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  1. I have the 800 and will be taking it to Australia next year . A mate will be taking me to a rally or dig so hopefully i will get a nugglet or two. I will take the small coil too.
  2. A mate of mine thinks its not worth Minelab bringing out a machine less than the Nox . Not everyone can afford a Nox or needs one. I am looking forward to this machine coming , i hope i do want one . I wont put my name down for the early ones . I will wait till i see it out there or in the shop. I will get the Vanquish 540 out of the 3 machines. If its a machine i want.
  3. Its definitely a Terra replacement , its the same here . Dealers are selling Terra's here at low prices . My local dealer has lots of Go Finds . I think it will look the same as the Nox but with different functions and colour maybe and coil ? Its just 3 lower end Nox's i think. But if the 540 works on the salt with 2 or more freqs i will have 1 .
  4. Very interesting . Well that confirms my belief that the Vanquish is Terra's replacement . Interesting also , there are 3 Go Find models , 3? Vanquish models , 2 so far Equinox models . Then what ? Theres the Safari , ET and the CTX . Will there be a 3 tier model for their replacements too ? (Also if they are expanding multi freq across the board then maybe the Vanquish will use both 7 and 18.75 khts together ? ) I hope that the second tier model has all the top end does but without added GPS extras . I only need what i need for finding the targets , but it has to be at least as good as the ET on target info .
  5. It doesn't sell like it used too . I always thought it was underrated myself but also poorly made or lacked a good coil and waterproof housing . The more i think it the more i think it is for the chop when the Vanquish comes. I dont think Minelab has the capacity to make that many different machines and the older ones sales will suffer massively too , so why make them ? The Sovereign and the Explorer SE were dropped when the CTX came out . I think the Safari or and the ET might go this or next year too . They have been dropped quite a bit in price here and they dont sell well and some places have stopped selling the ET altogether unless ordered . Not sure if they even bother and just send the customer to another shop ? Dealers usually have to bulk buy for the best deals or they end up with little profit.
  6. The problem with that Steve is that here in the UK a Nox 600 is around £650 and the Nox 800 is £850 or so. The Terra 305 is around £280 Terra 505 around £100 more and the 705 is around £450 . The prices you quote are Terra prices if sold here . The Terra is 13 or 14 years old and i feel in need of replacement . The pictures on page 3 here show the machines run on 2 of the freqs that the Terra's do and as they have VFlex and IQ i think they might be a replacement for the Terra's . Would be very good if they ran on both freqs at the same time with single as optional . But most of all keep the same numbers and tones as the Terra 705 . The Vanquish in that case could work in the salt wet though maybe not as deep but would be more versatile on beaches in the case of target ID which i find a bit vague on the Nox . Using my Terra i could work the trashy tops with ease and know what i was digging nearly every time but the Nox is impossible with numbers . The Vanquish could be a better machine !! Not in every way but in some. I will buy one if it is what i am after . I have 2 Nox 800 and will sell 1 to get the Vanquish 540 . That would give me almost all round capability for relic hunting with the Vanquish 540 / Equinox 800 and the E.Trac . Thats depending on if i'm right though.
  7. Anything more on the Vanquish machine(s) yet ? I wonder if they will operate on both 7 and 18.75 khts together? If they do they will be good on the salt i think. This machine could if priced right be a major headache for other makers . Even more than the Nox is . Something good like a dual freq Terra and waterproof could eat into Garrett sales . It all depends on the price. I think the info on the Vanquish 340 / 440 / 540 might well be true. A dealer said once that Minelab were working on a Terra replacement . I thought the Nox was it , obviously it isn't . Wonder what else they have planned? That seminar in Sardinia was big. around 200 guests i heard , all for a cheaper machine ? Must be more than that. Roll on.
  8. Not seen that before. Now i know what its all about . If this is true then the Nox is higher end than the Terra and these Vanquish machines are replacements for the Terra's . Well i doubt i will need one but we'll see. Whats that bit about accumulator about ?
  9. That going by what your saying looks more like a Sovereign / Excalibur replacement than anything else . Looks like i might have hit the nail on the head. So it will be a higher end model than the Nox but lower than the CTX /ET . I bet the ET or Safari go at the end of the year , they are being dropped in price by quite a margin here and the ET is a real hard seller now. Or is the new machine to replace those 2 models ? I hope so and hope it has very much better target info than the Nox and at least on a par with the ET /CTX
  10. Its not a let down really. Its not meant to be a top end machine. The lack of good target info proves it. It I feel is a very uprated but slightly flawed replacement for the Terra. Unless the Vanquish is a replacement ??
  11. I have been doing digging and i now feel i know whats coming . I haven't heard anything about Gold machines and i know a dealer here that will be getting them in . The UK isn't a Gold nugget hunting Country . So it has to be a new relic machine . I put an idea to this person and he went a bit quiet . This is the idea . The new machine "Vanquish" will be a replacement for the old Sovereign and maybe Excalibur machines . People have for years complained about the demise of the Sovereign and maybe Minelab have finally clicked ? The dealer i mainly go to hasn't let on but i am very good at sussing things and that is what i feel the new machine is. If it is then it wont be a replacement for the CTX . That will come later , the CTX even though heavy and based on older tech hasn't been out for long and i feel its the same for the GPZ 7000 . Does the GPZ sell well ? Anyway i would put a small bet on it that the new Vanquish will be a belated replacement for the Sovereign type. And i and many other will hope so.
  12. If that is the machine in question , that has a big screen the size of the ET / CTX . Tones dont sound very much like the ET but maybe thats because of no headphones. Sounds a bit like the Nox . Looks like its on a straight hopefully 3 piece carbon shaft , cant see the coil well enough but it needs to be 11 inch . Hope the battery is longer lasting too.
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