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  1. Because of the price uncertainty I have traded in 3 of my 6 machines and bought the Manticore. Even that wasn't enough! I now have the Manticore. E.Trac. X.Terra Pro and 2 Deus 11. I sold an E.Trac, my Legend and my Nox 900. I am on the way to a beach with a Deus 11 today. Until I get round ti learning the Manticore I won't use it . I don't like Minelab factory programs and don't know what to set up the machine to for beaches. It must match my settings on my ET.
  2. I still have the ET and have no intentions in replacing them with the Manticore. I feel the new Minelabs are less well made. And less likely to last. Both my ET's are likely to last for years. I could not expect a Manticore or the 900 to last. And after warranty repairs are minimal at best on the new machines. I see that Minelab is going to hike the prices up and I heard 25%. That will please the competition. I have the Deus 11 and that is really good though I prefer my ET still. I have always wanted a repairable water resistant ET but Minelab then brought out the CTX. XP loved that and sales of the Deus 1 went through the roof in the UK and Europe. I like Minelabs but they are getting throwaway machines and pricey. My next machine was going to be the Manticore even with my reservations but I cannot ignore the possibility that it will be and XP at some point. My E.Trax's stay though. I have rigged up a MR250 wireless module and August EP650 B headphones. Also use the RNB 3400 battery. The module needs a cover as it not waterproof. Even now the ET is a versatile and capable machine.
  3. Still a lot more than a repair to a properly repairable machine. Minelabs are getting to expensive in the UK. I thought we had a trade deal! Yeah right.
  4. The Nox and any machine of that sort are after warranty not much better than paperweights. They are ceiled units. The ET and CTX are repairable provided if still made you can get support from somewhere. Others might not be now? Talk about throw away society ! I have heard this from one high end source in the past and others. No wonder they wont increase the warranty to match XP. Look at all the trouble they had with the 800 flooding etc. I have been told that if a unit goes wrong in warranty and is proven then they just replace. Says a lot about after warranty repairs!
  5. Another thing. As Minelabs are pretty poorly made now and mostly non repairable after 3 years it will be worthless secondhand. I for one could not do what I used to do in the past and buy new replacements just to have a warranty. Looks like I will stay with my 2 x ET and until it conks the 900. Though that will go before its warranty expires. I will be buying another Deus 11 later next year. Pity about Minelab but that's what you get when your a shareholder company. Saw on Facebook that Dilek has announced a price hike on Noktas. But that's around $€50 , that £2 trillion for us Brits lol If Minelab is thinking 25% then they are in for a bad time. Other than newbies to the hobby who know no better.
  6. Not to me it doesn't. My business goes elsewhere. XP is better value these days. And a longer warranty. UK prices are a con.
  7. Then Minelab will price themselves out of some markets. At some point I wanted a Manticore but wanted to wait till I could get it cheaper. If Minelab are going to hike yhe price then they stick it where yhe Sun don't shine. As it is they only have 3 year warranty and I don't think they are all that good in build quality. Even now my 900 is having green corrosion on the outside of the connector where the coil lead goes into the control box. I might well buy another Deus 11 . High quality. Much lower price and works like a Minelab on the beach. Even if there is a fiddly wire to fit for under water use.
  8. Interesting. Are these machines watered down Legend's? I wonder how there raw power would be?
  9. On the beach I would choose the Terra. Though I would have the and got the 900 too. Terra is waterproof. The Vanquish sounds off on seaweed too. Fewer numbers and you can't do much on settings. Have the Nox 900 and Terra.
  10. Those 2 are the wedding band and eternity rings. There is 1 missing. Back there on Tuesday night. Not recent losses as in hard tops.
  11. These two hunts aren't the first i have used the 900 but are the for July. On Friday 7th i went to the beach alone and searched between the tides and i the water. I started at around 5.45am and stayed till after 10am. My finds for that hunt were £5.47p , a Silver chain , a Silver ring and 2 junk rings. On Saturday 8th i went with a mate and started a lot further alone the beach we started at 9pm and after a while my mate gave up due to the finds rate being pretty poor. Thats due to cashless. As i had to carry on to get to the bus stop for home i started to search between the tide marks again and this time i came up trumps. I had a number 56 i think it was and around 4 inches down i found a 5.6g 9k Gold ring . I phoned my mate and i think he may have regretted leaving early. After that i carried on a few feet and about 12 feet from the last target i got a number 32 on the screen and again after digging down about 4 or 5 inches i found another Gold ring which is 2.6g of 9k. Other finds for the evening were £9.20p and a foreign coin and a junk chain. I find the 900 quite a good machine. Far better than the 800 . My next hunt will be next weekend , not sure which machine , maybe the Legend or maybe the E.Trac. My Terra Pro is in its box for now. Thats done alright so far after finding a 22k Gold ring last Month. Might be the E.Trac's turn if the weather stays dry.
  12. I am going out tomorrow morning for the low tide but I will use my 900 to make sure I get the best in water capability. The Terra next time.
  13. I have 2 small bubbles on my Terra screen. All the time its working i will leave be.
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