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  1. Minton, You might want to look at the detectors offered by DeepTech. They are excellent modern analog style machines.
  2. Figuring things out is part of the fun for me.
  3. Englands Hstory You Tube channel has posted a good demo of the V1.08 Iron filter & stability.
  4. You can always call Dimiter to discuss things, He has always been patient & helpful with me.
  5. The V1.08 update is looking to be very helpful. For now & even after the update, it is helpful for me on iron trash, like bottle caps, to run little to no Disc AND have the Iron tone Bin volume turned up a good bit. I run it about 5-6. Main detector volume one step below max & HP volume to my ambient conditions. This lets me hear the Iron tells. The Ferro Check gives a good indication also as will drawing the coil back to hear if the tone changes to mostly Iron.
  6. The V1.08 update is suppose to correct the fault between the Threshold & Bluetooth HPs. A usable threshold should add some versatility to target response/size.
  7. DeepTech posted a short video on the Finds forum showing the new coil in their test garden. Good depth & tone ID.
  8. NM certainly have given us a lot to experiment with. The versatility & performance The Legend presents, especially given the price point, is almost unbelievable.
  9. Jeff's correction prompted a question to me; if Audio gain is not available in Goldfield, is it available in the other modes when using Pitch audio. Is there a special difference between say Goldfield and Field with Pitch tone other than the kHz used? I'm very glad to have the option of VCO, even in single tone(I was hoping for VCO in 2,4,6 and even 60 tone) What makes Goldfield "special"? I want to build a "Relic mode" similar to the D2.
  10. Thank you. I stand corrected. I was remembering the modes listed under the Audio gain section.
  11. It is defiantly an audio machine.
  12. NM stated the Iron filter & Stability feature is only available in Multi while in Park, Field & Beach. Not in single kHz or Goldfield. @kac.... that's what I read anyway. On paper, I printed it off. I'm very old school.
  13. On the MDT8000, a correct Salt balance seems to have the biggest effect on TID accuracy. If you are in heavy minerals, Black Sand active will also help keep TIDs closer to "normal". I usually hunt by ear like you. TID is very secondary.
  14. Histryrevisited put up several short Youtube videos on the new update. One covered the new Iron filter AND the stability adjustment. Both appear to be of noticeable effect. One question I thought of that I posted already hoping NM would respond is If the adjustable Iron filter & related Stability adjustment have any effect on the FerroCheck response.
  15. We will see when V1.08 is release, but I am curious if the new adjustable Iron Filter & the Stability settings effect the FerroCheck response.
  16. Once the LG 24 & other DD coil that was mentioned is released, I hope NM will go to work on a small & mid size Concentric coil. A LG 18C & LG 23C would put The Legend in a class by itself as far as versatility & capability. The in field performance is already there.
  17. Thank you for being so responsive to user suggestions to improve your products. This willingness, along with your in field performance & quality is what sets you apart from the competition. NM is a true World Class example for all to see.
  18. HistoryRevisited posted a good summery video on the Finds forum. It all sounds like a solid update as far as versatility.
  19. Dew... That is a good observation & reminder. I need to do some testing to see where on the coil a deep target gives the most consistent TID.
  20. I spoke to Richard@Backwoods Detectors. He is placing an order within the next week so I will have one on the way.
  21. DeepTech has announced a new 8" solid round Concentric coil for the Vista X. I am looking forward to seeing how this improves an already excellent Iron machine.
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