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  1. I read in another forum that Minelab is intressted to implement a new technology in an upgraded Equinox in the future which shows even the density of the object.By having this option it becomes easier to distinguish between a gold item and a piece of aluminium trash maybe?
  2. looking forward to see any comments from Alexander about the progress and updates of the unit.Actually we haven't heard anything or reading any comments from him for a long time,hope he is busy with fine tuning the detector😄(moving the headphone connection to the back of the controllbox,implementing new battery design,new 8 coil) Nothing new either on the Fisher AQ webbsite,its the same info which we had before.
  3. I think it becomes a big problem for the Fisher when Minelab releases their new detectors this year if AQ does not come to market soon.I personally saved money for AQ for a long time and it may go towards the minelab maybe,really sad.
  4. Love the battery design by OBN,,but it seems according to the picture that if you drop the unit or put it on the ground ,the battery hits the ground first cause it sticks out of the foot support,or am i wrong?
  5. Hi guys! Finally 2021 arrived and we are still waiting for the AQ.It would be nice if someone could confirm if the release date for the final product is still in April as i heared before? I found a link for a pre-order of the final unit at a UK website(Joe Allen) but they have removed it.That was a bit strange.Any report on the 8 coil and even price which Joe do right now would be interesting as well.any comments?
  6. Hi joe! I heared you are testing 8 coil for the AQ right now, I know that it can be confidential and you can't expose any info,just preciate if you post some thoughts later when it is OK to post anything about that! Cheers
  7. Maybe time for some update about the progress of Final AQ version worldwide? Haven't heard any report on that...some syas May 2021 and some says April 2021? any comment?
  8. Very nice of Rick getting out some update about the situation,,I live in Europe and these reports makes me very happy when I hear the production plant is not closed and hope getting the final AQ version released worldwide!!!!
  9. Hi! I think it would be greate if we can in someway have weekly(monthly) report regarding progress of AQ production line fresh from El-paso.In that way Fisher can keep the enthusiast of future buyers up high when they show things happening and we get the info about the progress of the production of the final AQ machine.
  10. WOOW,FINALLY!!! Thanks for listening to the future customers (me) and updated the page!!!!!Nice work!!
  11. Woow,,somethings happening at last!!!! Good start,hope the other things (AQ) follows soon after.
  12. Just use electrolysis,it takes out the build up crost on the silver and the gold becomes shiny as well
  13. The site http://fisher-impulse.com is going to become annoying every time I visit it in hope of some update or information or something about AQ and you see the ''COMING SOON'' sign. Please put at least a picture of the AQ in there!!!
  14. HI! How do you ensure the waterproofness of the ctx when you diving? I have blocked the usb port completely by using Silicon both inside and outside the port.When it comes to Battery,I haven't done anything because I have the updated version of the ctx which have a better battery seal and just trust that(maybe I have not to!) I use only my extra spare battery because the original regargeable one does'nt work and I'm not so sure if that is as good as the original one under water(waterproofness)
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