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  1. Hey Steve, any thoughts on starting another poll to see what people are now mainly running in 2019. Would be interesting to see some of the shifts, especially with all the new vlf gold machines on the market. Just a thought.
  2. So there is a used Whites TDI pulsescan detector in my area for sale for $675. It is not an SL so im guessing its an older version. Is there any benefits to owning this detector along with a GPX4800? The price seems good and its close by. Ive also thought i heard that the older TDI were more powerful. I also believe it can use most GPX coils correct? I dont really need it but it seems like a great price for a PI detector.
  3. Lacky - I did do that, but no pings. The bedrock is so decomposed in this spot that I can rip into it a few inches with just my fingers. So I generally remove the upper few inches of bedrock, but I still detect it after. afreakofnature - yep ive seen them and many others all around the hillsides. I haven't detected those ones yet but I plan to. Ive detected around other similar pits and came up with nothing. Including in areas that have produced lots of big nuggets with the dredge. Its a baffling area in that way.
  4. Haha, i doubt it would spit out a big nugget. Its already caught a gram nugget right up top where it should. And yes i try to document everything. It helps with the big picture of whats going on in the area. Below is some of my mapping, yellow squares are pickers, yellow circles are nuggets, and the triangles are colored based on the type of bedrock at each location. Is anyone else tis crazy when it comes to mapping and documenting the area that you primarily prospect?
  5. Was at the above spot for labor day weekend. Didnt really detect much as most of the pieces worth recovering with a detector have been found, so now is the time to dredge the area. So i pulled out my homemade 2.5 inch dredge so that i could have clear water while dredging. I probably would have got more gold if i used the 4 inch, but then the water would have recirced and its more fun to be able to pick gold off of the bedrock. The homemade 2.5 inch set up. 10 inch wide box and riffles are from a side sluice of an old keene 5 inch triple. The first days haul. Biggest nugget was about 10 grains. Camping right next to where you dredge, cant beat it. My fiance and our dogs. Second days haul, the two pieces of quartz were in-situ and each have a small speck of gold visible in the quartz. I pulled more out with the intent to eventually crush it. These two pieces im going to clean up and see if more becomes visible. Hammock are so much better then tents. lol
  6. Chase - I found these in the gold pyrite belt that runs from DC down between Cville and Richmond down into Buckingham county. Its funny that VA was once the third highest commercial gold production state yet it only produced about 160,000 ounces. But it definitely produced some nice nuggets including a 9 lb one and two big ones that are in the Smithsonian. If your looking for gold ground to detect look up the Central Virginia Gold Prospectors club (CVGP) they lease a number of gold bearing properties including the one that produced the 9 lb nugget back in the 1800's.
  7. Man this is going to put geologists out of job. It took r jobs, lol. Id love to take someone who thinks this works to a few of my spots and watch them flounder around as I dredge and detect up nuggets.
  8. Strick - We are pretty much exclusively on private property that we have gotten permission for. Lacky - Yes on the next one i will pay more attention to the volume. Funny thing is, is that i didnt notice it when i was making the video and i had head phones on. Not sure why i didnt hear it.
  9. I wish i did but the furthest i drive for gold in VA is about 1.5 hours. Not much cool scenery in between.
  10. Video is up! Hope you all enjoy! Critiques are welcome!.
  11. Haha i feel you Reg, and i should have taken more time, in instructing him on how to use the Equinox. But i was on a mission and forgot to give him a bunch of pointers. It was my second time to this site and excitement was high so i just wanted to detect. Its something ill have to work on.
  12. Believe me he was not going anywhere near too slow or to low. lol
  13. At this site ive had to run in enhance with the 11 inch mono and 15x12 mono. Id have to ask the guys who have detected there more what they were able to run when using a DD and when they ran the big 24X12 coil.
  14. We were hunting pretty wide open ground, but I was trying to see if the equinox 800 could hear the good sounding targets that the GPX heard. After doing that for a bit we all split apart and detected well away from one another. Btw the equinox got skunked for the day, not sure if it was my buddy being new to it, him not scraping the coil on the ground, the hot ground not allowing it to see the gold or what. From how i saw him swinging it ill chalk it up to user issues and not getting over a piece of gold. I kept telling him low and slow, lol..
  15. Haha if I had the money id probably have both coils, but currently i can barely afford to buy one.
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