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  1. You won't get that info from Nokta.
  2. Interesting. Are these machines watered down Legend's? I wonder how there raw power would be?
  3. On the beach I would choose the Terra. Though I would have the and got the 900 too. Terra is waterproof. The Vanquish sounds off on seaweed too. Fewer numbers and you can't do much on settings. Have the Nox 900 and Terra.
  4. Those 2 are the wedding band and eternity rings. There is 1 missing. Back there on Tuesday night. Not recent losses as in hard tops.
  5. These two hunts aren't the first i have used the 900 but are the for July. On Friday 7th i went to the beach alone and searched between the tides and i the water. I started at around 5.45am and stayed till after 10am. My finds for that hunt were £5.47p , a Silver chain , a Silver ring and 2 junk rings. On Saturday 8th i went with a mate and started a lot further alone the beach we started at 9pm and after a while my mate gave up due to the finds rate being pretty poor. Thats due to cashless. As i had to carry on to get to the bus stop for home i started to search between the tide marks again and this time i came up trumps. I had a number 56 i think it was and around 4 inches down i found a 5.6g 9k Gold ring . I phoned my mate and i think he may have regretted leaving early. After that i carried on a few feet and about 12 feet from the last target i got a number 32 on the screen and again after digging down about 4 or 5 inches i found another Gold ring which is 2.6g of 9k. Other finds for the evening were £9.20p and a foreign coin and a junk chain. I find the 900 quite a good machine. Far better than the 800 . My next hunt will be next weekend , not sure which machine , maybe the Legend or maybe the E.Trac. My Terra Pro is in its box for now. Thats done alright so far after finding a 22k Gold ring last Month. Might be the E.Trac's turn if the weather stays dry.
  6. I am going out tomorrow morning for the low tide but I will use my 900 to make sure I get the best in water capability. The Terra next time.
  7. I have 2 small bubbles on my Terra screen. All the time its working i will leave be.
  8. Had 6 last year. 12 would be rare on my beaches for 1 person. Then again I would need to get many more hours in than I do at present.
  9. Last year i had 3 high grade Gold rings and over 20 Silver rings with the Legend. Have used it once this year so far but the beach was quite. Had £15 though. Works well.
  10. On Saturday night i went to the beach for 3 hours from 9pm and as the weather was very warm i hoped there would be something to find. The coinage was a bit sparse as only had £12.10p and a 1 Euro coin. But i had 3 Junk rings and my first Gold for the year and first with the Terra Pro. It wasn't deep but was near the waters edge and came in somewhere in the 50's It is a 22k 4.4g band . Nothing like finding Gold. I may well be back there on Monday evening . May well be with the Terra Pro again or the Legend.
  11. Well done on the ring. I think that was there a while. The join has corroded away. I wonder if its a diamond? Anymore than 10k it should be.
  12. The Terra Pro is like a single freq version of the 900. Only downside is the lack of crown cap rejection. At the price, manageable though.
  13. Hunt 4 on Wednesday night will be with the Terra . 11.30pm till 4am Thursday. Mostly on the tops amongst the crown caps ! but hopefully plenty of decent finds to be had.
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