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  1. Here are my settings . I use Beach 2 Ground Balance if necessary . Noise Cancel if necessary . Volume Adjust 25 (advanced)= 1 , 12 , 17 , 23 , 25 . Threshold Level 9 (advanced)- 1 . Target Tone 5 (advanced) = 1 , 10 , 17 , 23 , 25 . Accept/Reject -9 (Advanced) = -1 , 8 , 19 , 25 the rest . I rarely use the Horseshoe . Recovery Speed 4 (Advanced) = F2 = 9 . Sensitivity as high as possible . I also use Gray Ghost NDT headphones which i feel are the best by far for tones , most or all else are muffled to me.
  2. Last night after work i took my Nox with the 11 inch coil this time for another search of the beaches i went to 2 days ago. I took the Bus to the beaches further along beyond where i finished the other day . I started at around 10 pm and found a few coins but soon found that area was too built up for any successful hunt so i went to where i finished last time and worked back to where i started last time . Again i saw that there were new holes about , and again i started to find coins near and around where these holes were . It was a lot harder this time and the beaches are building up due to the longer tides and the sea hitting the beach straight on . I didn't stay out as long as i thought i would and finished at 12.45 am . I counted up and went home . My total for this search was £20.53p and a unidentified Pre Decimal Penny and a George VI Farthing . My next hunt will be either Saturday night or next week sometime . Someone on my last hunt post wanted my settings , i will put them on here when i have had some sleep .
  3. Thanks . I will put my settings on here tomorrow with my next beach finds . Saw some else searching earlier whilst driving past but the tide was on the way in . If he hasn't been where i have then i might be in for another good search . But that depends on the weather and the waves . Its a bit choppy and from the wrong way.
  4. I have picture records back to 2013 and written records since 2007. Gold is quite hard to find, a mate says on those beaches we search that its 1 Gold for every 7 Silver. Since 2013 its been around 4 Silvers for me. Hopefully tonight will be a Gold night.
  5. I am certain that I had much more than the other person , unless he had a Gold ring ? But I didn't see the sign that Gold would be found . The beach needs a lot more taken off yet for that if older stuff like Gold is to be found . He was leaving targets all over the place , even near his holes . Unless you are very used to night hunts its a hazard of night hunting , you cannot always see what the good areas are . I don't think he was using a Minelab , most other machines don't have very good tones and many good targets are left thinking they are pull tabs / ring pulls . I leave nearly nothing . But with a Minelab you get a better idea of targets and can take an educated guess at times .
  6. First , Happy New Year to everyone . Today I had the chance to go out for the first time this year. Last year my total finds were £1632.53p in coinage , 1 returned Platinum ring , 13 Gold rings (1 returned) and 44 Silver rings and around 20 other Silver items and 20 junk rings of all types, Titanium , Tungsten , Steel etc . I searched 72 times for around 500 hours in total , maybe a bit more . This year I have set myself a much lower total due to commitments doing decorating which will take some time and not having the time to get out as much also because of my Oz Holiday soon . Work also gets in the way with shift work . Today I got my Nox with the big coil on and the 11 in coil in my rucksack and went to the beach at 5am by Bus and got to the beach just before 6am . I checked out the first 2 beaches and found that someone else was detecting in the distance in front of me as I saw his headtorch . I in any case searched in his tracks and found a few missed coins . When I got to the end of the second beach and crossed over to the next beach it was getting lighter and I saw it looked a lot better and detected the areas that looked best , I didn't see many holes but started to find targets here and there . That carried on for around a mile over 3 hours and before I stopped I found a large Silver ring . Where I stopped there are public toilets so I cleaned up my gear and switched coils to the 11 inch so I could search better between the Iron nails that litter the beach . I counted up before starting back and it was £55.15p and some foreign coins and a George V Penny and the Silver ring . I started back and found targets I missed but it was mostly quiet so I must have hammered it quite hard but shortly before I finished at 11.45am I found another Silver ring and a George Vi Penny and a George Vi Half Penny and a very worn Victoria Half Penny . My total for this search was £65.31p , 2 Silver rings , the 4 Pre Decimal UK coins and 5 Foreign coins and a Decimal 1970's Half Penny (discontinued 1982-3) . I have set myself a target of £700 , 6 Gold and 20 Silver rings for this year , more will be a bonus . But as cash is now getting very rare due to the cashless society I will be surprised if I find many fresh loses this year . I will also do 50 hunts unless I can get more in . Believe me it might take 50 trips to get my target ! How times have changed :( As for the Nox . I don't find it the most informative machine to use , target info is a bit poor . But I do have to admit that if the trash levels are not to high its a good machine to use . I have been using the 15 inch coil a few times and I find that coil the best for the machine . Normally I find the stock 11 inch coils are the best for most machines but I find the 15 inch coil is the best for the Nox . It gives it a bit more depth and I find its capable even in amongst the Iron nails better than the 11 inch coil !! . Maybe its settings but I use very low reactivity . I also find that the new V2 software has made it easier to tell not only Crown caps with I have been finding less but it gives better signals on Aluminium bits or blobs , I makes them scratchy on my settings most of the time. I do dig many of them just to be sure of them but I seem to suss them nearly all the time . My next search will be on Monday night from 9pm till 3am or about .
  7. After a long think about the machine i have decided the Vanquish is too much like the Nox with most of the guts out of it . I will be getting a Simplex in the new year . My name is on the list at my local dealer but they have around 50 ahead of me . I ain't in a hurry though . But it is my next machine. I bet thats what you bought Chase , Yeah ? The only other thing i want other than that machine is an 11 inch X35 coil for the ORX . Then thats my lot for the foreseeable future . Till Minelab wets my appetite with a new ET / CTX replacement .
  8. You will only ignore any other metal if there is no other metal other than Gold there . Gold can come in anywhere from just above Iron to close to Silver if a big target .
  9. I wouldn't have thought so . I think Steve would be more interested in similar coils that the Vanq 540 pro will have but for the Nox ? Thats what i think . Me too! I think what he said on another thread about Minelab and coils is true.
  10. I have decided the Vanquish is not for me . Its a cheap watered down Nox 600 and wont be enough for me. The Simplex is the same , it works well but it is cheap for a reason . Bloody good one though. I'm going to wait for something else from Minelab . But i still want to get my hands on these cheapie machines to have a look . If i had spare money i would buy all the machines and my house would like a Detector armory . But i have to have discipline .
  11. On Monday morning i went to my best beaches early in the morning , the tide was in but going out and the tides are short at the moment . I didn't expect much . I started to detect and found a few coins here and there , it was enough just to wet my appetite so i kept going . I got to a groin and entered the next beach which i knew would be a lot quieter , i found a few coins and then with my ET i got a target reading 12 19 . I am always suspicious of that number and this time proved why . I dug down and out popped a nice 18 k 5.9 g Gold Signet ring , by this time the tide was showing that the beaches had scuffed out quite a bit . So i searched below the cut and down to the waters edge , i carried on till i reached 2 wooden groins and after that turned round and started back . At that point i found a Silver ring and after talking to a person who saw me and talking about detecting i carried on . Then i saw another Detectorist and we talked for a while . When we parted i found another thin Silver ring and not long after that a bit of Silver from what might be a Chain . Further along i found another Silver Signet ring then a heart shaped locket which broke when i tried to open it . When i reached the area i started i stopped and went to the Bank to pay in my last Months finds then got the Bus home . I stayed on the beach for 4 and a half hours and found the Gold ring , 3 Silver rings , the bit of chain pendent , the Locket and 95 Euro Cents , 2 small other foreign coins and £35.17 p in change which i have cleaned and will Bank next Month. My next hunt will be next Tuesday morning or Friday next week . I might take the Nox but that depends on the conditions and the weather . I get so much more from the target info on the ET and it is easier . But if the beach in the right state i will take the Nox and give V 2 a go .
  12. I dont know if the have the same tones as the NDT . I have found that with other Gray Ghost types .
  13. I would go with 1/8 in but Gray ghosts are so good on Minelab and the cheapies they sell with their machines sound muffled .
  14. The box is big enough . Why didn't they put a 1/4 in socket on it ?
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