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  1. Well I bit the bullet and got the 4500. Can't wait for my next day off
  2. I should have added, we have a GB2 for small stuff, if that was going to affect peoples advice
  3. Hi Jeff, just been reading up on other forums, seems the gpx has more of a learning curve but coil choices make it so much more flexible. Go over ground, change coil and go over it again. Happy to learn the machine.....think I know which way I'm leaning
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. Will the 4500 be that much noisier because of the hotrocks and mineralization here vs the sdc? Local shop was recommending the sdc over the gpx for that reason Thanks
  5. Hi there, Looking at getting another detector for the Golden Triangle in Australia. Have a vlf but looking at either a new sdc2300 or a 2nd hand gpx4500 for marginally cheaper. Which one would better to learn PI with, and which one performs better? Cheers
  6. Go figure, it's almost heater weather today down here
  7. A balmy 44° in Geelong...will be hitting the beaches tomorrow when the change comes through....all those lovely ring tabs and bottle tops
  8. I'm also very interested. I've been considering a qed or tdi to use around my land in Bealiba. My girlfriends gold bug2 sounds like morse code meets techno music festival with all the iron and hotrocks
  9. Does this mean it will be up to only us PI owners to do the community a service removing tent pegs, fish hooks, bobby pins, rusty iron thingys....etc?😂
  10. Never realised you could get other coils for the unit. If I hunt at my local beach...trasharama.....old working port but surf coasts are pretty good. Think half my problem is getting carried away with all these videos and forums showcasing all these new, shiny whizzbang machines. Hard to resist especially with the magic word "sale" tacked onto them 🙂
  11. Hi Erik I've half heartedly used the Sea hunter in the goldfields but was more killing time while my partner was using her Gold bug 2. Don't know if you have them in Qld but a certain outdoors chain beginning and ending in A have the Eq600 for A$799 on their website
  12. Thanks Kac and Steve I've already got the Sea Hunter but saw Eq 600 on special near me. I'm in the fortunate position of living near the beach and also having a block of land in the Golden triangle. Got my eye on the qed for the GT but wondering whether to keep the Mk2 and grab a Vanquish for parks, coins etc or sell the Sea hunter and getting the nox to do beach, water, parks etc
  13. Greetings everyone If you take diving depth out of the equation and happy to stick to snorkel depths, what are the pros and cons of the pi Sea Hunter versus something like the Equinox 600 for salt water and beach? Cheers
  14. Oops....sorry Jim, didn't have my glasses on, it was a Jeff Mclendon on a similar recent post. Apologies Jim
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