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  1. Those spines can work their way through flesh and muscle like porcupine quills do, really bad for dogs and wildlife that get into it.
  2. Great video! In high school,I watched two friends pass a cholla clump back and forth several times to each other on a field trip- they kept flinging it off their arms into the air and it flew accidentally onto the other- funniest thing ever. Ever notice how woodrats collect and use cholla clumps to protect their homes? When I was a kid, I was exploring around an old miners shack and saw a newspaper posted on the opposite wall from the entrance- so I walked in across the room to read it but didn’t look down. The entire floor was coated in cholla. I had to throw away my tennis shoes after that one. *I always wear boots while hiking now.
  3. Although at first I though it could be fossiliferous limestone with shells mixed in, looking closer at the mix of other types of rock stuck in it (like that black basalt looking one and others) I now think it’s breccia with some large fragments of darker colored sandstone mixed in.
  4. He’s been gone ever since ML had him out testing the GPXRF 8000 with lead disc… 😉
  5. Steve, I only got one fraudulent PM a long while back that I alerted you about when a eBay contact followed me over here to try to purchase something. I haven’t had any other issues since then and I think you ended up dumping that account. Your moderation is working well!
  6. Black plastic zip ties on my truck definitely outlast the white and clear ones! I guess one could spray paint the tops of their coils or wrap them with light colored tape if necessary…
  7. You are absolutely right, that is a very motivational find!
  8. Wow, and it’s not from down under? That’s not a fly poop then!
  9. Drywashers, particularly the ones who are high graders, are one of the worse. I’d think that the clubs here in the So. cal deserts are at risk of having their claim status slapped by BLM for what is happening on their claims. Hopefully BLM sees what members are trying to fix, but it’s hard for them to keep up with the restoration of all the holes and trash dumped on their claims by the low life’s. Given this, club members should always report back to the club claim administrator whenever they do any work on the claim, even if it’s picking up some trash, so it’s documented.
  10. I think having it automatically switch like that would not be as functional as letting the operator manually compare signals from both of them.
  11. You made a good point, making me think of how nice it would be to have a true multifunctional PI/VLF one. It’s interesting, as Steve pointed out, that the coils could serve both modes. I hope if anyone ever does make one that they only use one coil, because if it comes out with interchangeable coils “someone” will probably want to put a chip in them!
  12. Has anyone ever tried making a combination VLF/PI machine? Frankenstein’s child from a mix between a GPX and a Nox? Probably a bad idea as optimizing Coils to do both would probably lose some functionality in one mode or another. But it would be intriguing to have something like that. It would perhaps need interchangeable coils to do both modes effectively, but it would be so much better if it could be all in one and the user could switch back-and-forth to instead of swapping coils to get good discrimination modes in VLF and the benefits of PI. Garrett- are you listening? 🤑
  13. Thank you for the reply- hope that hillside isn’t too steep, I’d be all over it! Try pipe wrap tape for a protective cover- it’s stronger and as wide as duct tape and thicker than standard electrical tape. It’s also light enough to add extra layers to it as needed. Uglier than heck though, but that doesn’t matter! 2" x 100' 10 Mil Pipe Wrap Tape https://a.co/d/6NKHPIg
  14. That one is just beautiful! That’s just the type of specimen I would love to find, the water worn nugget with quartz like that. Good job! Can you share a little more details about how you were using your 6000? -coil & settings used. Also, you mentioned a lot of trash, how did you deal with that with the 6000, Just dig? I hope you have a great new year, although you may have spent it already!😉
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