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  1. 6 minutes ago, F350Platinum said:

    You never cease to impress. 👍 Can't imagine what you'd find if you had a crack at some of my places, the river, the beaches, even the farms. Do you go in the water, or are these low tide hunts?

    Super stuff again.

    Thanks. These are all non water hunts. I rarely go near the water with the GPX. Even with the Nox, the waves will cause havoc with you. Unprotected beaches can be real mean 😄 I barely see anyone go any deeper than knee high. As for doing your places, you never know if the techniques I use here will translate to success in other areas. I always think I would do great if I ever went to nugget hunt in Australia or relic hunt in the UK, but the reality of it is I would probably struggle to keep up 🤭. One things for sure, my junk pouch would be full 😆

    2 minutes ago, GB_Amateur said:

    I assume you mean 5 or 6 times you dug iron and was rewarded with a (single) coin.  At first I thought one piece of iron hid all of them.

    Still I assume this shows how the concentrating action of waves can lead to multiple targets co-located.

    Four Mercs and silver GWQ.  I know you put in way more than twice as much work in a single hunt as I ever do, but still seems like a very good result (for 2022, anyway).

    Thanks GB. I'm lucky that I can reach just some of the silvers that are hiding on these beaches. I have been over many of the same spots I found silver at previously and swore those spots were done for silver. It just shows that there are many smaller silvers that I could not get before for many reasons. Every time a section looses sand, I'm able to barely get some more silver. I dug a lot of ghost signals, but some of them turned out not to be empty 🥰. Yes, I dug some iron that had a coin with it about 5 or 6 times. Sometimes I heard the coin and the iron was off to the side, other times the nail was mostly centered, but the coin was off to the side. Almost all of the coin targets were very weak or sounded like ground noise. Some signals were ground noise and no coin, hence the ghost target designation. One things for sure, it's very hard for me to go that slow and not speed up. 🙄

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  2. Beach hunt #11 was at the same beach again, since I couldn’t think of another beach I wanted to take a chance on. I figured I’d try the walls again and maybe finish the day doing the grass section. I wasn’t expecting too much to be found by the wall, but I had a plan and figured I’d give it a shot. The ideas always sound better when you are at home thinking them out, but in reality they usually produce less than you thought. 😄 The wall I have been hitting did produce a couple more copper cents and one silver dime, so I moved to another section where I have found some silver in the past. This hunt was split using the small oval Commander DD coil from Minelab and the 12.5” coil from Detech.  It was the Detech that pulled the rest of the silvers shown, as well as a lot of copper cents. But I must Minelab’s small oval coil did very well depth wise and was a pleasure to swing weight wise. I spent a bit of time clearing some big iron and nails to find the co-located targets that might be found. Probably 5 or 6 coins were in the same hole with iron, so I guess if you don’t mind digging, it pays off. In one small area, all coins come out brown, whether it be clad or silver. I thought I was just digging another clad dime, but it was a Mercury. Happy days.  😊Weather was absolutely beautiful, and I got my detecting fix for the week.




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  3. 4 minutes ago, F350Platinum said:

    Good one! You must have quite the pile of silver. 😀 That walker half certainly adds a bit.

    Almost thought you were using a 600 with a 10x5 🤣 I'm sure there was no comparison to the GPX.

    Is the balled up piece a chain?

    Naw, the 600 was my buddies. He could hear bits of what sounded like falsing on the targets I showed him. I only called him over if there was a chance he may get a blip from his machine. On the deeper targets I know from my 800,  I (and he) would not hear anything. This beach has produced 30 silver halves in the past couple of years for me. Others have found a lot as well. But they only come out when there is beach erosion or storm surges. Yup, that's a balled up silver chain.

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  4. Beach hunt #10 was at the same beach I visited last time. I wanted to continue hunting the walls with the GPX, but with a smaller coil. I grabbed the Minelab 10x5” DD elliptical coil for the job. I met a buddy there and we compared signals with the Nox 600 and the GPX for a bit. I did well there considering I already pulled a lot of copper cents and 1 silver from there. The wall is about 50 feet long, so not a big area to re-hunt. Started finding some copper cents and some old spoons and 2 silvers, so I was already happy. When my friend left I hunkered down and very slowly hunted it again, trying various settings and ideas. It’s difficult since there is a lot of rebar in the wall, and you can actually see the ends stick out of the concrete a bit. The smaller coil definitely helped to find the rest of the silver, including a surprise half dollar. Also found a silver chain that was seized up with a trace amounts of iron rust holding it together. The zincs were found trying to find another similar area to hunt, but to no avail. So, I decided to hit the grass and do some high conductor hunting. I only had an hour of daylight remaining, and I wanted to see if I could find at least one silver left there. It took me a while to get accustomed to grass hunting with the pulse again, but I could not locate any silver. I may try to end the day there from time to time, just to see what’s left. A great day on the beach weather wise and more silver for the pile.




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  5. I would guess that pull tabs and beaver tails will still be read the same by the Manticore. I don't know, that but I'm guessing they would. Until you can distinguish the "element" of gold from aluminum, it will always be the same. Aluminum tabs come in many different numbers. I just tried to do the same thing on my E Trac and found that many gold rings would have to be eliminated because they read the same as aluminum tabs. I have the E Trac, CTX 3030 and Equinox 800. The 800 is the worst of the bunch 😄 for target ID. I also don't think the target trace is going to be that accurate to see the shape of a pull tab vs a ring. Just my opinion with nothing to back it. Our only hope is that there is some bounce to the numbers for gold (doubt it) or some tonal quality that would distinguish them (doubt it again 😄)

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  6. Man that '75 Indian is gorgeous. I wouldn't use anything on that but a toothpick, dry only. The Virginia button is sweet too. Great stuff. The reins guide is a Terret, sometimes called a fly terret. The are a lot of discussions about what it's use is.  From superstition and evil spirits, to keeping flies away, mimicking the shimmer of a flies enemy's wing, to purely decorative hardware. Nice finds.

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  7. 10 hours ago, mn90403 said:

    I got out yesterday for a couple of hours at low tide.  I ran it in sharp as you suggested with 11 being the best level.  It was a beginning pleasure to hear the old signals again and look at all the controls but by the end of the session I remembered why I had given it up for VLFs on our beaches!

    I did find one cheap ring at a beach I hunt often.  I had found the other 'ring' near the water line.  The Coiltek did really well near the low tide waters.  The threshold was steadier than my 800 or my Z.  I used my harness and hip stick so it was weightless.

    After a bit of time, I realized I was more concerned about the detector than the beach.  I didn't have enough time to grid some of my old areas but wave energy is so low now I don't think it would have made much difference.

    I'll have to say that this 5000 battery is remarkable.  It is the original from 2010 and it charged and lasted the entire session without a blip.  The 5000 itself seems in good shape.  It got exposed to night beach hunts way back in 2010-2012 and it seems ok.  I'll have to get it out into the desert again.




    Well, that was not bad for a beach that lacks targets. If those rings were gold, you would be out there again today 😄 I like the pulse units because they can bang out coins without hesitation. With VLF's it's a guessing game depending on the black sand content. I think you did well for hunted beaches. Not sure if you had a chance to do dry sand, but that can be productive as well. I usually put a big zip lock baggie on my machine so I can set it down on the wet slope and not worry about wet sand touching the bottom of the machine. Yep, the battery for the GPX is amazing. It will outlast most people when fully charged. The only time it ran out for me was when I didn't fully charge it.  Nice to see a hunt from your side of the planet!

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  8. Beach hunt #9 was at a beach I have tried 3 or 4 times before. It’s an older beach, so there should be deep silver and wheats down there somewhere. I did 4 ½ hours with the Nox and was rewarded (heavily) with every possible size aluminum, that read almost every possible target ID. 🤬 I remember not liking this beach, but now I know why. I then moved on to my favorite beach which was close by and switched to the GPX. Tides were lower, so I hit a couple of areas of interest and scored a couple junk rings by the waves. But that is not area I went there for, so I headed for the concrete walls again. This time I swapped coils from the 14” to the 12.5”. That’s the smallest coil I had with me. I slowed way down and started to pluck targets and luckily, almost all trash was gone. The ratio of copper cents to zincs was great. There were no zincs at that spot. All the zincs came from the lower beach. At the wall it was all copper Memorials with only 3 wheats. This is the clad territory I had been hitting previously. It gave me one silver coin last time out, but this time it handed me 5. The thin silver chain was a bonus find that I discovered when I was sorting my trash. There were so many wire-like junk targets that I didn’t realize I has a chain. I just threw it in the trash pouch. I may head back there for a full hunt next time and if it doesn’t go well, there are other beaches I can get to rather quickly. Weather was still very mild and just happy to get out detecting! Always happy to do my part cleaning these beaches of trash..... except that first beach.....they can keep their trash 😄






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  9. 1 hour ago, CPT_GhostLight said:

    Nice haul again, sohN, and congrats on the silver! The odd items are always cool to find. It looks like you have a WWI or WWII era toy cannon and a key roach clip! 😁

    😄 Yep, that is a fancy key. Never ceases to amaze me the weird items we can find beach hunting.

    1 hour ago, F350Platinum said:

    Great stuff as always. I don't know of many that ever find a pair of earrings, never mind the metal content. 😀 My wife says I can't find any more unless they are in pairs. 🤣

    Of late we've had an influx of questions about what detector folks need to get to dig the least trash. I think we need only point them to your posts. 👍 Honestly, if you want everything you need to dig everything.

    Maybe our sand is migrating west? 🤔

    It's odd, I've found more pairs of earrings lately than in years of hunting. They are always about 10-20 feet apart. Maybe a quick towel whip before they figured out their jewelry was in that towel 😲. No offense to our western partners, but if they want our sand, who are we to fight them over it. They can have it.🤭

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  10. 16 minutes ago, mn90403 said:


    Well done again.  I never find any silver coins in our wet sand areas.  I would think when we have some waves bring old stuff up the slope it would be more than clad but years of experience says no.  Our beaches have added 30-40-50 feet of sand over the last few years and even more over the last 50+. 

    Every time I see your posts it makes me want to get my 5000 out on the beach again.  I have a Coiltek waterproof coil for it and right now the beaches don't have many shallow targets.  I'll have to get my big scoop out also.

    Thanks. Our beaches are very different. Ours are eroding away, with sand being dumped back on occasion. "Sanded in", means sanded in only until the next storm or weird full moon. Some areas you are just inches from clay. On other more protected beaches there is more than enough sand 😄

    I hope you do get the 5000 out and try for some deep stuff. What have you got to lose? 😉 Would love to see a hunt from your location with a 5000.

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  11. Beach hunt #8 was a return to the beach that spanked me good. 🙄  It’s a good beach and I didn’t want to leave it on a bad note, so I decided to head back there. I started on the grass section with the GPX to hunt high conductors, but the anti- interference coil would low tone on one sweep and high tone on the return sweep. Not really sure what that is about, but I will try a regular DD coil next time. Hunting low conductors (I dug a few) was futile, since it has been cherry picked for high conductors and there are a zillion pull tabs there. At least 2 or 3 targets per swing.  So, I abandoned that and headed for the sand. I wandered a bit in the direction I wanted to go to for the day, and finally decided to try what I did previously – hit the concrete wall section. I picked a new concrete section and started hitting copper cents. This is clad territory, so I was going to basically hunt clad for the day. My hope was to find some gold, but I was willing to settle for zinc. 😆 Turned out ok and I did score some silver, so it was worth the drive. Still decent weather and a good workout as usual.  Next visit will probably be at another beach, so I’m expecting lot more trash as I get used to that beach. Still, fun in the sun!!!




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  12. On 10/22/2022 at 8:05 PM, GB_Amateur said:

    Was that the inspiration for Jerry Reed's song?


    I believe it was.... I'm old enough 😄

    On 10/22/2022 at 8:50 PM, strick said:

    Nox you are correct the ctx will suffer in the black sand while the 800 does better I was just razzing you a bit...I mostly use the Nox in the black sand beaches here in N Calif for that reason and leave the ctx for park/relic hunts....keep it up your a steward of our hobby for sure. 


    Yep, the CTX is great on land but not that black sand. Even the Nox struggles in some areas. I only use the Nox if conditions just changed and things are shallow or are not in the black sand area. You can't beat the discrimination  when you are the first one in a newly unsanded area. But when the beach gets sparse, the pulse comes out.

    On 10/23/2022 at 4:16 AM, F350Platinum said:

    I know the feeling. While fairly waterproof, my Samsung does get a bit sandy especially if I keep it in the "tech pocket" instead of the one with the flap. It's directly below the mesh bottom bags I use. 🤬 Stopped the back pocket carry after I broke my last one.

    I don't know how much gear you strap, but here's a cheap solution:


    Pretty highly rated, and you get 2. Holds more than just your phone. Used it on my last water hunt, it's heavy duty, 3 seals and works well. You could also use a Ziploc but you can dunk this one with confidence 😀

    Yep, Mines  a Samsung but it folds, so the sand gets in the fold section. I carry a lot of gear on my belt so I just keep it in my back pocket. It had a otter case, so it's protected from sand other than the fold. I try and not pull it out, but keep it on for emergencies at home. I leave it in the car if I'm feeling like getting wet  😊

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  13. On 10/19/2022 at 11:05 PM, strick said:

    Loving your "Art pictures" as always...but your CTX looks lonely sitting over there on the right...you could eliminate 3/4 of that crap if you would use it.... just saying 🙂


    Thanks. The CTX is a great machine, but......look at the color of the sand behind the dead sunfish. The CTX would be limited to shallow depth. Even with the Equinox, the clad did not respond favorably. I wish I had the GPX that hunt.

    On 10/20/2022 at 6:55 AM, F350Platinum said:

    Had a similar occurrence yesterday, I didn't properly charge the Deus. 🤔 Must be a bit of bad juju out there, but we both made it through. 😀

    You are by far the most disciplined and thorough detectorist I've seen. 👍 An inspiration to the novice and seasoned!

    I have all my detecting stuff crammed into a corner my wife eyes with disdain, but I don't have a basement. 😵

    Great hunt, cool dead fish photo! Always good to have the ol' cell phone on hand for more than just a source of EMI. 🤣

    It really sucks when you are pumped to go hunting and you forget something that renders your machine inoperable. I guess you just make the best of it and remember to not do it again 🙄. This beach has been wonderful to me over the last few years, so I don't mind cleaning up the trash there.  With no cellar, I can see you having a tough time finding a place to put detecting thing. There are no spare upstairs rooms to devote to a hobby, so they get jam packed into a corner. Kind of like my trunk when I hit the beach 😄. I've never been a smart phone kind of guy, so having one for the first time has some advantages, especially for picture taking. I'm not crazy about taking this phone on the beach  though. Before, if I killed the phone no big deal, this one would hurt if I had to replace it. Sand get in the smallest cracks.

    On 10/20/2022 at 8:43 AM, rvpopeye said:


    Arrrrrrrrrrrgh !

    I bow before your digging ability.




    😄 No bowing allowed. I'm sure I make a lot of water pulse guys happy that I get all the iron before it goes out to sea. They get the gold and I get the iron..... That's a fair deal isn't it? 🤪

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