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  1. That was a very interesting and well done project of recording your finds!
  2. I don’t think it would be possible for it to get a complete copy, the crawler visits pages with different schedules and if materials fall between those times and change before the next visit it won’t pick it up.
  3. Mitchel, have you looked at the Wayback machine site for your stuff? Check out the link above and type in the old URL‘S that you had your materials - it might still be there. That’s great that MyLandMatters picked up that website, it is a gold mine of material! So sad to see all the old knowledge of places and things past going away, but at least some of it is getting saved by the internet now.
  4. Oh I know the one you mean the little green inspection one like on our coils. My GP mono coil says 2008, however on the bottom of the box is a little rectangular remnant of what used to be the sticker you’re talking about. Oh well, guess I’ll wait and see what Minelab says when they get back to me. Thanks for your help!
  5. Thanks! I guess mine was imported early on from Australia as well, the number is much lower, although the import stickers are missing. Appreciate the reply!
  6. Thanks Steve, I don’t remember my numbers either, much less even write them down although I should. I wonder how low yours was, it seems like they started at 1000000 and I figured yours might have been in the single digits.
  7. OK, so now I am digging up old posts like I wish I could do with gold! Steve, I was curious if you remember what serial number range your first 4500 had back in 2008? I emailed Minelab’s customer service with my serial number hoping to get the date and place of manufacturing also. Thanks for your input! -Anthony
  8. Gerry, as a newbie to this, I really appreciate your efforts writing this informative and inspirational post. Thank you!
  9. The sun and moon are upside down for you guys in NZ, that’s why you can’t handle the heat! 🙂. I used to live pretty high up in the mountains and had to commute to the desert for work, that made it hard to acclimatize to the heat. Now that I live on the edge of the desert, it is much easier and not as bad as it used to be. I actually like it.
  10. Anyone else looking for one better hurry...
  11. 120° In Topock this weekend! My wife’s company has had crews out there daily for months now, and in the summer heat they have to take 15-minute AC breaks every hour... I miss doing that stuff! 🤪
  12. My favorite times to go during summer in the Mojave are between early dawn and mid morning. It starts out in the cool low 90’s and only gets up to the low 100’s by 11 AM or so.
  13. Simon, I like your method for dealing with those pellets. One area I go to gets a lot of dove hunting, and the pellets are everywhere. Its not possible to dig every pellet one finds there and any gold has to be deeper than the last 100 years or so of pellet deposits. Thanks for your efforts in sharing that informational writeup!
  14. Wonder what the story was on how it got lost... or stolen and burried? Thanks for the story, it was interesting. Liked the guy’s character.
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