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  1. For me when I started hunting gold with my grandfather, I found that when I was out there either panning or sluicing that I had no worries in the world. I believe that most of us will agree that when we do something we like there is no better feeling. I am just learning to metal detect for gold, and can't wait to be able to get out there to do it. Should I not be able to find it with a metal detector I will simply go back to one of my sluices or just start panning again in the local creeks. I will admit that I enjoy coin hunting with my detector and can/have hunt for several hours without any breaks. It seems that when I am out there and in the zone/hunt there is nothing that can be more relaxing. Hope this helps explain why I am out there every chance I get.
  2. Great hunt for sure with some very nice finds! Good luck on your next hunt.
  3. Looks like one of my neighbors, and sort of acts like him. Since I am still a newbie at this I won't call the guy an idiot as I have almost made the same mistake. I forgot that a pair of tennis shoes I have does have steel toes in them and the detector hit on them a few times.
  4. Michael, Welcome to the forum and glad that you are here! What type of detector do you use, and how long have you been detecting? I will be reading some of your posts with interest and would love to see some photos of your finds. Good luck and happy hunting.
  5. That's what happens when you date an alien who throws rocks after you break up with them. Glad she didn't get hurt.
  6. All I can say is what was that man thinking. I hope he gets some serious time for his destruction of such a place of importance.
  7. Welcome to the forum and not to worry about your English as some of us here are worse than you, and they live here. All kidding aside please share some of your stories and finds with us as we all love a good story with nice pictures. Welcome again and hope to read some of your articles soon.
  8. When is it time to move on? The right question should be Have I really covered every inch of this place to justify moving on. The reason I say that is when I was detecting an old church for the 4th time, I realized that there was just one place that I had not covered. When I did detect there the tones just rang out. That was where the out house and fire pit was located and it had a lot of trash still there. I had found dimes and trimes when I checked those places and then it hit me, check everything and every inch more than once. Gold fields are the same and have to be the hardest areas to detect for sure, but move some rock a little dirt, and listen for the tones. They will still produce gold but maybe not as much as you would like.
  9. Thanks for sharing the video as we here in the states don't get to see nuggets like that here very often.
  10. I hope that I am able to take a few body guards to feed the animals so they leave me alone.
  11. You should be able to use almost any waterproof headphone unit and add a couple of led's to give a visual indicator. Be sure that you waterproof your work when done. I have done it on some underwater gear that I use as a backup to the speaker for it, and it has never failed yet. Just be sure to pick a color that you like and make sure that you use a circuit that will not burn up the outputs.
  12. Please remind me when I make it down that way not to go swimming. I think I would rather go metal detecting on dry land and away from the water.
  13. Great hunt and very nice items, the half should clean up nicely. Good luck on your next outing!
  14. Great video and thank you for sharing it with us. That is a very nice nugget and I thought you were going to have a heart attack once you found it. Glad to see people still get excited when they find something nice, it just shows you that there is still a kid in each and everyone of us. Good luck on your next hunt Gerry!
  15. Very nice hunt, however if your scales won't go high enough for you just send it to me and I will weigh it for you. I have a new scale that can handle it for sure, as the one that you have is just for smaller nuggets. Now it may take a while to send it back and I can't guarantee that it might get broken on the way back to you. You know how rough the postal service is on things like that. Good luck on your next hunt.
  16. Thank you for sharing the video Reg, I think it was very interesting. I hope that I can watch some of the videos from there as they looked nice. Hopefully they will show what the gold rush days were like.
  17. Well said and I am glad that you have morals to do the right thing for your friends. Some time soon I would be honored to have you in my neck of the woods. I am due back home this weekend and then I should have some pictures or picture to share with you. Good luck on your next hunt.
  18. I do agree with GB on what he has stated, but I have started digging all the strong signals no matter what depth they are at. I want to find as much as I can and from that I will someday begin to learn what not to dig. However if you don't dig numbers in those ranges you might miss out on a ring or two as they can come up in those numbers. I guess what I am saying is, if you want good results dig everything. You might end up clearing out the trash just to make it easier for your next visit.
  19. Very nice nugget and am waiting to see the video on how and where you found it. Good luck on your next hunt!
  20. Looks like some of the old political campaign pins they used to give out. Grandfather had quite a collection of them, so you might want to look in that direction also.
  21. You are killing it, please leave some of the nice things in the ground so I can find them. I hope I will be back in Illinois at the end of the week to get out the detector again. Good luck and happy hunting. PS, please stay out of my area until I have a chance to get there.
  22. Nice finds for sure! Good luck on your next outing.
  23. Grandfather and I used his Tracker IV with some good luck on a friends old farm house before they tore it down. We had the sense at half way up, all metal mode, and kept the coil off the floor and walls a few inches. Finally found the stash that they were looking for, and about 20 different electrical lines. Just keep the sense down and take your time is what we had done.
  24. Another great hunt for you GB and glad to see the saves. We all know that Timex can take a licking, but is it still ticking?
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