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  1. I did notice the patina difference, but some were in the surf, some in the high wet and some in the dry sand. Some were half a mile apart and a couple were two feet apart. They were also found over a two-to-three-month period. Salt water and father time will take its toll on clad and in a hurry sometimes. I do wish some of my other beaches would spit out halves instead of Zincolns. LOL Knowing this beach as well as I do I would say that the likelihood of a seeded hunt while surely possible, is highly unlikely. It is just too busy from before sunup until late at night. And I think I would have heard about a local beach seeded hunt just from me being local. But as they say, "given time and money, anything is possible"!!! Just thinking back on some of the really weird stuff that I have dug on the beaches, 13 Kennedys hardly seems out of the ordinary. LOL Thanks for all the responses. It is a very interesting hobby (addiction) that we share.
  2. This is not jewelry but they were all found in the sand while hunting for jewelry. In the past 3 months or so I have been digging Kennedy halves on the beach. I found 3 one time, 2 one time and singles 8 times. The dates are from 1971-2000. Anyone else find this odd???
  3. Mr Ford, Congrats on the yellow shinny stuff! I dig 4 or 5 "Romans" every year but they are usually just SS and usually solid. I did manage a little girls .925 necklace last year with a Roman Numeral date on it. (I think it was March 12 2015) Momma probably took it off her so that she wouldn't lose it. (famous last words)LOL Only one person knows for sure how it was lost. All I know is, "if they take it to the beach, they can lose it"!!! Joe
  4. I am not sure if this is the weirdest thing that I have found on the beach and not sure how you can lose a kettlebell in the sand either and really don't know why they thought that they needed to take it to the beach. LOL I always swing my way to the egress of the beach and find quite a bit of change in the dry sand on this beach. I am also always digging cans as it seems that 50 feet is just to far for some people to carry their trash to a trash can and they bury them in the sand. That was what I thought I was digging when I hit the kettlebell that was at least 6 inch down under the sand. Sometimes, you just have to shake your head!!! (oh BTW, this beach has about 250 steps down to the sand, which makes this a head scratcher for sure)
  5. Ok, here is what I know for sure. The black keys are inlaid. It has a rim on one side and somewhat beveled on the other side. It rings up 13 on the Equinox. It is size 7. It weighs 8.5 grams. It acid test 14k. (it test negative on 18K acid) It does not have any hallmark. It is just an odd duck. I think that I need to take it to a jewelry store before I add it to my gold box. Has anyone seen one like this?
  6. I have been referring to this piece to my wife as my bouquet of diamonds! LOL I do see quite a few weddings and photo shoots on this beach. I remember a couple months ago that there was a wedding on one end of the beach and a funeral (spreading ashes) on the other end of the beach at the same time.
  7. I dug this on the beach yesterday with the Impulse AQ and it rang up loud and proud. At first I thought that it had to be just costume jewelry because who would wear something like that to the beach? It weighs 7.9g and while it has no hallmarks, it tested 14K, both electronically and by acid test. Each "stem" has 6 diamonds and it has 15 stems for a total of 90 diamonds. (and yes, they are real) So I guess that I have a bouquet of diamonds. LOL Each "stem" is like a post on an earring and is a live mount as it fits into a mounting hole and is "flared" to keep it from coming out of the mounting hole, and freely spins. It has one free hole that may have had a bail attached. Or it could have had just another "stem" of diamonds and attached to something else. I am just sorta lost on what it is-pendant, broach, pin,?,?,? Air test on the Equinox had it ringing up at 3-5. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  8. And so, I was not surprised at this pendant that I detected this morning at the beach. It is not precious metal (Stainless Steel, I think) but it certainly speaks for itself. LOL I belly laughed out loud when I dug it.
  9. The fact that the CZ was so hot but had to be right above it was a blessing and a curse. It was the concentric coil that made it so hot and go so deep BUT and it is a big BUT the coverage sucked. Your overlapping the coil had to be extremely close if you were to get coverage at a consistent depth. The DD coil of the other detectors gives so much better coverage but doesn't punch quite as deep as the very center of the cone shaped concentric coil detecting field. I used CZs on CW battle sites and campsites and dug some amazingly deep Minnie balls but it would take me forever to cover a site. That was why everyone coveted the FZ12 because you could just get more coverage as well as a bit more depth. Just my 2 cents on one of the reasons why the CZs are so hot.
  10. Mr. KOB, Yeah, that video is something I think about almost every time I go detecting. It was an eye opener for sure. It shows that what you perceive in your mind as a deceit swing is just that, something in your mind. The video is reality and shows you why no area is every hunted out. That ring is why we all get excited at negative tides. 6 hours before and it was under 8 feet of ocean!!! thanks, Joe
  11. It is amazing how good you are at predicting what a target is when you have the time to really analyze the sound from all angles. And really amazing how bad you are when you get tired or just sloppy with your technique. When I notice that I am getting sloppy, I go home and take a nap. LOL
  12. I dig about 20 gold rings a year and depending on size, shape, purity and white, rose or yellow, they ring up everywhere on the scale. I have dug them at a 2 and now 17. I talked to a guy last week who showed me a picture of a 24K ring that he found last year that rang up 30. Gold and zinc cents has the hardest for me to predict. So I just dig it all and see what's in the scoop. I do love a good surprise!
  13. The salt has them in all stages of decomposing. I have seen guys with over 100 different bottle cap collections from the beach, and they seem to all have a different alloy. They will ring up as low as 12 and as high as 23 but will averagely be 16-17. Crown caps do hit higher but beer/cola bottle caps hit lower and again depending on rust they tend to act like a zinc penny and be all over the scale. I tend to hunt the same beaches and pretty much try to keep them clean so I dig it all just because I don't like digging it twice. I am retired so I am not limited with my time on the beach so I don't cherry pick.
  14. Beach 1, sensitivity 23, iron bias 0, reactivity 2, Black Widows on the headphones. 11 inch coil
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