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  1. I have done some comparison testing and can hear the differences but I think I need to get in a lot more beach time on the AQ and some longer hunts times. The 11 hour battery ought to keep me out there long enough that the sounds are etched in my thick noggin. LOL I think that the biggest problem is that each piece of the lobster traps is a different size and in a different stage of decomposition. There can be no "standard" tone as each piece will give off a slightly different sound. But I need to focus on the prize-the gold instead. The trash is just part of the hobby. That is why we ca
  2. Congrats on getting over the dry spell. We all know how heavy that Monkey can get! And also congrats on having the knowledge to know when to get yourself out of harms way!!!
  3. Got my BBB (Beachnut Big Battery) 11 hour (est) run time battery today. Hope to give it a spin tomorrow. This should help me from having to backpack extra gear around for 3 1/2 hours or until the first battery quits me. I opted for the standard headphone connector to keep things simpler. The standard FT hearphones seem to sufficient at this point. Although I have been reading a lot on some of the threads about adapting other headphone for the AQ. That may be something I need to address down the road but not for now. I am just now starting to discern one target from another and don't
  4. Congrats on the collateral digs! Bag of rice for the phone for a couple of days and then try to charge it. I have four that I got to powerup that way. Three had already been turned off from their carrier and the other was an old iPhone 5 with a cracked screen that would power up but not keep much of a charge. I put up "found" signs on the beaches but didn't get any responses and the signs had been taken down the next time I went to the beaches. I do have three returns this year though. So it is always worth the "try". Keep working on the Cartier, more collateral to find too!!!
  5. Norm, I have been using Steveg's counterbalance rod on my Equinox for well over a year and a half. About 99% of the time with the 15 inch coil. It is a treat to use for sure. HH, Joe
  6. While the spur is usually made of brass, the rowel was usually iron and rusted away over the years.
  7. Disintegrating in the name of saving history. I have never quite understood that logic. Keep it off limits until it is gone so nobody can enjoy it. I guess it makes sense to someone. The historical community has the political pull to make laws but hasn't the funds to preserve the real history. At the end of the day, the "spot" where history was made is still just a piece of land and nothing else. And most of the time the "historical" landmark is in the wrong location anyway as it is someone's best guess location. LOL
  8. KOB, I think that you and I are experiencing the same thing. Sounds like it as I may not have articulated it so well as I am relatively new to beach hunting. I am checking my beaches as you say every couple of days to see which one has had some erosion and which ones are sanded back in. I have one that the sand seems to move sideway as one end of the beach is sanded in and the sanded out. I have some theories about the slopes myself and will be working on proving them out and as you say the negative tide area simple suck in my area. I would find more in dry sand with a VLF most of th
  9. KOB, I am in So Cal also. Looks like it may be the nature of the beast. I keep digging and dumping them in the trash. I can say at least that nobody will step on it and stab their foot. I have been digging tons of tent pegs too but can tell them from the sound and loooooong tone or double beep. It's a job keeping these beaches clean but at least we are doing our part!!! thanks, Joe.
  10. kac, That is not a stupid question. I think that I just have more sand movement here and there are very few constants that you can rely on. I am trying to finesse in between a lot of extremes in sand movements. When or if the sand moves out, it takes everything with it. The Lobster Trap pieces are either new or in a spot that didn't get sanded out for a couple of years. I think that most of these pieces would move more freely than a heavier ring. Gold is usually (or averagely) 9 times heavier than other metal in the sand. That's what the smart guys tell me anyway. So the gold shoul
  11. Joe, I hunt in AM too but thought that I could switch to Tone (which works on coins) to give me more info on the targets. My beaches for the most part are steep and the sand movements are sever. The can loose or gain 8 foot of sand overnight. Yes, 8 foot is not a typo. You cannot hunt out in the surf either. Even if the waves were only a couple of feet tall, when they break, you wind up being thrown up to the wet line. (have had it happen, LOL) My beaches all have surfers on them so that should tell you something about the waves and the breaks. Anyway, there has been enough san
  12. kac, I'll give that a looksee next time out. It may be the tip that I need. :-) Thanks, Joe
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