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    4 inch gold dredge, GPX 4800, GM1000, Equinox 800, LiDAR maps, various sluices highbankers and pans.

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  1. PG-Prospecting

    Dredge Questions

    Brian the hose proline uses is spiralite 195. Ive ordered it from a local hose supplier and it was about $170 for 20 feet far cheaper then prolines prices, and it mates right up with prolines hose connection system. But i agree keenes are far more widely available.
  2. Thanks Steve! I currently have the box pictured above which is 20"x72", and i also have a newer keene three stage box which is 20"x60". Im trying to decide which box would be the best for my 5 inch river dredge build. Weight is somewhat of a factor so i still have to figure out how to weigh both of the boxes to see which is lighter.
  3. Steve - I know this is an old thread but i cant help but notice that the sluice on your 6 inch in these pictures looks a lot like a sluice i picked up with an old 5 inch dredge in Kentucky lol. I havent been able to find out anything about this box on any of the other forums. What can you tell me about it and do you have any pictures on how is is supposed to be set up right where the flare and sluice mate up. Any info and more pictures are appreciated! Thank you,
  4. PG-Prospecting

    Odd Gold

    Yep some of the gold i get is iron stained like that. The black grains are probably just black sands (magnatite and hematite) that is caught in the pores in the gold, but it could be matrix.
  5. Ive used Whitebox GAT with limited success. It took almost 2 days for it convert one tile. If they come in DEM already or once you figure out how to convert them, ive found that SAGA GIS is the best for overlaying DEMs on Google earth, thats if the embedded coordinates are correct.
  6. PG-Prospecting

    Help Identifying Mystery Rock / Metal

    Look up the mohs hardness scale and run some of those tests to determine its hardness, then look up streak testing and perform that (for streak testing you will need a white un glazed piece of ceramic, or black depending on the color of the streak). With its hardness and streak known as well as some of its other attributes you should be able to narrow it down.
  7. PG-Prospecting

    Coil Recommendation

    Steve - Thanks for the input! I have the platypus DD but i have been very disappointed in its performance. Below are some pictures of what my main stream looks like. It is basically boulder free, but still has big gold in it, Virginia seems to be a different animal for nugget hunting lol. I do have a detech 21X17 butterfly DD coil that is waterproof that i need to mess around with in the creek here. I was impressed that in air testing (for what its worth) it was picking up a 1.7 gram nugget at about 10 inches.
  8. PG-Prospecting

    Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    My nox seems to have worse knock sensitivity then my gm1000, but could be due to the mineralization. I will try lifting it in the air and tapping on the coil. Ill be out this weekend messing with all three detectors, so we will see what happens. THanks for the input.
  9. PG-Prospecting

    Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    I wonder why my nox seems to have a lot more knock sensitivity, with both coils generally running with a sensitivity of about 18.
  10. PG-Prospecting

    Gold Monster 1000 Vs Equinox 800

    phrunt - What sensitivity are you running the nox at? If I go above 20 with mine with the 6 inch coil on it gets very chattery and knock sensitive. My ground is mild to hot, I cant run the gm1000 in auto + only auto, and I cant run anywhere near manual 10, Maybe 6 to 8 manual. My phone was off when I did this and I was in the middle of the woods so there should have been minimal emi.
  11. Ive done a few basic air tests and it seems to be a little less sensitive to small gold when compared with the gm1000. Gm1000 was in auto 1 all metal. nox800 was gold mode 1, sensitivity at 16, since thats what ive been having to run it at in my area. May be able to increase it since the smaller coil should see less ground. Surprisingly i didn't see much of difference in depth when toggling between all metal and discriminate. The nox was seeing at 2 grain piece of gold about a half inch to an inch behind the the gm1000 with its 5 inch coil. I plan on doing more testing this weekend. Could be a different story out in the field.
  12. PG-Prospecting

    A Few Pickers With The Zed

    Awesome finds kiwijw! I have to say it blows my mind the depth that the zed finds that small of gold. Makes me want to get one lol. Keep up the awesome posts, love reading them.
  13. PG-Prospecting

    Nugget Test Garden

    Adam H - It is so that i can test and compare different coils and detectors on varying sizes of gold at varying depths, all while basically simulating an undisturbed target in hot ground. I really want to compared the abilities of the gm 1000 with the 5 inch coil to equinox 800 with its 6 inch coil. Ruthless79 - I guess that would work as well, but in my mind it wouldnt simulate a target in undisturbed hot ground quite as well. Plus like i said i need to dig a prospect trench anyway so that i can sample a number of potential gold bearing quartz veins as well as the soils around them. So im killing two birds with one stone. Plus i wont be hand digging, i have a mini excavator to do the work.
  14. PG-Prospecting

    Nugget Test Garden

    As i am getting more and more into nugget shooting, i've decided that i need to set up gold test garden, so that i can determine how the changes i make to the machines i have affect their ability to find gold. As luck would have it my backyard has some of the hottest soil i've detect on thus far. So the plan is to dig a trench about 3 feet deep then auger holes into the sides and case with pvc. Do this for every inch of increasing depth. This way i can quickly change the target that's in the ground but still come as close as possible to simulating a gold target in undisturbed hot ground. With the 6 inch equinox coil on the way i cant think of a better way to accurately compare its capabilities to the gm1000s capabilities, and then also be able to compare their two larger coils on larger gold at depth. Probably will put together a few videos. And as an added bonus the trench i dig will also be a prospecting trench since there is very fine gold and a source vein crossing my back yard somewhere. Will keep you guys posted. Let me know your thoughts!
  15. PG-Prospecting

    Coil Recommendation

    So my main gold producing creek pretty much drys up in the late summer, and im wanting to detect the active creek channel. Overburden runs from about 3 feet at the deepest to exposed bedrock at the shallowest. Ounce nuggets were found somewhere in the creek in the old days and ive found up to a 13 gram nugget under about 6 inches to 12 inches of overburden. For punching deep in a creek bed with some water in pools, what coil would you recommend for a GPX 4800? My current coils arnt water proof, and i have yet to find a large nugget in the exposed bedrock. Im currently looking at a 14 inch mono and possibly a 14X9 mono to complement it. Not sure on the brand yet. The new detechs look interesting and seem well priced. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!