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  1. Alexandre, Well it has been over 7 months now and I have heard NOTHING from First Texas/Fisher on any new or modified lower shaft that you were trying to get for me. I have pretty much limited my use of the Impulse due to NOT getting a new modified reliable lower shaft. I guess that is how First Texas/Fisher is going to treat us Impulse AG users/buyers. On a good note, my Equinox 800 has been doing quite well on gold since it is the only reliable detector that I am using. Joe
  2. South Central Kansas? Sounds like the Wichita area. Don't overlook the Native American artifacts on the Arkansas River area. And there should be a lot of old oil boom ghost towns if you drop down into Oklahoma too. BTW, Welcome to the forum! The CZ is still a good machine for coins or relics. But as mentioned from others here, the Equinox is tough to beat especially for the price. I never thought that I would choose any detector over my CTX 3030 for dirt detecting but my first grab is my Equinox 800. Keep the forum posted on your adventures. PS 42 years is a long time nowdays to be with the same employer. I retired a couple years ago with 43 years with my last employer. (and 7 with my first and 2 with Uncle Sam)
  3. Here is another ring (size 13 1/4 also) that I found earlier this year. This one is just a bit thicker. I had a friend that suggested a napkin ring before I posted here and I am not ruling that out but from the ones I googled, I don't think so and even though I have found some STRANGE things on the beach, who would have silver napkin rings on a beach? But you never know!!!
  4. I took the Impulse AQ out yesterday to hit some areas of the beach with a negative tide. Although I didn't uncover any deep old gold, I did uncover this silver ring in the third scoop down. (maybe it was that deep or maybe my pinpoint was off) There are no hallmarks but it has the correct patina for a silver ring that had been in the saltwater a long time. I tested it with 18K acid and it turned the line blue. I also fired up my Equinox 800 and it hit loud and proud at 38. The ring is size 13 1/4 and weighs 33.1 grams. It has a Tortoise shell type inlays around it. This the second "big boy" silver ring that I have found with the Impulse this year. But this one is by far the biggest by weight. This is another reason that I love metal detecting, getting to share "unusual" finds with others. I would gladly hand this one back to its owner if confronted. LOL Enjoy the pics and HH!!! Joe
  5. Nice gold saves, Joe! I love the old compacts. I once dug one with three buffalo nickels in it, so I always open them up. Your surf looks a little angry too. LOL
  6. I know that most just sorta laugh these statements off as just part of the story but I have seen times that the "smell" or the "feel" of gold has kept me on a spot only to find a nice gold find. If I don't get the "smell" or the "feel", I don't even bother with that beach unless the scenery is really really good. LOL Great story and finds. I mainly use the Equinox with 15 inch coil and have dug some deep targets. I also know that when I am slightly off target on my pinpoint it appears to be way deeper than it really is. Unless the story is coming from someone I know, the depth they give is somewhat ignored. I know you and I know and have hunted with KOB so I for one take your depth numbers as gospel. My beaches so far have not given me much opportunity to take advantage of my AQ but they will before long. And as you said, "stay safe" and keep sniffing out the yellow stuff!!!
  7. Nice outing as usual Joe. I got my first California beach silver quarter this morning. It's a slick, no date Standing Liberty. I wonder how many times that one has been out to sea and back to the beach? Keep that dry suit DRY!!! LOL
  8. Joe your modified equipment reminds me of the guy who claimed to have the ax that George Washington used to chop down the cherry tree. It had been in the family so long that they wore out two heads and five handles!!!
  9. Solid one piece of silver. Just high relief Italian .925. Not a transformer.
  10. I dug two silvers today on the beach. I thought that the ring was gold until I found the hallmark. The hallmark in not on the inside but instead on the outside and says 925 A2 and weighs 4.1g. The necklace is hallmarked 925 and Italy. Although the pendant isn't hallmarked, it appears to be silver also. At first glance, it looks somewhat like a key. BUT it has an alien head on one side and a pyramid on the other side. On one edge side it has SD and on the other edge side it has 2016. Total weight is 21.2g. I thought that maybe the SD was San Diego and the 2016 being the year. Maybe Comic-Con? Attached are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Any ideas on both the ring and necklace/pendant would be appreciated.
  11. Joe, Nice haul of big chunky rings too. Glad to see you out and about again. That Excal is just an extension of your arm! (I know that you know what I mean) LOL Have you got your Dry suit seaworthy yet? It is just around the corner. Take care and stay safe. Joe
  12. Nice digs Dan! Glad you posted a picture of the Gang-reel mower pulled by the tractor too, as most only think of a rotary mower when you say mower. 🙂 So is that about a 45 cent piece instead a 50 center? 🤣
  13. Dan, Good to see you back in the field and posting those shinnys again! Are you using the stock 11 inch coil or the 15 x 12 inch? Joe
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