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  1. GhostLight; very nice rig. Looks like you are set up for precision recoveries. It is all much too clean though.
  2. I checked my set up after work. It is the Stereo(2 bands on the tip) adapter that worked.
  3. I have been compiling a fresh list of researched sites that are built over with modern "improvements". They all have a small area of green left uncovered. I have dug some good finds in small overlooked nooks & strips. You just never know. Most have probably never seen a detector.
  4. The Killer Bs are wired. I use the Garrett WS R receiver and just tuck it all in. It is worth the cord to get the sound quality. Don't overlook the convenience of the Garrett AT Z Lynk pipointer being a seemless part. I have one set up on the Vista X and purchased a second set up for the Tarsacci, including a second set of headphones. The Hornet model has it's own 1/8 to 1/4 adapter which was a nice feature.
  5. It will take a bit to post a photo of my set up as I don't use a smartphone. I will try. I will add that the Garrett MS3 & MS2 sound okay on the Tarsacci, BUT my 150 ohm Killer Bs sound so much better. They bring out the disc tones in Mixed mode very well. Crisp instead of muddy.
  6. My set up for Z Lynk is similar but my Tarsacci supplied dongel has the 90 degree on the multi pin end at the control head. The 1/8 to 1/4 adapter I use is one piece, no wire in the middle. Purchased at a Guitar / music store. They come in stereo & mono. Pretty sure it is the mono version that worked. I bought both to be sure.
  7. That is a good, functionable rig. I use something similar, a 3 pouch Dove hunting belt bag. Works just right.
  8. You dug some very nice relics. That site has more to come. I think the large nickeled piece might be from an accordion. Yes, Disc +29 works well in the Iron. Swing speed is important, not too fast. Your running pretty hot settings & they seem to be working well, but it is still deep at lower sensitivity. What is your GB?
  9. In one of the books I have written by Charles Garrett & Rot Lagal, they recommend low sensitivity, small coil and just enough Discrimination to eliminate SMALL nails. Remember that money caches were often placed in tobacco tins or similar containers. You would also need very good coil control to be thorough & to be able to trace out pipes or wiring. Searching old structures used to be more common in the past. Most are gone now.
  10. Nice coin with odd marks. It makes you wonder why. On the Tarsacci, I have found that the nail falses will break up/disappear as you rotate around the target in Disc. I have also found Disc 29/30 to be helpful in heavier nails. You can still tell the bigger Iron though to dig it if you want to get it out of the way.
  11. I have the NELS 9.5X5 Sharpshooter for my Fisher F5 and it is excellent.
  12. There are no magic settings or detector for this type of trash hunting, just the basics. Smaller coil, lower sensitivity & clear it out of the way. At least it will all be shallow. Then go back & find the deeper good targets. You would not regret having the 5X8, it probably would become your most used coil.
  13. Larry is going behind himself where he had previously ran the Equinox 800. I also have had similar finds. I am wanting some nice rain. My red dirt ground is very dry & hard on digging. I expect the moisture will help the MDT on deeper targets.
  14. The audio on the Vista X has a lot of intelligent nuance to it, especially with the Iron volume raised, It blends the low & high according to the target, relative to the Disc setting.
  15. Another great resource for research are old Sanborn Fire Insurance maps. They were made for most medium size towns.
  16. I watched a couple of nice relic hunt videos last evening on Larry Hogston"s channel. It did well on some deep bullets in some bad ground.
  17. That is the same reasoning as me. I have not had the finds you have enjoyed yet on previous good soil sites but, the MDT does do well on Iron masked targets other detectors have missed. In the bad dirt it really comes in to it's own. Please keep posting your experiences with the Tarsacci.
  18. Dan Very good recovery rate for a Park, even a small town one. There very well may be a lot of other spots there that have not been hunted. Some local research should prove productive. I hope your part of Texas isn't as dry as mine.
  19. Has anyone purchased/used one of these Reaper coils yet?
  20. I still have my Garett CX II with 3 Crossfire coils & The Bloodhound 2 Box set. Purchased new in 1995. It was a good detector in it's day and will still find treasure. The non motion All Metal has slow auto tune or manual retune. It is pretty deep in good ground. Garrett's newer motion AM on the AT Max is a good bit deeper. I will always keep the CX II for the 2 box. I use it to find dump sites for bottles. It works well, ignoring anything smaller than quart size can range, Yes, it only works off the AM channel with no need to Ground Balance.
  21. Appears to be a river rock. They were often used as hammerstones & grinding stones. The various tribes traded among themselves. Materials not native to an area often show up, having been imported, sometimes from long distances. Here in East Texas, I have found rocks similar to yours that you can see the striations on the flat sides from use. The closest native River Rock is hundreds of miles away. I have also found a nice arrowhead made of Black Obsidian. The closest deposits are in far West Texas & New Mexico. Neat finds.
  22. I'm taking them at their word. They are coming for the Equinox buyer's market primarily, the Apex market is slightly secondary, They intend to get a large portion of both. Market share is the goal, but prestige plays a big part too.
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