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  1. The big problem is that every time they have updates the manual changes . I get enough trouble trying to suss the newer machines as it is LOL Apart from the small symbols at the bottom of the screen which are a bit small , i can put up with . The big issue i have is the awkward place they have put the battery indicator . Real hard to see in that corner . As for battery. I might have a problem with mine? I think its using too much . I seem to get at max around 8 hours out of the battery. I am going to go out sometime in the week and run till flat and see what happens . I hope i find Gold , damn its getting harder than a Bishops dick at choir practice !
  2. Doesn't look easy to change it then .
  3. Does anyone know where in the machine the fitted battery is ?
  4. Hi all , I was wondering if anyone has had issues with their Legend's battery . Whether they are seeing it run down to quickly ? I did a beach hunt in beach mode with no light on , no other known battery wasting things and was down to 2 notches on the indicator with either side of 6 hours use . I wonder if it's why there is a Pro version as they know the machine eats battery power ? Other than this . Not a bad machine.
  5. How exactly do you reset the Legend ? I cannot seem to do it. Or don't know how .
  6. Glad that came out , Going to my local to get the update done tomorrow. Thanks.
  7. Are the 1.08 updates in 1.09 ? I am still in 1.07 and will be updating on Wednesday .
  8. Looks good. I hope it helps with all the issues that i think there are. The big one i have is the issue with jagged edged bottle caps that come in at 30's to 40's . Real issues on my beaches. One other thing you say there . No price increase. On Youtube there is a site by Joe Blogs and he discuses all the issues regarding Russia and Ukraine and how its affecting all the World economies. It seems Turkey is in the real 5h!7storm and inflation is going through the roof. Their inflation on products they make is running out of control and could be 100% soon . That will cause price increases and then the Nox may look cheap ! Not that it will make me buy one . The Legend is far superior to the Nox in quality of build . If the Legend improves after the updates i might even consider another in the next few months and have 2 for the beaches to last me for the next few years.
  9. I bought the Legend a few weeks ago and although i have used it 4 times and found £60 in coinage on the beaches i am not totally happy with it. It needs those updates . I am fed up with having non ferrous signals on jagged Crown caps. I'm not sure of the tones being strong enough too. Anything deeper than 5 inches seem a lot deeper going by the tones .Might be the headphones ? Good machine and very well made though. I sold my Nox a while ago and bought the Deus 11 . The Legend is a replacement for that but not for the E.Trac which i class in a class of its own. Out on the beach this weekend . Deus 11 this time. Would have been the Legend but it needs the updates .
  10. I use the E.Trac and the Explorer 11 . I haven't come across any other machine other than the CTX that can do accurately what they can do. I am thinking about the Legend but i won't get it till i am satisfied that the machine can do what it should do. Still keeping my FBS though.
  11. I have had my Deus 11 since its release and i got it on the first batch to the UK . I have used it 5 times and thats out of 6 times i have been out this last month. On the 2 land digs , I found that the Deus 11 runs much better than the Nox and many other Nox users were talking about EMI and when i used mine before changing to the Deus 11 i was getting nowhere with the Nox. As soon as i changed over i found a nice cut Half Scottish Silver Hammered coin. The next dig i used the Deus11 straight away and found a whole but badly worn Hammered Silver coin. People complained about EMI with their Nox's again. I have used the Deus 11 on the beach i go too and on 1 search i found quite a lot . Its normally a bad beach for EMI and even the Deus 11 has issues in one spot which i expected. All machines get it there. The day after Storm Eunice in the UK is when i found the finds with the Deus 11 . Would my other main machines have found them ? E.Trac YES , Explorer 11 ? YES , Nox 800 ? MOST but in the Nox's case thats because of poor target info . I dont have pictures of the land finds to hand . On the above beach hunt the beach looked awful and it took my experience to understand that the beach was in fact looking good that evening . In my opinion the Deus 11 is the best non Minelab multi frequency machine out there . Its got almost the best target info and the Square tones on FULL tones give you almost E.Trac level. I have used the General program mostly and a version of Beach and Beach Sens programs for the beach. Going by what vid's and what people have said about the Legend and the delays , i am going to postpone my Legend order for now and wait till others have used it and Nokta have done their further updates that are likely. As for the Deus 11 ? I am on the list for another unit. Its brilliant . I want to back up the best with the best. Like i back up the E.Trac with an Explorer 11 . Is the ET better than the Deus 11 ? YES and slightly NO . Thats why i have both. Is the Deus 11 better than the Nox 800 ? YES . Poor build quality and very poor target info and only 3 year warranty and the fact that Minelab is a shareholder company and charge more for their machines for the capability prove it in my opinion. The last very good Minelab was the ET. I am a very keen Minelab user but they have been letting the side down since the Deus 1 came out in 2009 . We see what happens when you rest on your laurels ( Tesoro , Whites) . As for that all important thing called depth ? We are at the limits when it comes to depth with VLF machines . You might improve a little on certain targets but its all about sensitivity and target info . The Nox and Vanquish unless in clean ground are poor. Unless you like digging every little thing regardless? I will say it here and now , The DEUS 11 is the best machine that has been released since the ET in 2008 . The price is high but so is the capability. Damn i am sticking up for the French LOL ! Mondeur ! Or should i say Mon Deus ?
  12. Iron Bias appears not to be all that it is cracked up to be . But black sand capability is a must. And the Ferro check is important too. Heard on a particular vid that it isn't that good but then in the background there is a Deus 11 box ! Anyway i have paid for the Deus 11 and will get that soon. The Legend might have to wait . I will continue with the Nox till later in the year and see how much i find . I want to make sure i dont keep making losses from buying and selling machines. I have switched and swapped to many times in the past. Has to stop.
  13. I sold my Deus 1 today and paid the balance for the Deus 11. Now the wait. Still not sure of the Legend. If I buy it , it's to replace the Nox. But at the moment I might leave and look at it later.
  14. I think i will get the Legend anyway . My Deus 1 goes tomorrow as part payment for the Deus 11 . They are both a must have.
  15. For the moment . Wait. The Legend is coming and i am not certain of all its capabilities after seeing a Calabash Digger video on it . No Iron Bias ? and black sand capability and the Ferro check only working on shallow targets ?? were the subjects . As for the Nox 800 ? If i buy the Legend that is to replace the Nox. But right now i need answers . Or the Legend wont be bought. I wonder if the reason for the delay to the shops is so Nokta can sort these issues ?
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