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  1. Kac, No there is no heatwave here. All I was trying to do was post a "feel good" post about returning a lost article. I got my first metal detector in 1969. Let that soak in a minute! Only 5 years of clad coins at that time. I have been helping folks for a lot of years finding all kinds of lost things. This was my third return this year. I could probably write a small book on the subject. Could I have responded to @Valen's post better? Sure I could. Could he have responded to my post better. Sure he could. The problem with forums or text is that lack of tone. Now had he said "I don't know if you are aware but sometimes people will try to get you to give them what you just found". Or something along those lines, I probably would have just laughed and went one. But he didn't. He wrote "you should have asked "What did you lose"". I guess maybe he didn't even read my post as I wrote, "He ask me if my metal detector could find a medallion that he had lost when his chain had broken." It make no difference now. He said. I said. Water under the bridge. I will keep helping folks find their lost items and I may or may not post the story. Hopefully everyone will realize that a feel good story really doesn't need commentary. A thumbs up or thumbs down is good enough.
  2. To me, he told me what he lost. He lead me to where it was lost. I dug it where he said he lost it. I didn't need a store receipt describing the medallion. Maybe that is just me but I saw no need to interrogate him after finding it. And I really don't appreciate you telling me what you think I should have done. It is none of your business how I conduct myself when helping someone find something that they have lost. I didn't post this for your critique of what you think I did wrong. Why don't you just be happy that I was able to help someone out?
  3. I was approached by a young man (wearing a mask) today on the beach that I was metal detecting on. He ask me if my metal detector could find a medallion that he had lost when his chain had broken. He then said it was gold. I told him that gold was what I was looking for on the beach and said, Let's go find it. He and his buddies had been tossing a football around and that was when his gold chain had broken and the medallion had dropped into the dry sand and disappeared. I said, "I hope this is your lucky day". Two minutes later I ask his if it was "Jesus on the cross". He said "yes" and I handed it back to him. It took all of about 5 minutes of my time and made his day. I love this hobby!
  4. I got to know Reg a few years ago when I got my TDI Pro. We emailed quite a bit when I first got it. I learned very quickly that if he wrote anything about a PI, you needed to download it so you could read it, re-read it and then repeat until you got your mind wrapped around it. I still run across stuff on my computer from time to time that he had written. RIP Reg! You were one of the good guys for sure!
  5. More Cherokee than anything else that I can put my finger on. Equinox 800, beach in So Cal. I have had a great July. That was my 12th piece of gold this month. Can't hardly wait for the AQ.
  6. Joe, I used to tell folks that it was my Cherokee name, meaning money made of metal. It is pronounced "Coo Knee Ogg A You", or just how ever you want to say it. LOL Joe PS I also go by PryorCreekJoe in some circles.
  7. I lived up to my name today!
  8. I have never seen one before either. That is what so much fun about this hobby, something new all the time!
  9. Slimpickuns, I don't know how you found that site but I really appreciate it. I have Googled, Binged, Yahooed and several other browsers and had come up empty handed. The white Rhodium explains part of why the electronic tester wasn't reading it correctly too. White Created Sapphires I guess read as diamonds too. Interesting! I will toss it into the silver pile now that I know it only has gold plating on part of it. 12.8g of silver is still a pretty good haul for a silver ring! Thanks again, Joe
  10. Ok, I need a little help on this one. I recently dug a spinner ring on a beach. It appears to be a very wide (about 1/2 inch wide) silver inner ring with a gold outer ring with about 28 diamonds on it. There is a marking on the silver ring on the outside beneath the gold ring that says 925A2. It rang high on the Equinox when I found it so I assumed it was just a silver ring. But then I tested the diamonds and they tested positive. I have an AuRacle AGT1 Plus electronic gold/platinum tester that has been spot on testing 10K, 14K,18K as well as silver, SS, Tungsten, and other rings as NA. The tester keeps saying the silver ring is 18K and the spinner ring is 14K. I think that because the two rings are touching, it is giving me the wrong reading on the silver ring. There are no hallmarks on the inside of the silver ring be it does have a potential makers mark that looks sorta like a clover leaf and an inscription that appears to say Be Lovziends. I am attaching pics in the hopes that someone can tell me about this ring. The next to the last pic shows the 925A2 but is a bit blurry. Thanks for looking and any info would be greatly appreciated, Joe PS It air test 35 on the Equinox one way and 20 holding the ring the other. Again, I think that the two rings together are giving off mixed signals.
  11. Joe, What is the approximate total cost that you have in the 26650 battery version, part wise excluding labor? Your DIY skills match your detecting skill so I am not surprised to see such a clean factory looking setup as your attention to details are just as equal. Kudos to you on taking the time out of your detecting time to better this machine. Of course more uninterrupted time in the water beyond the 3.5 hours is the main driving force behind your work on this project but also maybe a little "FT, why didn't YOU do this in the first place" attitude can be seen also. LOL Can't wait for the DIY video!!! HH, Joe
  12. That's about 75 bottle caps less to mask over the potentially better deeper targets. I get all that crap off my beaches so that I can concentrate on the deep stuff next time, and if I happen to find a gold ring mixed in with the caps, all the better.
  13. Pier tear outs and storm take downs, and pallets in the burn pits just to name a couple of sources.
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