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Shout Out To Garrett's Customer Service

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I bought a used atx off ebay. I was disappointed to say the least by its performance. The seller agreed to pay for repairs to make it right. I shipped the atx to Garrett for repair, and explained that the coil seems overly knock sensitive even on stable ground. They replaced some battery trays and o rings and sent it back. The ebay seller reimbursed me for the repairs, and he was off the hook. I convinced myself the atx worked better than before, but I was still not confident in it. I had to assume this is just how the Atx performs. Against all advice and even my own gut feeling,  I ordered a new 8" mono coil for it. Everything I've read about the 8" coil was mostly negative, and suggested it was noisier than the DD coil I already have.  To my surprise,  that new 8" mono coil runs so much smoother than the DD coil. It is a pleasure to use, and gave me confidence in the ATX. This however made me think I was right about my DD coil being faulty, and my window for having the ebay seller pay for that was long gone. I emailed Rusty at Garrett with my concerns and disappointment, that I felt they did not properly diagnose my atx when I sent it to them. Rusty replied with an email, that truly showed he understood my concern, and he actually cared about this situation.  After a long conversation on the phone with Rusty, he too was curious why the 8" mono ran so much smoother than the coil I sent to them to check. He flat out said, he's sending me a new DD coil. I thanked him and reassured him that if there wasn't a SIGNIFICANT difference in performance, I would ship it back to him at my expense. 

The first part of the video is the original DD coil in question. I start out in stock sensitivity of 10, then bump it to max 13. I show the frequency scan and ground balance for that one to show its done, but to keep the video short, I skipped showing that part on the 2 new coils. It was however done on all 3 coils. All video was shot in the same spot at the same time. 1st coil is original DD coil. 2nd coil is new 8" mono. 3rd coil is new DD that Garrett sent. I can't help to believe, the original coil is faulty, after doing this test.


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Sure looks like coil no. 1 is defective in some manner.  Maybe a bad cable connection where the cable enters the coil housing or something loose inside.  Rusty is a great customer service rep. for Garrett.  I’ve dealt with him in the past as well.  

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2 hours ago, DIG5050 said:

Rusty is a great customer service rep

I can't say I've dealt with anyone better in any industry.  He is good for sure. 

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