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  1. I don't think, they have an internal interface card, I don't think we can replicate.
  2. DD 7x10 would be the best compromise, it would further balance and not lose the comparison with the 11 ". I really hope Minelab will listen to us and understand.
  3. I don't like it, they put the multi-iq in the car with the brake applied.
  4. Excalibur closed too much on iron, Equinox not, has an high reactivity.
  5. We should also replace the locking pin, this is single and inserted into a spring, it is not fixed to the spring, it tends to turn, the ideal would be a spring with two pins, a whole block, like those of Garrett. I made this change and the result is good.
  6. Nice finds Jerry, i know, in the sea there are the best surprises!
  7. Here equinox 800 is used mainly in the sea and it is proving superior to excalibur, we are trying to use it to its maximum performance, so we try to understand what is the best condition and the ground balance is one of these.
  8. Is it better to do manual balancing or autotracking in salt water? On dry sand I have not found great differences, but in sea water the doubt remains, it would seem that autotracking tends to eliminate weak signals, according to you which is the best solution?
  9. I think it is an error to try to visualize the frequencies with a spectrum analyzer, it is better an oscilloscope, the output signal from Equinox is a square wave, the square waves are rich in harmonics, this generates a confusion in the signal display.
  10. Yes, but also park 2 , field and gold have the same graphic, only beach are different.
  11. The waveform taken with the microphone is not the real one, but it is distorted by the dynamics of the microphone, the signal taken with a link has the right shape, and compared to the Minelab chart you can see that it coincides. In beach mode it is evident that at least two frequencies are missing.
  12. This discussion intrigued me that in multi-frequency Equinox does not transmit all five frequencies,i thought about the way to analyze the transmitted signal without having to open Equinox, unfortunately I do not have a spectrum analyzer but only an oscilloscope, Equinox is a vlf so its signal can be heard by a good microphone, i had done a similar test in the past on Deus, so the instrumentation used is a 20 Mhz band Fluke 123 portable oscilloscope and a Prologue dynamic Shure microphone. As you can see from the picture I placed the microphone in the middle of the coil, in Park 1 I checked all frequencies individually, as seen in the photos, all five frequencies correspond, in multifrequency things change, the graph is noticeably different from that with a single frequency, Fourier does his job, these views are also identical in other mode, excluding Beach 1 and 2, things change in Beach, the visualization is different, at first interpretation, one has the sensation that in all other modes, in multifrequency, there are all frequencies.In beach 1 and 2 in multifrequency something is missing.Probably there are only the most useful frequencies for sea and beach research. This analysis gives no certainty that Equinox in multifrequency actually uses all or part of the frequencies, but certainly establishes that the use of the multifrequency is different between the terrestrial and marine modes, what then happens in the processing of the signal only knows Minelab.
  13. Same for me, see 14-15 a beautiful little cube of iron. With any program the vdi was 14-15, I also happened with the Deus to have heavy irons in the conductive range.
  14. Done updated, I ran the file as an administrator, before the update I made a factory reset so as to start clean, everything went smoothly. This morning on the beach infested with crown caps, I think nothing has changed, the bimetallic coins have the usual problem, sometimes you feel torn and if you have no ear, you risk losing them, otherwise I did not find any difference, I think that we Europeans are not very considered by ML. In short, a level of research seems to me that it was not anything striking, however we are on track, I just hope that the next update will not arrive in another six months.
  15. I checked the usb charger, it has two 2.1A ports, as for photography, I also did the voltage-current test and from 5.17 V @ 2.3 A on both ports. I will try to completely download the Nox and try again the charging time.
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