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  1. I assume you’re talking about the CT 10x5… I really like that coil. I got the 12x7 NF to try out against the 10x5, just waiting for the day to come when I can go use it!
  2. Hey Drillerdave! Looking forward hearing how you do with that coil. I got mine a week ago from AZO - Chris has been a great help. @Swegin - I believe Chris is, he said he got a batch and my timing for getting on the list was good, but like the other dealers, I am not sure how long his list is now.
  3. OK I’ll bite, what about that piece of string? Is it which end is longer?
  4. No, it would stick it in its mouth and take a selfie with it!
  5. I think you’re right about the battery. It happens so rarely that I have to wait until next time and see if there’s a loose battery. Thanks!
  6. It probably was the battery- it’d shut off and restart by itself without having to push anything. Haven’t had the problem happen that often, so next time I will check the battery. It’s interesting that it keeps in the power on status when this happened and just rebooted… I haven’t noticed any blue screen on it though.. that’s a relief! 😉
  7. -Simon, shutdowns? I had my original 11” replaced for ear cracking, but noticed my detector turn off and restart by itself occasionally with the new 11”. Is this what you meant? I thought perhaps it was a loose connector or something like that because it so seldomly happened. I guess I should inquire about getting it replaced under warranty again? Do you know where the reports came from about this issue? -Anthony
  8. AI detector programs that help discern and interpret a signal would be nice, especially for people with hearing loss, and they would give beginners an edge. It’s possible to use a phone for this- with its built in GPS, signal processing and camera it could interpret and also map out coil swings and targets. This would also be a big thing for mine detection. You wouldn’t need a specialized detector either, just clamp on a downward facing smart phone onto your detector, connect via Bluetooth or attach it to the audio output, and go detecting. Ok, perhaps I better patent this…
  9. Jim- are you using a flat cup like the one you gave me? Could spreading out the material to make it thinner in a cup vs concentrating it in a smaller area like in a scoop make a difference?
  10. Mine are in two well known gold district here in Southern California. So I recently lent my detector to a buddy and he comes back from one of the places with color. I guess he must’ve fixed my detector because it wasn’t me, right?🤔
  11. O-rings work pretty well for locking down the twist locks on the GPX 6000 shaft, but they don’t work perfectly and get really hard to unlock. So in trying to figure out a better way to go, I decided to try something much different. I don’t remember who first mentioned this, but using Detecting Innovations’ Glueless Clamps designed for Tele-Knox Shafts are a really great modification! High Plains Prospectors sells a set of 2 for $20, and they fit GPX 6000 shaft sections perfectly. For this modification, you have to cut off the two twist locks right up next to each one, and the best way to cut them off the carbon fiber shaft tubes is with a basic tile saw so you don’t mess up the fibers. You don’t need water for it either. The shaft clamps work perfectly, and fit very well. You do not need to use glue or anything like that, they simply tighten up with a hex screw that is included with the kit. My 6000 is much more compact and I’ve only lost about 2 inches total from the shaft length by cutting off the twist locks. o
  12. @jasong - I would have called it magnetite. Is it a possibility? He could streak test it.
  13. Purdy! The tromels and dredge look nice, and the little excavator takes quarters, right? Actually that’s a cool little rig. Also, I wouldn’t put that Axiom on the same shelf as the 6000s, you might end up with some weird hybrid detector…😉 Have a great time!
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