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  1. Cuniagau, you are a calmer more judicious man than I. They are deciding what to do??? A bunch of us have had broken shafts and gotten them replaced. There is clearly a problem, they gave you a warranty. The response SHOULD be “we are so sorry, a new shaft is in today’s Mail. i have been a long time fan of Fisher/ FT. Its pretty hard to be a fan anymore. Best of luck to you! If they don’t respond to you favorably tomorrow, send me a pm and I will send you the one I fixed so at least you can hunt. Tim
  2. Mine broke just like yours during the minus tides. I did a quick repair until the new one arrived. Wooden dowel, epoxy and nylon nut and bolt. Good luck hunting!
  3. I don't know if I need washers or not but I am damn sure going to head to the store and stock up before they sell out of Grolsch just in case I need some washers. Tim
  4. Mitchel, you are on the right track. Keep on "rasping" off the dry dead skin. Don't try to get it all at once. Every couple of days take some off. In the mean time use your favorite moisturizer. I do like bag balm. In short order you will be tripping the light fantastic. It sure hurts for awhile tho.!! Tim
  5. I hunt the beach up on the north coast and use the 15" coil and like it. I use it in the summertime but switch back to the 11" coil in the winter. I find that the black sand is more concentrated in the winter and the machine can be overloaded with signals at times. It is a great tool to have at your disposal at times. Once you use it for awhile you feel naked when you switch back to the 11". I do use a counter weight with the 15" because it is so nose heavy. Tim
  6. It is! Sadly not that many people get it but the ones that do love it. Tim
  7. Welcome, I have no idea why this photo inverted! Maybe it's a california thing.
  8. You will feel naked when you switch back to the standard coil!. Tim
  9. I did. It did not appear to be epoxied in but it did not come out easily so I left it in place, stuck a wooden dowel in, epoxied it and put nylon nut and bolt in as a field expedient repair. I have not ordered a replacement yet. Tim
  10. Mine broke also. Same story, just walking down the beach and it fell off. I have no idea how I broke it.. Cheers, Tim
  11. Thanks Chase, I jumped on that $30 off. Good to have some spare since low latency seems to get harder and harder to find. Cheers, Tim
  12. And the winner is Cuiagau! It was a fun day at the beach, at the end of the day I was comparing finds with my buddy and he pulls out his half of the bull ring. He asked if I had any idea what it was. I told him I know exactly what it is, it's half a bull ring. Here's the other half of it. He looked at me like I was crazy. I clicked them together and explained how they put it through a bulls nose and use it to lead him. The put them in any obstreperous bovine they need to control. Lots of the locals wear nose rings up here also. Tim
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