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  1. I wish everybody a super prosperous 2020!! 😀
  2. Merry Christmas to you all! I wish you all a prosperous New Year in 2020!
  3. I'd reccomend using the 15x12 Commander coil to cover ground more quickly to help locate a productive area. Use the 11" Coiltek later to locate any smaller nuggets the 15x12 misses. It's pretty sensitive for the size, so it won't miss many, so don't be afraid to use it to locate even small nuggets. Best of luck finding a hot spot!
  4. The coil springs in the battery compartment may have taken a set. You might try gently stretching them longer to ensure the batteries are making good contact. Good luck!
  5. The origin of my login is pretty simple. My name is Mark, and I'm from California. ?
  6. My brother and I found a couple of nice patches this spring. I used my SDC 2300 and he his TDI. After cleaning out the "easy" stuff, I decided I needed to get a used GP 3000 I'd had 4 years and never used going and bought a new lead acid battery. I also got it a new NF Evo 14x9 coil. After cleaning out the next layer of deeper gold with the GP 3000, I got myself and my dad both GPX 5000 units so I could teach him how to use it while out together. He and I both found some more good gold in the patch area and surrounding it. I then added a 17x13 NF Evo to my GPX and found some deeper gold I'd missed previously in the main patch area. Now that its getting harder to find gold in my patch, I decided I'd go after some of the smaller stuff that has to be there, so last week I had an Equinox 800 arrive. My brother also got one at the same time. I also got us both the 6" coil to go with it. My last VLF was a White's MXT in 2005 and I never found gold with it other than 1 class ring, so now I have some more modern vlf technology for coin and jewelry searching when I'm not out swinging for gold. So, for 2018 I revived a Minelab GP 3000 by getting a new battery, bought a GPX 5000 and just got the Equinox 800. I think I've become a Minelab fan. ? I definitely I have the bases covered very well for nugget hunting with the PI and hot VLF. Thanks to the capabilities of the Nox, I also think I have any coin, jewelry and beach hunting also covered very nicely! ?
  7. While I don't have a particularly fast internet connection, I do notice the site loads faster for me than prior to the hardware upgrade. You could call it "semi-snappy", so a very nice improvement. Thank you for your efforts at making this site top-notch!
  8. So far in the Chico, CA area we've gotten under an inch from the storm. I heard reports of the foothills and mountains getting far more than where I live in the valley. The ground is now pretty saturated and if some of the predictions of 5-10+ inches fall in the high areas and melt snow tomorrow as the temperature rises, then there may very well be some high enough water to clean out the sediment and vegetation that has built up in the creeks where I snipe. I live right next to a levee in the valley, so I really don't want too much flooding to go on. Just enough localized stuff up high to churn things good for us miners .
  9. It's always nice to be rewarded with a couple of nugget after a hard days detecting. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll find others!
  10. I managed to get out 3 times with my Minelab SDC 2300 in the CA motherlode and once to northern Nevada. I found 4 small nuggets totaling about .5 grams. My hope is to get out a lot more next year to some new places and increase my finds.
  11. You did really well with the SDC. That is a lot of individual finds and it will only be time until you pass over a large nugget!
  12. Great job going slowly and sniffing out those nuggets! You two are to be commended for managing to keep going for so many days straight! That big nugget is a sweet find, Rudy. I'm surprised you didn't find it while using your GP 3000!
  13. I was out with my brother near Sulphur last weekend. We saw signs of rain with a few puddles left over. A few areas we dug around a little were damp a few inches down, but mostly where the water looked to have pooled after the storms. Other areas that were higher, like old dry washer mounds looked better and were pretty dry. Lots of luck to you!
  14. You are onto a good patch there! Very nice gold and some good sized nuggets too. I need to find myself a patch like that...
  15. Nice finds and fun times it sounds like. I hope to visit the area with my SDC 2300 sometime, maybe even as soon as next month. Good to see there are some good nuggets still to be had out there!
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