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  1. The legend users here have proven to me it's a great detector, hope you post your finds and good luck!
  2. Pod only would be great but somewhere on here it was said the manticore and eq 7 & 9 use a smaller shaft. Just sell the dang thing with the standard coil would make too much sense.
  3. Far as i know so far washers, coins, buttons and round balls will be a round dot. Non ferrous will be centerline and non ferrous above or below that line. Where i'm foggy is the smearing. Stainless i think shows centerline. mixed items like watches seem to have a tail . If predominantly non ferrous it should show above or below with a tail toward centerline. vice versa if mostly nonferrous. This is just a semi poor guess though.
  4. Sounds like it's coming soon. Hope it hits the US too. https://tellyspotting.kera.org/2022/12/05/detectorists-to-place-new-christmas-special-under-the-tree-this-holiday-season-on-bbc2/
  5. The 900 with the expanded ID range should isolate Nickle's (less square tabs) and hopefully copper pennies (less zinkers) better. The manual say's better separation and one tester said faster processing and slightly more depth. Don't understand 2 coils only option, lotta people already coiled up. Think more EQ guys undecided would go 900 if they had a one coil option.
  6. Iffysignals is the guy and tester. But he's on other peoples vids just answering Q's. Not going to post other links, not sure how Steve feels about that. And i wont get into bashes about people, just interested in the machines.
  7. According to one tester it will (TT) expose good targets where audio wouldn't lock on enough to dig. And he is a longtime detector. some targets have always sounded mixed/trashy, especially in trash everyone knows them. This guy said TT looked like fireworks but there was a high conductor separated enough to dig. It was on youtube within the last week, 3 guy's on split screen and about 1 1/2 hrs long.
  8. TT will help when you get those mixed signals that you cant work out. Should be nice for those parks you just cant did everything. The audio choices haven't been demonstrated yet and that will be interesting to see what works well for separation/discrimination. The 900 audio should be better too as well as faster processing speed. $1599 = to much for my needs but love to follow the tech progression. How long till another innovative unit comes along? Never ending.
  9. What about flooded 6 & 8 pods. They were selling those people new 6 & 8 pods, might not be many takers now. Waiting till spring to see what i can do, and afford. Be hard to go back to one coil for sure.
  10. Interesting finds for sure! My father and 2 uncles were there, uncle Gandy went to Italy. A P-38 crashed and i remember they said a prop hit the ground about every nine feet before impact.
  11. Your best bet is to look for video's that pertain to your Q's, should be plenty soon. To get an idea look at the manual text and diagrams about the TT. They explain what they think it adds to the game.
  12. Send me one and I'll prove there's not enough gold to fill a tooth where I'm at. Once I've established that fact guess i'd have to down grade to a manticore & a 900. Sorry Garrett but it would be a bass boat in a mud puddle around here 🙂
  13. INTERPRETING THE TARGET TRACE Most detected targets will show a distinct Target Trace that accompanies a solid, repeatable Target ID number. Just like the ID number, the Trace fades away over 5 seconds. Learning to interpret the Target Trace is a worthwhile skill because it shows you additional information about the target that cannot be conveyed by the Target ID number alone and may not be obvious from listening to the detection audio. For example, if you detect a Target ID that you aren't interested in, but the ID Map is showing an elongated or irregularly shaped Trace, then there may be an adjacent object that is affecting the accuracy of the Target ID. You can now choose to investigate the target further. Factors that affect the shape and position of the Target Trace include metallic composition, complexity, orientation and depth as well as swing rate and Frequency setting. The opacity of the Target Trace is dependant on target strength. Strong signals generate a darker trace (are more opaque) whereas weaker signals generate a lighter trace (are more transparent).
  14. IDK what the numbers would show or tones. Looking forward to good in the wild videos about this. If the numbers are jumping around but the trace shows target trace vectoring toward the non ferrous centerline it would be more information to make a decision. But need to see more vid's as I'm guessing.
  15. From the manual without the image.... Non‑ferrous objects with nearby iron trash can also create an unusually shaped Target Trace. Often iron trash is much stronger and dominates the detection, pulling the target trace towards the ferrous region. However with the superior target separation of MANTICORE, the non‑ferrous target can often be seen to pull the target trace just into the non‑ferrous region, unmasking the non‑ferrous detection. A medieval cut quarter farthing (coin) next to an iron nail. Note how the coin pulls the target trace down and in the direction of the correct ID for the coin.
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