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  1. That sounds like an old market site . Unlikely to have Sovereigns , maybe the odd Crown though.
  2. Finding one in land is very rare . Bit like fresh Dodo dung .
  3. No idea what they were , will check them on the Nox when i can .
  4. In 2010 i found a 1964 Sovereign in a mount on a Gold chain on the beach , i kept the coin . In 2013 i found a 1906 Half Sovereign in a Gold ring on the beach and also a 1912 Half Sovereign in a mount .
  5. This is the score that i got in an enclosure in 2014 on 14 - 07 - 2014 , i think that was the World cup too but not sure. The 4 rows of Copper/ Nickel coins are the old Pound coins of the time .
  6. This morning i took my Terra and Nox to the beach at 7am hoping that either i would find a ton of coinage or a ring with the Nox on the lower beach . As it turned out i didn't use the Nox as the Terra was enough . I was hoping to have a go in an enclosure with a large screen that was put in place for the World Cup but that was not available today , not sure when it will be but will check again . Over around 3 hours i found a 1 Euro coin and 2 other foreign coins , a junk ring and £16,38p and a fishing weight and a toy car . Tomorrow i will take only the Terra and have a go in the enclosure if i can , that might turn out to be my best score this year so far but it will also give me a chance to see if the cashless society is as bad as i think it is . A few years ago i found £157.99p and a Gold ring in 4 hours . Wont do that but it should be fun trying .
  7. There is none on my beaches , very low tides are wet sand for a hour or two at max .
  8. Going to be another long search tomorrow , there are places i haven't done for a while . Will only use my Terra this time , the dry is all i will have time for . The longest search i have done was early evening till 9am , around 14 hours . Took a day to recover from that .
  9. I thought so too but that idea has gone down the U bend because of cashless society. Still there a few days that will produce. My next hit might be one of them , we'll see tomorrow.
  10. On club digs we are allowed to keep anything if its not a treasure item . If treasure then its 50 50 . If not treasure and a farm that isn't a club dig then its 50 50 .
  11. Its drilling the holes that might be the problem for me , i dont have anywhere to do it .
  12. Most of my Gold has been on the beaches but i have found a Gold Mourning ring at a Weekend Wanderers dig on 7 June 2009 and the week before on the same farm but in different fields i found a rare Gold Quarter Stater of the Cantii tribe . I still have that but gave the ring to the farmer after it was returned by the British Museum when they decided that it wasn't wanted by them . I found a Gold wedding band for a friend of my Brother in 2008 , a Gold ring for a neighbours friend that was lost for a while . Took 10 minutes to find. Apart from Roman and 1 Celtic Silver and Hammered coins most of my Silver has been on beaches too . Over 350 Silver rings/Chains + others off the beaches so far since 2006 but only have half of them left . Wish i kept all my finds now .
  13. I might make one of my own if i can . The holiday wont be for while , not this year and may no be next . Need to save for it .
  14. Hope they do a 3 piece because i am planning a holiday with Mum to Oz when she gets well from her Cancer . Might be a while before we go but we will go . Then i can blitz the Oz beaches for a day or 2 .