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  1. I love this forum, I think it's cool as hell I can hear from the HMFIC and the designer.
  2. Thanks for digging the file out. I could not find mine on the computer. I hope you guys can get this file to work for you. I will say that on occasion I have had trouble getting these to pair but its worth it when it works. mini review: I lost my original minelabs so I tried quite a few low latency units and the BTS PRO is my favorite. They are pretty comfortable to wear, they have excellent volume. Its so nice to be able to wear these with a brimmed hat, they will also fit under a knit watch cap. The bass volume is excellent so you can really hear those nails and bits of wire on the beach. Additionally you can download an app from them and boost the bass as well as adjust the frequency curve, a mini equalizer. They float! I got knocked down in the surf and they floated away. I thought for sure the salt water was going to kill them, I shook the water off and kept detecting. They still work months later. They are not guaranteed for ocean immersion but they work. The USB C port is a godsend compared to the mini USB from the stand point that they are much more tolerant of little bits of lint and stuff getting in the port and keeping the charging plug from making connection, much easier to clean when you inevitably do get a piece of crud in the port. They sound bright, clear and clean from high to low. They don't block out all the ambient noise which is nice in a dangerous environment. I used them for months with out the LL update and they work just fine. I move fast on the beach and you can definitely tell the target sound is lagging the coil but when you hear a target and slow your swing down the coil and sound sync up. You can still hear the separation in real mineralized conditions and multiple targets. The Issues: Twice the ear cushions have torn. Easy repair with super glue and they have lasted longer than the originals. I did contact customer support and they sent a new set of cushions for free but it took awhile. I admit they lead a rough life with me. I wish you could turn the flashing LED on the earpiece off. I don't like being out at night festooned with flashing lights. Its not that big a deal since its usually so chilly on the beach I have a watch cap and hood on but still. These are my go to phones. I have the LL earbuds which are super comfortable with the various silicon ear pieces but I have found all of them have a subdued bass response and volume. I hope you new guys get them working, I like them so much I am thinking of getting some spares. Tim
  3. Thanks Rick, your opinions on gold coins on the beach? Will it depend on the size of the coin?. It's the excitement before Christmas!
  4. Walt, A good confidence builder with the Equinox is: when you find a target, start rechecking it as you lower the sensitivity. It can be pretty amazing.
  5. HI Mitchel, Which coil are you using on the beach now? I'm up in in Humboldt and have been using the 15" this summer. I also try to run at 23 sensitivity and move the recovery speed around as needed. I used the 15" with the new software and will switch to the 11" coil. IN general the 15" is fatiguing due to sensory overload. We do have lots of black sand but not so many targets. Cheers, Tim
  6. It's only been 4 months. I couldn't figure out where that 80k mintage number came from and the 4 digit value. I figured it out, I didn't find a quarter, its a half dollar. Just north of half a million minted. I guess I'll keep it anyway!
  7. LE.JAG, I have a lot of nails on my beach. As they corrode and become needle like they the give off both the low grunt sound and a high conductor sound. When you silence the iron on the Impulse does it silence both the low and high sound? Thanks, Tim
  8. I found this very worn coin on the beach with the Equinox. I'd @ 14 and appears to be similar metal to a nickel. There is the bust of a head on the front looking to the left. The reverse shows the number 5. I've searched Google for octagonal coins with no luck. I found this in an area where I was finding bronze nails from a 1860 shipwreck. Anyone know what it is? Thanks, Tim
  9. For what it is worth here is how I do it. I use both. My beach is mostly fairly uniform and when I am in that area I usually turn off the auto ground balancing just in case it starts to track out weak signals. The ocean as the ultimate sorter and classifier makes these wonderful pockets of sand that are really mineralized and "usually" has many more targets. When I get in these areas I turn on the tracking. Where I am on the far north coast of California there is abundant black sand. The less mineralized areas typically show ground balance numbers of 14, the high areas jump to 60 and more. I can't prove the auto tracking tunes out the really faint signals because that's the nature of really weak signals, right? I don't think you can go too far wrong running in auto ground balance it's what I usually do. Cheers, Tim
  10. Hi Rick, thanks for the info. I know you got two Vallons and had one updated. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Vallons use on the beach and any comparisons to the Impulse. Thanks, Tim
  11. Thanks for the post and information. That's sand on my grubby little mitts and the only cleaning has been a freshwater rinse. it's actually pretty hard to read the date on this one, the reverse is in better shape. I'm pretty sure this one is a small "s". I will follow your sage advice! I have to admit the thought crossed my mind to place the coin on a piece of tin foil, put baking soda on it and cover with boiling water-- the crazy things you read on other detecting forums! I'll just stick to the "detector prospector"! Thanks again, Tim
  12. Well then you guys know! The Eel is flooding today, they closed the road in to Ferndale. Consistent rain but no waves to speak of.
  13. This came from near the mouth of the EEL River, it was found after a big storm that happend at the end of December. I was using the equinox. The mineralization was really high and the coin signal was distinct but not awesome like it would normally be. We've only had two major storms, end of December and first of February. we need to see the 20' plus seas to mix it up. the 15' seas don't do it!. Tim
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