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  1. Amen phase tech , I field tested my new ctx 3030 , actually did not make it into the field , actually did not make out of the garage . Catastrophic failure not starting at all. Now I have to deal with minelab telling me to send the detector to the supplier and the supplier telling me to send the detector to minelab as its within 7 days of receiving and opening the box . What a crock.
  2. I use the nel attack for beach work on a sovereign gt , it hits deep targets well, not tried it in the salt water yet , just dry sand. Anyone had any experience using a nel on a gt in the brine ?
  3. Has anyone here used nel coils ?and how did you find there performance compared to stock standard coils?
  4. If there was a ctx 4040 , that would be close to the perfect machine one would think . However if an old sovereign can take down a ctx 3030 in a friendly competition on the busiest beach in South East Queensland , you could have a ctx 7070z and get out performed by a sovereign with a 15 inch wot on the same section of beach , dirt etc , what it comes down to , is not the detector but the operator of the detector , if your comfortable with your machine you will become an operator instead of a " driver " or user of you machine . As an operator your the master of your detector , as a user the detector is the master of you. The results of your efforts will reflect this analogy. Most detectors are so similar in capability except a few exceptions , the operator makes the difference between detectors. Danny
  5. Haha , you must of been laughing at your luck - I would of been jumping out of my skin
  6. Plenty of detectorists run gts on full threshold with the bigger coils , they just need to tone the threshold back and would be wise if they know how put on a little discrimination , but for everyone it's s learning process
  7. Yeah , seem plenty of users run there machines at the limit , if only they toned it back , the next guy would not of come along to pick up that platinum ring lol
  8. There is a guy on you tube , seems pretty good at what he does , you would after 30 years lol, preferrer mxt pro , does the job well in parks and prospecting gold
  9. And do you have 12,inch concentric for wet sand and water about 12 inches deep that I can get my hand on
  10. Have not seen an mxt active in the swash on YouTube , where the waves come in
  11. He is using a 15inch nel attack on the wet sand . Hole looks 18 inches plus . How would the 9.5 concentric go john ?
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