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  1. Where do you see these 10” coils in stock? I have one on order that I already paid for and a friend has one on order that is still waiting as well.
  2. I use one of these I purchased from EBay. It was about $15. I have it on my 11” coil. So far so good but I don’t really use the 11” that much. For me the 6” gets 95% of the action on my 800. Might be useful for you but someone else could probably give a better review since I only have about 20 hours of time with it.
  3. Don’t crush that beauty!! Great as a specimen or if need be that kind of finely shot gold would look good slabbed. That quartz and gold jewelry is hard to come by. I agree that kind of gold is my main reason for interest in the 6000. That or the ability to pick up 1 gram nuggets at a greater depth. I imagine there are more than 31 nuggets of a gram or less at 6 inches past the old technology sitting in old patches than one ouncers 6 inches deeper. I don’t know if that makes sense but I’d love a detector that really goes deeper on the bread and butter nuggets. One concern I hav
  4. Thank you Dan and nugget. Wasn’t quite as exciting as I hoped. I’ll check back in when they take the gag off the knowledgeable testers like JP.
  5. Is there a link or YouTube of this as I believe Miners Den has done in the past?
  6. Thank you. I’ll give it a go. I Appreciate the response.
  7. Is this a safe way to clean silver dimes and other old coins? I have an ultrasonic cleaner for nuggets but am scared to use it on a couple old dimes and nickel I have.
  8. Fantastic finds. Thank you for sharing. That’s an incredible site. I have come across a few placer workings with a half dozen or so chimneys around them in the foothills and a few up in the high country. I never paid enough attention to them as I was picking nugget crumbs around the workings. Definitely need to pay more attention to the relics. Love the finds. Keep them coming.
  9. I’m new to the equinox but I’ve been exclusively using the gold mode in my old cabin and town sites. I have picked up more nuggets than coins in the old sites haha (3-1) but it’s hard to even run the other modes because I get too many hot ground signals. And, I feel l should be digging everything that’s not iron in these sites so the gold mode seems to work well. I might be doing it wrong as I learn this machine but for now gold mode it is.
  10. I appreciate the informed responses greatly, Tom and Chris. As a nugget hunter I have found that confidence might be the greatest asset in being successful and that’s precisely what I don’t have in detecting around these coin/relic sites. Hearing your advice helps me endure the empty streaks a little longer until I get my own confidence. When I find something good I’ll be sure to share.
  11. Great finds! Inspiring to say the least. It sounds like you detect similar areas to myself. I’m new to the coin and relic game but have been nugget hunting for years. I just started a short while ago using my equinox 800 in some of the old camps and towns I have found over the years while patch hunting for gold. You mentioned in an earlier post you are searching around an old chimney stack. I have a site I just started detecting with 3 chimney stacks spread apart over about 1000 feet. So far I have a few buckles and buttons, straight razors, many musket balls and one seated dime from
  12. Thank you, Gerry. I’ll drop you a line. I have been using the 6” but definitely could use more coverage. The stock 11” picks up too much ground noise in many of my patches. I hope the 5x10 is the ticket.
  13. I’ve used PC11 on my GPX coils to good results. It’s permanent but holds up well.
  14. What a fun winter day detecting! Thanks for sharing. Are those 5x10” coils now in stock? I can’t wait to get my hands on one.
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