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  1. Yup, thats why People can put and get a discount on their items, it really helps the prospecting community save a bit when buying or selling such expensive equipment. Steve is really helping out many of us by providing this forum!
  2. Ok, a buddy jokingly suggested I throw in a free 1-year GPAA membership, so I’m raising his offer.... Buy everything for the listed prices above and I’ll cover the $115 sale price for a TWO YEAR GPAA MEMBERSHIP! But don’t wait, because that membership sale looks like it’s limited, and once it’s gone, I cant cover it. I’d throw my shoes into this deal to get it to someone here, but that’s all I have left. So, this detector will be moving onto the big auction site without any more discounts or deals on Wednesday, 12/2. I appreciate the chance to sell here, but I need to move it on soo
  3. Sold my Keene and kept my Thompson, my favorite drywasher for sure!
  4. We’re heading over to the Hauser beds (near Blythe, CA) this week (11/25/20), has anyone been there recently? Any suggestions on good locations? 😁 I’ll post a collecting trip report with recommendations when we return. Thanks!
  5. Update: If you buy the detector below, I also have the following discounted items for sale too and will give you first pick with the discounted price (see photos below). Original receipts are available for all of the accessories listed! $150-Like brand new used SteelPhase audio filter (includes a free $90 SDC minelab headphone adapter cord you need to also run it on the SDC but does not include a pouch). $150- Like brand new Pro-Sonic wireless audio and speaker, includes SDC adapter cord and free brand new Doc’s covers. Must buy the SDC to get these discounts, sorry. —
  6. I turned my GM into one of Simon’s mini monster detectors. I also used the original lower of the three piece shaft (use innertube rubber for spacers under the clamps as the lower diameter is too small otherwise) to turn it into a hybrid pointer and detector. I keep the other two threaded original shaft pieces as an extension and put the arm cuff on the end and will be attaching a GP handle to it as well. The GM main unit is so light, it can work just as well closer to the coil end of the shaft instead of up at the opposite end near the arm cuff, and sensitivity does not appear to be affected.
  7. Honda GC160 5.0 hp 4-stroke powered Dayton blower. Used but runs well, has modified manifold adapters to turn it into a shopvac hose sized vacuum or a 4” drywasher blower with connections for drywashers. It puts out a lot of air, and will easily power larger drywashers like a Keene 151 and 190, or perhaps even two when throttled up. $150, gold, trade? Pickup in Hemet, Ca., or by arrangement near Randsburg, Yuma, or Quartzite when I am out there prospecting. Does not include drywasher hose shown in photos.
  8. A nickel is a good target to test with, so just think of that one as your first 5g nugget. 👍 I buried a few at different depths to make a self testing area also, works well.
  9. Nice little solid nugget you got there Randy, I bet that was fun to find! Looks like the little guy was moving around quite a bit, it’s nicely rounded and probably has more friends around there too. I was just curious, what coil were you using with your GPZ?Congratulations!
  10. Also dont allow the buyer to set up the shipping (big scam - "my shipper will come and pick it up when the certified check clears"). Only send the item to the address and the person listed on the paypal invoice, signature delivery, google the person and do a basic check to see if their email and address seem legit- is it a house, western union store, empty lot, closed business? I’ve seen those when looking at the address on street view that people wanted me to ship items to.
  11. I had a similar situation here too, a guy followed me here from eBay wanting me to sell privately and tried to set me up too. I wrote about it in this thread and there are other good scam examples and how to deal with them here as well:
  12. Another thing to note, no matter how much the buyer cries about it, do not ever send expensive items without signature delivery required. eBay/Paypal has just changed their policy about this, and has posted that they are now requiring signature delivery for items over $750 or they will not cover your seller guarantee. It’s also important to only send it to a Paypal verified email address and their verified mailing address. For a recent detector I was selling on eBay, I had several parties try to scam me saying that they work and can’t sign, they will give me extra money if I send it to th
  13. I was out hiking around the forest at night doing wildlife surveys for work and my headlamp caught a pair of widely separated forward looking spots of blinking eyeshine under a bush between me and my truck. My partner was down canyon beyond sight and hearing range, and I could tell it was a cat crouching watching me. Well, I did have a moment of surprise, but it was right off the trail I had to go on, and so I figured I could scare it off if I acted tough. I grabbed a big branch and raked it side to side through the brush and made grunting noises and stomped while walking towards it. When I
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