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  1. Nuke em

    New Equinox 15x12" DD Coil

    I bought my 6 inch and 15 inch coils today , i also got a new carbon fiber stem . I traded in my Macro Multi Kruzer . Its not getting used so it had to go. Roll on a good ripped out beach now .
  2. Nuke em

    TDI Beach Hunter Silver Settings

    Why? Withe the beach hunter being waterproof it will be more likely to last longer .
  3. Nuke em

    TDI Beach Hunter Silver Settings

    I have only just found out about the TDI Beachhunter . I had the old TDI a few years ago and always wanted Whites to bring a waterproof version out . Now they have , one day it might be on my list to buy .
  4. Nuke em

    Rutus Alter 71

    Golf . Golf!!! Thats a way to ruin a good walk LOL My local dealer sells the Rutus machines , i had the Jupiter years ago but have no need for the newer ones right now. Good machines though.
  5. Nuke em

    Equinox 800 Will Not Update!

    I have Windows Professional , that didn't work either.
  6. Nuke em

    Equinox 800 Will Not Update!

    Not noticed anything other than better and clearer target signals .
  7. Nuke em

    Equinox 800 Will Not Update!

    I have windows 7 but that wouldn't work for me either . So i got my windows 10 laptop out and that worked fine. Just bought another 800 as a spare and will have to update that too when i get around to it.
  8. I went , i saw , i tried . But i was wasting my time . I walked along the tide line for a mile but its all the same . Built up . So i came home and ended up typing this. On Wednesday i will go to another beach where i found a Gold / Silver ring and hopefully its better there . I will go back to todays beach on Thursday . After that i am working for 6 days.
  9. On my way out soon to the beach . Will be 6 or 7 hours from 12 midnight till 6 or 7am . Nox will be the weapon of choice . Not sure if it will be worthwhile , the windy weather has done some shifting but i think it might be in the wrong way . I will search an area of 2 miles along the lower beach from West to East . I can keep the wind in my back too.
  10. Yes it is . It could have been double but the beaches are still too built up . Todays weather has not helped i think. Will see on Sunday . Seen your test , the Nox with my Beach 2 program worked well and was better with the new update . Sounds are much clearer even in iron .
  11. It is a productive beach but cashless society is killing the coin hunting compared to the past . There are about 15 people detecting the beach i go too but not all at the same time and many not with the right machine or know where to go . Trash levels make it difficult for some machines to know what target is what . Then theres the EMI / WIFI .
  12. I am happy with the new version . Its not brought out for nothing . I think its clearer on signals .
  13. Last night after work i went to the beach for 9pm . It was dark and difficult to see much but i could tell that the normal areas i search were to built up to find much so i went East and saw that it was a lot better . though still built up. My Nox was updated last week and i wanted to see what it was like .There was no WIFI or EMI about and the machine was stable . I didn't expect much and the Summer crowds have gone , but if the beach had ripped a bit that might produce some older stuff . From the start i started to find coinage and for the entire "almost" 1.5 miles i found coinage till 2am when i finished to get the Bus home . There were no rings about as i was on the dry and quite high up the beach , though below high tide mark. None of the targets were very deep , at most 6 inches . But the targets were more stable and clearer . By the time i finished the hunt i had found exactly £72.00p in spendable coinage and a few foreign coins and 7 fishing weights . My next hunt will be Saturday night for high tide till 5am when out . I think the Nox is working better but when i put my phone on and searched late in the night i found it still suffers WIFI interference , i turned it off and it cleared . I dont use the boxed headphones but use Gray Ghosts with an adapter plugged into the WM08 . The second picture is the coinage straight out of the finds pouch.
  14. At the end of next week i hope to go to a rally in Lincolnshire . I have heard from a mate that lots of Hammered coins and other things are being found on club digs there . Its around 200 miles from where i live but i have to go , i will stay 2 days . Saturday and Sunday. During the weekend i will use the Nox and the Multi Kruzer . Might take the ET too as back up ? Not been on a land dig for ages .
  15. I have been limited at the moment in going to the beach because i have to see Mum in Hospital nearly every day in London . She has now had her Lung operation and is hopefully on the mend . But yesterday i didn't go to see her and will later today . I instead went to bed early last night and at 1.30am this morning got up and took the ET to the beach . I wanted to have a quick search on the tops before going onto the wet and looking for rings . I didn't expect much coinage , the weather has been raining for a couple of days and other detectorists would have cleaned up the coinage if any in most places . I got to the beach at around 2.15am and searched the dry tops for 2 hours getting little coinage mostly , though most of what i had today . When the sand started to show i went onto it and almost immediately found a Silver ring (middle left) on the blue tack and a few coins . A bit further along i had a 12 23 signal and i did think yellow , i just had that feeling and when i dug it out it turned out to be just that . Its a 2.7g 9k (top) , that is my 7th for the year so far , a short time later i found a junk ring ( bottom) . On that particular beach i found no more and left and searched a small beach but that was baron on the sand and as i had now reached the point where the tide was turning i went straight for one last place . I searched and found mostly 1p and 2p coins and the dark £1 coin in black sand . Then i had another high tone which i thought 2p but that turned out to be the Silver ring with the turquoise stone in it . I found a junk chain with stones not long after and the junk earring and a Silver Pendent with the Amber in it . At the end of the search at around 6.15 am i had found a total of £15.16p and the said jems . I have to see Mum today and i might not be home before 10.30pm tonight so i might not make tomorrow morning ? But it is a long tide and i have the game on and smell yellow so might bare it and go on the red eye at 4am if i wake up. That will be an ET search too . My Nox is still in the box and not set up , being that i sold my first Nox . I will get that out and use that in a few weeks time when the Summer season is over . That is for the sand only when its stirred by the waves and wind.