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  1. FASCINATING. Thanks for sharing, Chase. This information is very interesting, and it confirms the reason I almost NEVER find square nails in Oklahoma. Oklahoma, long the land of Native Americans resettled here in the 1830s, was not opened for "white" settlement in much of the state until 1889 to 1891. So, the "dating" of the use of nail types explains my observations quite well. Meanwhile, when hunting back home in western PA, I very frequently find the type-B "cut nail" (which I have always referred to as a "square nail.") One time here in Oklahoma however, detecting an old U.S. Military fort (1850-1870), we -- like Walter -- stumbled onto a huge cache of square nails (type B, as I now know, thanks to Chase's info). They were all in a large "bunch," and so -- while the outer ones were rusted, the "inner" nails in the bunch were quite well-preserved. It was an interesting find, for sure! Steve
  2. Chase, Thank you for this detailed info. I did recall that there was a way to use a couple of different sets of headphones at once, but didn't recall how. It sounds easy -- BT phones and a wired set can be used at the same time, with the wired set plugged into EITHER the control box, OR, into the BT phones directly. Along those same lines, I can see how you could listen to the audio in your BT headphones, while sending a patch cable from the control-box headphone jack to your video recording device, and record Equinox audio output directly, along with the video, on your device. HOWEVER, the question then becomes, in my mind anyway (and please forgive my ignorance), but is there a way to "mix," so to speak, the audio from a hard-wired Equinox audio output into your video recording device, along with your voice/words? Can you still use a microphone of some sort (built-in, or wired), AT THE SAME TIME, so that the video would record both the audio from the Equinox, AND your spoken words (i.e. can the device "mix" the two audio sources)? Unless I'm missing something, I'm not sure how you would "mix" the two, WHILE recording. And if not, I guess what it would mean, in "video editing" terms (which I know next to nothing about), it would require you to essentially include two audio tracks simultaneously, synced to your video track? Is there a way to "mix" the two together, as your video is being recorded, short of using your video recording device's external mic, and the Equinox's external speaker? Because I can promise that I don't have the video editing skills/know-how to include, let alone "sync," two different audio tracks, post-recording... Steve
  3. Mitchel -- This is an excellent question, and something I have wondered, as well... I hope someone who knows, could share a way to do that -- record the audio of the unit, synced up with the video being recorded... Steve
  4. THANK YOU, Fskafish! I love that you are happy with it! Steve
  5. Thanks for posting, it, Calabash! I am always happy to custom-build, but never would have thought of a "dive shaft!" Thanks! Steve
  6. Nice job locating the bracelet! Steve
  7. THANKS, Dan, for the additional feedback. I'm thrilled that you are as pleased, after your first "in-the-field" use of the shaft and counterweight, as you were initially! Thank you! Steve www.stevesdetectorrods.com www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods
  8. YES, Gary, they can be sent in and converted to "CTX-style." $20 for the conversion. And, Steve H., you can also buy the leather ear pads for them, so that you can replace your old/cracked ones, for $20. Contact John Smith (the maker of the phones) -- johnsmith55@bellsouth.net. Leithan, thanks for posting this. Way back, when I used to use a Minelab Explorer, I was using the supplied Koss UR-30 headphones, and doing OK with them. But, I was advised to get a set of Pro Golds, and I finally did. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I then got a CTX, and so I got the CTX version of the Pro Golds. I LOVE the Pro Gold headphones. When I got the Equinox, I started with the wireless phones (I actually use a different-labelled version of headphone that is the same as the Minelab ones, in appearance, but they sound notably better, FWIW; the Minelab version is much heavier on the bass, and the tones aren't as clear/sharp). ANYWAY, while I continue to use the wireless Bluetooth phones, I have often wondered if I should hook my Pro Golds up to the WM08, and just see if the audio is significantly better than I'm used to with the Bluetooth phones. The Bluetooth phones are REALLY nice to use, being wireless and thus not tethered to anything, but if the sound is better with the Pro Golds, it might be worth it to switch. This thread stirs up the idea in my head again; I think I might give the Pro Golds a go, and see... Thanks! Steve
  9. That's terrific, calabash. I'm happy for you, and it's another positive piece of news, regarding Minelab customer service. Thanks! Steve
  10. THANK YOU, Calabash, for taking the time to do this review. I REALLY appreciate it, and I am thrilled that you are pleased with the shaft. THANKS! Steve
  11. Dan, MANY, many thanks, for your additional thoughts! I am so glad that you seem to like the design, as much as I do. I really, really enjoy bringing a smile to a customer, and enabling them to try out something that I feel improves an already excellent machine. I love to "problem solve," and try to "build a better mousetrap" in life, where those opportunities exist. And when I find a solution that I think is a real improvement, I love to bring that feeling of "now THAT'S better!" to others, as well. And from that perspective, building these shafts allows me to try and do that -- to bring an improved detecting experience to fellow Equinox users, and to hopefully take the machine "to the next level," so to speak. At least from your perspective, it sounds like "mission accomplished!" THANK YOU! Steve
  12. Dan, Thank you for the thorough review, and the kind words! I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and I'm thrilled that you are pleased with the shaft and counterweight! I obviously think highly of the design, but more importantly, it's the impressions of the users, that matter. I appreciate it!! Steve www.stevesdetectorrods.com www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods
  13. Dan -- Just an amazing amount of cool finds, you have there. From such an unsuspecting-looking site, in the middle of the desert! Great recoveries! Steve
  14. SUPER dig! I love those Seated coins, and the half dimes don't turn up regularly, that's for sure! NICE! Steve
  15. Strick -- I have heard of instances where problems in the coil wire can sometimes do that, usually either the connector that screws into the unit, or where the coil cable inserts into the coil. Steve
  16. Nice story, nice coin. Congrats on the dig! Steve
  17. BeachHunter -- THANKS for the very kind words, sir! I am glad you like the color! Though I may be "biased," I do think the colored tubes look really nice! ? I will attach a couple of pictures, showing several of the available colors, for those interested (colors shown are blue, silver, red, blue/black, red/black, and green). Thanks! Steve
  18. Not only a gold coin, but the particularly unusual $3 variety???? That is simply incredible... WOW!!! Steve
  19. Hi all! I'm back in town after an extended vacation, and have been busily building shafts, and filling customer orders that piled up while I was away. At this point I have plenty of rods and shafts in stock -- Equinox and CTX, and I do have a few "Limited-Edition" colored shafts currently being completed, in various colors (colored shafts are $20 additional, vs. the standard black). I also have counterweights ready to custom-build for you, and a new supply of "Herke" black aluminum arm cuffs (and padded neoprene cuff covers) in stock. If you are interested, drop me a line -- either here, or via email at steve@stevesdetectorrods.com; I'd love to hear from you! Thanks, Steve www.stevesdetectorrods.com www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods
  20. Absolutely incredible!!! Thanks for sharing, Gerry. That is just INCREDIBLE!! Steve
  21. dan_h -- nice job getting your feet wet with your new machine! Enjoy! Steve
  22. Excellent, Dan! Beautiful "R" button! Steve
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