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  1. Thanks for sharing your headphones modification! really appreciate if you can share some pictures of your modification for headphones connection to the Equinox jack? how do you seal that?Thanks
  2. HI Guys! I know it's comparison apples with oranges but was curious about depth in mild ground between these two machines.I know in mineralized ground ATX is deeper than Equinox,thats for sure.I'm going to hunt a lake with no mineralized ground and in this condition I will know which detector is deeper.Any tips???
  3. I think 3 piece rods cause some wobble like my original 3 piece rod on the sea hunter that wobble.I'm sue it will become common to use carbon fiber one piece or two as we use these days on other detectors
  4. Come on guys! I'm sure many now has got the AQ,why only Joe do testing and reporting? Come on out wherever you are!!!!!!
  5. Dang!! you are awesome Joe! In the video I hear some faint signals which I would dig and you didn't and you find a real signal which turns out to be Gold.That's a comparison between my ears and a PRO ears that makes such a huge different! Great job!
  6. At some beaches I hunt,in the water(salt) at some places my sea hunter get signals on big rocks (I assume it is magnetic rocks?) and when I dig a scoop I realize it is a big stone.It becomes a lot of time wasting.Just wonder hoe AQ react in these situations?
  7. WooW,so impressive depth!! was that hunt in salt water or lake? I would love to see how this machine react in wave action.
  8. I have been there many times.Same situation.Sometimes after several Days only finding 2-3 coins!! and same Place suddenly getting gold ring out of nowhere! It's all depend on how much sand moves around and make the bottom of the sea like sh….t.I usually tries several times with different Machines both PI and VLF,and nothing!!
  9. Nice!!! Thanks for the video!! BUT WY SO SHORRRRRTTTT????? We want more AQ videos Please and longer!!!Cheers!!!!
  10. Dang!! I want to know the reason as well!! Please Alexander if you read this send me a message !!!!!!
  11. Thanks a lot for your advise and guiedlines! Then i'm going to wait for an AQ in the future and skip buying TDI! In some way it is good that those whom going to buy the AQ Limited Edition with lot of functionality lacks,going to test the machine and rapport how it performs and then when the final unit comes to market we can decide if it is Worth buying or not!Cheers
  12. OK,You already have TDI,Equinox,CTX,....and still wants to buy an AQ.I want as well an AQ instead of TDI but as i said Before only God knows how long time it will take to be able to buy one.Is it Worth waiting(for me) or if there isn't so much differents between these two Machines then I can buy one TDI,or?
  13. Ohh,Thanks again!! The sea hunter is super Deep and that you said about the sea hunter coil which is blind to small targets are absolutly correct! I sa two videos on Youtube from Detectorcomparisson using TDI beachhunter with GB off,full gain in salt water and it was very stable,maybe because there was'nt any wave action there.My problem with the sea hunter is that it is VERY difficult to hear Deep targets because you only get a super tiny change in threshhold which is very easy to miss.My hope for Beachhunter is that I can hear those super tiny Deep whispers with it.By the way I have watched your videos on Youtube and just can say WooW,awsome hunts and of couars super nice gold rings!!!!
  14. Thanks for the reply! I 'm not going to dive but wading in salt water chest deep all the time.How does it perform in that situation? I Heard that it is a Deep machine,have you any comparisson to sea hunter with big coil? Does it go as Deep as sea hunter?
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