t want to submerge the control box so I only used it were I have a lot of wet sand( tide goes out real far) not the oceans. And if i wade in the water I don’t do deep and try using it on negative tides. I am only getting a real faint air test of 13in we’re other are getting 16-19 in. this one beach I tried using it at I haven’t gotten one good deep targets. I no there targets there beach another guy using a tdi sl and he digging like a backhoe he shows me tad bit of what he found and also claims to be digging some false target and junk also. I know he has to be finding gold But the holes he digging he could place an order for lunch if u know what I mean. I own the barracuda and dual field so have some experience with pulse induction I have it set up with the settings where others have told me to use it even higher and the threshold is not steady etc. I really value Joe Beachnut opinion about machines and have to try more with it. After Labor Day I will have to try a some more with it when there not checking for town I’d. I wish I knew someone who had one and could test mine out to see if it’s working right.
  11. Look like a very professional job you did keep us in the loop how it working and the battery life
  12. What did you guys use for the bottom of the coil
  13. So leave the connector attached to the control box i disconnected my to air dry. Because mine falses every time water touched that connector
  14. Went wading in the water today I noticed if water splashes onto the coil connector it false (saltwater) the slightest bit of water touched the connector it would false I wet my fingers with the salt water and touched the connector and it false. I put the pulse delay all the way up brought up the ats up changed modes i did not dunk the control box I have not tried it with freshwater also my pulse delay nob spins all the way around and doesn’t stop at 11 is that normal. it does click on every number
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