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  1. It's only been 4 months. I couldn't figure out where that 80k mintage number came from and the 4 digit value. I figured it out, I didn't find a quarter, its a half dollar. Just north of half a million minted. I guess I'll keep it anyway!
  2. LE.JAG, I have a lot of nails on my beach. As they corrode and become needle like they the give off both the low grunt sound and a high conductor sound. When you silence the iron on the Impulse does it silence both the low and high sound? Thanks, Tim
  3. I found this very worn coin on the beach with the Equinox. I'd @ 14 and appears to be similar metal to a nickel. There is the bust of a head on the front looking to the left. The reverse shows the number 5. I've searched Google for octagonal coins with no luck. I found this in an area where I was finding bronze nails from a 1860 shipwreck. Anyone know what it is? Thanks, Tim
  4. For what it is worth here is how I do it. I use both. My beach is mostly fairly uniform and when I am in that area I usually turn off the auto ground balancing just in case it starts to track out weak signals. The ocean as the ultimate sorter and classifier makes these wonderful pockets of sand that are really mineralized and "usually" has many more targets. When I get in these areas I turn on the tracking. Where I am on the far north coast of California there is abundant black sand. The less mineralized areas typically show ground balance numbers of 14, the high areas jump to 60 and more. I can't prove the auto tracking tunes out the really faint signals because that's the nature of really weak signals, right? I don't think you can go too far wrong running in auto ground balance it's what I usually do. Cheers, Tim
  5. Hi Rick, thanks for the info. I know you got two Vallons and had one updated. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Vallons use on the beach and any comparisons to the Impulse. Thanks, Tim
  6. Thanks for the post and information. That's sand on my grubby little mitts and the only cleaning has been a freshwater rinse. it's actually pretty hard to read the date on this one, the reverse is in better shape. I'm pretty sure this one is a small "s". I will follow your sage advice! I have to admit the thought crossed my mind to place the coin on a piece of tin foil, put baking soda on it and cover with boiling water-- the crazy things you read on other detecting forums! I'll just stick to the "detector prospector"! Thanks again, Tim
  7. Well then you guys know! The Eel is flooding today, they closed the road in to Ferndale. Consistent rain but no waves to speak of.
  8. This came from near the mouth of the EEL River, it was found after a big storm that happend at the end of December. I was using the equinox. The mineralization was really high and the coin signal was distinct but not awesome like it would normally be. We've only had two major storms, end of December and first of February. we need to see the 20' plus seas to mix it up. the 15' seas don't do it!. Tim
  9. I have no concerns about the detector holding up. I've got well over 100 hours on a beach that is about as dangerous as any. The detector isn't the weak link, I am. I will say I have total confidence in the performance of this detector in the wet sand. I used to love my cz21 but it pales in comparison. As my friend says, "the good news is this detector is sensitive, the bad news is this detector is sensitive." Now get out there and swing thang! Tim
  10. Mitchel, as a hard core California beach detector, what scoop do you like? Tim
  11. Right on, on my beach in Humboldt I could run in either beach 1or 2 in the wet sand and get the sensitivity up one notch usually. The learning curve is steep because there are few targets other than nails from burnt pallets. Tim
  12. Mitchell, gold mode 1 on the beach?, I'm interested in your thoughts on this. Tim
  13. My dealer called me and said UPS is scheduled for weds. I am #3 on his list and in his second wave.. Tim
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