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  1. Really like your videos man, you should enable comments again! I think it’d be really beneficial for you channel 👌 Ed
  2. Thanks Steve! I think I mentioned the most important points but anyone feel free to ask questions. I’ve got a few hours on it now I also did an air test a couple of months ago and uploaded to YouTube for those interested.
  3. Hey guys! I was lucky enough to test one of the first sample 8” coil units For the Pulse Dive and what I found was very pleasing! From the beginning I was hoping that Nokta|Makro would make a larger coil for the PulseDive so I was very excited when I heard from Dilek that they were doing exactly that! I was given an 8” coil to test and although I admit that it was essentially a finished product already! My first concern was that the larger coil would be too easy to twist off accidentally due to being larger and having more leverage but upon receiving I found they had already
  4. Ok sweet sounds like a plan, it’s pretty basic really. If you want to pull off 3+ hours you will need a wetsuit even at the Gold Coast over summer I think so a 3mm spring suit would be what I’d go for. When using a wetsuit you need a little extra weight but a 3mm spring suit shouldn’t be too buoyant. If you are going in to surf you will need more weight again but I’d try to avoid any surf where possible as it’s a lot lot harder than it looks 😂
  5. I honestly can not imagine a sea hunter hitting a US penny at 12” but if it is at all possible I’d be extremely grateful if there is a video testing this?
  6. I own both and can fairly accurately comment on both. Essentially the depth of the 2 in salt water is similar with the sea hunter probably having the advantage but the sea hunter WILL feel a lot deeper because it’s a lot harder to pinpoint with than the equinox, this is due to close/shallow targets hitting on the rim of the coil hardest rather than the centre of the coil... it makes things slow but you can probably learn to get faster. Fast recovery is key to more finds. The Equinox WILL leak, it’s really truly is not designed for frequent water use... I’m on my third one due to leak
  7. Has Nokta set up a decent dealer in NZ yet? There is a dealer in Brisbane you could get one off in person which is about 50km’s away from GC👍 It’s so cool, you can just look like you are going for a snorkel and the black one is super stealth. I HIGHLY recommend you get some kind of weight system before trying, it’s 100% a requirement for water detecting IMO.
  8. This little thing actually kills it! My cousin and I have been using the pulse dive in salt water exclusively and although it has a small coil, the ability to swing this thing like mad hugely make up for that fact! So far I’ve found the design/ quality of the PulseDive to be very ideal for salt water hunting. The machine simply beeps and buzzes in your hand, is easily audible through the water and there is practically no maintenance other than just cleaning the rubber seal/gasket every now and then but there is no knobs, cables, headphones or anything that I can see deteriorating o
  9. No worries mate, It's not a well advertised feature haha. Agreed, it seems like a primitive way to make something as these ears wear out quite quickly and this kind of wear is common across many many detectors!
  10. Hi guys and thank you so much Phrunt for the awesome review, I very much appreciate it mate, glad to hear you are happy! As the maker of the Detect-Ed shaft I just want to be clear that the lower shaft we make already has a spacer built in for washers so that even the standard Minelab washers will stick out 0.5mm further on each side than on the stock lower shaft. I always found that that the stock lower shaft would grind my coil ears down! The “coil-saver” washers were mainly designed for use with the stock lower shaft however, it became apparent that not all coils are equal and th
  11. The hardness is 70 if that means anything haha, as for the drainage hole, it is just on the other side of the yoke 👍
  12. COIL SAVERS Hey guys, I just got these in, they are a really simple and worthwhile upgrade The “CoilSaver” washers serve to massively reduce coil ear and coil yoke wear by spacing them from each other to prevent them rubbing together (see photos) These also make your coil tighter on the shaft (no floppy coil) and reduce the chance of snapping your coil ears off as the bolt will not need to be overly tensioned. They come in a pack of eight with two thicknesses so you can mix and match them depending on the wear of your equipment. (Four washers requires per shaft making tw
  13. Hello all, as some of you may know, I’m a very keen water detectorist and the Equinox is my go to water hunting machine BUT, last year after about 40-50 hours of water detecting my Equinox did end up flooding from normal (not exceeding 3m) use. From what I have read, this doesn’t appear to be entirely unusual. My suggestion is a waterproof case for the machine that can still let you to do all the normal things with your Equinox whilst adding little weight. I understand this isn’t for everyone but can I get a show of hands for who would like something like this and what it would take
  14. Hey Strick, Thanks for your reply and really glad to hear you like it! Yep just tighten the tension on the clamp and you shouldn't have a problem ??
  15. Wow, it was about this time last year that I first got to thinking about designing a shaft upgrade for my Equinox! It was initially because I was detecting in and out of the water frequently, alternating between the two environments. Each time that I'd get in-or-out I would disassemble and remove the middle rod from my stock shaft (to make it short enough for water use) then hide it on the beach... jump in the water, and then re-assemble it when I wanted to detect normally again. Hence, our first priority was improving usability for both land and sea detecting. We started out by making ab
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