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  1. I have had a lot of different things in a shot glass, I guess it is maybe time for some CLR. Bottoms Up!!!
  2. Thanks! These three tents stakes were sticking straight down and have a more "ring" size footprint than the ones laying horizontal which I can sometimes tell when they are not to deep. Still a learning curve on the nuances on them for sure.
  3. I have used lemon juice and vinegar both on "cents" in the past with good results but this "gold" detecting is new to me so I need to learn the techniques to clean up these more PMs. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Yes, I like it when the ocean does the classifying for me and washing the light trash and leaves me with the heavies!!!
  5. Got another piece of gold today with the Impulse AQ. The clasp and the chain part both test 10K. I ran it through the ultrasonic cleaner about 6 times and it still has green clinging to it. Oh well, it gives it character. LOL I worked a 4 to 6 foot cut in AM and pulled out 17 quarters, 17 dimes, 7 nickels, 12 cents, one .925 earring, one junk earring, three tent pegs, a bobby pin and just a few other pieces of trash. I knew that I was digging all of the coins except for the nickels and one of the cents. Tent pegs and bobby pins are still sounding good though. It was a good h
  6. Thanks Joe. Couldn't have done it without your battery as FT forgot to send back my second battery and battery charger and the battery on the AQ only had a few minutes left on it. But it's all good now. (knock on wood) Audio appears to be normal now.
  7. And spelling is not one of my strong points either as you have pointed out, and especially with auto correct. LOL I am much better at listening and digging than spelling. :-) Maybe I should just post the pictures. He He
  8. Thanks RR. A little over $100 is a good dig!!!
  9. Thanks Slim. Got it back with new headphones. No audio problems noted so far. (knock on wood)
  10. I would like to thank the donner of this 583 earring for my first AU find of 2021. Beach find Jan 5. The AQ hit it hard!!!
  11. Love those old class rings. I remember my dad wearing his 1924 class ring. It seemed to be worn smooth back in the 1950's. Congrats and get that AQ out there and see if you can find more classmates!!!
  12. One thing I didn't show was the 24 quarters that I dug on this hunt too. It moved just enough sand to keep me busy. My back and legs let me know about it last night too. LOL
  13. Thanks Compass! My daughter has already claimed the diamond ring and she usually doesn't care unless it has T & Co on it. LOL Finding a diamond ring that she likes and fits her tiny ring finger has been a real challenge too. Usually if the ring is that small it is not a diamond ring.
  14. Congrats on the T&Co. My daughter has one that I found last year and a bracelet that I found this year. She goes through my finds with a fine tooth comb just in case i missed seeing the T & Co on it. LOL
  15. Dug the woman's diamond, 14K (2.1 g) within the first 30 minutes of today's hunt. Got the man's 14K wide band (4.6 g) at about the 3 hour mark in the hunt. Equinox, 15 inch coil, Beach 1, wet sand.
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