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  1. The question is if its worth trade my detectors for a TDI beachhunter.
  2. Live in Sweden.The beach i hunt have moderate black sand,but a lot of iron pieces.Have no problem digging iron,just want more depth.
  3. HI! Just wondering if it is worth selling my garrett sea hunter and Equinox 600 to buy a TDI beachhunter instead? of couars the money i will make selling thoese two detectors is not enough to buy a TDI Beachhunter and i have to put som extra money on that.Please help! I want just more depth in saltwater and think TDIBeachhunter goes deeper than thoese two
  4. Hej Joe! Dont think you need any AQ.You already killing it! Was wind direction inwards or outwards ? even wonder if it is from same beach you getting lots of gold,is there any ending? There cant be unlimited stuff or am I wrong? CHEERS
  5. Still waiting for LE.JAG to upload more new videos as he promised!! What's happened??
  6. HI! Is there anyone out there with some update or news about the AQ? It is now February for God sake!
  7. Those two , three films out there showing AQ in action only in wet sand. I am a water hunter and its beome a little bit hesitating if AQ can be used like my other machins in the water? I'm not seeking a diving machine cause i dont dive only wading in shallow water.
  8. As many of you guys,i have waited for this machine for a long time.Actually last year my patient was at its end and i decided to buy a TDI Beachhunter. I have already a Garrett ATX , Equinox , and Garrett sea hunter. Iwanted to sell my ATX and sea hunter and put som money to buy the TDIBH. I dont know why but i decided to wait untill christmas and i assumedAQ will come as a christmas present which did'nt. Now im out of my patient again and don't know what to do? It is still nothing from Fisher.What should i DO??
  9. Oh my GOD!!! what a depth!!! INSANE. 20 gram ring!!!!! you got to be kidding.That was awsome.My deepest targets vwith the Nox is around a 12inches and with my ATX aound 15.I think you recovered those targets between a range of 18 and 20 maybe deeper.Greate jobb LE.JAG with the video and please share more videos if you have any more!!!!!!!!! I WANT AN AQ!!!!!!!
  10. I think the same.Have seen all of his videos and he seems to be a very nice guy with honest testing everything.I thing as well that he is a very good candidate to test an AQ!!!
  11. Greate! would'nt be awsome if LE.JAG instead could upload some hunting videos with the AQ? 😐
  12. I want to see a head to head comparrison between ATX and TDIBH. There is no video out there.Can anyone make a video about this?? ATX mono coil VS TDIBH
  13. Hi Guys! When i bought my ATX i bought a Grey Ghost amphibian as well.Fist day in the saltwater after an hour i notice an strange rosty colour spreading all over the back of the detector where the speaker is located.I just got panicked and cancled the hunt immidiately.When i got home i noticed the round edge of the speaker which is metal is rosted as hell!!! I looked around and could'nt find the problem.When i unplugged the headphones i realised that in the Grey ghost package there is some o-rings that i supposed to put it myself on the connector.THAT was the problem!!! i put the o-ring on and problem solved.But my speaker was så rusty i put some silicone glue all over it to isolate it from saltwater.I should send it to Garret which i did'nt. It works ok since then but i think there has been a slightly current without the o-ring that makes the speaker rust.What do you tink guys?
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