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Any Areas In/around Wickenburg Az?

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12 hours ago, sevastras said:

I’m going to be out in the Bradshaws on the 24th if you feel like going further north and meeting up. I don’t know the area, researched claims, and know the 800 pretty well. I guess at the very least, I can give you tips on how to use the machine and am confident if my 800 goes over gold I will find it. 

much appreciate that, but i cant get away from the family that day

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Hey folks, I want to say a big thank you to all that replied to my original post. I have since left the area, i did manage one quick hunt, didnt find any gold or coins just spent brass. But i did find some peace of mind in the beautiful canyons and wadi's, that in itself was worth going out.

Happy hunting!

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