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  1. After much research and mapping, I believe I have narrowed down the area where the old timers found ounce sized nuggets back when my creek was actively being mined. Two areas in the creek fit the description. I had to piece together info from multiple reports and geologic descriptions, then use property boundaries, court house, records, geologic maps, lidar maps and lots of hiking and scouting to find these two areas seem to match. Only time and lots of dredging will tell if i got it right or not. Hope you all enjoy the video and stay tuned for more.
  2. Thanks for all that info Clay, it will take me little time to digest and commit to heart. Have you ever heard of any one getting permission to detect or prospect Indian Reservation land? Or is that pretty much always going to be a dead end?
  3. That screen shot was taken from the glorecords land catalog. Thanks for all the help.
  4. Another question, in the below picture over half of the area in 21N 5E is not gridded. What does that mean? Had is been withdrawn from mineral entry, and prospecting is not allowed? Its all in National Forest land, and is not part of a Monument nor is is private land. Also im using this area as an example, it is not an area that i am interested or has any gold or other valuable minerals.
  5. Yeah NM seems to have a perfect storm of things working against the prospector. Not enough water to run equipment, but the soil is too moist all year round to dry wash it effectively. Your right though that there is almost zero chatter about any gold currently being found in NM. Some of the lesser known district have almost not published info on them either. But i am optimistic, that if i move there is will get on good gold. The way i look at is that ive found awesome gold in VA which is a state that has produced only about 167,000 oz, in comparison NM has produced over 2,000,000 oz. So NM has far more gold then VA to say the least.
  6. Yeah im more drawn to abandoned mining districts that have no active claims, or the smaller districts that everyone ignores. I dont like land that has been thrashed by everyone and there brother lol. I already have a few unclaimed areas that produced gold in the past, picked out for sampling when and if i do move out there. Lack of info in the smaller areas is making me wonder if there is detectable gold there or not. But boots on the ground may be the best way to find out.
  7. Im going to miss the simple black and white of private property lol. Get permission and call it good. hahaha. You can swing a metal detector over an active lode claim and not be considered claim jumping correct?
  8. Thanks for the info. Another question, if its a 160 acre placer claim, that would occupy the entire quarter section, correct? Or at least it appears to me that a quarter section is almost exactly 160 acres in most cases.
  9. So with the possibility that i may be moving to New Mexico in a year or so, i have started to delve into researching gold mines and claims in New Mexico. Ive figured out the whole BLM map and claim system fairly well, but what im wondering is, is there anyway to narrow down what spots are claimed. Currently with the BLM system i can get it down to the quarter section, but that is still a very large area. So say there are two 20 acre placer claims in the same quarter section, is there any way for me to know where they are in the quarter section before heading into the field? Preferably online, but it sounds like the local BLM office will be the only place with that info. Since i prospect in Virginia currently, the whole claim system is new to me, but so far seems fairly strait forward, and im already trying to find ground to fringe hunt around active and abandoned claims near where i would be moving. I read the article about how to file a claim in the April 2019 issue of the ICMJ, but like i said that doesnt seem to narrow it down past the quarter section. Thanks for any and all help.
  10. Found this little gem a few weeks ago. Shows the uses of Lidar for the gold prospector, and I also learned that Oregon has great lidar data that is easy for anyone to use. Oregon Lidar viewer: https://gis.dogami.oregon.gov/maps/lidarviewer/
  11. I agree i have yet to find someone who is as interested in gold prospecting and treasure hunting who is younger then me. Im 29 and have been prospecting now since i was 24. Anyone i have met who prospects or detects regularly has generally been at least 10 years older then me. I grew up camping, building forts in the woods, playing paint ball, riding dirt bike and most other out door activities. My parents both taught me lots in that regard, and while my father was never into prospecting or detecting, his father was a very active detectorist and use to detect with him on the beach and after the local county fair. My uncle was geologist and collected minerals and fossils, and is part of the reason i went into geology, and ive always had a love for rocks. So once i found out there was gold in VA, both prospecting and detecting came easy as a somewhat new passion. As for getting the my generation and the younger generations into prospecting and detecting, im not sure what the best way is, as i seem to be an anomaly, and more old school then most people in my generation. Some say these types of things skip a generation which i can see as my grandfather detected but my dad doesnt have an interest in it. But many of these types of hobbies are hurting. My father is private pilot as a hobby and builds his own airplanes and flies constantly and aviation also has a severe lack of younger people. Hunting is also experiencing this problem, so its not just a problem in our hobby but many outdoor hobbies. Maybe something a detecting company could do to get younger people interested is make Virtual reality treasure hunting/ detecting game. lol Steve - thought you might enjoy some J-3 cub pictures, since i think i remember you saying you have your pilots license. First two are of my dads 1941 J-3 cub on tundra tires that he rebuilt many years ago, and the third is of a pseudo carbon super cub, which is also now on tundra tires. He eventually plans to fly the super cub all the way to Alaska.
  12. Detech 17X21 DD SEF coil. Used only a few times, in great condition. $250 Im located in Virginia.
  13. Thanks Steve. And yeah not too shabby for the east coast. Cant wait to get back there and keep working that hole forward. Should be a change in the geologic formation up creek from where i was dredging, which usually means a quartz vein. A possible source or if not still a great gold catch.
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