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  1. Never used the speaker in research, always and only headphones, in the Minelabs I have had I have always covered the speaker area with two inch wide electrician's tape, this to avoid future problems with the speaker.
  2. 25 mA are not reasonable for a coil off, if I charge the coil over the weekend and I go back to get it after two days I will find it discharged, when we leave the metal off, the coil listens waiting to be turned on, the led flashes defines it, I think that listening coil can consume 2 or 3 mA not 25mA.
  3. I have a standard 9" Deus I coil that discharges quickly, I replaced the battery with another original one but the defect persists, I measured the absorption, with the coil off and the battery full charged and I saw that it absorbs 25 mA continuously and discharges completely in 32 hours, the update is 4.0, I would like to understand if the problem is in the electronics of the coil or in a possible update that went wrong, is there anyone who had the same problem? Thanks.
  4. I was hoping they wouldn't put the side buttons given the problems on Nox, The coil attachment is interesting, if you break your ears a rod costs less :-).
  5. What numbers would i not dig based on VDI? all those unstable, those that also contain a small part of ferrous vdi, as I said it is not you who are looking for gold but it is he who finds you :-), I dug small 1.8 gr gold rings with vdi 2 , how many of us would dig a vdi 2?
  6. I am not kidding when I say that it takes ear, the metal detector speaks to you its language you have to learn it, the garbage has dry, torn sounds, certain gold objects have a round sound, I dug several targets with a good sound, then the surprise, if I had agreed with the vdi I would not have dug them, then the minelabs have an unmistakable sound, I have always preferred them, maybe it will be because I play music and I will have a trained ear but this is my thought.
  7. It is not you who finds the gold, but it is he who finds you! Most of the time I found a gold target it was a surprise, I never thought that that target would be gold, the last ring I found was giving out vdi 25, 15.2 gr 750k ! The ear is the only way to distinguish a good target from the trash.
  8. There is an important difference between a "built" test and a finding in the ground, an object that has remained underground for a long time creates a halo around it that substantially changes its response, putting a coin between two nails or finding a coin between two nails it is not the same thing. Generally I do not give much importance to home tests, I have done many too but I have not found the solution to make a test equal to reality.
  9. Sometimes you have to have the courage to do it. Outside the beach I saw a small heap of stones and sand, the result of cleaning the beach, it was already some time that I wanted to try what was there, today I did it, inside there was everything, pulltab, foil, caps and also other of course. When I saw the first targets come out I reduced the sensitivity to 16 (generally I use 22), raised the disc from -3 to +6 and took the pinpointer. Result .. in twenty minutes, twenty four coins, one telephone token and one lead. I thought about how many other detectorists have passed by there but didn't have the courage to put the coil on it, thanks Nox.
  10. Now it's gone for repair, but a "Sea Ghost" has been ordered, at least it has no mechanical buttons to break, I don't understand why ML didn't think of such a thing when designing the Equinox.
  11. news .... now the nox has stopped teasing, now it works perfectly, let's wait what it will do next .. grunf !!
  12. It did not happen to me but to a friend of mine, he searches a lot in the sea, lately it has turned off in the water, he tried to turn on but nothing happened, he put it in the car and on the way home the nox suddenly turned on alone. I had him check the battery, it measured 4.1 volts, there is no humidity in the battery compartment, when he tries to turn it on you hear a click but it does not start, I made him change the coil but nothing happened, I think the only solution is to send it in for repair. What do you think about it? Has such a thing ever happened?
  13. At first, the bone conduction earphones seemed like a good news. But thinking about it most of the detectorists look with their heads out of the water, often in bad weather conditions, and a standard pair of headphones help to hear the signals well, I think having the uncovered ear can be deleterious, I hope standard headphones that can be connected to the remote control are produced.
  14. I don't think it uses connectors but only a link with two antennas to contact the coil and the remote control via clips.
  15. Have you tried to change the coils of the 800 with that of the 600? So you can understand if the problem is in the coil or in the main board.
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