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  1. Tmox

    I Paid For The 800 Tonight

    Mitchel, as a hard core California beach detector, what scoop do you like? Tim
  2. Tmox

    Target ID For US Coins??

    Right on, on my beach in Humboldt I could run in either beach 1or 2 in the wet sand and get the sensitivity up one notch usually. The learning curve is steep because there are few targets other than nails from burnt pallets. Tim
  3. Tmox

    Target ID For US Coins??

    Mitchell, gold mode 1 on the beach?, I'm interested in your thoughts on this. Tim
  4. My dealer called me and said UPS is scheduled for weds. I am #3 on his list and in his second wave.. Tim
  5. As someone with no PI experience, I wondered about that. On the cz 21 it's easy to tell the nails by sound until they get pretty deep. From a pure technical point of view it sounds like the ATX may best machine on this scenario. Tim
  6. Thanks Steve, I have never used a PI. In the situation I describe would there be a real world advantage to a PI? Would the 10" coil on the cz 21 be an advantage?. I am looking for the needle in the haystack. Fisher has been very good to me, every year I call them to order a new gasket for the battery cover before I begin the diving season and they just send me a new one. This year one of the potentiometer went bad on the 21, I was apprehensive at what that was going to cost to repair. When Felix called to go over the repair estimate it went something like this: new face plate $125, upgraded housing $400, upgraded battery cover $ 150, new coil cable and connectors $250, something about headphones and more c notes, etc. And he just keeps going! I interrupted him and said Jesus, Felix, your giving me a heart attack this is adding up to more than a new detector.. Felix says oh no, no, that's not what we are going to charge you, we are putting in all the new modification parts for free, the potentiometer repair, retune and pressure test is $90. Whew, that was much better. When it came back it was a new detector, not the well worn and much used one I sent in. Tim
  7. I am looking for the best edge I can get looking for $2.5 gold coin in the wet saltwater sand. The beach has a lot of magnetite and a few nails. This is not a diving situation. It is definitely a situation where the detector will get wet sometimes. Currently I am using a CZ 21 with an 8" coil. I sure appreciate the wisdom of the brain trust assembled here! Thanks, Tim
  8. Ok more rumors, I called my local stocking dealer to ask about the F pulse of which he knew nothing. I had to ask about the Equinox and he told me he was going to a mine lab dealers meeting mid January about the Equinox. He guessed it would be released the following week or so. In other words late January. So what ever that is worth?
  9. First Texas has reinstated their F75 upgrade program http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/upgrade.htm I have an older LTD model, any reason not to upgrade? Tim
  10. Tmox

    Fisher F75+ Announced

    Like you,I was looking every day for the new information, I saw nothing new last week. That is the game though, keep us all talking.
  11. Tmox

    Fisher F75+ Announced

    I was talking to Felix last week about the repair of my CZ 21, I asked him if they were going to offer the upgrade again to the F75. In an almost sorta kinda commitment he said to look on the web page on or about today it would probably happen. I have not seen the upgrade today on the webpage, maybe this is what he meant. Tim
  12. I love new technology, I ask this out of ignorance. what advantage will a PI pin pointer give me? Thanks, Tim
  13. I've been working the Humboldt County Fair Grounds with my F75 for awhile and getting a daily ration of pocket change from the junk but no love finding a ring. Today I was reading about you using your F75 for nuggets and in particular digging a tailing pile and digging a 22 signal that was nice and consistent. I know all gold does not read 22 but I got a nice 22 signal that was solid and up comes this little ring! I was successful because I got out of the mindset of just digging coin signals and started digging solid signals even when they are in the foil or zink range. It was you comment on digging a 22 signal that stuck and clicked for me. Thanks so Much! Tim
  14. Hi John, I really like this tread you have going. I live near Centerville Beach and have been hitting it with the metal detector looking for relics from the NORTHERNER. I can pass along a little intelligence on the beach; this is a low tide only beach as you head south from the parking lot below the bluffs. On a high tide or a big ocean the water is right up on the bluffs. The other thing is check the forecast for sneaker waves and real long period swell. There are long stretches along the bluffs where there is no place to go to escape when the water comes I have not run on to anyone beach mining yet. I have run on to some localized hot spots with tons of magnetite. I'd like to give it a shot this winter for fun. I know you are all dying to know how the relic hunting has been going . . . so far the only recognizable thing is a brass bell- the type that sit on a counter with a sign "ring bell for service" and some unidentified chunks of copper and brass so far. Keep up the posting I enjoy it greatly! Tim