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  1. I hear what you're saying Hardtimehermit but when I refuse their offerings I also explain that I'm not in it for the money.. For some people this is a very hard thing to wrap their head around.. But when they do, they all see it for what it is: just a bloke enjoying what he's doing, who's having a go for the sheer fun of it.. Taking money out of the equation makes the whole deal more about the experience.. If the owners are still on the beach where they lost their ring, I'll bring along a few spare detectors.. I set them up and we all have a go.. I never really worry about how much people offer to recover their rings, jewellery, phones or keys.. Even when they don't offer anything at all, I'll still have a go at finding their valuables.. Sometimes it's obvious that the poor bugger can't afford much anyway but it's always the shouts of joy and relief that makes it worthwhile for me.. Plus I don't have to travel far to get to any of the popular bays, 10 minutes is the furthest.. I flat out refuse all jobs where people are too vague with their descriptions of where they lost their valuables.. "Somewhere on the island" or "I lost it 9 months ago" get a polite refusal.. Sometimes I find their things anyway and post them on my Facebook page.. If the punter sees it there then good luck to them.. Likewise I rarely keep anything I find, whoever finds something in my 'junk box' that they like can keep it.. I'd rather someone enjoys the thing than it sitting in a box..
  2. The best thing about this week's ring recoveries was that these people knew exactly where they dropped their rings.. The lady left hers in a hat underneath a tree alongside the beach when she went for a swim.. when she came back she put her hat back on and forgot the ring was in it.. She thought it had flicked out near the tree somewhere.. The gentleman's ring was a bit more tricky.. But he knew it was 'where the 3 little buoys on the shark net line up with the surf life saving flag on the beach'.. He'd felt the ring slip off his finger and straight away lined up where he was.. He and his kids had been duck-diving for about an hour trying to find it without any luck.. I've told both the kayak-hire dude and the surf life saving people how to get a hold of me through my Facebook page in case someone loses their ring.. The lady asked the kayak dude whilst the gentleman asked the life saving girl.. This awesome business strategy seems to be working.. Not yet ready to turn this sideshow into anything huge, but it's always good to help people get their rings back.. With most of the rings I've recovered so far, the owners have offered me what they thought my effort was worth.. I've never had to charge them for anything up front.. Their offers can be anything from a case of beer to a couple of hundred dollars.. I'm constantly surprised at how much rings mean to people.. and how much people are willing to offer to get their rings back.. All of this business interaction is without any hard feelings between client or salesman.. Both parties know that if I don't get their ring back then at least I gave it a go.. I've had people offer me just as much for having a go as actually finding their ring.. Either way its always done in a spirt of goodwill or having a laugh.. Can't get better than that.. 😁
  3. She told me she bought the ring for herself when she beat cancer 6 years ago.. I've just heard back from her and I'm sending it by post to her house on the mainland.. I told her not to worry about a reward as I'm happy she got her ring back.. She said that was ridiculous and will send me a reward anyway.. Happy days!
  4. That's two successful ring recoveries in a week.. If this keeps up I'll be able to retire a wealthy man.. It was another very easy recovery.. The lady who owns this ring send me a photo of the tree she was sitting under when she lost it.. Took about 2 minutes to find it.. If only all recovery jobs were this easy.. I've just send her a message to say I've found it but it's still early in the morning here (6:30) so no reply yet.. She told me this ring had a lot of sentimental value and there would be a reward if I found it.. I'll keep you posted..
  5. It was his accurate description and a lot of luck that I descended straight above where he lost it.. I was very surprised as well, normally it takes a lot longer or I don't find anything at all.. It turned out good advertising as it's school holidays right now and there was a crowd watching me.. As I hate being a performing monkey, much to my horror he let everyone know what I was doing so the pressure was on.. I went down and nearly straight away came back up with his ring.. I made it look too easy.. A few people wanted to know what sort of metal detector it was, I'm sure PulseDive sales have skyrocketed overnight.. Nokta/Makro should pay me a huge commission for my sales effort.. 😁
  6. He did initially offer $100 but I felt bad charging him that much for less than a minute's work.. Guess I'm not much of a businessman.. Even if he didn't offer anything it would've still been worth it for the huge smile on his face when he got his ring back..
  7. It's been hard going in the ring recovery business for a while.. It hasn't helped that our local council has dumped about a metre of sand on top of the island's most productive beaches to counter erosion.. Despite the school holidays and a major surf lifesaving carnival last week, I'm only finding a few freshly dropped coins.. All this changed this morning when a gentleman contacted me on my ring recovery Facebook page with a very accurate description of where he lost his wedding ring.. Although I had to go for a scuba dive to recover it, the ring was exactly where he said he dropped it.. Using my trusty PulseDive it took about half a minute to find it.. He was a very happy fella and gave me a $50 reward.. Not too bad for less than a minute's work..
  8. My Gold Bug used to be a backup to the Equinox 600.. Then the 600 became a backup to the 800.. Now the Deus II is in the mix but it plays along nicely with the others as my scuba detector, with a PulseDive as its backup.. The PulseDive is slowly making a comeback as my main scuba detector simply because it's bombproof and simple to use.. Although it's got a tiny coil (just 8"), if you take your time it can be just as deadly as the Deus II.. At the moment I'm having trouble seeing the Mongrel as part of my arsenal..
  9. The Mongrel's search mode settings seem simple enough..
  10. These are some offers at Miners Den in Australia: Mongrel - $2,499 or CTX 3030 -$2,695 or Equinox 800 - $1,249.. Which would you go for if you had the bucks?
  11. I was trying really hard not to make the comparison.. 🙂 That's also what I paid for my Deus II.. I was hoping for something a bit cheaper as well, that price would have to justify a hell of a performance gain..
  12. A Mongrel will cost you $2,499 in Australia.. More than twice the price of an Equinox 800.. It better be good!
  13. Funny stuff Chuck, I really like the idea of not even turning it on.. 😆I don't think I'll jump in there like I did with the Deus II.. It didn't increase the amount of finds nor does it punch any deeper than the Equinox.. I'm not a great fan of the whole wireless nonsense, as a scuba detector it still needs a whole tangle of wires to make it work.. But if the Mongrel preforms well in field test (especially on the beach) and punches even a little bit deeper than the Equinox (I'll be happy with an inch) then the Deus II is out the door.. I don't really need any more detectors but I'll hang onto both my Equinoxes only because of the range of coils I've bought for them.. The 600 will be dedicated for scuba with the PulseDive for deeper waters, I've had just as much luck with it as the Deus II.. That's still far too many detectors than I really need, but like you say sometimes it's a pleasure owning something that you don't need.. Especially on old favourite workhorse like the Equinox, to sell them would be like sending them off to the knackers..
  14. Don't worry.. I'm starting to think of it as the 'Mongrel', seeing it's a cross between the Equinox and CTX..
  15. I'm not by nature a superstitious dude but this morning's find has to be an omen.. It's the metal detecting Gods telling me to buy an Manticore.. 😬
  16. Maybe this 1605 woodcarving of the Manticore will make you unsee Beast.. Mongrel might be a better name..
  17. Here the chief engineer (Mark Lawrie) explains the 'power' aspect of The Beast a bit better:
  18. He makes the comment whilst the punters are comparing it to the Equinox.. He also says that power wise it's comparable to the CTX 3030.. It might be seen as marketing hype but I think that's because people assume that 50% more power to coil means it's 50% more powerful than other detectors..
  19. The Minelab engineer in the videos mentions a couple of times that the Manticore has "50% more power, electric, going to the coil".. Will this, together with more advanced signal processing, make a difference in how deep the beast will punch? Is it really as simple as: more power = a stronger electromagnetic field = greater depth.. And if this really does make such a difference, then why haven't other manufactures cottoned on to this?
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