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  1. On Monday morning i went to my best beaches early in the morning , the tide was in but going out and the tides are short at the moment . I didn't expect much . I started to detect and found a few coins here and there , it was enough just to wet my appetite so i kept going . I got to a groin and entered the next beach which i knew would be a lot quieter , i found a few coins and then with my ET i got a target reading 12 19 . I am always suspicious of that number and this time proved why . I dug down and out popped a nice 18 k 5.9 g Gold Signet ring , by this time the tide was showing that the beaches had scuffed out quite a bit . So i searched below the cut and down to the waters edge , i carried on till i reached 2 wooden groins and after that turned round and started back . At that point i found a Silver ring and after talking to a person who saw me and talking about detecting i carried on . Then i saw another Detectorist and we talked for a while . When we parted i found another thin Silver ring and not long after that a bit of Silver from what might be a Chain . Further along i found another Silver Signet ring then a heart shaped locket which broke when i tried to open it . When i reached the area i started i stopped and went to the Bank to pay in my last Months finds then got the Bus home . I stayed on the beach for 4 and a half hours and found the Gold ring , 3 Silver rings , the bit of chain pendent , the Locket and 95 Euro Cents , 2 small other foreign coins and £35.17 p in change which i have cleaned and will Bank next Month. My next hunt will be next Tuesday morning or Friday next week . I might take the Nox but that depends on the conditions and the weather . I get so much more from the target info on the ET and it is easier . But if the beach in the right state i will take the Nox and give V 2 a go .
  2. I dont know if the have the same tones as the NDT . I have found that with other Gray Ghost types .
  3. I would go with 1/8 in but Gray ghosts are so good on Minelab and the cheapies they sell with their machines sound muffled .
  4. The box is big enough . Why didn't they put a 1/4 in socket on it ?
  5. Steve , Do you know if i could use an adaptor to use my Gray Ghost headphones plugged in to the machine ?
  6. Glad i wasn't out today . My cold is the worst affliction known to all Men that know . Man Flu , Women know it as an itchy nose LOL My next search on the beach will be next Thursday sometime. If dry it will be the ET , if wet it will be with the Nox .
  7. No . More like a q!55 up Port . No Harbour just beaches with lots of Clubs , Pubs about . No idea what the coin is , certainly big .
  8. I went out to the beach before the version 2 was out . I have it now.
  9. Looks like the Gold Pendent i thought i had the other day is Brass and yesterday ring is just a junker . Oh well , better luck next time.
  10. This morning I woke up with a start of a cold and nearly didn't get up . I had updated my Nox to the 1.7.5 and wanted to give it a try . I was going to take my ET but as it was raining I thought better not . So at around 7.45 am I got a Bus to the beach and when I got there the tide was in and it was rough . I had other things to do so I did them and at about 11 am I got to the beach and started to detect. I immediately got my feet wet . So my cold will be double Man Flu by morning tomorrow LOL. I started to find a slow but steady trail of coins below a cut and I covered about a mile then turned around and went back in case . I found on the way back 3 rings together . I think its a Russian design . Found a Gold one a few years ago . This one I think is Silver but I need to get it checked. After finishing the beaches where I searched , I went to another beach to the East and a few more coins came up , but not many . I found a US Dime and another large coin of some sort with a hole in it . And a 50 Euro Cent . After walking another mile and feeling knackered I went to a shop and bought some food and headed home . My total was £32.77p , the ring and the 3 foreign coins . I found out about the version 2 update so that's been done now for next time. Most of the time I use my ET , its easier for the beach . I just know the targets better . But the Nox has its place and did well today. I wont be out till the end of next week now . Its going to be wet most of the time and I am working anyway . Also today I reached a target I was aiming for the year £1400 so I will pay a donation of £200 to Cancer research at the end of next week . Total coinage for the year so far is £1425 and Pence. Way down on years gone by but its now getting pretty cashless out there and in a few years it will be baron for coinage unless a storm opens up the beach . So far I have had 12 Gold rings (1 return) 1 Platinum (return) , 1 Gold Pendent (too be checked) and 36 Silver rings this year . Plus a few other Silvers ranging from chains to ear rings and things .
  11. All done . And version 1.7.5 had its first and only trip earlier . And did well .
  12. That is the same as I have heard about FBS. 2 at a time. Might as well stay with ET.
  13. I did my update to 1.7.5 yesterday . Wont be out with the Nox for a while. Too busy hoovering up with the ET which has got better Target info. Gold number 12 yesterday for the year. 3 for the Nox and 9 for the ET . The Nox is best when not having to rely on target info as much.
  14. Thats ridiculous. All i want is what frequencies are running . The Nox has 5 , 10 , 15 , 20 , 40 . Whats the problem with knowing what ones the Vanquish has ?
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