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  1. We do that also, but we wrap them in foil for the grill at a low to medium heat with lots of smoke. 20 minutes before they are done open the top up so the smoke can get into it and for a little bit of crispy to start on the wings.
  2. Glad to see another save and glad to see the owner reunited with their ring. Only if gold was that easy to find, we would all be millionaires by now.
  3. Very nice finds and I can tell that you had a lot of hard work finding them. There is no telling just how much trash you had to dig up to find what you got. Good luck and good hunting.
  4. If you have a farm supply store near you like Rural King, I would go there for a marine battery or a golf cart battery. They are about $150 but they are worth the money as they are more durable in the long run.
  5. Great work and another great outcome for the people who you have found their rings for. I know that they will never forget what you have done for them, and in such short time hunting for the rings. Good luck and good hunting with many rewards for you.
  6. Nice job on the gold, what did it ring up as. Good luck on your next hunt.
  7. Wishing you clear skies, dry road, and many nuggets. Good luck.
  8. But the best part of it is the fact that you still had your wife's house coat on.
  9. Nice finds on the coins, but I have no idea what that last item is. It looks like brass and if it is it might be part of a fishing lure. I just don't know for sure. Good luck on your next outing and stay safe.
  10. Just be ready to hit the beach when your inside the eye. There is little to no rain, and not so windy also. That might be the answer to getting the deeper stuff. Just kidding of course, please stay safe and I wish you luck on getting through the storm. Beautiful finds for sure and i hope that many more show up after the storms are gone.
  11. Well I heard that they are waiting for inflation to go down so that customers can afford it.
  12. More nice looking gold and they seem to be getting bigger. I know that soon you will be finding some of the larger nuggets as you work the soil and maybe find enough to pay for the trip. Good luck, stay safe, and good hunting.
  13. Ciaran, Welcome to the best forum on the internet and I know that everyone here will be looking forward to reading about some of your finds. Please make sure that you post some pictures of your area as I know that it is some of the most beautiful area in the world. Your area is also filled with a lot of history and some of the best finds. Once again I am glad that you are here and good luck on your next outing.
  14. I wouldn't have expected anything else from you as you are one of the few rare people in this world. Most people would have tried to gain more from the find, but as I have learned from your past stories I knew that you would be more than fare with this person. Good luck on your next hunt.
  15. Nice looking finds for your hard work, good luck on your next hunt.
  16. Great job on the save, I am sure that he was thrilled that he was able to have it back. It's people like you that give people like us a good name for helping out, but I think you could have held out for a $100. Just kidding of course and good luck on your next hunt.
  17. Nice find and I hope that you find out more about it. Good luck on your next hunt.
  18. Nice looking bits of gold, when are we going to see some of the monster nuggets that are from there. I would like to see them soon so get back out there and find them. All kidding aside nice work and best of luck on finding some of the giant nuggets from there.
  19. You mean there are other forums people go to, well ain't that just nice to know. I'm happy right here with all the good people that belong here, and with all the knowledge that is stored on this forum. Well I say to any of you that goes to the other places good luck if you ever need some real information.
  20. Glad to have you with us and I see some very nice items that you have found. Looks like an old church in the picture and that is a good place to hunt. I know that it is going to get cold up there soon and wish you luck on your next few hunts before the cold weather puts a stop to it.
  21. Nice hunt with a good outcome. Good luck on you next hunt.
  22. Whats the big deal, you just detected a beach with that guy last week. Better hope someone don't knock that guy out and steal his rig.
  23. Welcome to the forum and glad to have you here with us. Love seeing items dug up from your area as it always has history behind it. Good luck and good hunting as you learn this new hobby that you are doing.
  24. Thanks for posting more gold pictures they looked nice. Looks like some big scorpions, be careful when you try to put them in a pot. Just kidding, grandmother was from Maine and her dad did some fishing for lobsters.
  25. NIce looking hunt as you found some amazing looking sinkers and a car. Does the car still work? Are you going to use any of the sinkers? Almost forgot great looking gold. Good luck on your next hunt and stay safe out there.
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