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  1. Airtemisa -- sounds good, thanks! Just FYI, I could build you a dive shaft for your Excal, as well; particularly if you hip-mount the Excal, a custom dive shaft would be easily do-able, for an Excal. My guess is that you already have a dive shaft for it, but just thought I'd toss that out there... Thanks! Steve
  2. Airtimesa -- For what it's worth, I've built one-piece carbon-fiber dive shafts for folks before, so if your idea proves to be a bit too long, I can hook you up with a one-piece carbon-fiber one, built to whatever length you prefer... (or, it could be a two-piece with a short upper and very short lower, just enough to allow a small amount -- a few inches or whatever -- of adjustability in terms of length...) I can do whatever you like -- as I'm always happy to do custom builds... Thanks! Steve
  3. You might try these...the same "BT-80" type of headphone as the Minelab ML80, the Miccus, etc., and these ones ARE aptX-LL... Amazon.com: AKSONIC Athlete Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Headset aptX Low Latency Wireless with Mic, Dual Device Connection, Comfortable Protein Leather Earpads Works with Metal Detector: Electronics I have not tried this particular set, but they appear to be the same "BT-80" headphones that have been re-branded by many, many companies and sold under various model names... Steve
  4. Just a word of possible caution... From what I can tell, the ANC7 phones are NOT aptX-LL. All of the specs I've seen for them, say they are aptX, but I haven't seen anything to say they are LL (low latency...) Steve
  5. relicmeister -- you, up there in PA dealing with square-nail-littered sites, will be the PERFECT test case, for what I'm curious about. I'll look forward to your report as to whether you think the 5x10 handles square nails better (more correctly IDs them as iron, more often) vs. the 6"...or at least gives better "clues," in that regard... Steve
  6. Tom, THANKS for the report. Sounds good so far. What I want to know about this coil are two things -- one, is it ANY deeper than the 6" (an 8" deep wheatie is a good sign), and just as important, if not more, does it do any better at IDing square nails properly. My Minelab 6" coil is more prone than the 11" coil to give a good, coin-like read on certain square nails. While the 11" does this, also, as do other machines of course (square nails are difficult, in this regard), but the Minelab 6 seems ESPECIALLY prone to this, for me. In fact, for me, this trait of the Minelab 6 is
  7. F350 -- thanks also, for the kind words! I am glad you liked it! πŸ™‚ Steve
  8. F350 -- No, these ones won't be sectional/two-piece. I could do one that way, but I'd have to special order different tubes and a threaded fitting from my supplier. They will be 46 1/2" long, but otherwise the same as the ones I build at 35mm for T-Rex/Stealth/Xtreme scoops... THANKS!! Steve
  9. CalReg -- I'm getting a few requests for Stavr scoop handles; it appears they use a 32mm diameter handle? I'm looking into the possibility of having some made; can you send me a PM or email (steve@stevesdetectorrods.com) if interested, so that we can discuss? I'd like to talk with you about what you are currently using for a handle, and possibly some sizing information for Stavr scoops. Thanks! Steve
  10. Dancer, Yep, for someone who MAY want a drain hole, but would be concerned about water/sand/dirt intrusion INTO the shaft, through the drain hole, then that's certainly an option...order WITH the drain hole, but put a piece of tape on it (and unwrap the tape to drain it, if it fills with water). Thanks, Dancer! Steve
  11. Gentlemen, THANK YOU for the very kind words! They are always appreciated! Steve
  12. Hi all! Just a note to say that more parts are on the way, and within a couple of weeks I will be well-stocked with all that I need to build Equinox shafts in the regular array of colors. If you are in need of a new carbon-fiber shaft for your Equinox, I'd be glad to get you set up! Thanks! Steve www.stevesdetectorrods.com www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods email:steve@stevesdetectorrods.com
  13. Hi all! I just wanted to say that I have plenty of Garrett AT/Ace/Apex shafts in stock, and ready to ship; I also have a couple of new colors available in limited supply -- a yellow/gold color (that was selected due to the new Apex's color scheme), and pink ones, as I've received several requests from a few detectorists of the "fairer sex," LOL! If you need a two-piece lower shaft for your Garrett unit, I would be glad to set you up! (Oh, and just a peek "behind the curtain," I'm in the process of working up a prototype UPPER shaft (S-shaft) for the Garrett units, so that I could offe
  14. Hi all! Just an update to say that I currently have 35mm (1 3/8") scoop handles in stock, in models designed to fit T-Rex, Stealth, and Xtreme scoops. Soon, I will also have a few 31mm (1 1/4") handles -- for Coob scoops. Please let me know if you are in need of a high-quality carbon-fiber scoop handle, at a reasonable price! Thanks! Steve www.stevesdetectorrods.com www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods email:steve@stevesdetectorrods.com
  15. Thanks for posting, Chase! Al F -- this is indeed where my "counterbalance system" shines (swinging the EQX with a large/heavy coil attached), and the main impetus behind designing it as an optional but very helpful (in many cases) addition to my carbon-fiber shafts... If you have any questions, let me know. I'd be happy to talk to you about the subject at hand... Steve
  16. Hi all! The cam locks being shown in this thread are mine...and I'm happy to provide them to anyone who needs one. They are $15, plus $5 for USPS First Class shipping. They are the same ones I've been using for a couple of years now, on my Equinox shafts. I only have this one size -- which is designed for Equinox shaft diameters, but the shaft diameters of the AQ are similar enough that the cam lock works well for this machine, also. It's injection molded, very heavy-duty, there's a thumb screw to adjust/fine-tune clamping tension, and all hardware is 316 marine-grade stainless...
  17. Shinto -- Briefly, different "classes" of targets (low conductor, mid conductor, etc.) respond/react differently to different frequencies. Essentially, as the transmitted electromagnetic energy emanating from the detector's coil encounters a metal target, the transmitted electrical field moving across the target as you sweep the coil induces electrical currents in (actually on the surface of, for the most part) the metal objects. And the characteristics of the induced electrical currents are then "received" by the coil, and analyzed by the machine. One of the things that affects t
  18. rvpopeye -- yep, that could certainly be done, and might be "the best of both worlds," so to speak. But I'd have to design that S-shaft first, and somehow make it compatible with BOTH the Garrett units, AND the Equinox... Steve
  19. Steve -- I absolutely agree with you about the focus right now on detectors being LIGHT -- with the aim to be under 3 pounds. That's exactly my perception -- an obsession with absolute weight (even if at the expense of ergonomics which, just as you noted, only becomes apparent to a user over long hours in the field). Interesting story about the F75 and MXT. I REMEMBER when you were a huge fan of the MXT, and although I never used one, that machine had MANY fans (even as a small nugget finder, if I recall some of your old posts). But, like you said, ergonomics are certainly something w
  20. Steve, interesting points/observations. Makes sense, and you are talking about that same "rotational" feel when switching directions as GB was describing, and you say that the S-shaft feels like it reduces that for you, giving you a more "in-line" feel than a straight shaft -- also what GB seemed to be implying. Aside from all of this, yes -- a balanced shaft should nearly always feel better than an imbalanced one. Obviously, the lighter the better, overall, for a machine, but if you focus TOO heavily on strictly going "as light as possible," without considering balance/ergonomics (whic
  21. GB -- precisely correct. Our conjecturing here is qualitative, not quantitative. And you are right -- mother nature has the qualitative answer key! πŸ˜‰ Thanks! Steve
  22. rvpopeye -- LOL! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the kind words; whenever you feel you may be interested in a shaft, just let me know! I'm always happy to assist! Steve
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