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  1. Do you dig everything because you like to suffer or do you leave something behind?πŸ˜„ I know it's the best way to find good things. Two days ago I dug a fine silver chain, then I heard two VDI 6 signals, they were two very small earrings, they sounded like tinfoil, if it wasn't for the chain I wouldn't have dug them.
  2. I read a lot but I'm not sure I have found the answer, are the 4 Khz in multi frequency or do they work alone? In the Calabash Digger video, he sees that 4 khz are better on silver than in multi, if they were part of multi there should be no difference, but if the 4 Khz were out then it would be correct. What do you think?
  3. Just to say that Apex does not have 4 khz πŸ˜‰
  4. First impression, before updating I tried the 2 and 1 euro coins which tend to have an unstable vdi in beach multi, after the update the 2 euros no longer dance between 15 and 16 and 1 euro has the most stable vdi. I don't know if this depends on the 4 khz or other adjustments, but in fact the stability has increased. I will try to do the same tests on the beach tomorrow.
  5. It would be nice if they got to Excalibur by changing the components with a new state of the art , it would become half, underwater connectors on the cables to be able to change headphones and coils, lithium batteries. Here, in Italy, many have made these changes, Excalibur is still an unbeatable machine.
  6. M6 MXT V3i , i only have the trx left, unfortunately those who look at the tip of their shoes do not go far, i also thought that the day was near, these days you have to be state of the art or you're done, i am very sorry for white's.
  7. I hope for an 10"x7", they would certainly sell one for each Equinox sold. A good deal. Minelab think about it!
  8. I thought that Apex could easily be adapted to the Deus rod, but I see that Mars has already thought about it.
  9. They were clever, I hope you understand the example, Fiat 500 1960 Fiat 500 2007, they seem the same but there is a great technical evolution. This is what I think of Apex, the eye wants its part, but inside there is technology, to make it become AT no need to change the electronics, but the firmware is enough, here is the strength of the new Garrett, I repeat ... they were clever.
  10. The battery can be changed, the controlbox can be opened, however the life of the lithium with a normal discharge current, without peaks like for drones, is very long, I think that before it can be replaced, a new model of MD will be released to buy.
  11. Vote 10 for the style of the controlbox, I think that in ML they should hire a good stylist, as good to see Apex as not as ugly as is Vanquish. The internal battery is a good choice, now it is unthinkable to stay with AA Nimh or alkaline batteries, even just for the physical size, litium is the future. Perhaps some controls are missing such as reactivity and range tone modification, and it is a pity that it no longer has the effect of the bell tone, the most beautiful thing in the ace250 series πŸ™‚ Then if Apex on the field is better we will see it in a couple of months.
  12. Before i used the Deus and I could easily put it in my backpack,, when going to the mountains it is important to have your hands free, here are the other photos, you can see the section of the rod.
  13. After using equinox for a year and a half on the beach, I thought it was time to use it also in the mountains, if on the beach the original rod can be fine, in the mountains it is very uncomfortable, I thought of finding a way to reduce it, I had a photographic manfrotto with almost triangular rod, the upper part of the equinox electronics could adapt to the rod but the lower part did not, I looked for something at home that could replace the lower part, an easily foldable aluminum sheet and four knob screws obtained from connectors F for TV and brass screws, in order to easily detach it, the
  14. When I had mxt I replaced the central section with a straight section, I prefer the straight rod and I am happy that it is so for equinox, but I would have liked more if it had been collapsible, when I go to the beach I don't take it apart, but when you go in the mountains it is stressful to have to take everything apart. I would have preferred that the central unit was easily removable, in order to be able to put it more easily inside the backpack.
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