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Don’t know what this is. It’s heavy like lead and not magnetic. The front is covered with a brass plate shaped over the back like the plastic cover of a modern pin badge.  The back has a square-ish raised area like it was sheared off a mount of some sort.  Cleaning the dirt off the back exposes some whitish areas, so it may be hardened lead as it does not scratch with my finger nail.  No apparent detail on the front, just appears to be smooth. Shape-wise, it almost looks like some sort of reflector.

Any ideas?



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I honestly don’t know. Someone on another website thought it might be the top of a drain plug for a sink. That wouldn’t explain the odd hole punch notch out of one side. But it would explain the size, shape, nonferrous nature, and why it looks like it broke off of a post.

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I have actually dug quite a few Ladies Compacts.

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