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  1. I don't think I'll rush to get a GPX 6000 even though I could afford to get one right away and keep my older machines. I don't really have too many patches to beat people to where I need the advantage of the newest technology to find what's been missed. I want to try to find more patches and my old GPX should be good enough for that since most nuggets in areas I hunt are fairly solid and river-worn and not specimen or crystaline/wirey in nature. Also, without extra batteries and the 17x13 mono coil being available for a while for the 6000, I'm ahead of the game having plenty of ba
  2. I saw this video when it first came out. I advise looking at things with a bit of skepticism. For one, I remember reading in the comments the SDC was on max gain. It was at its very maxed settings while the other 2 machines were not. Easy to miss important details with the Minelab flags flapping in the background. 😁
  3. That sounds like a great plan. I look forward to a report. Best of luck and keep on those nuggets! 😀
  4. Kingswood, since I see you have other Minelab detectors, perhaps you'd do a little experiment for all of us using the new 6000 to scour your new patch and then hit it AFTER with other detectors. Most reports are of the exact opposite. People rush back to old patches with the newest technology like the 6000 and find what's missed. I'd be very interested to see what your 6000 missed if anything when you go back with the "old" technology.
  5. Norm, Keep looking toward the future and enjoy every day! Best of luck to you, Mark
  6. To me the new 6000 looks a lot like the GPX line of detectors. It can be seen in how the coil cable wraps around the shaft, interchangeability of coils, control box below the rear arm cuff and such. It also has a ground balance button on the handle. Previous GP and SD models were similar in appearance and function. I really think the SDC 2300 is the one that was mis-named. It has an entirely different look, folds up, fast sampling for small gold sensitivity, is waterproof, etc. It should have been the model with an entirely new name in my opinion. Like wih the current GPX 6
  7. Looking good! I think what I and other users would really like to know is whether or not there is a smaller coil option. I personally would like a small elliptical for when I search for lost coins under sofa cushions or under the seat of my truck. The stock coil looks a little large for that.
  8. "La Vencedora" carved onto that bone or ivory roughly means "The Winner" in English. Maybe it was originally given as a prize to somebody? I look forward to future 10x5 coil reports. 😀 Come to think of it, "La Vencedora" could also be the brand name for that item.
  9. My control box is the source of the extra noise. I've changed out coils, headphones, factory ML battery and tried 2 different Doc's Gold Screamer battery systems and nothing changes. I've done this at home, but also on site in the mountains and at both locations still get the extra noises.
  10. Thanks Aureous for the suggestion to check into Detectronics or Woody for possible repair.
  11. My point comparing my dad's unit to mine was I could swap 1 or all of his known good, new components onto my GPX, including a box swap and still mine would have the issues. I know I've gone over areas I worked with the 5000 with my 4500 and found missed gold, though I've done that to areas covered with my SDC too. Conditions, coils and gridding different directions are all variables here along with the use of different GPX machines. With the GPX 6000 coming out soon I've considered possibly trading in some or all of my gold detectors toward the new GPX. I've been thinking of my GPX 500
  12. I can still use my GPX 5000 and find gold with it. Its quiet enough to use temporarily, but invariably starts to act up. In the same spot on the mountain I have issues, my dad and brother's GPX 5000 will experience a momentary zing of EMI siren noise or pick up a plane overhead as expected but quiet right back down. Mine on the other hand will go from working ok to siren like wails and beeps with the coil still on the ground and using conservative settings and across various timings. This can continue for a minute or more at times and I just have to wait and hope it passes quickly. Does
  13. I'm in a similar situation with a GPX 5000 with extra coils I bought 3-4 years ago for close to $3,000. It had no factory warranty left though it did have 60 days from the place I bought it. Being relatively new to the platform I wasn't sure the random noises and occasional fits it made weren't more than EMI or something like bad ground patches, etc. After about 6 months and dealing with increasing spurious noise problems I sent it in for a checkup and repair. There wasn't much found to be wrong by the repair place other than straightening an internal switch pin and I thought maybe I w
  14. I have the latest software update downloaded but I haven't been out and actually used it, so at this point I don't change the Fe settings at all. I generally go out for nugges with my GPX. The Equinox is for occasional coin hunts though I put on the 6" coil this winter and plan to try for some nuggets soon.
  15. I just plug in the headphones provided with my Equinox and haven't bothered to mess with the wireless stuff.😉
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