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  1. About 8%, didn't worry about getting taken at all as all the dealers here have a very good reputation and besides, we know where they all live! 😉 But seriously, they are well known by many here, and they’ve been customer first whenever I needed help. I wouldn’t buy from anyone else.
  2. Thought about it, and even put down a deposit, but then went with an 800 instead. We’re just not that close to the kind of places where a 6000 could do anything more than what a high frequency VLF can do with a small coil. I’ll wait a few more years for retirement when I can spend quality time with the thing out there where it can do the most.
  3. Wonder if something sticky like powdered rosin (music store) or a spilled coke would help? Is the lock losing its grip due to the shaft getting glazed and too smooth under the lock through lots of use?
  4. I’m going to go watch reruns of She Detector on YouTube, you guys sound like a bunch of old bird watchers and mailmen at happy hour!😆
  5. Ugh, I am pulling the reference- found a review that said it doesnt sync well with video so it may not be aptX compatible and probably not low latency. Sorry!
  6. Edit: this model looked good when I first posted it but it may not be low latency or aptX compatible so it may not be useful for detecting- sorry. This model is waterproof-just a speaker without ear buds, will try it out and post a review: BUGANI waterproof wearable bluetooth speaker: Edit: pulled reference , it wasn't low latency- always check! Sorry if I wasted anyone’s time.
  7. Yup! One way to guarantee finding some gold while drywashing or detecting is just sharing the time with the right people and knowing where to look for the real gold!😁
  8. Rob’s video shows it like it really is, it can be hard work but it also it can be fun. And you don’t need to bring your own drywasher to do it. Announce your plans when you are visiting the west I am sure that more than one of us would gladly use an extra shovel bum to schlep buckets full of dirt over to our drywashers! 😁 Seriously though, if ever visiting in So Cal, I’d meetup with someone from DP to go for a day as a guest to one of the club claims I belong to or to an open BLM area. Drywashing and detecting can be pretty fun and there’s always at least a bit of color to be found.
  9. Wow, should've kept my Tandy Treasure Tracker. Why did I waste all that money on Minelab junk? It’s never found anything like those. My $10 Treasure Tracker could've easily found nuggets just like that! 😞
  10. Erik, maybe here? https://www.minmaxenergy.com/
  11. Is that about nuclear fusion where two or more lighter atomic nuclei are combined to for a new heavier element? That does occur in stars forming the lighter elements, but there's only one [natural] way to make gold and the heavier elements from other lighter elements, and it isn't in Earth or from our Sun (luckily!). The latest and most accepted theory with direct evidence is from colliding neutron stars, the ones that death spin into each other. Radioactive decay in the Earth formed Argon, lead and other elements from heavier ones, but it always forms lighter, more stable nuclei as an en
  12. I think he meant does the GPX6000 with its DD coil discriminate as well as the the GPX5000 with its DD coil.
  13. I like the part that says that deposition of bonanza type deposits may be more common than thought.
  14. A small piece I cut off of a bar of ivory soap, whittled down to a wedge, stopped the gas leak on my truck when the tank was punctured. Fuel and oil wont dissolve soap, so it makes for a good emergency plug. Saved the day for some more fun out there!
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