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  1. You were meant to find that. Very nice indeed. A real memory there.
  2. Those Bronze nails are pretty neat. I assume they washed up on the beach still in the ship's planking which is now gone.
  3. Those are not in too bad condition. Seems likr there are some good, older targets there at some depth.
  4. Are you pleased with the level of detailed information Andy's book contains beyond just the basics?
  5. Since it was just published. I think it would. I know Clive's book does & it has been out for a while.
  6. Welcome from East Texas. You got a good detector & joined a great forum.
  7. Steve, Can you please have them use the Anfibio hardware instead? I want an onboard rechargeable battery & auxiliary backup battery and submersible too!😀 Seriously, I am hoping they surprise us all with performance & value. Prospecting, Relic, Beach/Dive & Coin/General use.
  8. In mild, low mineral ground Recovery can be run low, depending on target density. The Legend also runs very smooth at 0 Ground Balance if there is no more than one mineral bar showing on the Ground Indicator graph. M3 works very well on moist ground. It smooths out the false 11s which are ground ghosts.
  9. Not sure. I wish it would have some decent Iron disc.
  10. Curious as to what kind of detecting you enjoy in Japan. Any chance you have a Military Post Office address? That may make a difference on shipping.
  11. Yes, I tried it at TB of 1 & I wasn't seeing an improvement in separation from my normal TB of 7. I do know there is a noticeable difference in separation AND unmasking when the TB moves from +/- 10 Factory default. Your observation is correct on moving the Tone Break. I don't think you have to go all the way to 0. 6 or 7 work best for me. Now, play with the Recovery speed. You will be surprised at how much a slower speed improves the audio on co located targets. I have not found a need to go above 5, even in machinegun nails. The only exception I have found so far is in heavy mineralized dirt, 6 or 7 is required. High mineralization soil has been the most challenging for me. The settings have to be just right to get some decent depth & tone. I'm still experimenting with it. Otherwise The Legend is a very forgiving machine.
  12. Rick, Are you making your comparison of improved separation by moving the first Tone Break to 1 from Tone Break 10? 7?
  13. Andy Sabisch has a new book out on The Legend. I told Santa about it.
  14. Nokta's new wireless Pinpointer that will pair with The Legend is suppose to be out soon. The physical mockup and name was announced at Detectavil in the UK last month.
  15. Have you tried it in M1 and the single frequencies? TID 1 is a ground response. I wonder if this behavior is known & intended by @Nokta Detectors. Could this be something that really needs to be "fixed" and therefor make the Legend even better? Is this related to what Tom Dankowski was referring to as an anomaly/demodulation issue? Very interesting.
  16. Talk about people coming out of the woodwork! I knew good treasure hunters were secretive but never heard of one being shy. Ya'll post some now & again!
  17. Welcome from East Texas. You may not have native raw Gold but you can always look for the Spanish & Bandit kind!
  18. Welcome to you & your wife from East Texas.
  19. Welcome from East Texas. Hope you make a full recovery quick.
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