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  1. Added a spare tank to my truck and doubled its fuel capacity- now it costs $200 to fill up both in California, but it’s always nice to save the second tank for a less expensive fillup when I cross the border.
  2. And there certainly are lot of helpful people here, that’s what is so good about it! I’d also try local clubs who may have claims in that area- the members may have better local knowledge.
  3. Nice Wendell! Assume you were using the 11” mono too? Congrats!
  4. Nice little bits, but “family gets in the way of fun...”?? You’ve got it bad. In fact, I think so do I! 🙄
  5. Oh, that’s what you meant for a jumper! It’s a “hoodie” as my students call them, and I’m sure what the connected kids all over the world call them. I’ve always called them sweatshirts. Adult jumpers are totally different- shorts and a zippered shirt all in one. Interesting note about how lead pellet signals fall off faster with distance from the coil vs those of gold- an effect of being a better conductor? I will have to be more observant of that- I just always spread out the pile a bit more to refind a target and have not noticed it yet.
  6. Nice writeup Simon, glad to see your GPX working for gold too! Say- can you expand on what you meant by the signal dropping off on pellets? Also, I can’t really see how any adult guy would want to wear a “jumper”- there’s one on Amazon with a flamingo print 🤣 Is that a wind breaker or slicker in American or common English? Similar languages can have so many different vernacular meanings! Pair your Avantree with A Giveet transmitter on your 24k, 4500 and other non-bluetooth enabled detectors- it has aptX LL/FS low latency and works really well: Giveet Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07198BBZN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_NYWHGM55SX2EJA12GNSH?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Can’t wait to see the movie when it comes out! And will there be a sequel?
  8. The 6k 17” Minelab elliptical is sensitive and not bad to handle, I like using that to cover ground quickly in the flats. Not bad for $360 US either.
  9. I’d also expect that hot edge on the 10x5 in addition to its smaller size to make pinpointing targets a lot easier- I’m still trying to find mine with a lot of extra digging. A pinpointer and magnet are helpful, but it’s a hunt for small targets when my pinpointer can’t detect them.
  10. Thanks for your experienced reply, Steve. You are right about the DD weight, after swinging the 11” for awhile it is really noticeable, so I shorten the shaft a bit to bring the weight back a bit. As for the smaller mono, that would be nice and I see how it would be a plus in those rocky and brush covered areas. May be something to try out, as long as I can be further away from suburbia and powerlines. And If Coiltek does come out with a small DD for it, I would definitely jump though- it would greatly improve the 6k!
  11. I’ve been enjoying getting to learn how to wrangle my 6000 and have learned a lot by it, especially with the DD vs the stock mono coils. I’ve had good results (technically speaking) with using both- no issues with any of them but no gold yet 😉 Anyways, I have a question about the new small Coiltek elliptical about to be released; as a mono coil, do you think it will make that much of a difference to be worth the investment for a recreational detectorist? I was thinking that a similar sized DD would be the most amazing update and investment for a 6K coil arsenal, but what are the chances of one of those being produced this year?
  12. Jeff is right, what about considering a used 5000 or 4500 with a larger coil for depth and a 6000 with stock coils for scouting new ground?
  13. How many people searched “CC coil” to figure out what it meant? 🙄 (insert paper bag on head emoji here) I am finding that I really like the DD though, not only just for its EMI handling, but also for its double sided response to shallow targets- that’s pretty useful for locating them.
  14. @Aureous - I am noticing the lock weakness also with the larger coils. Have you heard that terrible creaking noise the locks make when the 14dd tilts? Yikes! It sounds like a wood beam getting stressed near breaking and the hollow coil amplifies it like the body of a banjo. Put some strings on that thing and you will be able to play it! I find that pulling it out and wiping off the dust helps. I won’t change the locks or want something to add more weight to the thing though, I love how light it is and want to keep it that way.
  15. …like the plastic on those plastic saucer sleds that spun, flew and went wherever they wanted.
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