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  1. I have a unit being done at this time. I will provide my evaluation when I get the unit back from Sea Ghost.
  2. What is your opinion of the waterproof headphones supplied by Sea Ghost?
  3. I have tries to in touch with Sea Ghost with no response as of yet. Is there a secret to getting him to respond?
  4. Can you show where the charging cable attaches with and without the cable attached?
  5. I am attempting to purchase a White's battery holder, P/N 802-7150. Canadian Treasure Seekers has one in stock, but due to supplier contracts can not ship to US. I hope to find a fellow hunter from Canada that is willing to purchase and send this battery tray to me. I will, of course, reimburse any cost for item and associated shipping costs. Please email me at joerahuba@yahoo.com
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