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  1. Iron Bias appears not to be all that it is cracked up to be . But black sand capability is a must. And the Ferro check is important too. Heard on a particular vid that it isn't that good but then in the background there is a Deus 11 box ! Anyway i have paid for the Deus 11 and will get that soon. The Legend might have to wait . I will continue with the Nox till later in the year and see how much i find . I want to make sure i dont keep making losses from buying and selling machines. I have switched and swapped to many times in the past. Has to stop.
  2. I sold my Deus 1 today and paid the balance for the Deus 11. Now the wait. Still not sure of the Legend. If I buy it , it's to replace the Nox. But at the moment I might leave and look at it later.
  3. I think i will get the Legend anyway . My Deus 1 goes tomorrow as part payment for the Deus 11 . They are both a must have.
  4. For the moment . Wait. The Legend is coming and i am not certain of all its capabilities after seeing a Calabash Digger video on it . No Iron Bias ? and black sand capability and the Ferro check only working on shallow targets ?? were the subjects . As for the Nox 800 ? If i buy the Legend that is to replace the Nox. But right now i need answers . Or the Legend wont be bought. I wonder if the reason for the delay to the shops is so Nokta can sort these issues ?
  5. I think its early days . Not many will know the machine and settings are key to success. I want mine for land mainly and want only multi freq machines in the long run. What ever issues it has right now with instability i'm sure XP will bring out regular updates to sort things out. As for depth ? If the machine using an 11 inch coil can pick up a £1 coin at 11 inches then i'm happy . Thats usually the best sounding stable depth for a coin with an 11 inch coil. No machine is perfect at all depths on all targets . At least it is better built than some machines. As for the dodgy targets on the vid. Its the tones. I always say it , there is nothing like the target info of an E.Trac . Even if the tones are a bit crackly you will hear the target . I want to hear the targets in the other tones , fluty tones are best . But in any case if it does a two way tone its a digger. When i get mine i will take it to my beaches . If it gets on there it will work on most.
  6. Not calling anyone heavy handed . But there is a knack for fitting them . Some people do fit them with a bit more force than needed.
  7. I have never broken one. If connected correctly without heavy handed force it is fine .
  8. I think that it will be better than the Nox . It has 60 number to (50 inc 10 Iron) on the Nox , all i want from that is a better spread of good targets instead of almost all good low tone and low tone junk in the same place . It has the FE bar unlike anything on the Nox . 60 tones or 6 , 2 , 1 . And has near enough the same frequencies . It will be better built and has 3 years warranty . I am upgrading to the Pro instead of the basic pack. The Deus 11 is just a replacement for the Deus 1 for me . I have wanted multi freq from XP for a long time and being light , cordless , multi freq and waterproof ticks all the boxes on that . It even has the XY screen. I think Minelab is going to be in a very difficult situation now. I dont doubt they will be bringing out something soon but they will most likely price it to high and by then most will have what they want . If its what i want then i will just have to wait another year plus . The Deus 11 and Legend Pro are going to break the bank as it is .
  9. I have decided to buy this machine . I think it will work well and i also think Minelab is going to have a big thorn in its Equinox side with this one. But it wont replace my Nox. I will give Minelab a chance to bring something out that i want . As for the Deus 11 , thats a straight swap for the Deus 1 plus cash.
  10. The price in the UK will £1399 . So maybe around $1500 in the US.
  11. I use the Bluetooth , used to use the WM08 on my older Nox in the past but found the supplied headphones to be better on their own. In fact i have found a cheaper alternative to the Minelab version . They are August EP 650 B . Thats all i use now. On my new Nox i have never used the WM08.
  12. I am happy with the coils they have . The Vanquish works well with its coils and the Nox works well with its coils . I think i might have to buy that 15 inch coil for the Nox soon , again !
  13. I quite like the Vanquish . I have used my 540 4 times and found 2 Gold rings on the first search and a few Silver rings along with £60 in coinage. I bought the Nox 800 again and that seems to find things but the Gold is missing this year . On Friday i will take the 540 to the beach for the long tides and get on the sand . The only thing i have an issue with on the Vanquish is that when using it on the beach if there is Seaweed the Vanquish sounds off on it . Minelab needs to sort that one out . The Nox doesn't do it on my settings . As for my moan about headphones in the past. I have found that if using the WM08 there is more chance of interference from EMI and phones cut out than if you use the phones on there own . I have also found a nice cheap alternative to the Minelab phones on Amazon , they are August EP650B . Not CB only B . They pair perfectly .
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