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  1. strick, Folks, I think we have a winner of "what the heck is this BEAST on this ring?". Thanks strick, cuniagau HIPPOCAMPE and HIPPOCAMPUS (HippokampĂȘ and Hippokampos), the mythical sea-horse, which, according to the description of Pausanias (ii. 1), was a horse, but the part of its body down from the breast was that of a sea monster or fish. The horse appears even in the Homeric poems as the symbol of Poseidon, whose chariot was drawn over the surface of the sea by swift horses. The later poets and artists conceived and represented the horses of Poseidon and other marine divinities as a combination of a horse and a fish.
  2. Maybe a cross-bred between a Pegasus and a serpent. LOL Hey, they're mythical aren't they. Maybe a Pegaserpent. The brother of the BEAST.
  3. My first thought but that is a lion's body, scorpion tail and man's head. But a BEAST non the less. LOL😃
  4. The beach always surprises and delights me. This uniquely designed silver ring hit the Equinox at a very solid 35 so I knew from the get-go it was going to be silver. I have googled "horse head, winged, serpent" trying to find out what that mythical animal is called but didn't get much at all. As far as pictures from the search, they looked more like a "winged dragon with a tail". The slanted shape and the rectangle protrusion on the back of the ring are also a bit puzzling. I think that the thick protrusion is maybe a stabilizer to keep the ring from rotating on the finger maybe? Anyway, I just thought I would toss out the pictures on a post as my finds have been somewhat limited lately and at least it is a precious metal find. LOL If anyone has any info on the creature on the ring or anything for that matter, I would appreciate the help in IDing it. cuniagau PS: It is about a size 6 so it is either a woman's ring or maybe a man's pinky ring.
  5. phrunt, Thanks for posting the YouTube. I just received a F-Pulse yesterday and the video was very timely. Like you, I like to see in real time doing what they are saying in the manual. cuniagau
  6. sohN, Thanks for the info. That just may be the manufacture. I am in SoCal, so we have tourists from everywhere. And if they lose a few things here and there, I am glad to clean up their clutter. LOL I don't have a bucket list per se but if I did, I think the platinum bracelet would have just been marked off. thanks, Joe
  7. The Pt950 is platinum for sure but the EDL is the part I am wanting to identify. Nice little 19.8g bracelet. I will never understand why they wear something like this to the beach but I'm not complaining! LOL If anyone knows what the EDL stands for, I would appreciate you letting me know. I thought at first that it had diamonds on it, but it is just diamond cut to appear like there are diamonds mounted on it. thanks, Joe
  8. Againstmywill, No, on being a detective. But it is called deductive reasoning. It may not give you the exact answer, but it sure eliminates a lot of the fluff and gets you into the ballpark. Once I started down a rabbit hole, I could eliminate that person. So, it is more about whittling down the list to the point that there are only a few left and at that point you can pick the most likely and see what happens. Joe
  9. I had been watching the thread by Dan(NM) entitled "What Would You Do In This Situation?" with more than just an observer's interest as I also found a Texas A&M University 10K gold ring on July 15. (I guess those Aggies have rings to throw away) LOL While I checked Craigslist, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and local groups such as Nextdoor, I didn't find any listing of "Lost Ring" on anything. Google provided me with 66 listings with his name. I watched the progress Dan(NM) was making (or not making) with the Texas A&M Ring site and knew that was probably not the way to go as his ring was 2019 and the one I found was 2006. That is a lot more years for changed addresses and phone numbers. I started my search looking for someone about 38 years old who might have graduated in 2006. Not coming up with any leads I expanded my search to some older individuals, as being a "later college grad myself" I knew the age may need to be expanded. It took several weeks of part time research to whittle the list down to a handful of possible owners. Facebook turned up the best leads and by drilling down into his family members FB pictures, I was able to locate one man who wore a large ring on his right hand in several pictures. And he happened to have a thesis printed by A&M for his Doctrine Degree in 2007 but submitted it in 2006. Back to Google again and I came up with an email address for a Professor at a university and sent him an email entitled "I found a Texas A&M University Ring"... for a subject title and then simply said "If this sounds familiar reply back to me and if not sorry for your time. I got a response within 10 minutes. I then sent him my phone number and we had a nice 15-minute chat about the ring. To say he was excited would be an understatement. He told me the name of the beach and the location on the beach where he thought that he had lost it. Within an hour of the first email, the ring was in the mail and on its way home. That is a big chunk of gold out of my inventory for the year but it was only a piece of gold to me, it was 16 years of memories for him.
  10. Time for an update on the "Kennedy Half Dollar" beach. The last couple of halves have come out of a cut after the beach had been sanded in. Gotta love the hydraulic energy of the surf! Still don't know how (or why) they got there but I am going to keep digging them as long as I can. It's a lot of fun to dig so many at one spot!
  11. Congrats on the chain no matter how you detected it!!! I have dug a couple of St Chris medals lately. One was for surfing and the other was for baseball. Yours wouldn't happen to be for Metal Detecting was it? LOL
  12. It wasn't for lack of trying!!! I just didn't get the coil over any other detectable gold!
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