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  1. As many of you guys,i have waited for this machine for a long time.Actually last year my patient was at its end and i decided to buy a TDI Beachhunter. I have already a Garrett ATX , Equinox , and Garrett sea hunter. Iwanted to sell my ATX and sea hunter and put som money to buy the TDIBH. I dont know why but i decided to wait untill christmas and i assumedAQ will come as a christmas present which did'nt. Now im out of my patient again and don't know what to do? It is still nothing from Fisher.What should i DO??
  2. Oh my GOD!!! what a depth!!! INSANE. 20 gram ring!!!!! you got to be kidding.That was awsome.My deepest targets vwith the Nox is around a 12inches and with my ATX aound 15.I think you recovered those targets between a range of 18 and 20 maybe deeper.Greate jobb LE.JAG with the video and please share more videos if you have any more!!!!!!!!! I WANT AN AQ!!!!!!!
  3. I think the same.Have seen all of his videos and he seems to be a very nice guy with honest testing everything.I thing as well that he is a very good candidate to test an AQ!!!
  4. Greate! would'nt be awsome if LE.JAG instead could upload some hunting videos with the AQ? 😐
  5. I want to see a head to head comparrison between ATX and TDIBH. There is no video out there.Can anyone make a video about this?? ATX mono coil VS TDIBH
  6. Hi Guys! When i bought my ATX i bought a Grey Ghost amphibian as well.Fist day in the saltwater after an hour i notice an strange rosty colour spreading all over the back of the detector where the speaker is located.I just got panicked and cancled the hunt immidiately.When i got home i noticed the round edge of the speaker which is metal is rosted as hell!!! I looked around and could'nt find the problem.When i unplugged the headphones i realised that in the Grey ghost package there is some o-rings that i supposed to put it myself on the connector.THAT was the problem!!! i put the o-ring on and problem solved.But my speaker was så rusty i put some silicone glue all over it to isolate it from saltwater.I should send it to Garret which i did'nt. It works ok since then but i think there has been a slightly current without the o-ring that makes the speaker rust.What do you tink guys?
  7. HI guys! It feels very good that this nice forum is at high speed with all discussions about the AQ with all different subjects about the AQ.We are now in the middle of january and still nothing from the Fisher.No reports from any tester, no videos, no manual, nada...it feels kind of depressing without knowing any informations at all.I know that LE.JAG and Alexander can't say anything about these informations even though the know for sure.Is there any thought or any guesses about these questions?
  8. Beach 1 and NO ground balancing, NO disc and run all metal.If you get chatter then put it in beach 2,you loos a little bit of depth in beach 2 but it calms the Nox when you come across a mineralized area.
  9. Its hard to believe that TDIBH beat the ATX in depth.Do you mean by ATX large coil 12inch coil or the big deepseeker? i have both and used both in wet sand and in saltwater.The big deepseeker(20x15 i think) is constantly overload in the water and you have to push the reset button all the time to calm it down.I have seen a lot of TDIBH videos, but didnt see deep targets recovered with it.Unfortunatly there isnt any comparisson video regarding TDIBH vs ATX
  10. I think the Garrett ATX challenges the AQ most and maybe TDIBH come close after ATX only in raw depth.I have myself an ATX and hunt my beach with it. Max sensitivity givs me around 15 inches for a normal coin size object.My Garrett sea hunter is absolutly no match and even my Equinox has no chance.The fair comparisson is ATX (PI , almost same coil size,waterproof ) I think the AQ has only one tone for both high and low conductive targets and one for iron.The ATX has one tone for high and one tone for low conductive targets but you have no tone for iron which makes one to digg all.
  11. I am a design engineer. Spontaneously I can say it is a good and robust design to attach the coil to the shaft.There is no point of failur in the design itself but as OBN says the game changes when you work in saltwater and sand for an amount of time.I am more concern about the thickness of the coil(it is thick!!) and drag resistance in the water.Is there any coil cover? I hav'nt seen benethe the coil if the epoxy is exposed or if its covered.any idea?
  12. This video has been around for awhile.Thanks anyway for sharing
  13. WOOW,finally saw a video of AQ in action!! awsome depth on targets.I guess it must be LE.JAG because he has the same sand scoop.I can't see any control unit or?Thanks for sharing!!!
  14. HI Guys! I pull out deep targets with my Garrett ATX on the beach. i managed to get about 14-15 inches on targets, but after digging almost 15 inches down which takes out all my energy it turns out to be big chunck of iron,because ATX can't tell if its iron at that depth.The question is if the AQ can tell if that deep target is iron chunck so I dont have to digg unnecesseray? I know i should digg out all targets on the beach but at that depth all the time is almost impossible.
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