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Curiosity Question With Nome, Alaska Beach Mining

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Howdy all, 

    I went to this site https://mapper.dnr.alaska.gov/controller?do=load_map&map_id=21679#map=4/-16632245.12/8816587.34/0

and it shows what it determines are Public Claims all along the beach, up and down Nome.  Some are Alaska Native Holdings LLC, others have names in them.   

My question is...  are these private claims to the BEACH?  or is this for offshore dredging.  It says the north boundry on many of them are the "Mean High Tide" level to a point offshore depending on the size.   Does this stop normal guys like me from legally being able to go out and high bank beach sands in those areas?


Any help on the subject is grateful.  Let me know if my question is unclear and I can try to be more detailed.  I'm kind of new at looking into Nome AK and may want to head that way in a couple years.



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Sorry late to reply, but bottom line is where one set of claims rules (onshore) stops, the other (offshore leases) takes over. There is no magical grey zone in between to take advantage of, unless the area has been specifically set aside, as has been done at Nome.


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