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  1. what a joy Alexandre, meanwhile, Steve is teaching us tricks of the proper use of the AQ !!!!
  2. Alexandre, I have expressed myself wrong, I understand that the problem of the maximum depth of the AQ is one meter! Rick mentioned that the problem is the connectors, therefore when changing the battery we can change the connectors and make it reach 3 meters deep. Another thing is the guarantee! but first we have to have it available in Europe
  3. Alexandre, but only up to 1 meter ??? Will it be possible as Steve mentioned to do it up to 3 meters?
  4. Steve I have a great experience diving, my beaches are from the Mediterranean, I do not have great changes in the shores, except 1 or 2 times a year, therefore 3 meters I go right but I can get to beaches with accumulation, I have a colleague who is doing plates and repair detectors, I will pass your plan to see if you can do it, if it is if I try to buy one, otherwise I will continue with my old CZ, which is already worth more than its weight in gold
  5. I highly respect Alexandre's work, but I still can't understand why fisher doesn't do something to himself, or Steve, you're really a genius who sees things very easy to solve
  6. Steve, if you want I buy an AQ and you do the test, I am in Europe but my in-laws live in New York, I think it is your ideas to go deeper, 1 meter is not even for snorkeling
  7. actually you have given me a solution !!!! Rick indicated that the depth limiter is the connectors, changing for the ones you have published is the solution !!!! thank you very much Steve
  8. Steve, you surprise me with your comments, you have a solution to everything !!! Have you thought about building a detector? you are really resourceful
  9. Hello, I have only one question, if everything is epoxy-coated hard, why only 1 meter? I imagine it would be for the electronic part outside the battery?
  10. I think that, like me, several users will feel disappointed, especially those of us who live in places without tides, where everything good stays between 1 and 3 meters.
  11. the truth that I would like very much if someone from the forum made a manual on how to prepare it for 3 meters, otherwise I will be a user of AQ
  12. It is very disappointing, in a previous thread it had been defined as 3 meters, but we already know how this is Steve, until there is no official publication, I will keep hope.
  13. In my experience, the direction of the wind and the direction of the sea current have a significant influence on the movement of sand on the sea floor. Do you usually hunt where the accumulations of all metals are? (lead, iron, coins, silver and gold) are you wearing nox 800? how is it behaving? take depth
  14. Steve, you may be one of the lucky ones and you can do an AQ assessment! insurance will be a reference for many people, for your impartiality
  15. hi Joe, are you diving or walking? I see that you understand seabed to search!
  16. Good considering Rick's comments "that they are not terribly expensive" I understand and considering that he has privileged information, it will be high pressure. if that supposed long list of possible buyers will be reduced, because this detector will be for use by users who already handle detectors and understand the functionality. Does it scare me that they have spent 2 million of their own financing? I understand that it will not be for mass manufacturing! otherwise the numbers would not appear
  17. fisher labs presence in europe is missing, there is no official technical service, all other brands have !!!!! if you can convey that europe is a little left
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