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  1. I will get around to it sometime.
  2. I was hoping Diamond .
  3. Should i assume that DM on the inside of the band stands for Diamond ?
  4. I use Beach 2 everywhere at the moment but have my own settings . I cannot remember them off my head . But Gray Ghost headphones are a must to get the best from this machine . My beaches do get done a lot by others too , and Cashless society is killing the new losses but there are still a lot of older stuff about if the conditions are right. There is no way to discrim Aluminium .
  5. Yesterday morning i went to one of my beaches and searched from mid day till 4pm sunset . I found the beach looking quite good and thought it would be good for Gold . I started on a small beach first and found a few older Pound coins and other coins that had obviously been there a long while. I then hopped over onto another beach by that one which is normally very good in the Summer wasn't good and i found almost nothing . Going onto the next beach i found this beach to be very different and saw very hard cuts into the higher end of the beach . I started to find many coins amongst the millions of nails and other Iron . Half way along i found a few coins and then got a target that i didn't check on the meter and dug it . I suddenly saw yellow and when i picked it up found it was a 22k Gold ring , it says on the ring 22kDM916 . I also found old early 1900's Pre Decimal coins . A short while later i found a Stainless Steel ring and a junk Shark thing and a 1 Euro , a US 2010 Five Cent and a coin with a hole in it . I then turned around and headed back and finished at 4pm . My finds for the day were £35.72p in coinage , a 1 Euro , a US 5 Cent , an unknown coin , several Pre Decimal coins , a junk Shark , the Stainless Steel ring and the 22k Gold ring . The stone in the pictures is a lot clearer , it might be the Bluetac thats making it dull. I would have gone today but i will on Wednesday morning , not sure it will be the same place .
  6. Nuke em

    Most Likely

    Its a pity that the hobby is turning into a secret society.. I like to share up to a point my experience and on MLO I have my ET beach programs. My Nox beach 2 program seems to work well too . I blame Faceachebook for the demise of forums and also its to blame for the large amount of new small clicky clubs that have formed up lately. They are the sort that flood farmers with requests for land and put farmers off. They are also less likely to declare finds unlike the older more experienced clubs of old. Being in secret groups on Faceachebook means everything is hidden. Faceachebook has a lot to answer for, glad I am not on it . Can someone hack into banks and screw up card and phone payment so cash can come back!
  7. Nuke em

    Most Likely

    There is always the possibility that they might be lying and do go on forums but dont contribute , just read. Look at the Minelab Owners Forum . 15241 at last count and people register but almost all dont hang around . If you look on the "who's online " its almost all guests . Up till now today its been 40 members and just over 1000 guests . I hope its not peak detecting here in the UK , i want to find a hoard . But i do think its past peak beach detecting now . The cashless society is killing it . My finds rate is killing it too . On my local beaches .
  8. Nuke em

    New Equinox 15x12" DD Coil

    I bought my 6 inch and 15 inch coils today , i also got a new carbon fiber stem . I traded in my Macro Multi Kruzer . Its not getting used so it had to go. Roll on a good ripped out beach now .
  9. Nuke em

    TDI Beach Hunter Silver Settings

    Why? Withe the beach hunter being waterproof it will be more likely to last longer .
  10. Nuke em

    TDI Beach Hunter Silver Settings

    I have only just found out about the TDI Beachhunter . I had the old TDI a few years ago and always wanted Whites to bring a waterproof version out . Now they have , one day it might be on my list to buy .
  11. Nuke em

    Rutus Alter 71

    Golf . Golf!!! Thats a way to ruin a good walk LOL My local dealer sells the Rutus machines , i had the Jupiter years ago but have no need for the newer ones right now. Good machines though.
  12. Nuke em

    Equinox 800 Will Not Update!

    I have Windows Professional , that didn't work either.
  13. Nuke em

    Equinox 800 Will Not Update!

    Not noticed anything other than better and clearer target signals .
  14. Nuke em

    Equinox 800 Will Not Update!

    I have windows 7 but that wouldn't work for me either . So i got my windows 10 laptop out and that worked fine. Just bought another 800 as a spare and will have to update that too when i get around to it.