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  1. I have heard of a few floods of Equinox's and someone that repairs them has had lots in for whatever reasons . He says they are scrap when they go wrong . Not very environmentally friendly is it ! Not a good omen for post 3 years old machines .
  2. I have found a bit with mine but it just isn't versatile enough on target I.d. and EMI causes issues. Not sure of the Simplex. Might get the Anfibio. But I want to see the Vanquish before I buy it , if it does on the dry beach as well as the Terra I will be happy and if it works in the salt wet too it won't be a downgrade . It could be seen as an upgrade in a way. But who knows .
  3. This image looks like the video we have seen , both are red . Whether its just click bait i don't know but it does look right . I just hope that if there are 3 machines "340 , 440 , 540" that the machines aren't all red . If they are i am thinking that Nokta/Makro might take Minelab share . That Simplex looks good . I am tempted myself on both or even buying the Anfibio instead or as well. I was told a week ago by someone in the hierarchy that he thinks there will be a few casualties in the next few years . Tesoro might be only a start of a thinning out .
  4. I do all the beach from slightly in the water to the very top of the dry beach. It is very unlike most beaches , it is mainly stones / shingle and very low down sand at extreme low tides. Most of my stuff comes from the between tides now. The cashless society has killed the tops. It will be very soon that i wont find coinage except old that gets exposed from many years back. I help people if they come to me but if i find rings on my own i class them mine. Its practically impossible to find owners . Most of my rings have been there for months or even many years . Many owned by travelers . I will look at pictures another time . But here is what i found last night . No rings , just more old coinage mostly . £37.59p . From 12.30am to 5.45am over a mile and a half , again with my ET.
  5. Over the last few days the beaches have been building up and the tides getting shorter but i have had some more success even if it was limited in the areas i search . I used my ET on these occasions due to needing very good target info and not having time to dig all the trash which i know is trash . On the 6 the August i only found £15.34p and another coin . I was back to work for a few days then i went on this last Saturday night after work for a few hours and found over a mile stretch £39.46p and a Silver ring and 1 Euro 60 Cents and a US 5 Cent and not long before i finished a 18k 3g Gold ring . Thats 10 for the year so far and 6 with the ET / 4 with the Nox (including 1 return + 1 Platinum return by the ET too) . Last night "12 August " i went again but the weather was not as good with rain coming but i stayed for the time i needed and found another £33.12p and a Spirits flask which i have cleaned out and will keep . So far on 50 trips i have had £1254 and Pence , 1 Platinum (returned) , 10 Gold (1 returned) and 33 Silver rings and a few other Silvers including 3 Chains . This may sound a lot but in years gone by the amount would have been twice as much in coinage by now . The cashless society has killed the fresh losses mostly and i will be lucky to find even this total in future . There is a lot of old stuff still about and that is what i will look for when its about . But as you see from the pictures i am finding little fresh finds . Thank goodness Gems cant go Gemless ! I hope. My next trip might be Wednesday or next Sunday.
  6. Tomorrow morning I will be out with the ET for another look . Hoping for another Gold ring . I reckon all the coinage from the weekend has been hoovered up by now. Still I will be there from 5am till mid day .
  7. If that's you Tony , I will probably have another lower 29 inch rod at some point.
  8. Bad luck . Is that the second time that's happened to you ? I have now heard of 4 or 5 that have leaked . Why are they leaking and where ? If the connections are tight and the battery seal is good and the unit is all sealed and cannot be fixed if it goes wrong , then how can it leak ?
  9. I know of several other Gold rings that have been lost lately , as soon as the weather changes I will be down there hoovering up those Gold's. And Silver's !
  10. Over the last Month I have been doing quite a lot of detecting on my local beaches . I found not as much coinage as I used to as cashless society has well and truly kicked in . But the Gold and Silver less society is way off. My total for the last Month other than a few Euro's and other coins was £384.76p , 1 Platinum ring which I found for someone and returned to him . The picture of a ring on its own is the Platinum . 3 Gold rings 15 Silver rings 2 Tungsten rings 1 other that looks like a Tungsten but doesn't say so and a Gold looking Stainless Still ring and a junk ring . I searched for 13 times for around 5 hours . The last picture is of the finds I had today.3 August. That search was during Pride. It shows how the cashless society has ruined coin hunting . There were a lot of people about but in the gaps where people had been it was quiet mostly apart from lots of rubbish. I had £13.57p and 2 Silver rings and a 9.3g 9k Gold Signet ring . The 2 notes , the £10 note I found on the way back to the Bus stop and the £20 was from a man that paid me that for trying to find his Gold Wedding ring that I failed to find that day and still haven't found. But will try again when the beaches open up . Machines used were the "ET" E.Trac or the "EQ" or Nox.
  11. I was sent 4 new nuts but its not the nuts that are the problem . Its the actual cam itself . But its holding now I have tightened it up till the cam lugs touch. The upper rod used to slide out of the middle rod but its stopped now , mostly .
  12. Just measure the lower rod. If 21 inches , that's standard. I think there is an even shorter one ?
  13. I have bought 2 of the Tele Nox stems , a Long mans and a short stem . The middle and top stems are the same in both . Only the Lower stem is longer at 29 inches . In the picture you will see an 18 inch ruler for scale . The Long mans stem is the one I am using . I think I should have bought both as long mans . The shorter lower stem is 21 inches . Anyway I haven't had much issue with mine. Only on one of the top camlocks when tightened the middle stem kept coming loose. I now tighten till the lugs touch and that seems to hold. Though you are supposed to only tighten the nut up when the camlock is fully open , tighten up the nut then close the camlock lever . When you are out in the field or beach just take the 2 Allen keys with you . Under the position just under the top camlock I wrap a small amount of insulation tape around the stem just to show it has or hasn't moved . If it does I just adjust . I seems to last a very long time before it needs it if at all . Other than that I have had no trouble and I have used mine in rough seas , it takes the stress . As after market stems go its not a bad piece of kit . I will be visiting Oz next year , and I will be taking mine with me . That's why I bought it. The package next to the ruler it the shorter stem complete in its sleeve.
  14. I used the Terra 705 from the beginning of 2011 till mid 2018 and found over £9700 in coinage and 14 Gold rings , over 100 Silver's . No other machine got me that much coinage . Though the ET would have found me that if I used it that much , it has found me £7000 or so and 30 plus Golds and more Silvers than the Terra . The Nox being used lower down the beach where there isn't as much trash is easier so I have had 6 Gold , around 40 Silver's and over £1000 in coinage since I got my hands on one .My Explorer's over the years till I sold my last had around 25 Gold , 100 plus Silver's and £3000 plus in coinage . I have the exact figures written down but those off the top of my head.
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