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  1. Beautiful area and I am sure that there is a lot more gold there that you have not yet found. Should have some nice size nuggets in that river edge, and not just flour gold. Good luck and stay safe out there.
  2. That was a great hunt and some nice history saved from the ground. Good luck on your next hunt and stay safe out there.
  3. Looks like your on a great spot with all your hard work. Good luck and keep up the hard work.
  4. Enjoyed the read and loved the pictures that went with the story. Great hunt and just shows people what you can do when you don't give up. It also shows just how lucky some people are than others. Good luck and good hunting on your next trip.
  5. Steve, I am a relative Newbie at this detecting thing and have really only used a Tracker IV with my grandfather. Since he is gone and left me all his things I can honestly say that using the factory presets have been very good to me. Yes I do dig most targets still, but find that the presets have helped me in so many ways and in every type of ground. I believe in the 800 and know when I do learn more about the unit I will have more fun with it.
  6. Thanks for sharing those items, looks to be rather light weight than what I currently use.
  7. I remember seeing a few rings that were made from old silver coins that my grandfather showed me. I know it took them a lot of work to make the ring. Great find and wish you more luck on your next hunt.
  8. Great finds and glad you saved some nice history. Good luck on your next outing.
  9. Great finds and I know old school yards like that can have some serious hot areas in them. Some of the old schools I have hunted still has coal ash in the ground where the school would dump it. Good luck on your next outing and stay safe out there.
  10. Welcome to the forum and glad to have you here with us. Always enjoy reading about the finds from your area, and love the pictures of where the area is. Beautiful country and beautiful gold you have down there. Good luck and good hunting.
  11. Nice find on the earring, but what did the carrot show up on your detector and does it still work. Just kidding, good luck on your next outing.
  12. Very nice nugget with some hard work to get it out of the ground. How many more did you get from that location. Good luck on your next hunt.
  13. Nice to see you get your fair share for your hard work out there, I was almost going to have you come down here to compare creeks. I will usually get a few grams of flour gold each time we go out and sluice, and am glad that you found the right spot for you to get it out of the creek. Good luck and stay safe out there.
  14. How many pointers do you have now as I guess you have several of them just hanging in your closet. Did you ever get your battery holder for them made?
  15. Looks promising from what I can see. and I have to say I love the area that your in. How deep is the hole for the pump that your using on the sluice? Have you tried the bottom of the creek yet and if so what has it turned up. Good luck and good hunting.
  16. Looks like a cocaine spoon or a novelty pipe bowl cleaner. Just guessing on this, hope to read what it actually is.
  17. Very nice finds and glad that you saved them. Good luck on your next outing.
  18. Nice looking button and I didn't think it was N.C. as the C didn't look right. Glad that you found out what it was. Great save and good luck on your next hunt.
  19. Great hunt, I believe that you have mastered the D2. Just one thing that you didn't find this hunt and that would be a Hot Wheels car. Good luck on your next hunt and stay safe out there.
  20. That item held rhinestones and the blue coloring is the old glue base. I still believe that it could be for a man's jacket, but with the stones that were used more than likely a dime store piece for ladies. I have seen similar items with more than 2 colors on it in the shape of a cross that pinned the same way. Still looking for a photo for it.
  21. Like Rick says try to clean it up some more and take some pictures of it, that way we might be able to match it on Google. My first guess is a broach that pins a scarf together for a woman, my second guess is a fraternity pin of some organization. The second guess is based on the time period and the way some high class men wore their clothes. Also if you can tell us if it base metal or what it my be made of would help. Good luck on cleaning it without damaging it.
  22. Great work on the finds and it looks like you spent a lot of time out there. Good luck on your next outing and save some for me.
  23. I wish I could see a better picture of just the coin at a higher resolution. That way we might be able to see something to make a positive ID on it. Nice find no matter what it is.
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