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  1. It isn't hard to 're-pair' the headphones from one unit to the other. However, I might be hunting with my oldest (49) and youngest (39) sons, and if I loan them an Apex, it will have the MS-3 Headphones and AT Pro-Pointer all ready-to-go for each detector. If I want to use a different coil, I just grab the unit with that col mounted and it takes but a moment to swap the headphones and Pro-Pointer as well. Then everything stays paired by the 'set' for Apex #1 w/5X8 'Ripper', Apex #2 w/8½X11 'Raider;' and Apex #3 w/5" DD 'NEL Sharp. Monte
  2. A large-than-stock coil is something I very seldom, ever, put to use. If something slightly different in size, I might consider it. I have a new NEL Super Fly I need to sell for a T2 because a fellow bought the T2+ w/5" DD specifically for gold nugget hunting. But when I tested the Super Fly here indoors against the 11" BiAxial, the Super Fly was very quiet regarding EMI. The weight and balance and feel are exceptional! But for my Apex hunting needs, a "bigger-size coil" is actually their own 8½X11 'Raider' coil. It worked well and I keep it mounted full-time on Apex #2 just to be re
  3. Both Concentric and Double-D types have their strengths and weaknesses. Just so many blasted DD's on the market that I'd enjoy having a Garrett 4½" Concentric for the Apex. Yes, the smaller DD's can do okay for jewelry and such, but so can the smaller Concentric coils. I am enjoying the Apex devices, and at times I do wish they had a Threshold-based All Metal mode, but your AT Pro doesn't have All Metal, either. Yes, the Apex has a good deal of 'Sensitivity' and performance-level engineering. Dollar-for-dollar it is a really good unit. Monte
  4. I've seen good performance with a NEL 5" 'Sharp' and 'Snake' on a couple of models, and the new Super Fly on a Tek. T2+. Due to winter and my recent / current battle with some health issues, I have only been able to check out the NEL Sharp on the Apex briefly. So far it is working OK. However, I am going to be checking it out soon in a salt water environment because I hear the Apex and some NEL coils were not working well in the Multi-Salt function. I need detectors AND coils that are fully functional. Not sure what 5" you are referring to for a Tesoro Compadre??? Do you mean the thi
  5. I borrowed an AT MAX w/4½" 'Sniper', and way back twenty years ago I had a GTI 2500 with on, and had one for a 1350. And that's the point I like to note is that the 4½" Concentric coil has been around or a long, long time or almost every model in their line-up. That's why I'd like to have one for the new APEX. Especially since it is a Concentric type design. I have / have-had the out-of-round 5" for a Nokta CoRe and Makro Racer, a 5" for a Nokta Relic and Makro Racer 2, pus the Impact, Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi. A 5" on a Fisher F44, F19 and F5, as well as a slightly larger 5¾"
  6. My primary-use Garrett Apex sports the excellent 5X8 DD 'Ripper' coil that is ideal for most of the places I like to hunt, in town or rural and remote. On my 2nd Apex I keep the really functional 8½X11 DD 'Raider' coil mounted for working plowed fields, similar range-land, or wide-open / sparse-target parks and similar places. I ordered my 3rd Apex just to keep the smallest search coil mounted where it needs to fit in and around and between dense brush, rocks, building rubble, etc., etc. For now I am going to mount the new NEL 5" 'Sharp' DD coil because that is the smaller coil currently
  7. This is a very pampered, pristine MX-7 that you'd have to look hard to find any sign of use, and that includes the search coil bottoms. This is a unique MX-7 because I had the folks had White's powder-coat the middle rod that Bengal Orange to match the upper 'S' rod making it very attractive. I use Killer B 'Hornet' headphones but have a set of White's Pro Star's that I used as 'loaners' that were hardly used and look and work great that I am including. Matter-of-fact, I think I also have a spare lower-rod to include for the accessory coil.$375 ... MX-7 with 2 coils and 'stuff' as described ab
  8. This was my 'Back-Up' Simplex + and I used it in a grassy park for 30-45 minutes. It has the 2.77 update, works excellent, as does my personal-use Simplex +. Personally, I think everyone ought to own one of these great waterproof detectors!$250 ... Simplex + as described with wireless headphones..Lower 48? -- No charge ... Free Shipping!Monte503-481-8147monte@ahrps.orgmonte@stinkwaterwells.com
  9. A Brand New Omega-8500 w/11" BiAxial DD coil. The Omega-8500 offers a lot of different adjustment options from the original Omega-8000, and there are a lot of folks who like it. This is ONLY the Omega-8500 w/11" coil and Control Housing cover and new 4" Concentric coil. However ... look at what I am asking for a brand new detector that's never gone out to the dirt!!!!$250 ... Omega-8500 w/'standard' 11" BiAxial coil • A new 4" Concentric coil • Plus .. the Control Housing Cover.Free Shipping at that killer-deal price!Monte503-481-8147monte@ahrps.orgmonte@stinkwaterwells.com
  10. Was spoken for then my friend found out his 'other half' already spent that extra $$$.)Tesoro Bandido II µMAX w/'standard' 8" Concentric coil ... and a 2nd option.I'm hoping this will be one of the last to go as I might get my youngest son, Brian, to consider it. He's more into his MX-5, and still not as 'into' detecting as I'd like, but I got a Midi Hoard for his two kids and I think the coming better weather (sometime in the future) will get us out more often.Brand New? Nope. Beat-to-death? Far, far from it. How does it look? As good or better than my own proven Bandido II µMAX that I pamper
  11. Sad for me because into the future I just can't attempt the rough-terrain favorite Relic Hunting Ghost Town sites. This is my 'original' FORS CoRe that I received January 8th of 2015 and got me hooked on the Nokta and Makro product line. I call it 'custom' for the following reasons:• By design, the FORS 'series' are longer-lengths when the rods are as short-as-they-go and I had two vehicles where they wouldn't lay down o the back seat, door-to-door, even at their shortest extension. So I had the middle-rod and lower-rod professionally shortened, just a little, to make them functional. No issue
  12. One problem is that some notching is going to cut in on some of the better targets and they won't 'pop-out' at you because a bad target is too close to a desired target and the 'blended' conductivity response can degrade the good-targets and shuffle it into a 'bad-target' notch range. Also, just this year, using a Vanquish 540 which shares the same VDI read-out as the Equinox series, I've had US 'War Nickel' with partial silver as well as older Buffalo Nickels respond solidly with a '15', and some that bounced between '10' & '11' . In both cases they were found in a more littered area wit
  13. Hey everyone, new to the forum, so please go easy on me as I ask my first stupid question of what is likely to be many.. 'Welcome' to Steve's Forums, and back into this great sport. I've blown all my "hobby budget" (or technically my wife did buying me a present). Getting the Minelab Vanquish 540 for Christmas to go do some beach hunting this summer... .. The Vanquish 540 is a very good detector. I've been enjoying this sport for over 55 years now, have a good set of detectors in my outfit, to include a V-540 Pro Pack and a 2nd V-540 is due to be delivered tomorrow. I'll keep th
  14. Congratulation of unmasking a keeper-coin. 'V' and Shield Nickers are some of my favorite finds in old-use locations, but it can be a challenge to find the better, uncontaminated places where they can come out relatively clean. Fertilize and other chemical issues in many sites can really mess up the nickel, especially due to their alloy make-up. Glad you got out, and 'Thank You' for including the detector model and settings info. Monte
  15. Don't. There's no good reason to hold the coil in the air, and doing so makes it far more susceptible to EMI problems. Just turn it on at a proper search coil height or ±2" from the ground. That can help reduce some EMI intrusion. Then work away from sources, such as an invisible dog fence, etc.
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