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  1. Yeah, major dilemma.. My lucky streaks always come to a grinding halt whenever I post about them.. Still, hope yours holds for a while longer.. Nice haul..
  2. This morning I received a call out for my ring and jewellery recovery service.. A German backpacker had lost her 'very important' bracelet, could I come and find it? Unfortunately she'd send her plea for help whilst on the ferry leaving the island, but she did send a map of where she'd been sitting and a picture of the bracelet.. This would've been just another call out if my son hadn't been on the island for a holiday, and he was mighty keen to have a looksee.. I told him since the bracelet had a 'silver pearl' on it he could expect the Nox to sound off pretty hard, somewhere in the 20s.. Also it was newly dropped in dry sand so don't bother digging too deep.. Armed with a big coil Nox for both of us, we set up a grid where we crossed each others paths to make sure every inch was covered.. At one stage I told him to stop digging every thing and just concentrate on finding silver.. But I'm glad he ignored his old man because he found the bracelet.. You'll never guess what the Nox's target ID read.. Yeah you're right, 13.. The same target ID I'd told him was always gonna be junk.. In my defence the 'silver pearl' was the tiniest blob of silver I've ever come across, never mind about the other 'black pearls', the bracelet looked nothing like the one in the picture.. But like most trashy and cheap looking jewellery, this nasty, fishing wire-tied, plastic pearl wonder meant a lot to the owner.. Happy days all round.. πŸ™‚
  3. Thank you.. It's feast or famine here at the moment.. I'm still on the hunt for my goldy, it's gotta be out there somewhere.. πŸ™‚
  4. Here's a good read about a very lucky dude.. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-derbyshire-66386477
  5. Crusty is still getting around, albeit a bit slower these days.. He's ditched his bike for a walking stick.. Let me know when you're on the island, it'd be great to meet you.. I won't hunt Alma Bay for a while before you come, give you a chance with the PulseDive.. If you don't have any luck you're welcome to help yourself to my Equinoxes or Deus II.. πŸ™‚
  6. Yes, the 8'' coil is the one I wish punched a bit deeper, but that's using the PulseDive as a scuba detector.. In saltwater it struggles to hit a small gold ring at an inch, coins are a bit better ($1 and 50 cents up to 3'').. I still like the 8'' coil though for freshly dropped rings and coins in tight spots amongst submerged rocks or in cervices.. For beach detecting I like the PulseDive just as a pinpointer (without a coil).. I've found it punches deeper and is far more stable in wet sand than my ML Pro-Find 35 (which I can only use with its sensitivity dialled right down).. I also like the removable cap on the tip which can be replaced without having to buy another pinpointer/detector.. As a pinpointer it might be a bit chunky but I've found it a hard-wearing tool just right for the job.. I've never tried the 8'' coil on dry land or on mellow soils.. or even in fresh water.. You'll probably find it a different beast all together.. πŸ™‚
  7. Keep the new coil's O-ring lubed up with silicon grease.. you'll get years of use out of it.. My coil was also very stiff to take off when I first got it, keeping the grease on slides it off without stressing the plastic part.. I use the silicon grease used for scuba gear.. It's a bit off a pain in the arse but if you use the PulseDive a lot it's worth the effort.. πŸ™‚ It's been a handy tool not just for snorkelling/diving but also for wading in waist-deep water in places where it's hard to swing a detector.. I only wish it punched a bit deeper.. In my experience it's only been good for recently lost rings or coins which haven't been buried too deep yet..
  8. I tried detecting a front strip of a street in Townsville.. Since the houses were all run down and shabby looking, I figured it wouldn't be a problem.. I couldn't have been more wrong.. In front of the third house the owner came out and wanted to know what I was up to.. He pointed at the few holes I'd already dug and said I'd ruined the look of the place.. I was tempted to say it couldn't look any worse but realised that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. What looked like a neglected front strip to me represented years of watering weeds and mowing to him.. When I showed him how I'd filled my holes and barely left a trace he became a bit more interested and wanted to know what I'd found.. Here my case totally collapsed as all I could show him was a few bottle tops and a rusty key.. It's also gone the other way with home owners keen for me to have a look.. I was asked by an elderly couple to search an empty lot before a house was build on it.. The land was owned by the lady's family and it had been sold.. I found an old lead toy (motorbike with rider) and a few pennies and six-pence dating back to the early 1920s.. They were very happy with these small pieces of family history.. Whilst I was there the neighbour over the fence also asked me to have a look at his block of land.. I also found a few bits of silver from the same era there.. In short, I'd recommend asking permission regardless of how crappy the front strip might look to you.. If you can show some good finds from the same neighbourhood you stand a better chance of convincing people that digging up 'their' land is a great idea..
  9. Maybe the dog ate the jewellery? You could hypnotise it to find out.. Seriously though, I hope you find the stash.. I'm also forever forgetting where I've put things, often finding them in places I've looked a million times before.. Good luck..
  10. "Lawyers for four men, who admitted stealing "gold dust" during a midnight raid at a mine site in Western Australia's Goldfields, have described their clients' bungled heist as an "unsophisticated attempt" and a "stupid idea". https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-06-26/four-men-fined-over-theft-of-gold-dust-from-kalgoorlie-mine-site/102525570
  11. That's a very good idea Jeff, I might have to nick it.. Being hard of hearing, I'll use any info I can get to identify iffy targets, even if it's just splotches or dots on a screen.. If used together with other info like target sound, target ID numbers, ferrous/non-ferrous ID, depth of target per gauge and past experience, you'll get a good idea of what it is.. If not, dig it and find out.. Tuck away what you've learned and use the info for the next iffy target.. πŸ™‚ As you noted, going hunting is a better way to learn about a detector than bitching about it online..
  12. Here's another article (2015): 'Townsville is shark capital of Queensland' .. It also mentions Alma Bay on Magnetic Island, my home bay.. Keep in mind this is only the number of sharks caught on drumlines along beaches.. https://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/news/townsville/townsville-is-shark-capital-of-queensland/news-story/8d4d68e9228fc4a01388f59b4ebf8c23?fbclid=IwAR1Bg6H8KqiFThvgUd0wVYUkqSXBZobA9drkGqPq0eKHPpiOxcK7eC3VK60
  13. The news article just reminded me of what you said about watching out for crocks.. πŸ™‚ They turn up along the Townsville coast more often than the island, but the ones on the island tend to stick around for a while.. Parks moved a large male from Horseshoe Bay and released it about 200 kms down the coast, within 3 days it was back again.. I never saw it when detecting along that beach, but I'll bet it saw me.. One side of the bay is perfect crock country with mangroves and a tidal creek.. Another one to watch when scuba detecting is tiger and bull sharks, they scare the daylights out of me.. Because of the mangroves and dredging to keep Townsville Port open the water around the island is usually very murky.. A long time ago I worked here as a scuba instructor and always cringed at how little people could see when learning to dive, not even their hands in front of their face.. The opposite of what they thought a tropical sea would look like.. These days I scuba detect when the visibility is good enough to see them coming, at least to give myself half a chance.. That's how my thinking goes.. 😁 I suppose that no matter where you detect there's always some beast wanting to eat you, including ticks and mozzies..
  14. In the news this morning: β€˜It’s bloody dangerous’: north Queenslanders grow salty over rapidly increasing crocodile population.. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2023/jun/16/north-queenslanders-grow-salty-over-rapidly-increasing-crocodile-population
  15. I looked up the ring's number and it turns out to be white gold.. It was made by a jeweller in Tasmania..
  16. Got a great run happening this week with a ring every day so far.. The first one was a call-out from a footy player who lost his ring on the oval.. Got a $50 reward for finding it, took about an hour.. Ever try gridding a football oval? It takes a long time to cover.. The other two rings were at a spot where a huge load of sand had been washed away during a very high tide.. They must have been too deep to pick up before but here they were in the top layer of the washout.. I'm getting better at spotting likely locations, it's no longer the hit and miss affair it was years ago.. I'm slowly developing a 'Geosense' as to where rings are likely to be deposited along different parts of a beach.. It's no longer all about luck, experience is starting to play a bigger role..
  17. I read somewhere that once one AI machine figures out a problem, all the others within its network instantly learn the same thing.. Like neural networks in our brains, learning and remembering.. This might not sound like a big deal but imagine a future where all metal detectors on the planet are linked by AI.. Every one of them constantly comparing and analysing each find, learning all the time.. Creating an unbelievably massive knowledge base.. If your detector instantly learned from all other detectors on the planet, then we'd quickly become obsolete.. An AI detector will know way more about a potential target than we ever could.. All we'd be good for is digging, once the detector gives us the go ahead.. It'd probably end up digging for us as well with some robotic probe, telling us to get out the way we're doing it all wrong.. ☹️
  18. I just asked ChatGPT to write haikus about Artificial Intelligence dominating the world and wiping out humanity.. To keep on topic, I've also included an AI haiku about metal detectorists ruling the world..
  19. Today's headline: Amateur astronomers map meteor fall site in Gulf Country, hunt for asteroid pieces continues.. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-05-26/queensland-meteorite-search-area-mapped/102387230 I didn't know this: In Queensland, you cannot collect or remove a meteorite on state land without approval from the relevant agency. However, on private property, any meteor fragments belong to the landholder.
  20. A good start to the week with a few bits of gold at my usual hunting grounds and an old Queensland Boy Scouts button along Endeavour Creek.. This is my first old looking button.. I know it doesn't compare to a Civil War or Gallipoli button but no one can accuse it of being a modern marvel.. I did first think it was military but then recognized the Boy Scout symbol.. This find was the result of following an impulse to have a looksee in a grassy patch amongst the foreshore scrub.. I also found another silver florin (1943) and two pennies in the same spot..
  21. That's good to know in deciding on the Nox 900.. How is the transmitter mounted on the detector? I can find plenty of pictures of it but none show where it sits.. Is it on the shaft somehow or on the back of the control box? Yes that's right.. I've found that as a speaker or with headphones this amp really amplifies the fainter sounds of small deep targets.. The tone adjustment also works well and is great for people who are hard of hearing or tone deaf..
  22. I forgot to mention it, yes it also has it's own headphone jack.. I'm still hesitating about upgrading to a Nox 900, mainly because you can't use a WM08 with it.. Would the Quest Wirefree Mate work with a Nox 800? If it did the detector would have two good mates, the Treasure Mate and the Wirefree Mate.. πŸ™‚
  23. Geoff custom makes audio amps and boosters to order.. When I told him it was for a VLF detector he offered to put a 3.5mm jack on it.. I told him I'd already bought the 1/4'' adapter cable which was very long so he made the lead on the amp shorter.. He was very helpful and I'm sure if I'd send him an Equinox screw-in jack he'd attach one.. The tone dial works really well, ranging from the zippy sound of a Deus to closely matching the Equinox tones.. It's also very loud and good at picking out faint deep targets..
  24. I've been trying out the Treasure Mate v3.2 with my WM08 using the Equinox 1/4'' adapter cable.. It works great! I've been after an audio amplifier with an adjustable tone dial for a while now and recently came across a bloke in the Northern Territory who makes boosters and audio amps for PI detectors.. He trades as VKTEK Solutions.. https://www.vkteksolutions.com/ He also exports to the USA.. The audio amp comes in very handy when exploring more remote places away from the public or when headphones are too hot to wear.. This version of the Treasure Mate recharges with an USB cable (included).. Sorry about the lousy video but it'll give you an idea of how the whole thing fits together..
  25. I had someone from my detecting club question an old Chinese coin I found on Magnetic Island which pre-dated the arrival of Europeans.. I didn't really know how to respond as it seemed that he was saying I had faked the find.. Thankfully another member pointed out that Chinese fleets had been active along this coast for many years before Europeans arrived.. I don't usually need anyone to stand up for me but on this occasion I was stumped for words by the idea that anyone would bother to fake such a thing.. I can't see how faking the find of a worthless old coin can make anyone feel better about themselves, even if they get the admiration that they crave.. I could simply put it down to jealousy because I'm lucky enough to live on an island where there's still plenty of places which have never been searched, but it still left a bitter taste in my mouth.. It's always a horrible feeling being accused of something you didn't do.. It did make me wonder if the dude making the accusation had a guilty conscience.. Perhaps people see my posts and think that every time I go out I find something amazing, but they don't realize that most days I don't find anything at all.. Maybe I should also post pictures of all the crap I find? I must admit that for a while I used to hesitate before showing my finds to the folk at the club, wondering if I'd be accused of faking again.. But now I don't really care anymore about what others think, I know I found all those things in my finds boxes and that's good enough for me..
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