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  1. alaskaseeker - When i said three stage i meant keenes newer over/under type sluice not the triple sluice with the side boxes. Im still debating which would be the best to use. Steve - Thanks for the info! I will figure out a way to make it work without the aluminum cutout/flange piece that is missing. What are your thoughts on which box is better. The older single stage that this thread is about or keenes newer three stage sluice pictured below. Both weigh close to the same. They will be used in a 5 inch dredge. I think im going to try and make a uber lightweight 5 inch by making an aluminum frame and using xps foam for the floats (i have a ton of it already). Not sure if a 6.5 hp motor modded by putting on a performance exhaust, air intake and rejetting it, with a keene p180 pump would be enough to power a 5 inch.
  2. Haha, sounds about right! In VA you can dredge as long as it is man portable and nozzle is 4 inches or under. No permits needed. Main issue is that there are no claims, everything is private property, so you must get permission from the property owner or join the local club that leases a number of gold bearing properties.
  3. Klunker : While California is beautiful i could never live there given its current political climate, we will leave that at that. lol Plus i love dredging, and cant dredge there either. But you are right im sure my ounce to 4 ounces a year would shoot up out west lol.
  4. Ridge Runner: Insights and recommendations are welcomed, especially since you've gone down a similar path.
  5. So i love building innovative equipment for prospecting almost as much as i love prospecting. I usually try and build things that solve problems that i see with current designs or builds that help me get to hard to reach places. One of my biggest issues with any high-banker/ mini trommel set up is that regardless of the size of the hopper and depending on the angle you would either have baby feed material in from a five gallon bucket or you would be clearing off the grizzly bars constantly with your hands or a combination of the two. Ive noticed most of the big equipment fed plants and trommels use a vibrating feed system to provide a nice even feed of material regardless of the amount dumped in the hopper. But i have found that no one makes a system like this for smaller equipment and small scale prospectors, so i decided to build my own small version and see how it works. This video is the first time out testing my build and i will say it needs some modifications, but the overall concept worked amazing. My buddy and me couldnt keep up with feeding it, probably need about 4 people shoveling into it. It will take up to three 3/4 full 5 gallon buckets at a time. Should be an awesome tool for leveling old tailing piles, and when paired with a mini trommel should really help with emulsifying clay. Hope you all enjoy the video, please comment and let me know what you think, and like, share and subscribe as well!
  6. Thank for all the feedback! The raw Lidar data that i use is available online for free it just takes certain programs and the know-how to be able to turn it into something useful. The drone was not used for Lidar, only photo mapping of that one river location. As far as i know there is no current lidar systems with under 2m accuracy that can be using by small drones like that pictured above. All the 2m lidar data out there is flown either by fixed wing plane, or helicopter. I believe it might be able to be carried on large fixed wing drones but from what i know it requires a license to fly the larger drones. But the technoloy is advancing quickly and from what i know within 5 years it may be possible to out fit a commercially available drone with lidar that has 2m accuracy or less. For the phototomography that i showed in the video i used a DJI Mavic pro, and i sold just because i never used it enough and i used the money to buy an equinox 800 lol. Afreakofnature - there is lidar available west of the Rockies, the Tahoe National forest area has a good amount including many gold bearing area along the American River and Yuba rivers. Ive made a few maps for a guy out in that area. I also believe Oregon and Washington have some already as well, and both of those states will have a lot more available in the next few years. Sorry about being long winded in the video there was lot to cover and looking back i know that i still missed things. I plan to do a similar video about lidar but more so for a relic hunting point of view. Lots of people here in VA have shown interest in the maps for civil war relic hunting.
  7. I make them. The raw data is generally out there for free, but you have to have the right programs and knowledge to be able to turn the raw data into something useful. Took me about 2 years to figure it out and im still refining it and learning better ways to do things.
  8. I will have to try and find out how much if any lidar Australia has run. I know New Zealand has a good bit, but i havent attempted to play with any of theirs.
  9. Finally got a video up that goes over and shows some the uses and benefits of lidar maps for the gold prospector and metal detectorist. I also delve into some drone usage stuff at the end of the video. Let me know what you think, and if your interested in some feel free to contact me. I will hopefully have a website up in the near future, when i do i will let everyone know here. Thanks for watching!
  10. Hey everyone: So im curious what is everyones drive time and mileage to there nearest gold prospecting location. For me it ranges from out my backdoor to about 1.25 hours one way.
  11. It was a nice find! I need to take the time and locate the vein. The skim of placer gravels on top of the decomposed bedrock is difficult to run due to the amount of clay and topsoil, the lack of water isnt helpful either. Im basically using it as an opportunity to learn more about loaming and locating hard rock vein sources, then from there to learn about hardrock mining. I find it interesting that in the 1860s they stated that pan washing the crushed vein material produced good results. If it was good result for those days it should be pretty good with today's gold prices. Thanks for the interest. And ill keep you guys updated as i slowly move forward with my plans.
  12. When i bought the house i didnt realize that there was an old gold prospect in the backyard. An old history report from around 1860 says that an 18 inch wide quartz vein prospected by open trenches and that pan washing the crushed ore yielded good results. A pan of the soil pretty much always give 5 to 20 colors and abundant magnetite crystals. I have metal detected the area a good bit and have found plenty of hot rocks and hot ground but no detectable gold yet. I will be doing a loaming program and trenching to located the specific gold bearing vein. Then maybe decide to dig a root cellar. lol In the video i run a highbanker in the little feeder close to the old prospect and about 100 yards from my back door.
  13. Lightly used Detech 17x21 butterfly coil. Used only a handful of times. Came with the detector when i bought it, and it is just to large for pretty much all the areas that i hunt. Asking $350, I am located in Virginia
  14. kiwijw - I meant that the large coil tires me out faster. I am not swinging it fast. lol Sorry for the poor word choice and lack of comma.
  15. Yes I meant that the big coil tires me out quickly. I Always try to take my time and swing slowly. araratgold - Are the evo coils much better then the commander coils? I know my buddy who found a number of patches in VA runs a 14X9 evo coil as his primary coil.
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