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-50 Mesh And Felt Are A Good Combination.

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Ran about a gallons worth of reclassified -50 mesh today. I had some felt laying around, and put a piece on my upper two piggy-backed micro cleanup sluices.


I removed the felt piece and did a clean-up to see how well it caught the -50 mesh gold.


Here's the gold that the felt caught after running a gallon's worth of -50 mesh, which were previously run twicw at about 10 mesh. I also have about 1/4 cup of remaining concentrates saved from the micro-riffles. I am going to add more felt for my next run, as it leaves me with less concentrates to run over my miller table.

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I have used a form of sand paper from a auto parts store that is made from the same material as a pot scrubber . It is 600-800 grit and then I sat them in the sluice in such a way that it traps more flour gold.. I like the felt however I don't know how long it will hold up. What I described is what most auto body people use to sand down areas on cars to ready them for painting, but they do trap almost everything gold.

Great that you are able to save as much as you are doing, and I like to hear of new ways to do something differently.

Good luck and stay warm.

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