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  1. I use the Bluetooth , used to use the WM08 on my older Nox in the past but found the supplied headphones to be better on their own. In fact i have found a cheaper alternative to the Minelab version . They are August EP 650 B . Thats all i use now. On my new Nox i have never used the WM08.
  2. I am happy with the coils they have . The Vanquish works well with its coils and the Nox works well with its coils . I think i might have to buy that 15 inch coil for the Nox soon , again !
  3. I quite like the Vanquish . I have used my 540 4 times and found 2 Gold rings on the first search and a few Silver rings along with £60 in coinage. I bought the Nox 800 again and that seems to find things but the Gold is missing this year . On Friday i will take the 540 to the beach for the long tides and get on the sand . The only thing i have an issue with on the Vanquish is that when using it on the beach if there is Seaweed the Vanquish sounds off on it . Minelab needs to sort that one out . The Nox doesn't do it on my settings . As for my moan about headphones in the past. I have found that if using the WM08 there is more chance of interference from EMI and phones cut out than if you use the phones on there own . I have also found a nice cheap alternative to the Minelab phones on Amazon , they are August EP650B . Not CB only B . They pair perfectly .
  4. I have found suitable phones and bought 6 of them. Maz Super Red's are the best since the old Gray Ghost NDT . perfect for Minelab machines.
  5. Pity , I have seen that the Vanquish loves Crown caps .
  6. I think my next search will be with ET , after that the 540 . Probably Saturday next week. Work till then.
  7. Yesterday i took my XP ORX to my dealer and swapped it for the Vanquish 540 Pro . I know i have said a few things in the past about it and i said i wouldn't buy it . Well i have . When i opened the box i saw the red (still yuk) , thank %$&* for a box cover lol I unpacked it and put it together and apart from the awful colour i thought it was well made . Apart from the battery cover which i think will cause trouble . I think there will be a few breakages . I also noted the different shade of red of the cover. The control box buttons layout is fine but like other machines i have seen the coil lead goes into a tight spot in the side of the control box. Chubby fingers might not like that . Unfortunately the upper 2 shafts are painted , they should have been Carbon Fiber , i can see the paint being chipped a lot like they do on the ET / Explorer's . The stem locks look good but i dont like the coil bolt idea. Desi Dunne said that on his last video i saw before he passed away. Its a pity the middle shaft didn't collapse up above the top one like the Deus does . Could have collapsed to around 20 inches instead of 30 in. The coils look a good size and the small one will be good for Irony / trashy places . Pity the target numbers weren't 99 instead of 40 . I tested a few coins and the depth seems good at full sen's and the recovery speed seems good . I checked my new Maz headphones to see if they worked with my adapter and they do , i also paired the headphones out of the box and listened to them . They seemed ok but both sets of headphones seemed quieter than if just going without headphones. That might affect targets being heard for the hard of hearing . I will also not be using the batteries out of the box , being only 1.2 volts and not 1.5 v that many disposable batteries have i will use disposables and use rechargables as back ups. I am used to getting a lot more power from batteries and Minelab's tendency to chuck any old stuff into the box ( batteries / Headphones ) lets them down and the RNB batteries of the ET prove that Minelab could do a lot better . On the Nox there was an update that helped with knocking out crown caps , i think the Vanquish could do with that update if it can be done. Overall it looks not to bad a machine but like the Nox did it will have its place . I wont use it everywhere . As i think most that know me my ET is my main detector and Minelab will have to come up with something much better to prize my hand off that . I still think that Minelab have made a machine that looks to much like a red Garrett Ace just in time for Garrett to come up with something that might be a lot better at the same price ? I have to say the Vanquish is mega easy to set up . If Nokta/ Makro didn't think of it Minelab could have called this machine the Simplex . I will call it " Piece of q!55 " . I hope it finds my beaches a piece of q!55. If my beaches look right late next week i will use the 540 then . Before that i need to find some bicycle tyre innertube to put over the upper painted shaft to stop it scratching on the stones on the beach .
  8. Getting back to topic . When are we going to see some real tests on the Apex ? Like beach and depth and recovery speed trials ? So far its been a bit lame , and i see that the machine might be released for sale in the next month . Just wondering myself and a dealer has thought it too , why the 6 in width of the coil ? Is it because the recovery speed is slow ? The Nox has an 11 inch round coil and is fast and so does the Deus . I am used to slow recovery speeds but would like answers to the above questions or my money could be held back.
  9. Yes the ET is my main machine. But a cheaper backup scout is worth having. If the 540 can make its money and pay for itself then i wont make a loss if i sell it later . I always try to find enough to cover any money lost when selling . Thank goodness its got a box cover !
  10. Yes i know. Not all the ability of the Nox is bad. I do have new headphones that work well with my Minelabs and i have adapters so the 540 is worth having . I wanted to sell the ORX anyway so might as well see what all the fuss is about with the 540 . And not being waterproof it will be easily repairable if it went wrong after warranty if i kept it that long . I live only 40 miles from Steve Cox the Minelab repairer here . Taken machines to him in the past.
  11. Its expensive enough. I dont like non repairable machines that much and would rather just replace early or not buy again.
  12. I have had over 75 Golds on those beaches. 55 with FBS . The Nox just doesn't cut it for me. But I am getting the Vanquish. I want a cheappie backup . Though that could be said of the Apex too. I am selling the ORX to pay for the Vanquish. I will also use my adapters and Maz Super Red headphones on the 540. Damned good sounds. Its been quite hard this year on the beaches with all this virus. And our beaches are mostly Silver magnets which I have had lots so far. £665 in coinage to on 30 trips. But for me it was the lack of after warranty repair to the Nox box that I don't like. Too costly if it went wrong.
  13. VLF is pretty much as good in depth at it can be. Its all about recovery speed now. Interesting that the coil is only 6 in wide. Does that mean it is a slow recovery speed? I will compare it to my soon to be had V 540 when get them. But as I use the ET I'm not much bothered with hyper fast recovery speed. Just want damned good target info if anything.
  14. Today i went out with my ET on what is probably the trashiest and difficult beaches in the southeast of the UK . It is where I almost always go and even if the Nox was good in parts of those beaches I could not get decent target info or separation of targets . Today my ET found me more in those areas . Still no Gold this year but that's because of the lack of visitors and the Chinese bug. Afterwards I took my Nox and its coils and other bits I wanted to sell to my dealer and sold them. I have now paid for my Apex and I feel it will be a good machine , its not a main top ender but if its at least as good as an Ace 250 or even a 400i then It will sell well. I was told by my dealer that the patents for the FBS have all run out so I can only imagine that is where Garrett has got its ideas from.
  15. My experience with the Terra 705 over a 8 year period from 2011 to 2018 got me £9850 in coinage and 14 Gold rings and around 100 Silver rings , on top of the finds by the ET and Explorer's I have used in that time . The Terra on UK coinage was very accurate especially in airy sand and shingle . I cannot say the same for the Nox where it comes to numbers . The numbers are shared with so much trash that on my beaches it slows you down. The Nox has found me 7 Gold and around 70 Silver rings over the time I have used it since release. But the finds I found were not outside the scope of the ET or even the Terra in the right places (dry or wet) . And as I have said about headphones , all Minelab machines should be given in the box high toned headphones that match the tones of the machines. Many people say the Nox isn't deep and that the ET isn't too. I say set up right and with the best headphones that sound off higher give better depth . I have found minute pieces of trash on the beaches with the ET and Explorer's and with my ET at the time I found a Celtic Quarter Stater (10mm diameter less than 2 gram) . The ET finds low conductors just fine. And I found a Roman Minim coin which was 3 mm in diameter at 5 or 6 inches back in 2006 (now that's small) ! with an Explorer 11 or SE . But in the end its all to do with the headphones , if you hear the targets you will find them , if the targets are quiet because of low bass headphones you are likely to miss them . Especially if in trash of similar types. I can hear a pull tab and a 20p coin in the same place with my ET and know the 20p is there . I have had £1 coins in trash and I have heard them in low tone rubbish . I could never do that with Koss / Nox and other Bass toned headphones and I bet not many others could neither. In fact my at the time Explorer SE found all 4 of my low tone cut Quarter hammered Silver Henry 111 / Edward 1 Pennies . They are very low toned and around 7 mm in size. Cut quarters are Silver Penny coins of the Medieval times that have been cut into 4 quarters . They are then called Farthings . They produced Half Pennies and proper Farthings later in the early Edward years I think. I have a few of the Halfpennies and 2 cut Half Pennies of Henry 111 and King Steven . If the Apex is based on the FBS I wont be complaining , and as it says its Multi Flex . My guess is that it is based on the V. Flex and has the FBS too . As all those patents are now past there dates I reckon. As for depth of Garrett machines , I wont complain about that either , here in the UK on digs Ace users are renowned for taking home very decent finds of all types . Most decent targets in the ground are usually in the first 8 inches and most reasonable machines will do that . Garrett machines are better than many think. And now they are venturing into Multi Frequency .
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