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  1. I like the 3 line discrimination with the non ferrous in between the 2 ferrous lines on the VX9. Not target trace but yes maybe close sorta dangifiknow. 8.5x11 coil is stock and would have been my first choice, what would be your second?
  2. i use this scoop on the Mississippi river. http://www.rtgstore.com/rtgaluminumscoops.htm RTG PRO ALUMINUM 6" WATER SCOOP with SS Tip (#RTGBB6tip) Our price: $164.95 Here is another version of our 6” aluminum water scoop. This scoop is the same as our RTGBB6 scoop with an added stainless steel tip on the end of the scoop. The tip is made of 16 gauge non-magnetic stainless steel. This lightweight shallow water and beach scoop has 5/8" diameter holes punched into the sides and the back of the scoop. The aluminum bucket of the sand scoop is 6 " in diameter by 11" long. The aluminum 1-1/4" diameter handle is welded to the top at a 20 degree angle so you can use your foot on the back of this scoop to push it into the sand. There is a T-top reinforced aluminum brace to give this scoop extra durability. The handle is 40" long giving the scoop an overall length of approximately 48". The handle has a rubber hand grip for comfort. Made in the U.S.A. by Reilly's Treasured Gold. This is an excellent choice for a long handle scoop. We offer a 90 day limited warranty against manufacturing defects.
  3. For what i do the 35 is pretty good. And the discrimination came in handy at the county fair when my wife lost an earring getting out of the truck. I came back later and found it among bits of iron tie wire in the grass. What i don't like is having to look at it to get hand orientation right plus it just seems big.
  4. Any way they could reduce the ID range with a upgrade? Or would that be a down grade? I've been holding out to see how the new batch preforms, maybe next year? now i feel like a cubs fan.
  5. Harper Beatrice 33 Boiling Stove wick holder or something close to it.
  6. Yeah, be nice to know if its something you need to watch for.
  7. had both but think the carrot is better built. The M/L35 is too big for most after market pouches and the speaker gets clogged up with grit. Slap it in my palm, works every time so far. But i sold the carrot, i like the 35 on vibrate and just like it better.
  8. picked out tiny silver cut coins basically under big power lines. Cant believe the EMI improvement over the EQ series.
  9. Ted Williams was on a lot of our outdoor gear, Dad loved sears. I thought Ted was some kind of great white hunter Dead ringer for a coinmaster and looks like new, cool.
  10. Health and life has turned me into a dabbler at most so infrequent is a understatement I feel the same way until i get with the plan, ground balance is a must for some areas i go but noise canceling is a must do and do often plus lowering sensitivity will still get good depth. Iron infested ground i just lower iron volume as i like to hear what's going on. If you turn iron off you have a super quiet above average detector but your not playing with a full deck
  11. Yeah a manti-lite at about $1100 would be on my wish list?
  12. never got an answer about USA plans but but if they build them on a small scale probably have they're hands full. Around $804 US or 630 pounds, but no headphones at that price.
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