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  1. Thanks brother! I am heading up to do some detecting tomorrow and I will follow these steps. Ill update hopefully with some gold pics. Side note: checking out a creek I was tipped off on by an old timer I met on the river. Apparently he has over 8000 pieces of gold, over 100 ounces, 35 years, I was like "thats it!?". Glad I asked if he had any tips and he pointed me towards a spot he does pretty well, we'll see.
  2. I watched the youtube video of the guy from whites demonstrating the iron discrimination ability to wrap around to the 99 range by pressing the lock button while in discrimination mode. However, on my gmx it keeps only adjusting the ground balance offset, which is what happens normally when you press and hold the lock button. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong? Id love to knockout 99 numbers. Nate
  3. I think I may not have had the coil wire wrapped as tightly as I should have. I was doing big long wraps and I tried short tight wraps and I dont seem to have the issue and I do not want this awesome detector to get blamed. I am hooking up bluetooth to it this week with amazon taotronics just to see. Man those headphone cords can drive you up the wall, especially when youre used to bose wireless headphones lol. Hoping to head up to the sierras in the next week or two and bust out the gmx and new/used tdi sl special edition we just got, I hope the old man finds the nugget with the new tdi 😉
  4. I have a GMX sport and both the 6" con and 4x6 dd coils give false signals if the coil barely touches anything. Do I need to get the detectior sent in to be looked at? It now seems that may be a common issue coming out.
  5. Hi I just recently purchased a used TDI SP SE and wanted to see if anyone had any extra coils to get rid of? Jimmy TDI, Nugget Finder sadie, coiltek. etc I have the special edition with the miner john 8x12, I strictly gold prospect, usually bedrock and hillsides. Any feedback on the coils or if you think the miner john with do well. I have a gmx sport as well which I like, it had a tough time on the american river with the iron, however i am still learning the machine and how to best run it in the gold bearing rivers of Norcal, but I found some little pokers with the concentric in a
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