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  1. Saddle Mountain has an interesting greenstone exposure on it's southeast slope. Might be worth a look see.
  2. To determine land status in Arizona you will want to use the Land Matters Arizona Land Status map - not the mining claims map. The Arizona Land Status map will provide you with every land status issue with a single click on the map in your area of interest. Not just mining claims and wilderness areas but all land status is presented. It includes withdrawals of all kinds, leases, permits, grazing, ACECs, Surveys, CDIs, mining plans and notices, patents and more than a dozen other status categories. It even presents mineral and surface ownership on forest and state lands which you won't fi
  3. Windows 10 still runs on Internet Explorer 11. Edge is just a new interface to Internet Explorer - not a new browser. If you don't like Edge browser on Windows 10 you can just switch to Internet Explorer 11. You don't need to download and install Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10 because it's already installed. To open Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10, in the search box on the taskbar, type Internet Explorer, and then select Internet Explorer in the list of results. Legacy equipment might be a little slower than more modern computers but the real problem is the bulk and complexity
  4. Under U.S. Copyright law anything created after 1925 is still copyright with very few exceptions. The fact that you can't find the current copyright owner doesn't provide an excuse for using their work. Fair use is in brief pretty well covered by jasong except it's not legal to create a compilation of pictures/videos etc from other peoples work without their permission. The exceptions to copyright include small portions of a copyright work to illustrate a point for educational purposes. Also a work of satire based on an original copyright work is permitted. Small excerpts as a part of a c
  5. As Land Matters does every new mining year we are offering for download our annual mining claims flow diagrams and written explanations of the annual BLM mining claim filing requirements. These filing aids have helped many claim owners wade through the BLM filing requirements. These popular PDF handouts are updated for the upcoming 2021 mining year (beginning September 1, 2020). Feel free to share and post these wherever you wish as long as you don't modify them and keep them intact with their copyright notices. Reminder The federal filing deadline this year for all m
  6. The ICMJ classifieds are free to the public. I don't have a recommendation for a small batch refiner. Several of the gold buyers will pay you for your raw gold in refined bullion but there is little chance that bullion would contain the gold you sent to be refined.
  7. Somebody is still filing and paying on the claim. As far as the federal government is concerned that's adequate to maintain the claim in good standing no matter what the status of the LLC. Whether the claim is valid against subsequent location or not is a matter for the local court of record to decide once there is a dispute over an adverse claim. The BLM and Federal courts can not legally resolve claim ownership disputes between locators. A dispute would require an overclaim and a civil lawsuit being filed by either adverse claimant in county court. As far as determining who present
  8. Land Matters updates claims mapping twice a month when the master public lands database is updated in Denver. The date of the most recent claims update is part of the information returned on any mining claim query so you can always know how current the information is. With two minor exceptions over the last 7 years Land Matters has updated the claims mapping twice each month and within 24 hours of the data becoming available. The Land Matters claims maps do have a link for each claim's serial register page so you can view the most current information available for any particular claim. Th
  9. More than 70% of spam comes from the good ol United States. There are many online books and courses in spamming. I can see how a natural slacker down on their luck would hope to make a buck by spamming. Of course in the long run the only one making a buck is the guy you paid to teach you how to spam. There is truly a sucker born every minute. Even though the spamming percentage of return is really low theoretically that can be offset by massive volume. These spam instructional materials put an emphasis on the skills and knowledge needed to pretend to be from Nigeria or Romania to cov
  10. The Notice of Intent to Hold is a Federal requirement Jim. The Notice of Intent to Hold is not unique or required by any state laws but each state sets out the due date and process for recording this Federal requirement in their state. Federal and state laws require an annual public record be made every year you intend to keep a mining claim. The Notice of Intent to Hold is just one of the several different ways to meet that annual requirement. Which notice is required for your annual record is determined by your circumstances. Even if you pay the BLM maintenance fee a public record
  11. Prospecting for gold isn't a new profession. Thousands of years of experience passed down from miner to miner is how we got where we are today. Prospectors were far from ignorant in the time period you stated. Part of the reason is past success had been built on. Part is because beginning more than 400 years ago you could read a book before getting your hands dirty. De Re Metallica by Georgius Agricola, published in 1556. Still one of the best. Translated to English by Herbert Hoover our geologist President. 👍 The first school of mining was established in 1765. The Freiberg Univ
  12. I think "estate" is a legal term/concept lipca. Here's some information from California.
  13. Yep lipca, quitclaim is the right process. A quitclaim in California is a form of grant deed. Here is a web site with a general form for California. You would need to modify the property description area to include the stuff for a mining claim. I'm not endorsing this form or the website and I'm pretty sure the form as is isn't adequate but it might be a place to start. As far as describing a mining claim I suggest all the following may help to define just what it is you are transferring ownership on. The name of the claim The BLM serial number (CAMC# in your case?)
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