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  1. I was able to try the Deus II. The night I received the D2 I did some indoor bench testing due to weather, and set up a Mono program (Rock Audio) and a FMF program (Custom Sensitive) based on my experience with regular Deus and the Anfibio under my local conditions, and learning operational concepts via Jeremy Paystreak Superfreak youtube channel. I customized the tone frequencies based on my relative experience. I used the equalizer to adjust dynamism associated with my tone breaks and achieved decompression across the selected range with some room to spare. The next day it was windy and cold but I knew a place to try the custom programs and audio. I would hunt a little and warm up awhile. In one brief hunt I nailed three nice old coins out of the trash by ear only in my custom sensitive program. I want to give feedback about the bone conducting HP as an inland hunter with hearing and ear issues. Your HP eliminated the affect of those issues on my metal detecting during this hunt. Folks need that same technology for use with regular Deus and Anfibio, etc... Thank you for listening and congrats on a fine machine. Hombre
  2. I failed to mention bottle cap rejection. Anfibio has it. It is called the 9" concentric coil, time after time it calls out bottle caps with an accurate signal fluctuation of the TID. That is a sweet sweet coil in some site conditions. A silver magnet especially in consistent strata, if there is silver to be had. Another fairly easy test is lifting the coil looking for abrupt signal attenuation to indicate it is not a bottle cap, if the signal extends when you raise the coil it is likely junk. Anfibio seems better at that for me than the Deus in general, however the Deus is more accurate with multple targets under the coil. You seem to have more detailed info on each target under the coil, therefore better discernment of whether your desirable co-located target drops off. The Deus on the other hand seems better at revealing a junk tail as you back the coil away from the target. As long as there is not adjacent targets to interfere with the signal as the coil departs the original target response area, and the target is not at the edge of detection range. Anfibio also gives accurate target size information when pin pointing, and I am finding 99 Tone to be a pay streak of target information. You want to get started with the Anfibio, learn to use 3 Tone and 99 Tone with available coils smaller than the stock 11". The depth advantage of the Anfibio is a catalyst for the small coil operation success to a significant degree in my opinion. In depth the Anfibio/Multikruzer small coil options advantage has been overlooked by the market in my opinion. The historic detector release timeline pre-empted nailing down some of that functional discovery by the general market place in my opinion. Speaking of pin pointing I want to talk a little about Merrill: Detecting NYC. Merrill is right up there with Jeremy Paystreak Superfreak as far as top shelf content that I subscribe to. They both offer conceptual and practical information that is very very helpful, and are both are entertaining (smile inducing) to boot. I want to mention Merrill digging unwanted iron junk (like nails) with Nox. The Anfibio is not immune to that but with a iron target composition of something like a nail, the pin point function can be used to accurately by an experienced user, to determine that it is junk. With discipline and practice, once after you pin point the signal, if the signal moves from the original pin point location you may as well move on, to avoid the disappointment of digging junk iron.
  3. Deus at a new site type, broke on into the sixties. Still learning, no remote, and what a blast!
  4. Deus across all sites and some exploration, only old clad pictured, two wheaties , a war nick, silver ring and dime.
  5. Update: I have decide to keep the regular Deus. I want to get one last site type for RD under my belt before I post some pics of the two machines finds. As I said before this experience has taught me that these two products are complimentary to each other.
  6. If you are going to notch, notch volume is the way to go, that way you do not completely lose those targets. On some machines the notch attenuation also brings a distinct change in tone or pitch, allowing the ability to obtain worthwhile reference toward dig no dig decisions. So I have heard. Literally.
  7. I would not want to be the guy that sold their Nox recently. Not that there are many out there who took such a radical path, perhaps some did on the way to a D2. Nox will hold its value, and apparently so will the Regular Deus and other machines in the nearby peer competency group, if this trend of sporadic underwhelm-meant of new models continues.
  8. Thanks, and best of luck at the site!
  9. Have you had other detectors at this site? Does the D2 outperform them on any measures?
  10. I appreciated the inclusion of Audio Response and it seems to have enhanced performance over the regular Deus. A louder machine with perhaps a wider dB range for the Audio Response. If so that could be a useful upgrade for folks as Jeremy demonstrated, and under other scenarios.
  11. @Mick93 How about a picture of ye old metal arrowhead if it isn't too much trouble.
  12. Well this test drive thread with the Regular Deus is coming to an end; perhaps a week of use left. The bench time helped me get more desirable targets out of the ground and it is a good machine with the potential to be very good with a very good user, same as the Anfibio. I could complain some more but i wont as those complaints trend more toward personal preference and to a lesser degree, performance. I ended up being happy with a Deus "light" set up; no RC. Neither the Legend nor the D2 are poised to knock the Anfibio out of the toolbox unless they can eventually provide effective smaller coils. A group finds pic is on the way to close it out.
  13. The Anfibio known as a deep machine using small coils has sorted out old silver in trash that has by all accounts been pounded for decades. I assume mainly by bigger coils, rarely need to swing the 11" stock coil. I am hopeful that is the case with the Legend coil size availibility.
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