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  1. How well do sdc2300 perform in the salt water chest deep? falsing?stable? deep on targets?worth spending so much money for water hunting?
  2. It is such a silence again for a long time now and nothing from Fisher and AQ. What a shame, decided to buy a TDI beachhunter but it is too late now cause you can't find any, it is gone as well. No good waterproof deep PI right now. I have to stick to my old trusty sea hunter awhile now.
  3. Hi Joe! I know you love you Excals and have a very success with it,just wonder if you have have the ctx3030 or what do you think about the ctx in the water(Beside waterproof comparison which excal is better i know) can it hit gold rings in the water as good as Excal?
  4. Just wonder why you think minelab is not going to built a beach PI machine?whats the reasonThanks
  5. I have used my 3030 with 17 coil in the salt water many times and got not a signal,came back with my sea hunter and killed it.The ocean opened up! I know PI goes deeper in salt water but i had the 17 inch coil and thought it is as deep as the sea hunter,but what a difference.The sea hunter is a deep machine but underrated unfortunately,the reason can be many but the sucker goes deep with the big coil.
  6. I have the Equinox 600 and love it.The point is that you have to dig out one million pull tabs and junk in the park to find gold anyway.Beaches is something else,a bit easier to find gold.
  7. Hi! Hearing words around about a possible ctx3030 II model coming in the near future,anyone else knows or guess anything?
  8. Thanks for the info!! It feels very odd that the Fisher don't do a big announcement worldwide if they want to release the machine.I'm not sure if i can contact my detector dealer here in sweden at this time and ask him about the AQ,he probably doesn't have any information i guess.STRANGE!!!
  9. Anybody knows or heard anything about the release of final edition? Myers metal detecting should have the unit in the store by now or?
  10. Hi guys! I watched the treasuretalk on youtube for couple of days ago and Myer's metal detecting confirmed he is going to bring in AQ final edition in the shop next month in july! just wanted to ask others if it is true and anybody heared anything about it,Thanks!
  11. Unfortunately the future of the AQ is very uncertain,the most strange metal detector path i have ever seen from the begining untill now,and nobody knows still whats going to happen.
  12. Yes Joe,but those you've got are perhaps the limited edition? I'm concern about the final edition unit
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