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  1. Joe your modified equipment reminds me of the guy who claimed to have the ax that George Washington used to chop down the cherry tree. It had been in the family so long that they wore out two heads and five handles!!!
  2. Solid one piece of silver. Just high relief Italian .925. Not a transformer.
  3. I dug two silvers today on the beach. I thought that the ring was gold until I found the hallmark. The hallmark in not on the inside but instead on the outside and says 925 A2 and weighs 4.1g. The necklace is hallmarked 925 and Italy. Although the pendant isn't hallmarked, it appears to be silver also. At first glance, it looks somewhat like a key. BUT it has an alien head on one side and a pyramid on the other side. On one edge side it has SD and on the other edge side it has 2016. Total weight is 21.2g. I thought that maybe the SD was San Diego and the 2016 being the year. Maybe Comic-Con? Attached are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Any ideas on both the ring and necklace/pendant would be appreciated.
  4. Joe, Nice haul of big chunky rings too. Glad to see you out and about again. That Excal is just an extension of your arm! (I know that you know what I mean) LOL Have you got your Dry suit seaworthy yet? It is just around the corner. Take care and stay safe. Joe
  5. Nice digs Dan! Glad you posted a picture of the Gang-reel mower pulled by the tractor too, as most only think of a rotary mower when you say mower. 🙂 So is that about a 45 cent piece instead a 50 center? 🤣
  6. Dan, Good to see you back in the field and posting those shinnys again! Are you using the stock 11 inch coil or the 15 x 12 inch? Joe
  7. It rang up 8 and a quick dig before the next wave hit. Actually, I think it was the third wave/scoop before I finally got it in the scoop. LOL And yes, it was a solid 8.
  8. June is looking good already. Size 5, 1.8g, 18K & PLAT, 2 diamond and 1 Sapphire ring. Working the wet into the surf. Equinox 800, Beach 1, sensitivity 23, AM. Also got two small silver bands but they are not as photogenic as this little pretty thing. Oh, I found my name again. CUNIAGAU
  9. Got the spring clip today and now have a fulling functioning AQ again! Now if we can get some sand to move!!!
  10. Walt, Thanks for the offer. I sent an e-mail with pictures to FT yesterday after I saw that the assembly was incomplete so I should be hearing something back from them. They should put one in the mail ASAP but I choose not to hold my breath. LOL I still have a bag of detecting "stuff" that I couldn't find yesterday that might contain a spring clip. I am doing yard work for the mother-in-law today and I can always just use my Minelab as I have the past 3 weeks anyway. (gold x3, silver x8) thanks again, Joe
  11. Ok folks, I have made contact with the Spotify rings owner and it will be returned this week. I hope to have a picture of the return soon. Stand by!!!
  12. I received the replacement lower rod today, three weeks after notifying First Texas of the breakage of the rod and sending pictures of it to them. Anyone notice anything missing in one of the pictures below? I guess I should have kept the button spring clip from the broken rod. I kept the clevis bolts and nuts but not the spring clip. Who would have thought that the rod would not come without the spring clip? I used a piece of wooden dowel about the same size as the holes to keep the coil lined up and from rotating. Just taped the dowel in place and it at least let me hunt this afternoon. Thanks to all who help me get the replacement.
  13. I have traced them both to Instagram accounts and trying to get in touch with them to return the ring. It's a lot of work for a silver ring but as we all know, "it's all about the journey"!!!
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