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  1. Am i seeing a figure standing over another? If so it's depicting a bible story scene. Mary praying over Christ's body??
  2. The OMNITRON folding device for the M/C looks kind of weak but their EQ set up looks better although it raises the grip so much it comes with a riser for the armrest. https://omnitron.pl/produkt/zestaw-do-skladania-minelab-manticore/
  3. Hopefully just a globalization translation conflagration in marketing, Really doubting that "Manticore" was the intended name now. 🤔😃
  4. If i was looking to Minelab to take care of it I'd leave it and see how they want to proceed.
  5. The wily and ever opportunistic bottle cap strikes again!
  6. Backpackers And bikers would love that. If the 800 bolt pattern is the same you could really upgrade the 800! But wont hold breath till M/L sells just the 900 shaft😀
  7. This is the website but i don't see the folding device. https://omnitron.pl/en/homepage/
  8. I made a CF shaft for my 800 to get around the loose original shaft problem in 2018. Thinking a 700/900 is next detector. Do you thing the stock shaft will hold up to the grit from water hunting?
  9. I bought a used RTG scoop with a stainless tip. I get through the gravely sand fine plus if i can wiggle a bigger rock easy just wiggle some more and they come loose most of the time. If it don't move your just trashing your scoop. I detct fresh water only and have around 200 hours on a used scoop pic is not mine but still in good shape.
  10. Think thats the reason behind the Vanquish. these new low price units are either a low end turf war or getting ready for an economic dive. If it was 2016 this new X-terra would have been a lot more $.
  11. nokta's nickname for the legend should have been "Bear poker. If i was looking for my first detector now and had $400 to spend it would be the Vanquish, SMF wins. But i'd be wanting the Legend so bad probably find the extra bucks.
  12. The coil options will help sell to EQ people looking for a back up I'd bet. Be nice to have along with a small coil when you hit a trashy section at a good location. Fast and familiar. Plus you don't have to dunk your 6&8 hundred.
  13. You been reading foreign assembly manuals Chuck?😄 Had knee replacement last week and I read over that sentence and thought my meds were playing tricks on me. No, just you!😉
  14. I heard this on the radio a couple weeks ago. Guy buys one share in companies that bug him so they have to send him info and gets a vote, no real results of coarse but somewhat gratifying. 😉 And i agree that button is genuine you know what. They should have either did like your mock up of put the rubber buttons underneath the the rest in a line so you could thumb them.
  15. Digger sheath position not for me.😄
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