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  1. I also favor smaller-size coils on most detectors, and I am sure you're going to enjoy the 'Ripper' 5X8 DD coil. I keep that attached to my most-used Apex for all my day-to-day detecting. The only detector I have that keeps a standard / larger-size coil mounted in Apex #2 that sports the 8½X11 DD 'Raider' coil or working plowed fields, wide-open grassy sites, or perhaps a beach. For the very dense debris or vegetation challenges where I want an even smaller-size coil, my 3rd Apex keeps the NEL 5" DD 'Sharp' coil at-the-ready. I would be glad to replace that with a round 4½" Concentric coil
  2. Here's a place to go in 2021 .... Our 13th WTHO, June 9th thru 13th based out of Wells, Nevada. Find a motel room now, or book at one of the two RV parks. There are at least six ghost towns a short drive from Wells that we have hunted, and every outing good finds have been made. A great bunch of people have made attendance regularly, and we get a few new participants on every outing. Past get-togethers have averaged 15 to 25 people per outing, and we spread out so as not to bunch-up and 'over-group' a site. If interested in attending, e-mail me with your name, e-mail address, Mai
  3. Welcome-to-Hunt Outings, simply referred to as a WTHO, have been held since the spring/summer of 2015. Our last, as the above link reports, was our 12th WTHO. One was held in Utah, two here in Eastern Oregon, and the remaining 9 have been held in Nevada. Unless or until we need to cough up some $$$ to gain access to a site, the WTHO's are no charge. Nothing more than getting yourself to the Outing, taking care of where you'll stay, be it a motel or an RV Park, and what you eat. They are open to anyone, and we have quite a few people who have made many to most of them. So far, Oregon
  4. The "particular kind" of detecting I do is 'multi-purpose' or 'general-purpose' in that I enjoy hunting any type of site I might encounter, be it Urban or Remote, littered or not. I like to use a detector that is versatile enough w/o being overly cluttered with unnecessary adjustment fluff. I like to use a detector that provides me with one, two or possibly three good search coil choices to handle a variety of tasks. I prefer a detector that is lighter-weight, comfortable to use, and has ample adjustment functions for my needs, can handle common Iron nail an other ferrous debris better
  5. I'm not Jeff, but I would also take the AT Max over the AT Pro. Why? The AT Max offers a Threshold-based All Metal mode and the AT Pro and Apex do not have a true All Metal mode. Also, I only had short use of a borrowed AT Max but I liked its performance over the AT Pro I compared it with. Monte
  6. On a scale of '0' to '10' I rate the Apex a solid '30.' How did I get '30' you wonder? Simple, I have three of the Apex Z-Lynk package in my personal detector outfit, so '10' X 3 = '30'. For my grab-and-go set-up to handle most day-to-day hunting locations, I keep the really nice 5X8 DD 'Ripper' coil mounted full-time on my main-use Apex. My #2 Apex I grab when I work more open, sparser-target places, such as a wide-open park, a beach, or a plowed field. That unit keeps the 'Raider' coil mounted which is their 8½X11 DD. Apex #3 is ready-to-grab when i get into tight vegetation,
  7. I have had and used both the 4" Concentric and 5" Double-D on an Omega 8000, Omega 6500, Fisher F5 and Fisher F44. They work well, but they work 'differently' based on the settings and the site environment. Of the two, if I had only one choice, it would the the 5" DD for my average hunting needs. Another coil I used most of the time on all of these models for 'general-purpose' detecting, was the 7" Concentric coil. Very good discrimination, very acceptable depth-of-detection, and it had a really nice balance and feel. Just my thoughts. Monte
  8. It isn't hard to 're-pair' the headphones from one unit to the other. However, I might be hunting with my oldest (49) and youngest (39) sons, and if I loan them an Apex, it will have the MS-3 Headphones and AT Pro-Pointer all ready-to-go for each detector. If I want to use a different coil, I just grab the unit with that col mounted and it takes but a moment to swap the headphones and Pro-Pointer as well. Then everything stays paired by the 'set' for Apex #1 w/5X8 'Ripper', Apex #2 w/8½X11 'Raider;' and Apex #3 w/5" DD 'NEL Sharp. Monte
  9. A large-than-stock coil is something I very seldom, ever, put to use. If something slightly different in size, I might consider it. I have a new NEL Super Fly I need to sell for a T2 because a fellow bought the T2+ w/5" DD specifically for gold nugget hunting. But when I tested the Super Fly here indoors against the 11" BiAxial, the Super Fly was very quiet regarding EMI. The weight and balance and feel are exceptional! But for my Apex hunting needs, a "bigger-size coil" is actually their own 8½X11 'Raider' coil. It worked well and I keep it mounted full-time on Apex #2 just to be re
  10. Both Concentric and Double-D types have their strengths and weaknesses. Just so many blasted DD's on the market that I'd enjoy having a Garrett 4½" Concentric for the Apex. Yes, the smaller DD's can do okay for jewelry and such, but so can the smaller Concentric coils. I am enjoying the Apex devices, and at times I do wish they had a Threshold-based All Metal mode, but your AT Pro doesn't have All Metal, either. Yes, the Apex has a good deal of 'Sensitivity' and performance-level engineering. Dollar-for-dollar it is a really good unit. Monte
  11. I've seen good performance with a NEL 5" 'Sharp' and 'Snake' on a couple of models, and the new Super Fly on a Tek. T2+. Due to winter and my recent / current battle with some health issues, I have only been able to check out the NEL Sharp on the Apex briefly. So far it is working OK. However, I am going to be checking it out soon in a salt water environment because I hear the Apex and some NEL coils were not working well in the Multi-Salt function. I need detectors AND coils that are fully functional. Not sure what 5" you are referring to for a Tesoro Compadre??? Do you mean the thi
  12. I borrowed an AT MAX w/4½" 'Sniper', and way back twenty years ago I had a GTI 2500 with on, and had one for a 1350. And that's the point I like to note is that the 4½" Concentric coil has been around or a long, long time or almost every model in their line-up. That's why I'd like to have one for the new APEX. Especially since it is a Concentric type design. I have / have-had the out-of-round 5" for a Nokta CoRe and Makro Racer, a 5" for a Nokta Relic and Makro Racer 2, pus the Impact, Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi. A 5" on a Fisher F44, F19 and F5, as well as a slightly larger 5¾"
  13. My primary-use Garrett Apex sports the excellent 5X8 DD 'Ripper' coil that is ideal for most of the places I like to hunt, in town or rural and remote. On my 2nd Apex I keep the really functional 8½X11 DD 'Raider' coil mounted for working plowed fields, similar range-land, or wide-open / sparse-target parks and similar places. I ordered my 3rd Apex just to keep the smallest search coil mounted where it needs to fit in and around and between dense brush, rocks, building rubble, etc., etc. For now I am going to mount the new NEL 5" 'Sharp' DD coil because that is the smaller coil currently
  14. One problem is that some notching is going to cut in on some of the better targets and they won't 'pop-out' at you because a bad target is too close to a desired target and the 'blended' conductivity response can degrade the good-targets and shuffle it into a 'bad-target' notch range. Also, just this year, using a Vanquish 540 which shares the same VDI read-out as the Equinox series, I've had US 'War Nickel' with partial silver as well as older Buffalo Nickels respond solidly with a '15', and some that bounced between '10' & '11' . In both cases they were found in a more littered area wit
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