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  1. Good luck and good hunting. Stay safe and leave the big nuggets for me when I get down there soon. Please leave the coordinates. Have fun and don't get burned.
  2. Welcome to the forum Jeff we are glad to have you here. What type of detector do you use, and have you found much of the shiny stuff? We love stories and pictures of the adventures so please share some when you get a chance. Good luck and good hunting.
  3. Looks like a very good day for you, nice save on the gold. Good luck on your next outing.
  4. Nice job and it looks like it will do the trick. What type of printer are you using? What size of scoop will that fit?
  5. Great deal from the people who gives these type of discounts. Where would this country be without those that gave so much for us to enjoy our freedoms. I thank all the Vets who served.
  6. Fantastic hunt, great saves on the rings. Any idea on who made the ring with the fake stone? I have seen some very untrustworthy jewelers swap the stones before. Good luck on your next outing.
  7. Interesting video, I guess they had to make such a large bar for the price of rent and gas for the car. I seem to remember that these same people had another video up that was found to be stretching the truth on the amount of lost jewelry found on the streets and sewers.
  8. Another great write up as usual from you Simon! Glad that you were able to find some of that yellow stuff while checking out the new toy. Glad to hear that your unit is working as it should for you and I like your new toys also. Some day I may have to get the 6000, but I think I need to really learn the 800 better. I need more experience at detecting before spending that kind of money for a new unit. Good luck on your next outing.
  9. My grandmother was bitten by a tick almost 10 years ago and to this day she still suffers from it. She has been taking different pills 4 times a day, she has lost out on a lot of life due to lyme disease from those little pest's. Should you ever get it you will know exactly what I am talking about, as she is lucky that she is still alive. Her meds cost over $100.00 per day and she has to have a special diet to stop the flare-ups from it.
  10. Grandfather used a system that I now also use when on land. Use a mop bucket with about 2 gallons of water in it, then add the permethrin to the water to make a 15% solution. Then roll a pair of pants and a shirt and place in the bottom of the bucket. After about 30 minutes I take them out and wring them as much as possible back into the bucket. Place my hat into the bucket and do the same. Hang clothes on hangers and set outside to drip dry. They can be used several times before having to redo the process. Have never gotten a tick since I have done this. Good luck and hope this helps someone.
  11. Great finds on the hunt, congrats. Good luck on your next outing.
  12. From the gold you have shown us I know that you know where the gold is at. With that being said if it were me I would go with the 6000 for it's weight. The 6000 is simple to use and once you are used to it, I am sure that it will do you right. Good luck on your decision and good luck on your next hunt.
  13. Nice save on the IH, sometimes I put a little water on them to read the date, and other times I have to take a lead pencil and paper to make a rubbing. If all else fails then I just guess at the date. Good luck on your next outing, and remember that roundup will get rid of those pesky weeds. Just don't let the owner see you do it.
  14. The bottom picture rotate 90 degrees to the right, and that should help. Nice hunt, were you searching an old school for accountants.
  15. Looks like a pair of earrings from the 70's. Great hunt, good luck on your next outing.
  16. Welcome to the forum Nick! Have you tried south of Trout Lake in the creek? My grandfather and I panned there for about 3 weeks several years ago and was able to get almost 2 ounces before we had to come back home. Take your time and your detector will find some nice targets. It just takes time to know the machine and what it is telling you is down there. Good luck and good hunting.
  17. Just how well do you know the property owners? I wonder why they gave you permission to hunt their land, maybe to see if any evidence will ever be uncovered? Watch your back out there, you never know who used that jacket.
  18. Forgot to tell you that the NOX is working for you. She thought you might like a quarter since you were nice to her.
  19. Great finds, you should be able to find some really good stuff there. Just take your time and things will show up for you to dig. Good luck.
  20. Nice looking find, I see that there is a lot of history there. When I know what the area looks like I try the areas where there were plenty of horse hitches. When people got on and off the horses they tend to drop a few coins. Should you find a couple of stables give them a try also. Good luck on your next outing.
  21. I will have to remember that trick, send your hunting partner on a wild goose chase. Great finds and congrats on the quarter, it looks nice along with the other finds.
  22. I would have to try panning in the creek just to say that I did that. I enjoy seeing sites like that and know that someone was able to find gold in those areas.
  23. Nice finds, I always swing in different directions to pinpoint more closely with the 800. Good luck on your next hunt.
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