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  1. So based on the updated patent White's must have some prototypes in the field and getting feedback for improvements. I noticed a major change in the new patent is providing additional signalling and power switching networks that provide higher voltages to the higher frequency pulses to maintain the same half sine amplitude. Based on my reading the old patent provided for a constant voltage across the multiple frequency pulses which resulted in a lower amplitude half sine wave on the higher frequencies and caused a performance degradation. I cannot fathom the computational processing
  2. I was reading on another forum that White's is testing a prototype detector in Australia. No details given just a statement. Anyone here know anything more? Alan
  3. Steve, I can't imagine a 8.6 earthquake. That has to be an indelible memory. I was living in the 2nd floor barracks in Pt Hueneme, CA while attending a Navy A-School when the 6.6 San Fernando earthquake happened of Feb. 9, 1971. I was laying in bed reading and the bed started walking across the floor. Pt Hueneme was about 50 miles from the epicenter. It really scared the hell out of me. Also I believe the Richter scale is logaritmic so a 8.6 earthquake is 100 times more powerful than a 6.6 earthquake. Alan
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