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  1. For those members that don't get ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal, it looks like ICMJ is planning a return of their Gold Show scheduled for the last weekend of next April. The location given is the Fair grounds in Nevada City, CA. I attended 3 of the earlier shows when it was held in Placerville, well worth the time even with the long drive.
  2. Yeah kinda figured I would have to buy one. At least they're not that expensive.
  3. Thanks phrunt, as I'm only interested in detecting for gold the 10x5 and 14x9 sound like a good choice. The 14x9 NF Advantage has worked well for me in the past. I picked up a 10x5 Coiltek Joey when I first started detecting but l have rarely used it as it's a double-D. I don't know if it would work for the Equinox?
  4. Disregard this. Went to one of the other forums on Detector Prospector and got my answer. Equinox has 6 in, 11in, and 15 inch double d searchcoils.
  5. Good conversation going here. My question is directed toward anyone that cares to answer. What accessory searchcoils are currently available for the Equinox 800?
  6. Really impressive specimen piece. According to the video it was found within a 100 miles of the Boot of Cortez nugget. Wouldn't that put it practically on the US-Mexico border? Not necessarily the safest area to prospect these days. Didn't realize how involved the etching process is. I thought you pretty much just removed the quartz by soaking the specimen in something like hydrofloric acid? I guess having someone who knows what they're doing speeds up the process. Thanks for posting it!
  7. That sounds like a win-win for both of you guys. I was thinking of doing something similar as I have pretty much exhausted a small patch in the Bradshaws using my 5000. Having someone else go over the same ground with either a 6000 or a 7000 could be interesting and might convince me to upgrade at least to the 6000. Incidently I've had some success here with a drywasher and another operator has recovered a fair amount of fine gold using a GB2. I have never done any prospecting in the El Paso mountains although I've passed through Randsburg a time or two. Sure seems like a hot (good) area to prospect so maybe one of these days.
  8. That's definitely a shame so I get your reluctance to share information on hard won areas after putting in the time and legwork to discovery. I wouldn't be surprised to find that attitude prevalent in other areas as well.
  9. Correct Steve, perhaps I should have been more clear on that point so thanks for pointing that out.
  10. Greetings everyone. I'm new to the forum here. Living in Bagdad AZ, I've spent some time detecting the surrounding hills and washes of the Eureka District. Although the district is primarily a base metal area (Cu/Mo) there are a number of small inactive mines scattered around the outskirts of the district. Researching online, I can see that some of these mines were relatively small scale gold producers most likely operating prior to WW2. Present day there area good many private claims scattered about the general area and in the area encompassing Zannerapolis (also primarily base metal) district and over toward Burro Creek. As I've not had very good success detecting in this area, I'm just wondering what other forum users experience has been with the area? I will add that I've had better success detecting over in the Bradshaws, finding enough gold to pay for my gpx 5000. So in general, is the district and surrounding area good for detecting...opinions?
  11. Hey GC, are you detecting nuggets or is it more fine Gold? I have done some dry washing out by the Granite State mine, nothing spectacular but enough to keep me interested. This was back around 2013-2014. Last time I was out there the area had been claimed up. If you don't mind divulging info, I would be interested in hearing how your mining goes with respect to your current claim.
  12. Hey Beeper Bob, yeah that's a nice drive into Bagdad if you're interested in taking the backroad to town. I have done a little bit of detecting down on RRPC's Aquarius Claim... I was skunked although my gf found a nice 2.5 gram nugget. I really love the Dale area. We join First Class Miner's club and try to get over to meeting and club events as time allows. They're a great group, lots of good people. So if you're interested in doing some detecting in this area or wherever and need a second or third, by all mean drop me a line.
  13. Thanks Gold Catcher. Has the Eureka District been good to you? I worked with a guy here in Bagdad that said he had some success. He worked a claim off of Burro Creek road for awhile before running afoul of the BLM. Anyway, lots of places to hunt so I try to not limit myself to one particular area. Good hunting to you and hope our paths cross someday.
  14. I probably should post my question in the gold detecting forum rather than the meet and greet. And thanks for the welcome. I have been following this forum for a little while now and thanks you guys for your willingness to share so much of your hard earned knowledge...it's appreciated. And if anyone is interested in detecting around the Bagdad area, feel free to message me as I'm familiar with most of the roads and mines of the district.
  15. Hi Everyone, My name is Mark and I've been prospecting for gold for a few years. I primarily do metal detecting but I also like dry washing. The learning curve for detecting has been a long one for me but I've eventually managed to find enough gold to pay for my first gold detector (a ML GPX 4500). As I live in Bagdad Arizona, I wonder if other members have had much success detecting in the Eureka District here. I detected my first gold nugget in a small feeder wash off of Cowboy Wash a few miles southeast of the Cowboy mine but other than that, I've not had much success in the district. I would be interested in hearing what others think about the area? I enjoy prospecting in areas like the Bradshaws and Gold Basin here in AZ and also like to do occasional trips over to the Dale District in Southern Cal. The Cargo Muchachos are a favorite as well. So good prospecting to everyone and try to stay safe out there.
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